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Obama Deceives Catholics on Compromise

Worst of all, the “compromise” was not a formal rule or promulgated regulation issued to correct the original rules. No law or rule changed.  Instead, it was an empty promise, like the thirty pieces of silver given to former Representative Bart Stupak to obtain his vote for ObamaCare.  HHS merely mentioned an “intent to develop” future regulations that would apply the rule differently. These safe harbors wouldn’t even be available until 2013.  The compromise was theoretical, delayed, and meaningless. Phony is another word that fits.

Even under the phony compromise, if an employee of a religious institution wants contraception or sterilization coverage, the religious employer is still forced to pay for it as part of the employer’s insurance plan.  Church-affiliated money will still be forced to flow in directions contrary to church teaching.

Simply, Obama’s compromise is what many suspected -- a phony, politically expedient diversion that relies on the stupidity of the American people or the active collaboration of the media.  As I have written before, the administration simply doesn’t understand what it is up against. They don’t seem to understand the resolve of their opponents on this issue.

The original ObamaCare mandate was a frontal assault on constitutionally protected religious liberty. The White House “compromise” has piled deception onto the already rancid history of ObamaCare.

With this administration, nothing is surprising anymore.