July 28, 2017

WHY THE AYATOLLAHS PLAY SPEEDBOAT BLUFF IN THE PERSIAN GULF: It’s an act of war in the regime’s long war on America. And on July 25 we witnessed the latest speedboat bluff battle in that war when a speedboat manned by Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) personnel approached American vessels.

The USS Thunderbolt responded and went to General Quarters—immediate combat readiness on the warship, its crew members at battle stations with ammo on hand. The Thunderbolt was screening the AEGIS cruiser USS Vella Gulf, a USN capital warship carrying anti-ballistic missiles (ABMs) capable of intercepting North Korean and Iranian intermediate range ballistic missiles (IRBMs). With fanatics at the helm an IRGC boat could be a suicide boat bomb.

Note the Iranians continue to develop long-range ballistic missiles. Obama’s Iran deal didn’t stop that program. It really didn’t stop the ayatollahs’ quest for nukes. And it’s biggest failure is it doesn’t penalize bad behavior, like speedboat bluff to disrupt U.S. naval formations.