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February 22, 2006

baydunnigan.jpgOnce again we’re featuring blogger and author Austin Bay and StrategyPage publisher, and author of many books, Jim Dunnigan. Bay and Dunnigan have been our most popular guests so far — their last episode has been downloaded over 125,000 times — and this time they talk about the ongoing Dubai ports imbroglio, the troubles of Islamists in the Philippines, the continuing danger posed by Iran, and Europe’s problems with Muslim immigration. Don’t miss it, especially their take on the ports issue, which suggests that we’ve been much too worried about terrorism in connection with the deal. I’m now convinced that there isn’t much there, there.

You can click right here to listen directly. (No iPod needed!) You can also subscribe via iTunes, and there’s a low-bandwidth podcast archive, for dialup users, cellphone listeners, etc., right here. Hope you like it. And don’t forget there’s an archive of previous episodes here.

As always, my lovely and talented producer is soliciting comments and suggestions.

UPDATE: Austin Bay has posted some additional thoughts and information relating to his podcast comments.

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