November 15, 2016

YOU HEARD IT HERE ON INSTAPUNDIT, FOR THE FIRST TIME, THE NEXT SENATE’S HARRY REID MEMORIAL RESOLUTION: Dirty Harry is telling Trump to fire Steve Bannon. It’s Alinskyite “personalize the attack” tactics of the worst sort. Now listen to me. It’s high time dirt bags like Reid suffered the same Alinsky assault, in a permanent, burned in the Congressional Record sort of way. When the Senate sets its filibuster rules in 2017, the resolution defining the rules should be named “The Ole Divisive Dirt Bag Harry Reid Senate Civility, Comity and Supreme Court Filibuster Rules and Nuke’im Back Resolution.” The resolution’s title is long but the resolution itself is comparatively short. My suggested language: “No filibuster allowed on President Trump’s Supreme Court nominees or, for that matter, any Trump nominees. And –to make sure you distinguished gentle colleagues on the Dem side of the aisle fully comprehend how disgusted we are with the despicable way you treated us and damaged this body when you jerks were in the majority– we will permit no filibusters on any bill or resolution. You were dishonorable, arrogant, crude and rude while in the majority — so, yo’ face. If you Dems wish to object to this resolution, snail mail your complaints to: Dirt Bag Harry, The Man Who Nuked The Filibuster In Order To Advance Obama’s Agenda, c/o Mustang Ranch, Nevada. You may cc Charles Schumer, Senate Minority Leader, Washington, DC. Of course you can always carp to The New York Times but that will get you precisely zero.” This is just my suggested language and who am I to suggest language to the august US Senate? So Mitch, if you can craft something sharper, please do so.

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