June 17, 2019

UAW LOST CHATTANOOGA VW PLANT VOTE, AGAIN: It kind of got lost in news, but on Friday night VW workers at the German auto giant’s Chattanooga, Tenn., plant again voted against forming a UAW-affiliated union.

As LaborPains noted, the margin of victory for the anti-union forces was slightly smaller this time than in 2014, but the defeat was still a loss and came after the UAW spent who knows how much on its campaign:

“Regardless of whether you were pro- or anti-UAW, local news reports made clear it was impossible to miss the union’s message in Chattanooga. The union’s lavish spending on television, radio, digital and even gas station advertisements ensured that workers were well-educated on what they were voting for (or against) this week. A pro-union reporter even suggested that the city was “mobilized” in favor of the UAW.”


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