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Criminal Rot Spreads Through Justice Department

Consider the case of perjury inside the Voting Section.  Hans von Spakovsky has this story regarding repeated perjury during a DOJ Inspector General investigation. Sources tell me nothing whatsoever has happened to the person. The Washington Times also had a story about a DOJ employee using government funds to travel to Florida to meet a girlfriend, to the tune of at least $30,000. DOJ sources tell me this person received a tasty buyout package.

What happens to assistant United States attorneys working in the Eastern District of Virginia who surf child porn at work in the Obama Justice Department? Nothing.

The Justice Department is supposed to represent the finest ideals of law enforcement. Under the Obama administration, we have multiple instances of high and low officials inside the DOJ allegedly engaging in criminal activity. Yet there is no accountability.

Perjury, bribes, graft, more perjury, in the United States Department of Justice. This is rot of the highest order. It, frankly, trivializes most of the shocking and disturbing facts I reveal in my book Injustice. I suppose that’s what book sequels are for. You can be sure the American people will become familiar with the details before the election in November. You can be sure they won't like what they hear.

Update: The post was updated to include more unpunished crimes by DOJ employees. H/T to the Lady Behind the Hotel Door.