January 18, 2021

AND WHAT RACE GRIFTERS WON’T ADMIT:  What Martin Luther King and Others Wrought.

What is most remarkable about the American civil rights movement, perhaps, is how little bloodshed took place, despite the passions that it raised. The Civil Rights Memorial in Montgomery, Alabama, lists the names of only 41 people martyred in the cause of equal rights between 1954 and 1968.

That is an astounding fact. Never in human history has so deep a national divide involving racial, religious, or ethnic groups been healed so quickly and at such a low cost in lives. For comparison, as many as 2 million people died in the violence that accompanied the transformation of the British Raj into Muslim Pakistan and Hindu India in 1947.

But the Left, stuck in the past, and always looking to belittle the United States and its accomplishments, insists that the country remains “systemically racist.”

Today’s “anti-racism” movement is one more demonstration of the March of Dimes Syndrome, named after the institution that did not go out of business after its mission (conquering polio) was achieved. It found new diseases to combat. For the Al Sharptons of the world, acknowledging progress against racism would be a career killer, so to stay in business they must ignore facts and foment new hatred.

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