June 22, 2015

REASON DIDN’T “STAND ALONE,” but some people were very, very quiet. Contrary to the impression co-guest blogger Randy Barnett got, numerous media outlets and individual journalists, from across the political spectrum, supported Reason against the overreaching subpoena for its commenters’ identities. Some wrote articles and others supportively tweeted links to Popehat’s posts and my Bloomberg View column. On the radio, Reason‘s cause garnered sympathetic coverage from both NPR and Rush Limbaugh, thanks to guest host Mark Steyn. It was covered well on major tech sites. Patrick of Popehat compiled a partial list of coverage here; see the comments for additions. But the issue definitely received more attention in the online media than in the traditional print press, and notably silent voices included the editorial pages of the New York Times, the Washington Postand The Wall Street Journal, which surely wasn’t reserving its concerns for a Republican administration. Some of the indifference surely reflects political tribalism, some reflects insider-outsider status, and some I’m sure comes from the the fundamental difficulty of covering a story when the people involved are forbidden to talk to the press.

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