November 15, 2017

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: The End of the Modern Academy. Universities have abandoned the three ideals that once defined their mission, according to Richard Shweder, the cultural anthropologist at the University of Chicago, writing at Project Muse. Once upon a time, these were the core values:

Ideal #1: “Research done primarily in anticipation of profit is incompatible with the aims
of the university.”
Ideal #2: “The basic principles of the university include complete freedom of research
and the unrestricted dissemination of information.”
Ideal #3: “There must be no consideration of sex, ethnic or national characteristics, or
political or religious beliefs or affiliations in any decision regarding appointment,
promotion, or reappointment at any level of the academic staff.”

Unrestricted discourse and no identity politics? Why, these days on campus that’s hate speech.

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