August 1, 2017

THE WASHINGTON EXAMINER: Time for Treasury to sanction Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s rogue IT personnel.

Overnight, it was reported that Awan “frantically” raced to liquidate his U.S. assets and to send the proceeds to Pakistan, where his wife is believed to have also fled. Both he and his wife – who, unlike Awan, is not in captivity and is free to use a computer, presumably – were liquidating properties even on the day of his arrest.

The liquidation involved, but is not limited to, the transfer of nearly $2 million in real estate assets within the family. In at least one of those transactions, a U.S. bank was funding nearly the entire sale.

When it comes to financial matters, there is one man who can stop the transfer of illicit funds to foreign countries: Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin.

So do it, Mr. Secretary.

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