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Breaking: Eric Holder Blocks SC Voter ID, Texas Next

Therein lies the tragedy. Watching these states submit voter identification to the Justice Department, instead of going to court where they can get a more impartial review, reminds me of the Polish horsemen rushing toward German tanks in September 1939.  Unlike the brave Polish cavalry, these states actually think they stand a chance.

The way to save Texas voter ID is to withdraw the objection, immediately, and file in federal court on Tuesday.  The way to save South Carolina voter ID is to file in court immediately.  Stop wasting time with the corrupt leftist bureaucrats at the Justice Department. In case you haven’t read my book Injustice, the people reviewing voter ID literally had Obama campaign posters hanging on their walls at the Justice Department.  I have photos of their offices in my book.

There is nothing “honorable” about sacrificing voter integrity on the altar of process. File in court. The law says you can, and there is nothing "dishonorable" about it.  Attorney General Eric Holder came to Austin and told you precisely what he was going to do.  Don’t give him a chance.

Think it is obvious voter ID should be approved? Think again.

To those people who think the issue is so easy, including Tabella at my own blog Electionlawcenter.com, this issue is not as simple as you think, and Republicans are to blame.  In 2006, Congress changed the standard that governs the reviews.  I will have more on this another day.  In 2006, Rep. James Sensenbrenner (R-WI) led a charge to alter the standard of review that both shifts burdens on the state to prove a negative, but also allows any discriminatory effect to support an objection.  Read the word “any” three times over.  Any means greater than zero, and that’s precisely the approach this Justice Department is taking.

Republicans who only see Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act through the lens of redistricting supported Sensenbrenner’s change. They figured it would lead to more Republican seats in Congress.  Here is roll call vote. A few Republicans like Steve King, Trent Franks, Lynn Westmoreland, and Joe Barton opposed it. It was one thing simply to extend the law which was set to expire, it was quite another to do what Sensenbrenner insisted upon and that is the change of the standard to “any."  DOJ is using "any" to block voter ID.

Now the nation reaps the whirlwind ahead of 2012.