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Executive Privilege Kicks Off Regular Season

Note that in the Nixon case, the subpoenas came from a court, not from Congress. Congress arguably has more power than does a court to get to the bottom of matters involving governmental action.

This administration has not respected congressional oversight powers going back to the New Black Panther dismissal.

When a president acts this way, Congress wields an even mightier power than contempt. Congress can wield the power of the purse to counter today’s assertion by the White House. This power works best with a gang so addicted to government largess.

Congress, in particular the House, which was given the express power to originate spending bills, can simply refuse to fund certain offices and functions inside the Justice Department. Last year’s spending is already set, but not this year’s. Without the House approving spending at the DOJ, the DOJ can’t spend money.

The answer to this rebuff today is to defund a wide swath of offices inside DOJ, perhaps starting with the Office of Public Affairs and Office of Legislative Affairs. They started the lying to Congress and the American people about Fast and Furious. Now they should lose funding.

See also Andrew McCarthy: The Plot Thickens: Obama Asserts Executive Privilege to Block Fast & Furious Disclosures 

And Bryan Preston: Breaking: White House Asserts Executive Privilege Over DOJ Fast and Furious Documents (Updates)


Image courtesy of shutterstock / Brocreative