July 10, 2020

PARANOIA CENTRAL: A detailed post discussing North Korea’s new three-year long intelligence course for international information warfare specialists. Indeed, an Information Warfare major for North Korean spies offered by the Mangyongdae Revolutionary Academy.

The post also discusses specialized training for agents operating in foreign countries:

These agents are trained to hunt down high-level defectors in foreign countries and either arrange to kill the defector or at least find out how the defector is doing, how many secrets they have divulged and, if possible, persuade the defector to shut up or even return to North Korea.

To accomplish this “defector remediation” task the Mangyongdae students are taught the latest hacking techniques and what tools and mercenary hackers are available in the hacker underground and how to deal with the tools, and the mercs, to put together specialized efforts to track down defectors and monitor them.

The entire post’s worth reading.

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