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Derrick Bell's Love for New Black Panther Party Founder, and White House Counsel

In the video where Obama introduces Bell is Butts, escorting Bell to the rally. Butts is another possible player in the New Black Panther voter intimidation dismissal. Butts was counsel to the NAACP, but Deputy White House Counsel when the New Black Panther case was dismissed. Hans von Spakovsky, PJ Media contributor, has this 2011 piece possibly placing Butts in the center of the New Black Panther dismissal.

While a student, Butts praised Bell to the Pittsburgh Press:

She calls [Bell's departure from Harvard Law] "a big loss for the law school.  He is very special and we need him there. . .  But we also need what he is asking for."

The Washington Times also has this series detailing key dates in the New Black Panther dismissal. Again, Butts is at the center of meetings in the White House with key DOJ officials on key dates.

Whether Butts played any role in dismissing the New Black Panther case from her perch in the White House is still unknown. We do know that Derrick Bell had kind words to say about one of the most vile racists on the American scene in the last 20 years. We also know that Cassandra Butts was, and remained, one of Derrick Bell's biggest fans. You can't help but wonder what other nasty surprises will be found under rocks turned over by the new media in the next few months.