April 17, 2017

DEMOCRATS’ WAR ON THE POOR: Walmart is the most efficient anti-poverty program in America, but Mayor Bill De Blasio won’t let them open a store in New York. He’d rather force the poor to pay higher prices than displease the food-workers’ union that helped elect him. My City Journal article notes that a majority of New Yorkers — including those in union households — want Walmart stores in the city, and that support for Walmart is especially strong among blacks and Hispanics.

The economist Richard Vedder and I defended the proposition, “Long live Walmart,” Walmart in a recent Intelligence Squared U.S. debate in New York. We expected to have a tough time convincing the liberal audience, but they ended up voting in favor of Walmart. Of course, the economic arguments for Walmart don’t carry the same weight at City Hall as union campaign contributions.