December 19, 2020

WHY IS THE MSM SUPPRESSING FACTS ABOUT HCQ AND COVID? C. Boyden Gray rips apart the Mainstream Media’s coverup of the full facts about the effectiveness of Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) in treating Covid.

“The current accepted press narrative on hydroxychloroquine is that no evidence exists showing it is effective for treating COVID-19, and that it can, in fact, be harmful. Any person who suggests otherwise is accused of being ‘anti-science’ and a promoter of ‘conspiracy theories’ and ‘disinformation.’

“First, there is strong evidence that hydroxychloroquine is helpful in treating COVID-19 when administered early in the disease — notably, from studies by the Mount Sinai Health System in New York and the Henry Ford Health System in Detroit, which both showed that the drug cut the mortality rate for COVID-19 patients nearly in half. Large multi-hospital collaborations in Belgium and the Netherlands and numerous smaller studies have also demonstrated benefits,” Gray writes for American Greatness.


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