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Impeach Holder and DOJ Officials for DOJ Lies

Shakespeare could have been describing the Justice Department when he wrote in Macbeth that “there are liars and swearers enough to beat the honest men and hang up them.” Honest Americans haven’t seen this degree of dishonest defense of corruption in almost four decades. Except now, the corruption involves hundreds of murders and thousands of guns, not a burglary.

The rot at Holder’s DOJ is not confined to a few political officials. It extends to entire units. During the Bush years, the DOJ Inspector General castigated Office of Public Affairs employee John Nowacki for misleading the media that politics played no role in hiring in the DOJ. But now, Tracy Schmaler of the Holder Office of Public Affairs misleads the media daily in ways that would shame Ron Ziegler. What reprimand from the Inspector General awaits Schmaler?

The lying occurs from root to branch in this Justice Department. Shortly we’ll learn more about repeated lies under oath in the Inspector General’s investigation of the Civil Rights Division. Will there be grand jury referrals? Or more whitewash?

We also learned that former Deputy Assistant Attorney General Julie Fernandes didn’t tell the whole truth when it came to what she said about enforcing all portions of the Motor Voter law.  She told the internal ethics investigators that she would approve a lawsuit to clean up the voter rolls of dead voters if it had merit, after she told dozens of employees at Justice in my presence she wouldn’t even support investigations of the same.

And this week Attorney General Eric Holder laughably told the House Judiciary Committee the tallest of tales that politics or ideology plays no part in attorney hiring at DOJ. Lying, we heard from the attorney general, is simply “a state of mind.”

If you are so corrupt, so rotten, that you don’t recognize that hiring 113 left-wing and politically active attorneys for 113 attorney jobs at DOJ, without a single conservative or moderate, is political, then perhaps you really aren’t lying. To make Holder’s fantasy even more fantastic, this week we learn from Matthew Vadum that an ACORN affiliated group was regularly emailing Voting Section Chief Chris Herren about attorneys they wanted Justice to hire to oversee elections in 2012.

Ben Shapiro, in his book Primetime Propaganda (Broadside Books, 2011), describes how writers in Hollywood don’t even recognize their own left=wing bias. To them, they merely portray the world as they see it. To Holder, there is nothing ideological or political about lawyers who worked for ACORN or the Mexican American Legal Defense Fund and fought against voter ID.  Isn’t that what everyone reasonable does?