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Eric Holder Announces Opposition to Election Integrity Laws

PJ Media’s Every Single One series reported on the same story Savage did, except this time on the 113 attorney hires by the Obama Civil Rights Division.  Savage only covered a handful of Bush hires -- he had to, otherwise his story wouldn’t work because the Bush DOJ hired scores of liberal activist lawyers.  But the Obama Justice Department gives no quarter to the enemy in hiring, and hired 113 leftists out of 113 openings.  I described in my book Injustice how PJ Media had to sue Eric Holder to extract this information:

During the Bush era, DOJ leaders quickly fulfilled FOIA requests. For instance, in 2006 Charlie Savage, then at the Boston Globe, requested all the resumes of the recently hired attorneys in the Bush Civil Rights Division. The DOJ leadership produced the materials within days, well ahead of the legal deadline—they acted so fast, in fact, that some colleagues and I complained they were rushing. Suspecting we were being set up for a leftwing smear campaign, we urged DOJ officials to protect our privacy while fully complying with the requests. But our concerns were ignored and the information was rushed out anyway, resulting in a slew of slanderous media stories, some attacking us in extremely personal ways, followed by curious questions from our family members about why we were in the news. There was a particularly merciless leftist blogosphere attack on a pair of attorneys who happened to be two of the hardest working and most dedicated lawyers in the entire Voting Section.

After PJ Media obtained the Obama hiring information, Savage, ever the cuddly puppy, wrote a puff piece about the Obama hiring practices.  Gone was his outrage over politicized hiring that he exhibited at the Boston Globe for the Bush DOJ.  That’s what PJ Media is for – reporting on stories the dying dead trees media won’t. Given the scope of the Every Single One series, perhaps PJ Media deserves a Pulitzer too.  If Charlie got one, PJ Media certainly should.  Stay tuned.