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DOJ Witness Can Fly to Washington, But Can't Get Voter ID (Updated)

There was a time in the Voting Section when the DOJ wouldn't introduce such absurd evidence.  The conversation would go something like this:

Young lawyer: I want to call Victoria Rodriguez.  Her parents are too busy to give her a ride to get photo ID.  They don't have the 30 minutes to spare.

Older seasoned lawyer: Well, do you really think that is a good idea?  Don't you think we open ourselves up to a devastating cross examination about priorities?

Young lawyer: I'm not sure I follow.

Older seasoned lawyer: We're not going to call her.  Texas will point out the absurdity of us calling a witness to say she doesn't have time to get a photo ID but can fly 2000 miles to testify at trial.   Who took the time to drive her  to the airport?  We'd need to get her a cab to make this story work.  Isn't going to happen. It could prove embarrassing.

Add a southern accent to the old seasoned lawyer and I'm pretty sure this is the exact conversation that would occur.  These days, as we know, irrational decisions are being made from root to branch.

Update: Did the Associated Press Airbrush an Inconvenient Quote?

(Thumbnail image on PJM homepage assembled from multiple Shutterstock.com images.)