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Texas Voter ID Clown Show Ends Today

The clown show also featured a DOJ expert who compared Justices Scalia and Thomas to the segregationist racist justices in the Dred Scott decision.  Just wait until that’s made known to the Supreme Court.

Don’t forget that the clown show saw Texas Election Director Keith Ingram on the stand.  The DOJ experts had identified Ingram and his wife (twice) as voters without photo identification.  Ingram pulled his photo ID out of his wallet on the stand.  The expert hired by DOJ was paid thousands of tax dollars for a report relying on this faulty data.

Clown shows cost money, your money.

Finally, the clown show had partisan origins.  Tax dollars flowed toward Catalist to provide some of this laughable voter data to the DOJ experts.  Who is Catalist?  A left-wing  get-out-the-vote operation.

It’s fitting for the partisan Justice Department to use experts who rely on partisan Democrat get-out-the-vote operations.  After all, that’s really what Holder’s opposition to voter ID is about – mobilizing the base.

Just wait until conservative media start to FOIA the tens of thousands of dollars spent to hire the experts in the Texas case, experts who became the starring acts in the clown show.

Alas don’t forget that the state may still lose because Texas bears the burden to show an absence of “any” discriminatory effect or intent.  Absence means zero.  That’s a tall order.

So this week the federal court saw a clown show to rival Ringling even if the trial invalidates Texas voter ID.  The blame for striking down Texas voter ID will fall on the language of a statute soon to be before the United States Supreme Court.  The Shelby County challenge to Section 5 won’t feature anything close to this level of outrageous conduct in defense of Section 5.

Those who want Section 5 to survive might consider tolerating voter ID in Texas rather letting the Supreme Court learn about the clown show that closes today.

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