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TEACH WOMEN NOT TO RAPE: Girl, 15, raped by transgender woman. “Judge Ian Pearson, sentencing, said a serious aggravating factor was Ayrton’s interest in teenage girls after a previous conviction for possessing indecent images. . . . ‘I accept you have been agonising over your gender issues as you now wish to live as a woman, but no operation has been done.'”

TEACH WOMEN NOT TO RAPE: N.C. Teacher, 30, Charged in Lesbian Sexual Affair With Female Student, 17.

WHEN PETTY TYRANTS BECOME NOT-SO-PETTY: K.C. Johnson On Yale And The Montague Case.

Again, the justification for these denials of basic due process is that no one is accusing the student of rape.

How, then, to reconcile this fiction with posters that blanketed the Yale campus asking the Yale basketball team to “stop supporting a rapist” [emphasis added]?

When the alleged disciplinary offense is the same as a felony, the idea that deny due process serves the interests of fairness is preposterous.

(2) Of the media coverage of this issue, one article handled the issue responsibly. In the New Haven Register, Chip Malafronte wrote: “There is no record of an arrest or court hearing involving Montague on file with the Connecticut judicial branch.”

Every article on this case should contain such a sentence. How can someone be a “rapist” if he hasn’t even been charged with a crime—much less convicted?

Because calling him a rapist makes white, upper-class women feel good about themselves, and making white, upper-class women feel good about themselves is the supreme value in our society today, especially at expensive private schools.


Yale has never explained why it chose to redefine a term commonly understood in both culture and the law. And at this stage, it’s not public what specific allegations Montague even faced. But to the extent he faced allegations that don’t fit the definition of sexual assault, and as a result of Yale’s actions he has now publicly been branded a “rapist” in campus posters, it would seem that he has suffered real harm from Yale’s peculiar use of the dictionary. . . . In an official statement, Yale unsurprisingly (and appropriately in this instance) shielded itself behind FERPA and declined comment.

But, incredibly, an agent of the Yale administration took a different course. As quoted by Malafronte, the Yale Women’s Center released a public statement purporting to “speculate” and then adding: “[W]e can comfortably say that, should all of this be true, this is progress. It seems that a survivor felt that coming forward was a viable option and that they got the decisive outcome that they likely fought hard for . . . Though we can only speculate as to the intent behind the basketball team’s shirt protest, the team’s actions appeared to be a dismissal of the very real threat of sexual violence.”

In other words: an official Yale agency all but confirmed that Montague was expelled for “sexual violence.”

Between the publication of the Register article and this morning, someone (Yale’s general counsel, perhaps?) appears to have spoken to the Women’s Center, which released a modified statement “recogniz[ing] that FERPA and Yale policy prohibit Yale from commenting on the exact nature of any specific incident.”

But the Women’s Center has already commented. Its comment all but confirmed the rumors. And that comment, along with the harm it caused, can’t be undone.

He’s only a man. His feelings and life don’t matter.

ACTUALLY, MORE LIKE A HATE CRIME: Social worker: False rape accusations just a cry for help.

Women who make false rape and sexual assault accusations are just looking for help, according to a social worker in Boise, Idaho.

Becky Waggaman with Warm Springs Counseling Center told Boise’s CBS affiliate KBOI2 that false accusers are troubled and looking for sympathy.

“Sexual assaults get a lot of attention,” Waggaman said. “They get a lot of media. If that’s [the] primary goal, then that’s what they’re going to go for.”

Waggaman said this was the case even when the accuser is anonymous.

“So it’s still out there, and they can say: ‘That’s me, that’s me,'” Waggaman said, “and they can get a lot of other people involved in their storytelling.”

Waggaman also told KBOI2 that those who make false accusations should get the help they seek.

Waggaman’s comments come after a second sexual assault accusation in Boise proved to be false.

Let them get help in prison.

TEACH WOMEN NOT TO RAPE! (CONT’D): Former IPS counselor charged with child seduction allegedly involved with at least two students.

WHEN LEFTIES OR DEMOCRATS DO SOMETHING AWFUL, THE PRESS SHIFTS THE FOCUS TO . . . HOW REPUBLICANS WILL CAPITALIZE ON IT. So the New York Times’ Vivian Yee’s take on the fake hate crime at Albany is this: “It was a turnabout tailor-made to delight conservative media outlets and to ignite social-media recriminations.”

Ann Althouse calls this “scurrilous” and comments: “Why invent delight in the minds of conservatives? That’s really a repackaging of what seems to be your own disappointment that a terrible racist attack didn’t happen! Shameful.”

To be a leftist today is to be sad whenever it turns out that a woman wasn’t raped, or a black person wasn’t lynched. Which is most of the time, it seems. . . .

FIGHT THE POWER: Female student stands up to claims of ‘rape culture.’

It’s not brave to “speak out” on a topic that the media loves and will defend one on. It is brave to stand up for the truth despite what the media and activists claim is true.

That is the case of Toni Airaksinen, a Barnard College sophomore who penned an essay for the Columbia Spectator dismantling the claim that colleges across the country are fostering a “rape culture.”

Airaksinen spends her essay informing readers how a study purporting to show that one-in-five women will be sexually assaulted while in college is misleading. For starters, the study — from the Association of American Universities — uses a “ridiculously wide definition of sexual assault,” according to Airaksinen. This definition includes “everything from penetration to unwanted groping,” she writes.

Airaksinen writes that she, and arguably many of her friends, think “rape” when they hear sexual assault, or something “comparatively traumatizing.” She acknowledges that others, such as activists who parrot the one in five studies, view sexual assault as something that could include “unwanted touching or even street harassment.”

Airaksinen lays out a hypothetical situation where she is kissed without her consent. She writes that it would be “majorly uncomfortable,” but she would not consider it sexual assault. The AAU, however, most likely would.

She also notes that the primary reason the survey’s “victims” don’t report is because they didn’t view the incident as serious enough to report.

Alcohol is one of the biggest factors when considering whether a woman was able to consent, and Airaksinen notes that the AAU survey doesn’t address what percentage of students allegedly committing sexual assault had been drinking.

“I know that after tossing back a couple of glasses of wine, I would certainly be more willing to have sex. If I answered the survey truthfully, I would be considered a victim,” she wrote. “But if I’m the victim of assault because I had unwanted sex after topping off a bottle of wine, then what about the person whom I had sex with, who was probably drinking, too?”

Well, if that person is a male, then he’s always a perpetrator, never the victim, because of his gender. That’s what equality is all about!

OSCAR RATINGS FALL LIKE A ROCK, screams Drudge’s latest headline, linking to a Deadline Hollywood article noting that “Return Of Chris Rock Sees Show Hit 8-Year Low” in the ratings.

Kudos to Rock’s efforts to pushback against his fellow leftists’ raging PC, but who wanted to watch what amounted to an evening’s worth of MSNBC, albeit with the hosts in tuxes and evening gowns?

Academy member and Maximum Pajamahadeen Emeritus Roger Simon writes “Mea Culpa… I Forgot to Vote in the Oscars!”

For the first time since I was invited into the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences (writers branch) in 1983, I forgot to vote in the Oscars.  I did see the nominated movies, but somehow neglected to go online and cast my final ballot.

Freudian slip? Who knows?  But I wasn’t the only one.  America forgot to watch!

Well, not all of America.  The show got a 23.1 share in something called “metered market results.” But that was down 6% from last year, a negative trend that has been going on for a decade.

Perhaps the public is getting sick of being hectored about climate change, etc. by actors who make twenty-five million dollars a picture, own yachts, and fly around in private jets.  It’s a veritable orgy of moral narcissism.

Author/actor/game show host Ben Stein adds “No More Oscars for Me:”

But just a minute. Isn’t Biden a huge Democrat? Isn’t he a pal of Bill and Hillary? Isn’t Bill the most reckless and prolific sex abuser in state and federal government of all time? Hasn’t his whole life been about using his power and status to take advantage of young women? Hasn’t HRC’s been about intimidating and threatening and blackmailing young women to keep them hushed up about Bill’s attacks — including widely reported rapes?

Haven’t the whole Democrat party and its lackeys in the MSM united in lockstep to protect the Clintons from the consequences of his crimes? And so, now these people are preaching to us to act better about sex abuse of young girls?

And isn’t Hollywood’s main task to sell young people tickets to movies that involve illicit sex? Aren’t almost all youth comedies about seducing drunken girls? And Hollywood is not supposed to be the moral guardian of the girls and young women of the nation? Isn’t this like sending a Madam to guard a nunnery? Or a fox to guard a chicken coop?

The hypocrisy is perfect.

And fortunately, the majority of Americans know it.

Exit quip: “‘Now, gas up my private jet!’ — Leo #Oscars.”

IT’S PATTY MURRAY, NATCH: Senator cites faulty statistic while sucking up to acting education secretary.

Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., used a flawed — and at this point, discredited — statistic to claim that one in five women will be sexually assaulted while in college.

She used this statistic during her questioning of acting Education Secretary Dr. John B. King during his Senate confirmation hearing, which quickly became a slobbering lovefest for the department’s current actions on combatting sexual assault.

“Dr. King, I’ve been really impressed with this administration’s work over the years to protect civil rights — including promoting education opportunities for students of color, women and girls, students with disabilities, LGBT students — and I look forward to continuing to work with you on those issues, but I wanted to raise one specific issue with you today: campus sexual assault and violence,” Murray said.

She didn’t follow this up with any kind of critical question, instead devoting time to suggest that 20 percent of women are sexually assaulted in college.

“It’s a growing national crisis and depending on the survey, we know that at least one in five women are being sexually assaulted on our college campuses. That’s stunning. One in five of our daughters, granddaughters, sisters, loved ones are being sexually assaulted while in college,” Murray said. “That is by the way the lowest of the estimates out there, which is really appalling and unacceptable.”

First, it’s not a “growing national crisis” because it’s not a national crisis at all. Rape and sexual assault are terrible when they happen, but they are not occurring at the levels believers like Murray claim. The studies cited by Murray and others are self-reported surveys, possibly the least reliable method of studying something.

Also, the surveys use broad definitions of sexual assault to punch up the numbers, including everything from a stolen kiss to rape. They also have low response rates, are not nationally representative and can’t be applied to the population at large.

The biggest problem with the surveys, however, is the fact that those labeled as victims by the researchers don’t even see themselves as such. When asked why they didn’t report, more than 70 percent of respondents say it was because they didn’t think the situation was serious.

It’s a national crisis, it’s just not serious.

OH, TO BE IN ENGLAND: “Rotherham gang sentenced to 102 years in prison for abusing young girls,” John Sexton writes today at Hot Air. Note this detail: “According to the 2014 report, one reason police utterly failed to protect so many young girls was the ‘politically inconvenient truth’ that most the victims in Rotherham were white while most of the perpetrators were Pakistani men.”

As Sexton adds, “the perpetrators in Rotherham seemed to operate with impunity even when face to face with police.” And while the Rotherham perpetrators used race and Islam to their advantage in PC-obsessed England, as Jonah Goldberg notes today, England’s Jimmy Savile used celebrity and power:

A hugely popular DJ and TV personality in the United Kingdom for decades, Savile lived a double life as a child molester and rapist. He abused older victims as well. His victims, many of whom were patients in hospitals, ranged from five to 75 years old. As a major fundraiser for hospitals, he had free rein to prey on boys and girls. He assaulted one ten-year-old boy with a broken arm while he was waiting on a gurney for an X-ray. He assaulted teenagers recovering from surgery in bed.

All in all, at several hospitals and at nearly every division of the BBC where he worked, he raped or abused dozens of children — boys and girls — and scores of teenagers and adults.

Savile also reportedly did things to corpses best left unsaid.

He was so popular and so powerful, many victims felt comfortable coming forward only after Savile died in 2011 at the age of 84, to that point regarded as an esteemed member of the community. Sir Jimmy was even a knight.

The BBC has just published a nearly 800-page report detailing its complicity in Savile’s crimes. I haven’t read the whole thing, nor do I have much desire to. The main takeaway, however, is that the BBC shares blame for turning a blind eye owing to its “culture of deference” to celebrities. There was ample evidence that Savile was up to no good, but few were willing to say anything.

Let’s discuss the culture of deference.

Read the whole thing. (Perhaps as with Gloria Steinem in the earlier post, the photo of a young Savile burning a hole into the camera atop Jonah’s article should also merit a trigger warning.)

UPDATE: ‘Atmosphere of fear’ at BBC allowed Jimmy Savile to commit sex crimes, report finds.

SAY, DIDN’T HE DEFEND BILLY BOY? Joe Biden is denouncing rape to an Academy of rape-enablers.

21st CENTURY HEADLINES: A Rape Survivor Speaks Out About Transgender Bathrooms.

TEACH WOMEN NOT TO RAPE! (CONT’D): A woman at the centre of a paedophile ring setting children up as “sexual playthings” over more than a decade has been found guilty. “During the trial it emerged that police had launched an investigation into the conduct of Norfolk county council social workers involved in the case.”

TEACH WOMEN NOT TO RAPE! AND AVOID INSENSITIVE, TRIGGERING, BLAME-THE-VICTIM HEADLINES LIKE THIS ONE: Male Teen Files Lawsuit After He Had Lots Of Sex With Biology Teacher And She Bought Him An Xbox. Next you’ll be saying it’s not rape if a man buys a teenage girl a bracelet.

K.C. JOHNSON: Ten Years Later, the Duke Lacrosse Case Still Reverberates.

Next month will be the tenth anniversary of the spring break party that triggered the Duke lacrosse case. That incident probably remains the highest-profile false rape claim in recent U.S. history—rivaled only by the claim against University of Virginia fraternity members leveled, and then retracted, by Rolling Stone.

That both of these false accusations occurred on a campus should come as no surprise. A general disinterest in due process for accused students combined with a one-sided intellectual atmosphere on questions related to gender make universities poorly suited to evaluate sexual assault allegations. The lacrosse case, moreover, added race and class to the mix.

From the standpoint of a faculty dominated by the race/class/gender trinity, the purported facts proved too tempting to resist: wealthy, white males accused of brutally attacking a poor, African-American female. And so dozens of Duke professors abandoned the academy’s traditional fealty to due process to embrace the version of events offered by Durham’s unethical (and subsequently disbarred) district attorney, Mike Nifong.

In their most prominent action, eighty-eight Duke faculty members signed a public statement affirming that something “happened” to Crystal Mangum. They actually boasted of their closed-mindedness by promising to continue their crusade regardless of “what the police say or the court decides.”

And after high-profile protests that had urged the castration of the lacrosse captains and blanketed the campus with “wanted” posters containing 43 of the lacrosse players’ photos, the Duke faculty members had a message for the protesters: “Thank you for not waiting and for making yourselves heard.”

Why was it so important for the protesters not to have waited until the facts were known? Not a single member of the Group of 88 has ever explained.

But perhaps the most chilling line in the Group of 88 statement was also its most banal—a notice at the bottom of the page, listing the 15 Duke academic departments and programs that chose to “sign onto this ad.” That such a wide swath of the Duke academic community officially affiliated with an inflammatory statement sent a powerful message in spring 2006.

It turned out that, with the exception of the African-American Studies Program, none of the academic departments had formally taken a vote to endorse affiliating with the statement. Yet this breach of standard academic protocol appears to have had no consequences at Duke.

An unwillingness to engage in any critical self-reflection is the foremost legacy of how the academy responded to the lacrosse case, at Duke and beyond.

Duke spent tens of millions of dollars in settlement costs and legal fees for the lawsuits filed by the lacrosse players. (Some of that money unsuccessfully attempted to force me to reveal confidential e-mail exchanges with my sources.) It’s easy to see why Duke was so eager to settle the lawsuits before all discovery material became public. Early filings in the case attached a handful of administrators’ e-mails, including an April 2006 missive from president Richard Brodhead, musing that the movie Primal Fear might be an appropriate lens through which to view the case.

In that film, a character played by Ed Norton convinces his lawyers he was wrongfully accused, only to accidentally confess his guilt in the closing scene. One can only imagine what the full archive of Brodhead’s 2006 e-mails would have revealed.

Since the ending of the lacrosse case, Duke’s trustees have conferred on Brodhead two new five-year terms as president.

Well, if you’re wondering where the “burn it all to the ground” sentiments in American politics come from, stuff like this is one source. The pervasive rot in America’s political and intellectual ruling classes is evident, it’s easy to see why some people may conclude that it’s irreversible by ordinary means. I don’t feel that way yet, but the wake-up call has been sounded, and the ruling class has hit the snooze button repeatedly. Eventually, they’re going to have to take that pillow off their head.

I’M SHOCKED, SHOCKED THAT THIS COURSE DIDN’T ACCOMPLISH ITS OBJECTIVE: Teenage Afghan migrant, 16, ‘rapes worker at Belgian asylum centre two weeks after attending a course on how to treat Western women.’ These classes would be more effective if they explained that the penalty was hanging. Instead, it will probably be more classes and a surprisingly short sentence in a prison that’s probably nicer and safer than the guy’s home in Afghanistan was.

THESE SETTLEMENTS DESERVE ANOTHER ZERO OR TWO: University of Montana settles with football player accused of rape.

One of the most high-profile campus rape accusations in recent years has come to a close.

Jordan Johnson, the former starting quarterback for the University of Montana, has reached a settlement with the University of Montana for $245,000 to drop his claims against the university. Johnson had threatened to sue the school following what he called an “unfair and biased” investigation by the school.

Johnson had been a star quarterback for the university. Handsome and well-spoken, he seemed to have the world on his plate. He hoped to join the NFL. But just as his star was rising, he was accused of rape during a time when the nation — and especially the University of Montana — were under heavy scrutiny for allegedly mishandling accusations of campus sexual assault and rape.

This led to Johnson being investigated by the school and recommended for expulsion. He was also charged with rape in criminal court, but a jury acquitted him.

Kangaroo courts should be expensive, for the kangaroos.


HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Purdue staffer resigns after allegedly threatening to rape pro-lifers.

A Purdue University employee has resigned following a deluge of social media comments in which he appeared to threaten to rape pro-life supporters.

Jamie Newman, who provides musical accompaniment to Purdue’s Division of Dance, allegedly posted a series of critical comments to an article from abortion opponent Live Action. Those comments were seen as rape threats toward anti-abortion activists.

Newman has denied that his comments were threats and called the accusations an attempt to “destroy” and defame him. The comments were sent to the Purdue University Police Department, which questioned Newman but cleared him of any criminal intent. . . .

On Monday, Purdue President Mitch Daniels defended the university’s decision to call for an apology from Newman without firing him, citing free speech. Daniels did, however, say that the comments from Newman were “the most explicit threat I’ve seen in my three years [as Purdue president].”

As we know, though, anything that makes anyone uncomfortable is a firing offense now.

TEACH WOMEN NOT TO LIE ABOUT RAPE! (CONT’D): Woman jailed over false rape claim. “When evidence was reviewed it emerged the report of rape had been made shortly after the man sent a text message to Horrocks’s former boyfriend, with whom she was trying to rekindle a relationship.”


In a largely overlooked passage in his dissent from the court’s decision in June establishing a constitutional right to same-sex marriage, he left detailed suggestions.

Avoid “tall-building lawyers,” especially ones who work in skyscrapers in New York. Find someone who did not go to law school at Harvard or Yale. Look for a candidate from the Southwest. Consider an evangelical Christian.

Justice Scalia was criticizing the lack of diversity of the court he sat on, and he did not exclude himself. He was right as a factual matter: Supreme Court justices these days are by many measures remarkably similar, giving the court the insular quality of a private club or a faculty lounge. . . .

To be sure, the court is by some standards reasonably diverse. For the first time it has three women, one of whom is Hispanic. It has an African-American member, only the second in its history.

On the other hand, Justice Scalia wrote, the court “consists of only nine men and women, all of them successful lawyers who studied at Harvard or Yale Law School.” Justice Scalia attended Harvard, as did five other current members of the court. The other three went to Yale.

Well, that’s America’s elite bar, where diversity means people from Harvard and Yale. Plus:

Since Justice John Paul Stevens retired in 2010, the court, for the first time, has no Protestant member. Justice Scalia was Catholic, as are five other justices on the current court. The other three are Jewish.

In his dissent from June, Justice Scalia decried this state of affairs, writing, “Not a single evangelical Christian (a group that comprises about one quarter of Americans), or even a Protestant of any denomination.”

Justice Scalia also surveyed the lack of geographical diversity on his court. “Four of the nine are natives of New York City,” he wrote.

Indeed, every borough but Staten Island was represented. Justice Scalia was from Queens. Justice Ginsburg is from Brooklyn, Justice Kagan is from Manhattan and Justice Sonia Sotomayor is from the Bronx.

“Eight of them grew up in east- and west-coast States,” Justice Scalia wrote. “Only one hails from the vast expanse in-between,” he added, referring to Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr., who is from Indiana.

“Not a single Southwesterner or even, to tell the truth, a genuine Westerner (California does not count),” he added, discounting the backgrounds of Justice Anthony M. Kennedy, who was born in Sacramento, and Justice Stephen G. Breyer, who was born in San Francisco.

Flyover people should focus on electing people to Congress who will then pretend to fight for them. They can’t be trusted with real power.

HILLARY CLINTON’S WAR ON MEN: Hillary Clinton hires woman who thinks it’s much better to falsely accuse a man of rape than to disbelieve an accuser. Unless, you know, the accuser is accusing Bill.

Related: Hillary allegations of ‘Bernie-Bro’ sexism didn’t hold up in the first place.

WHEN “RAPE CULTURE” IS ACTUALLY REAL: CBS News: Germany blames wave of sex assaults mostly on refugees.

Most of the suspects identified in connection with a series of robberies and sexual assaults in Cologne during New Year’s celebrations are refugees, prosecutors said Monday.

The crimes, described as unprecedented by authorities, sparked uproar in Germany and a heated debate about the country’s ability to integrate almost 1.1 million people who sought asylum there last year.

The incident has led to both a political and a personal backlash against the mostly Middle Eastern and North African asylum seekers that flooded the country last year. . . .

“The overwhelming majority of persons fall into the general category of refugees,” Bremer told The Associated Press, saying recent reports describing only three of the suspects as refugees were “total nonsense.”

Initially, authorities in Cologne were accused of downplaying the fact that the attackers included many asylum-seekers because of the political sensitivity of the issue.

The suspects included 30 Moroccan nationals, 27 Algerians, four Iraqis, three Germans, three Syrians, three Tunisians, and one each from Libya, Iran and Montenegro, Bremer said.

“They have various legal statuses, including illegal entry, asylum-seekers and asylum applicants,” he said of the foreign suspects. “That covers the overwhelming majority of suspects.”

I think things are going to get ugly.

IT’S COME TO THIS: Rape accusers sue University of Tennessee for giving accused students due process. I think that’s something to be proud of, though this should all be handled by police, not university bureaucrats anyway.

CARRIE LUKAS: Euro-feminists in meltdown over immigrant rape. “Of course, there’s a way out for feminists: Refocus on the core principle of defending women’s equal rights and fair treatment. This requires recognizing that the West — including Western men — have actually come a long way in protecting women from physical harm and enabling their full participation in the public sphere.”

When you yammer about a nonexistent “rape culture” at home, and then import millions from a genuine rape culture, it’s not likely to go well. And you can’t acknowledge anything good about Western men, or that would defeat the entire purpose of feminism, which is to cow and silence Western men.


The NFL allowing a halftime tribute, no matter how oblique, to a group whose leaders brazenly raped women surely ranks at least on par to its mishandling of the Ray Rice domestic-violence assault in its offensiveness. No number of pink flags thrown by referees, or ads touting a “Vikings family” that morphed into an NFL family when one son moved to Cincinnati and had “Bengals babies” and another ate “Roethlis-burgers,” absolves this.

“Rape was an insurrectionary act,” Eldridge Cleaver wrote in Soul on Ice of transitioning from sexual assaults on black women to whites. “It delighted me that I was defying and trampling upon the white man’s law, upon his system of values, and that I was defiling his women—and this point, I believe, was the most satisfying to me because I was very resentful over the historical fact of how the white man has used the black woman.”

Whereas Black Panthers Supreme Servant Newton broke his pistol grips by beating four fractures into the skull of African American tailor Preston Callins in 1973 and killed black prostitute Kathleen Smith by shooting her in the face—both for the crime of calling Huey “baby”— in 1974, Black Panthers Minister of Information Cleaver allegedly murdered a fellow African American activist in exile in Algeria.

File the league-endorsed Super Bowl 50 halftime tribute to the Black Panthers away for some perspective this fall, when the pink shoes come out and the anti-domestic violence PSAs begin running once again during Sunday’s NFL games.

Oh, and to get a sense of how fundamentally the culture has been changed by a generation of the far left making, as Roger Kimball would say, the long march through its institutions, who were performers at Super Bowl I? “The halftime show featured trumpeter Al Hirt, the marching bands from the University of Arizona and Grambling State University, 300 pigeons, 10,000 balloons and a flying demonstration by the hydrogen-peroxide-propelled Bell Rocket Air Men.”

Related: #BoycottBeyonce Movement Gains Momentum.

TEACH WOMEN NOT TO RAPE! (CONT’D): Ex-school lunch lady admits raping 15-year-old.

CAUGHT BETWEEN THE SCYLLA OF ANDROPHOBIA AND THE CHARYBDIS OF MULTI-CULTURALISM: Just like the vile-prog patsies they are.  Euro-feminists in meltdown over immigrant rape.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Purdue Univ. investigating staff member’s alleged threat to rape pro-life women.

ANALYSIS: TRUE. It’s time we stopped treating all men as sex pests.

Pearson, a 51-year-old artist, was tried for a sex crime simply because he brushed past a 61-year-old female film star during rush hour at Waterloo Tube station without even breaking his stride.

His accuser (who shall remain anonymous for life) claimed Pearson penetrated her with three fingers for “two or three seconds”.

CCTV of the footage irrefutably backs Pearson’s account; it took a jury of nine women and three men just 90 minutes to unanimously reject the accuser’s version of events and find Pearson innocent.

After the case, Mr Pearson, who still suffers anxiety attacks, said, “This could have happened to anyone. For me, half a second turned into a year of hell. I feel I have undergone a form of mental torture sanctioned by the state. Why couldn’t the CPS have used common sense?”

Which begs the bigger question: why, despite having seen the CCTV evidence (there were also no witnesses nor forensic evidence), did the Crown Prosecution Service still see fit to push for prosecution?

Pearson’s acquittal topped off a bad week for the CPS – and a terrible one for men – following a damning report in which HM Crown Prosecution Service Inspectorate concluded that “poor” decision-making in London rape cases was leading to innocent suspects being wrongly charged in an attempt to raise the number of convictions.

So why is what’s been described as a CPS “witch hunt” against men happening?

Increasingly, there is a sense that the courts are becoming the judicial hammer for the anvil of the CPS’s Violence Against Women And Girls strategy. It’s also hard to avoid the argument that innocent men like Mark Pearson are seeing their day in court because the most prolific and evil sex offender of them all – Jimmy Savile – escaped his.

Meanwhile, of course, the Rotherham rape gangs were covered up by officialdom for fear of being called racist. So it’s not actually a war against all men.

The accuser’s name should be widely publicized, and the officials here should be tarred and feathered.

THE TRUTH ALWAYS COMES OUT, EVENTUALLY: For habitual liars–like the Clintons– this is a very scary prospect. Chuck Ross at the Daily Caller opines, “This Might be Why Hillary Won’t Release Her Goldman Sachs Speech Transcripts.”

As Hillary Clinton resists calls to release transcripts from her paid Goldman Sachs speeches, details of those events are emerging, and they aren’t good for the Democratic presidential candidate.

“It was pretty glowing about us,” one attendee at an Oct. 2013 Goldman Sachs event in Arizona told Politico about Clinton’s speech, which earned the former secretary of state $225,000. “It’s so far from what she sounds like as a candidate now. It was like a rah-rah speech. She sounded more like a Goldman Sachs managing director.” . . .

Clinton does have the ability to release the transcripts if she chooses.

Her speaking contracts — which went through the Harry Walker Agency — stipulate that the speeches be transcribed and that she retain rights to them.

She won’t be voluntarily releasing these transcripts. I am waiting for the audience-generated videos to emerge. I bet they’re worth a lot of money.

RELATED: Bill Clinton accuser Kathleen Willey to campaign against Hillary: “Willey is joining the Rape Accountability Project for Education PAC, or RAPE PAC, as its paid national spokeswoman, Reuters reported Monday. She will give public remarks and appear in political advertisements detailing claims of Bill Clinton’s past sexual misconduct.”

FUNDAMENTALLY TRANSFORMED: St. Louis usurps Detroit to become most violent city in the US: Gateway City is worst for rape, robbery aggravated assault and murder according to FBI data.

Say, what’s missing from this story? Oh yeah!

REMEMBER, SOCIAL-JUSTICE WARRIORS ARE THE ANGRY PEASANTS WITH PITCHFORKS, MASQUERADING AS THE VOICES OF MORALITY AND REASON: Elizabeth Nolan Brown: How Maryland ‘Neomasculinity’ Blogger Roosh V Became an International ‘Pro-Rape’ Villain; A case study of collective catharsis through call-out culture and moral panic as meme.

The bottom line, though, is that “not a single woman has been hurt by me,” says Roosh. “I’ve never been accused of rape, I’ve never been charged. No follower of mine has read something of [mine], and then gone on to rape, because I know if they did hurt a woman it’d be all over the news.”

The whole thing calls to mind two more male writers: Matt Taibbi, probably best known for his work at Rolling Stone, and Mark Ames, who now writes for outlets such as Pando. The pair worked together at an English-language newspaper in Russia in the late ’90s and subsequently published a book about the experience called The Exile: Sex, Drugs, and Libel in the New Russia. Within this book, there are scenes of the mostly-male Exile editors sexually harassing their administrative staff—going so far as to tell secretaries they must sleep with them to keep their jobs—and Ames threatening to kill his pregnant Russian girlfriend if she doesn’t get an abortion. The men never claimed it was satire or nonfiction. In explaining, Ames was prone to saying things like “Russian women, especially on the first date, expect you to rape them.”

Despite this, Taibbi and Ames have continued to flourish as leftist writers, and as far as I know no feminist groups or Canadian mayors have tried to prevent either from visiting the country. Perhaps they’re just lucky to have come of age in a different Internet era. Perhaps it helps that their politics and progressive credentials are otherwise right. . . .

As much as we might hate to admit it, Roosh is a journalist. His main site, Return of Kings—one of the hubs of what’s sometimes called the “Manosphere”—and its forums get two million visits per month. As neither Roosh nor any writers or readers of Return of Kings were under suspicion of criminal behavior, it is at the very least bizarre that law-enforcement officials would feel the need to comment and keep an eye on their gathers. And it’s probably the kind of thing we should condemn, those of us interested in freedom of speech, press, movement, and association.

People will object that these groups were “pro-rape” meetups. But outside media misinformation, there was nothing about the proposed happy hours to suggest they had anything to do with rape.

Well, if he were — seriously, not satirically — writing “pro-rape” manifestos in the name of Islam, his right would be zealously protected by the same people who subjected him to a high-tech lynching.

And, meanwhile, Bill Clinton, who has actually been accused of rape, is out campaigning for Hillary.

GOOD NEWS: Female Muslim Professor Says Muslims Can Rape, Rob Infidel Women Only in Some Circumstances.

WAR ON COLLEGE MEN, WASHINGTON & LEE UNIVERSITY EDITION: W&L settles lawsuit by student expelled for alleged sexual assault.

Both sides are asking Judge Norman Moon to dismiss the case. Terms of the settlement were not disclosed.

Last April, Moon denied a motion by the university to throw the case out, saying that the allegations made in the lawsuit, if “taken as true, suggest that W&L’s disciplinary procedures, at least when it comes to charges of sexual misconduct, amount to a practice of railroading accused students.”

In a statement posted Friday on its website, W&L defended its in-house judicial system as “fair and equitable.”

Doe’s lawsuit asserted that the odds were stacked against him during a hearing before the Student Faculty Hearing Board — a process that he argued was slanted to favor female accusers over male defendants.

For one thing, he claimed, a university administrator who handled the investigation in November 2014 recently had given a talk on campus about “regret equals rape,” or the argument that what first passes for a consensual sexual experience later can be called a rape by a woman who has second thoughts.

Doe’s alleged victim heard those comments, the lawsuit alleged, and was influenced by them in her decision to bring charges seven months after their sexual encounter.

And in alleging a rush to judgment by the disciplinary board, Doe pointed out that the decision to expel him was made one day after the publication of a Rolling Stone story — since discredited — about an alleged gang rape at a University of Virginia fraternity house. The article prompted a national outcry against what it portrayed as UVa’s culture of indifference to rape victims.

“The negative impact of the Rolling Stone article on UVa influenced W&L’s decision to find the plaintiff responsible for sexual assault so as to avoid a similar fate,” the lawsuit alleged.

My advice to young men: Avoid Washington & Lee University, which can’t be trusted to treat you fairly.

DIVERSITY IS OUR STRENGTH: Five migrants among seven young men who ‘laughed, danced and sang in Arabic as they gang raped unconscious girl of 17.’

HORRIFIC footage has emerged of a group of young men, including five migrants, laughing, dancing and singing in Arabic as they gang rape an unconscious 17-year-old girl.

It is believed the attack happened after the girl passed out after drinking at a party.

One of the rapists later told police: “She can’t complain. Women must obey men.”

The shocking assault happened in November but was only discovered this week by a teacher at a school in Ostend, Belgium.

A police probe was launched after a 14-year-old boy at the Ostend Technical Institute bragged about a photo of himself dressed in military fatigues and holding a sub-machine gun.

Funny how you never hear anything from feminists about this actual rape culture. I guess it’s all about the feminist hierarchy of values.


UPDATE: Rick Moran emails that the photo above is photoshopped, and that the original is to be found here. Though you can debate about how different the message is between the original and the photoshopped version. . . .

DIVERSITY IS OUR STRENGTH: Iraqi migrant rapes a 10-year-old boy at a swimming pool in Vienna and tells police it was a ‘sexual emergency’ because he hadn’t had sex in months.

All the talk about “rape culture” seems to exclude the one the West’s leaders are eagerly importing.


Nietzsche believed he had killed God in 1883, but man is hardwired to believe in something. From the belief in the perfection of the bureaucratic state (and the concomitant cargo cult worship of the New Deal) to radical environmentalism to what Columbia’s John McWhorter recently dubbed “Antiracism, Our Flawed New Religion,” the entire 150-year old “Progressive” experiment can be seen as an extended experiment to build a new organized religion and/or to create “Heaven on Earth,” but as they said at National Review in the 1960s, “Don’t Immanentize the Eschaton.”

Related: “Liberals often claim that the little people, those without a college education or a subscription to the New York Times, are easy prey for demagogues. Lacking political nous and basic B.S.-resistance, apparently, these plain-thinking folk find themselves in thrall to frothing Fox News anchors and various other big-haired, well-known people who spout simple political messages. We can think independently, but they can’t, say snooty liberals,” Brendan O’Neill writes. “All of which makes the Cult of Ta-Nehisi Coates so ironic. The very liberals who mock rednecks for falling for the bluster of biblical or right-leaning nuts basically bow and scrape at the feet of Coates, treating his every utterance as a bolt from heaven.”

20 years ago, when the leftists at the Washington Post infamously declared that evangelical Christians were “largely poor, uneducated, and easy to command.” I wonder if they had any inkling how much self-projection they were generating?

(Via Maggie’s Farm.)

INSTAVISION: I Talk With Amy Alkon: Campus Rape: Are the Accused Being Treated Unfairly?

TEACH WOMEN NOT TO LIE ABOUT RAPE! (CONT’D): Another pro athlete appears to have been falsely accused of rape.

The woman claimed that after she told Bromley that she wanted to stop their sexual activity, he got angry and tried to rape her, then hit her with his car.

The two had met on Instagram and decided to meet up at a hotel. Bromley told police that he found the woman naked on the hotel bed after he came out of the bathroom. She performed oral sex on him, stopped, and demanded $2,000. Bromley said he didn’t pay because he thought it was a date.

Police told the New York Post that after Bromley refused to pay, the woman continued engaging in sexual activity before requesting money again, at which point Bromley left. Surveillance videos showed the woman following Bromley out of the hotel, continuing to harass him before throwing herself onto the hood of his car.

The accuser also has a history of seeking payment from athletes she meets on Instagram, and of threatening celebrities for money. She had reportedly tried to extort money from actor Taye Diggs by threatening to release a sex tape of the two of them. Diggs reportedly paid the woman, but the accuser claims she didn’t extort him or receive money.

The accuser had said she was drunk and had gotten sick after performing a sex act on Bromley, and that he flipped out and attacked her after that. She told the Post that she was “really traumatized” by the encounter.

A police source told the New York Daily News that it appears as though Bromley stopped and left when the women asked him to do so, and that there were “significant discrepancies” in the story she told law enforcement.

“Her credibility is seriously being questioned,” the police source told the Daily News.

What happened to “believe the women?”


Because the people who run them are. In the case of the oil industry, as Katherine Mangu-Ward of Reason noted a decade ago, in the 1990s, “environmental activists across the nation bought their own ties and started dealing with corporations as almost-equal partners in planet saving. Businesses in turn learned that it’s pretty easy being green,” thus paving the way for the full-on corporatism and crony venture socialism of the Obama era.

And because the people they cater their products to are. The TV series Mad Men increasingly failed as watchable television after its first couple of seasons. But consider the the arc of the series. It begins in 1960 with Don Draper crafting Lucky Strike pitches to conservative smokers in 1960. In the final moments of the series finale, Draper attends an uber-’70s est session in Big Sur and comes away with the brainstorm to craft the proto-multi-culti Stepford-hippy populated “I’d like to teach the world to sing” Coca-Cola commercial. This neatly sums up how the advertising industry responded to coastal elites moving more and more perilously leftward in the 1960s and ’70s.

To build on what Aaron Clarey wrote in the headline link above, Whole Foods have devoted their entire business model to catering to this demographic — which was all fun and games until libertarian-leaning CEO John Mackey came out against Obamacare as “tantamount to ‘fascism’ because ‘the government doesn’t own the means of production, but they do control it.'” That’s an accurate definition of the F-word, but good luck both explaining that to your core audience and keeping them as customers; Mackey quickly capitulated to the mob.

NON-LETHAL FIREARMS: ‘I lit him up … I could smell something burning.’ “Those are the words of a woman who reports that she stun-gunned a man who was trying to rape her and who had stabbed her four times, puncturing her lung. The Detroit News (Oralandar Brand-Williams) adds that the alleged would-be rapist, Darian Winfield, is also accused of having earlier stabbed another woman and may have murdered a 17-year-old girl in a different assault. Fox 2 Detroit (Hannah Saunders) reports that Winfield wasn’t incapacitated by the stun gun, and punched the woman who stun-gunned him in the head, but nonetheless ran away. Michigan banned stun guns until 2012; the repeal followed a trial court decision holding the statute unconstitutional under the Second Amendment, and People v. Yanna (Mich. Ct. App. 2012), decided after the repeal, affirmed that trial court decision.”

It would be better if she’d shot him in the head with a real gun, but there are good reasons why nonlethal firearms should receive Second Amendment protection, too.

TEACH WOMEN NOT TO RAPE! (CONT’D): Police: Louisiana Teacher and Teen Girl Had Year-Long Lesbian Relationship. “Naquin, who is the daughter of the local school board president, is the third teacher at Destrehan High School to be charged with molesting students recently.”


Here’s what I think is going on: The refugees are acting as they are, not because they see themselves as charity cases, but because they see themselves as conquerors. They know perfectly well that one doesn’t defecate in a pool in which people (especially children) are swimming. They’re doing it because they are performing the literal equivalent of the expression “I don’t give a shit about you.” They know you’re not supposed to rape women . . . that is, unless those women are the products of conquest, in which case raping them is one of Mohamed’s commandments.

It’s almost funny seeing Europeans trying politely to teach their conquerors how not to treat those whom they have conquered. I wonder how long it will take before the Europeans figure out that they’re no longer in the driver’s seat. And then I wonder whether they’ll be able or willing to mount a counter-strike, or whether the twelve-hundred year-long Islamic jihad against Europe will finally have succeeded.

(Headline by Ace of Spades co-blogger Maetenloch)


I SAW A FILM ABOUT THIS AS A KID AND IT INFLUENCED ME FOR LIFE: Door Plucked From Grapevine Fire Shows How Closed Doors Can Save Lives. “Flames badly damaged one side of the interior door that was directly exposed to the flames. But the other side barely shows hardly any damage at all. Firefighters in Grapevine saved the door and plan to use it as a teaching tool to remind people why they should sleep with their bedroom door closed.”

THIS IS NOT AN UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCE OF OBAMA’S DIPLOMACY: The Humbling Of The West: Europe and the U.S. bow and scrape to ascendant Iran.

Some wonder how history will treat Barack Obama’s presidency. That depends on who writes the histories.

Secretary of State John Kerry’s account will fist-pump the Iran nuclear deal as the central foreign-policy event of the Obama presidency, a triumph for Western diplomacy.

But news photographs in recent weeks are producing a different history. These photos document the abject humiliation of the West by Iran. Americans who plan to vote in their presidential election should look hard at these photos, because the West’s direction after this will turn on the decisions they make.

The first photo is of a hallway in Rome’s Capitoline Museums, a repository of art dating to Western antiquity. Out of what the government of Italy called “respect” for the sensibilities of visiting Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, the museum placed large white boxes over several nude sculptures, including a Venus created in the second century B.C.

Then, because Mr. Rouhani will not attend a meal that serves alcohol to anyone, the nominally Italian government of Prime Minister Matteo Renzi declined to serve wine.

They did so for the same reason that beggars grub change in front of Rome’s churches. Freed by the Obama nuclear deal with Iran, Italy’s tin-cup businesses signed about a dozen deals with Mr. Rouhani this week, totaling $18 billion.

As I say, this is no accident.

A QUANTUM OF ACCOUNTABILITY: Rolling Stone rape hoaxer ordered to release communications. “Jackie, the woman whose tall tale of a gang-rape captivated readers of Rolling Stone in late 2014, will have to turn over her communications as part of a lawsuit. However, the communications will be labeled confidential, so we won’t be able to read them unless they are leaked.”

ASHE SCHOW: Camille Paglia knocks Hillary Clinton’s brand of feminism.

American social critic Camille Paglia has accused Hillary Clinton of conforming to a “blame-men-first” brand of feminism. This kind of feminism “defines women as perpetual victims requiring government protections,” according to Paglia.

Paglia also suggested that this, coupled with her “sometimes impatient or patronizing tone about men,” could end up hurting her campaign.

It’s not hard to see where Paglia is coming from on this. Clinton endlessly reminds voters that she is a woman and running to be the first woman president, as if we forget or can’t tell. Yet despite this constant discussion of women and “women’s issues,” Clinton is beginning to lose support among women. Young women especially don’t care for Clinton, which at least seems odd considering how many college-aged social justice warriors there are claiming women in America are horribly oppressed.

Paglia also brings up how Clinton detoured from the “women don’t need men” mantra of second-wave feminism and began relying on Bill Clinton for her career advancements.

“As his most trusted counselor and strategist, she helped guide her husband’s rise to attorney general and governor of Arkansas, but at every point, her professional life, culminating in a partnership at the Rose Law Firm, was at least partly derived from her association with him — not an ideal feminist paradigm,” Paglia wrote.

The social critic took special note of how Clinton deviated from the “women as victims” narrative when it suited her — when her future was at risk due to husband Bill’s infidelities. At that time, Clinton began berating women who accused her husband of rape and women who remained in abusive relationships.

That’s true.

INVESTOR’S BUSINESS DAILY: Meet Bernie Sanders, The Bum Who Wants Your Money.

It wasn’t as bad as he says. His family managed to send him to the University of Chicago. Despite a prestigious degree, however, Sanders failed to earn a living, even as an adult. It took him 40 years to collect his first steady paycheck — and it was a government check.

“I never had any money my entire life,” Sanders told Vermont public TV in 1985, after settling into his first real job as mayor of Burlington. . . .

Sanders took his first bride to live in a maple sugar shack with a dirt floor, and she soon left him. Penniless, he went on unemployment. Then he had a child out of wedlock. Desperate, he tried carpentry but could barely sink a nail. “He was a shi**y carpenter,” a friend told Politico Magazine. “His carpentry was not going to support him, and didn’t.”

Then he tried his hand freelancing for leftist rags, writing about “masturbation and rape” and other crudities for $50 a story. He drove around in a rusted-out, Bondo-covered VW bug with no working windshield wipers. Friends said he was “always poor” and his “electricity was turned off a lot.” They described him as a slob who kept a messy apartment — and this is what his friends had to say about him.

The only thing he was good at was talking … non-stop … about socialism and how the rich were ripping everybody off. “The whole quality of life in America is based on greed,” the bitter layabout said. “I believe in the redistribution of wealth in this nation.”

So he tried politics.

Beats honest work.

ANDREW KLAVAN: Why We Should Celebrate The Revenant.

Beyond the obvious reason, of course.

CULTURAL SUICIDE UPDATE: Danish girl fends off attacker with pepper spray, faces fine.

The teenager told police that she was attacked in central Sønderborg on Wednesday at around 10pm by a dark-skinned English-speaking man. She said the man knocked her to the ground and then unbuttoned her pants and attempted to undress her.

The girl was able to save herself from further assault by using pepper spray on the attacker, but now she may be the one who ends up in legal trouble.

“It is illegal to possess and use pepper spray, so she will likely be charged for that,” local police spokesman Knud Kirsten told TV Syd.

Numerous readers wrote in the comments section on TV Syd’s story about the incident that they would be willing to pay the girl’s fine, which will most likely be 500 kroner.

The man who attacked the 17-year-old fled from the scene and has not been charged.

Had the girl not broken the law by purchasing and using pepper spray, she likely would have been raped — or worse.

The story goes on to note that “Sønderborg is now barring guests from entering if they cannot speak Danish, English or German.”


Earlier this month, the Food and Drug Administration rejected the application of Biomarin Pharmaceutical to market its drug KyndrisaTM (drisapersen) for use in the treatment of Duchenne muscular dystrophy. The FDA, as is often the case when it rejects a drug application, listed all sorts of technical reasons why the data presented was not sufficient to establish by respectable scientific means that the drug in question was safe and effective in its intended use. Without question, much evidence from the clinical trials revealed serious complications from the drug’s use, including blood-platelet shortages that were potentially fatal, kidney damage, and severe injection-site reactions. But the no-treatment alternative could prove far worse.

Duchenne is a rare but fatal genetic disorder that attacks only young boys, roughly 1 in 3,500 to 5,000. Typically, it first manifests itself between two and five years of age. With time, it relentlessly weakens the skeletal muscles that control movement in the arms, legs, and trunk. Most of its victims are wheelchair-bound between the ages of seven and 13. By 20, many have died.

The source of the problem is the absence from the cell of the key chemical dystrophin, which is needed to control muscular movement. The proposed treatment is known as “exon-skipping,” which allows the body to produce the needed quantities of dystrophin. At present no drugs are on the market to fix the genetic defect. But other drugs are also under investigation. If the door is closed for drisapersen, it remains ajar for an unnamed drug produced by Sarepta Therapeutics, which will be reviewed by the FDA shortly. But, based on early rumblings from the FDA, it is likely that this drug too will be kept from the marketplace.

As might be expected, the decision by the FDA has left parent groups and their physicians tied up in knots. You can get a sense of their frustration by looking at the desperate petition of a mother whose son has the disease. Tonya Carlone wrote a public letter to the FDA pleading for the drug to be allowed on the market: “This medication has allowed my son, Gavin, to be able to ride a 2 wheel bike, to play on a soccer team, to run and play with his healthy 10 year old peers. Dr. Craig McDonald of UC Davis Medical Center and a Duchenne expert of over 30 years, has stated that he has never seen a boy with Duchenne at the age of 10 have as much function as Gavin.”

All irrelevant, says the FDA. But it’s critical to understand why parents like Ms. Carlone and physicians like Dr. McDonald are right and why the FDA is dead wrong. The FDA thinks the problem lies in the merits of a particular drug when it really lies in its deeply flawed approval process.

It’s not at all clear that the FDA has saved more lives than it has cost.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Brendan O’Neill: The Violence Of The Safe Space.

The most striking thing about Safe Spaces on campus is how unsafe they are. How hostile and even violent they are towards anyone who has unpopular views, or who simply believes people should have the right to express unpopular views.

Safe Spaces are spreading across campuses in the US and the UK. They’re presented as happy-clappy therapeutic zones in which students, especially minority students, should not be subjected to gruff words or prejudicial ideas.

As one student union in Britain puts it, they’re spaces in which students must be “free from intimidation or judgement” and should always “feel comfortable”. These spaces are justified in inoffensive, Oprah-like language: it’s all about providing a space in which people can be themselves without fear of ridicule.

But in practice, Safe Spaces are ugly, authoritarian places. They’re propped up by menace. They’re fortified by a simmering threat of force against any transgressors of the new cult of psychic safety and moral conformism.

Analysis: True.

INNOCENCE IS NO DEFENSE: Student cleared of rape still not welcome at his college.

A 19-year-old Roanoke College student was accused of rape in March 2015 by a college freshman. He was charged by the district attorney, but it took a jury just 25 minutes to find him not guilty at the end of a trial that lasted one day. A campus sexual misconduct hearing also found him not responsible.

Case closed, right? Wrong, of course.

When the student, who is from Zimbabwe, re-enrolled in Roanoke, campus activists started an online petition in an effort to bar him from campus, citing safety concerns. This just goes to show that students who are accused of sexual assault on college campuses are often considered guilty-until-proven-innocent, and even then are still considered guilty.

The goal, of course, is to make accusation equivalent to conviction.

THE REAL RAPE CULTURE IS THE ONE IN EUROPE THAT FEMINISTS DON’T WANT TO TALK ABOUT: Sorry, activists, another flawed survey doesn’t prove rape culture. And since they don’t want to talk about it, it’s hard to take anything else they say seriously.

POLITICO EUROPE: Cologne puts Germany’s ‘lying press’ on defensive: Media’s timidity on refugees prompts charges of bias.

For the broadcasters’ detractors, Cologne represents the latest example of months of tendentious coverage. One common complaint is news reports on the refugees often picture families and women, even though single young men make up the vast majority of those arriving.

Another is that the broadcasters downplay or conceal events that might rouse the public’s emotions. The alleged gang rape of two teenage girls in southwest Germany on New Year’s Eve by four Syrian refugees was not reported by any of the main news programs, for example, despite the parallels to the attacks in Cologne and other cities.

SWR, the regional public channel, reported on the rapes but was quick to add: “The nationality of the suspects played an ‘insignificant role’ in the crime, investigators and prosecutors said.”

Such reporting has fueled criticism that the broadcasters soft pedal any hint of criminal behavior among refugees. It also earned them a new moniker: “Willkommens Broadcaster” — a play on the so-called “Willkommenskultur,” or culture of welcome that swept Germany in the early days of the refugee crisis.

The quips are only partly in jest. Opponents of Angela Merkel’s refugee policies say the public media demonize anyone who dares speak out against them.

Good thing we never see anything like that from our own press.

ANOTHER SABRINA RUBIN ERDELY RAPE STORY AIMED AT THE PATRIARCHY turns out to be a huge, steaming pile of crap. It’s as if she’s a liar with a sexist agenda or something.

TEACH WOMEN NOT TO RAPE! (CONT’D): If new info from BJS is to be believed, female-on-female campus rape might be bigger problem than male-on-female.

ASHE SCHOW: Oklahoma newspaper questions campus sexual assault policies.

Oklahoma’s largest daily newspaper, The Oklahoman, has published an editorial about the current federal policies surrounding campus sexual assault.

The editorial board, like others across the country, has noticed that the current policies being pushed on colleges to address campus sexual assault have led to major due process violations. The Oklahoman editorial board called the policies, which prioritizes finding accused students responsible over the truth, a “constitutionally dubious regime.” . . .

In one example highlighted by Lankford and The Oklahoman, Tufts University entered a voluntary agreement with the Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights to change its policies without admitting guilty. OCR then told the school it would retroactively find them in violation of Title IX. Tufts, naturally, withdrew from the original agreement and was threatened with a loss of its federal funding.

“In short, even if schools implement show trials for sexual harassment complaints, they can still get dinged for insufficient zeal,” wrote The Oklahoman.

The editorial board concluded that the school needs to be able to differentiate policies for dealing with “crass and boorish — but not illegal — behavior” and illegal behavior. Because right now, when there are accusations that both students involved were intoxicated, one student (usually the male) is typically labeled a rapist without being given the tools to defend himself. This will have far reaching consequences for schools and the general public.

Those consequences include a drop in male enrollment, distrust between the sexes, perhaps more men accusing women of rape to protect themselves at the outset after a drunken hookup or perhaps an attitude that due process rights truly are an impediment to justice and must be removed from the actual legal system.

Meanwhile, colleges wonder why male enrollment is dropping.

THIS COULD HAPPEN: How Donald Trump defeats Hillary Clinton: Obama’s black supporters are crucial to a Trump win, and pollsters say he has a chance with this bloc. After all, the Democrats are offering nothing but old white people.

Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 7.21.35 PM

Flashback: Milo Yiannopoulos: Donald Trump Would Be the Real First Black President. “Normally what happens with sizeable immigrant populations is that existing groups start to move up the ladder: they become middle-class while the immigrants take low-paid and menial jobs. In LA, even in very black neighbourhoods, the construction workers are all Latino. Yet that upward ratchet doesn’t seem to be happening in the overwhelmingly Democratic-run black ghettoes so in flux in America today. Blacks aren’t benefitting from the Hispanic invasion: in fact, it’s making their lives even worse. . . . Trump also gets away with honesty that others don’t because he has such an affinity for aspirational mainstream black culture. Trump lives precisely the same life of ostentatious and unashamed wealth as do superstar rappers. Wouldn’t Jay Z have his name emblazoned in gold on skyscrapers if he could afford it?”

THANKS FOR FIGHTING FOR AMERICA, VETERAN. WANT TO CLEAN VA TOILETS?: That’s often VA’s message to vets seeking jobs in the department. The Daily Caller News Foundation Investigative Group’s Luke Rosiak “scraped” thousands of VA job vacancy announcements and found menial janitorial duties were most frequently offered to vets:

“The VA is currently advertising for 3,000 positions, some seeking multiple people each. Only about 50 job ads, seeking an estimated few hundred workers, are accepting applications exclusively from veterans. And of those, all but a handful would have a returning hero trade a rifle for a mop and $13 an hour. At the same time, more than a thousand vacancies, many with no highly specialized skills required, were being advertised as open only to current civil servants.”

It’s mainly a result of VA’s collective bargaining agreement with the American Federation of Government Employees labor organization, which, as Rosiak previously reported, puts current union members first in line for open positions. And then we wonder why VA so often seems not to give a rat’s patooty about America’s returning heroes?



NEW YORK POST: The rape of the US Marine Corps: a lunatic drive for ‘fairness.’

YOU HAVE TO BREAK A FEW HUMAN EGGS TO MAKE A NARRATIVE OMELET: MIGRANT SEX ATTACK ‘COVER-UP’: Welcome party for Cologne refugees turned into mass groping.

Today the council official responsible for the integration of refugees in the Cologne region admitted organisers knew about the sex attacks at the event but did not want to make a fuss.

She also shockingly said she “cannot remember” whether she advised the women who were attacked to go to the police, but added she felt the event’s student organisers “had learned from the situation”.

The appalling incident, on November 7, 2015, only became known of at all because one of the victims bravely decided to go to the police in tShe aftermath of the Cologne sex attacks.

She told the city’s Express newspaper how she and her friend were surrounded by migrants at the party, which was held on a boat, and were repeatedly groped despite asking the men to stop.

Remember when rape and sexual assault were the worst things ever, and we were always supposed to believe the victims and take immediate action?

TEACH WOMEN NOT TO RAPE! (CONT’D): Third teacher from same Louisiana school busted for sex with student after female teen fesses up. “A Louisiana teacher faces charges for a year-long relationship with a 16-year-old female student, police in St. Charles Parish said. Kimberly Naquin, 26, is a teacher at Destrehan High, the same school where two female teachers were charged with having threesome sex trysts with a different teen student.”


The Swedish and German authorities say they have never encountered anything like it: groups of men encircling then molesting women in large public gatherings. It happened in Cologne and Stockholm, but is it really unprecedented? Ivar Arpi argues in the new Spectator that it may well be connected to a phenomenon called ‘taharrush gamea’, a form of group harassment previously seen in Egypt.

So what is taharrush gamea, and should Western police be worried? Here’s what we know.

‘Taharrush’ means sexual harassment – it’s a relatively modern word, which political scholar As’ad Abukhalil says dates back to at least the 1950s. ‘Gamea’ just means ‘collective’. Taharrush gamea came to attention in Egypt in 2005, when female protesters against the Mubarak government were sexually assaulted by plain-clothes policemen. Many subsequent cases were political in nature, but not all: as Mariam Kirollos writes, in 2006 ‘Egyptian bloggers reported cases of group sexual assault in downtown Cairo, where large groups of men groped veiled and unveiled women, and in some cases ripped their clothes off’. There were also cases of rape.

* * * * * * * *

Taharrush gamea shouldn’t be ruled out as a factor; but given what we know so far, some of the news reporting and the social media hubbub seems a little over-excited.

And we must haven’t have that – better raped than rude, to paraphrase John Derbyshire.

Oh, and by the way:This Is The Cartoon Germany Gives To Refugees At Public Swimming Pools.”

I DON’T KNOW I LOOK FORWARD TO THE CROSSOVERS: Think Game of Thrones and Sesame Street.  The songs alone are worth it.  For instance “It’s not easy being raped,” “B is for beheading” “The people in your neighborhood [will all die screaming.]” Is HBO taking all the magic out of ‘Sesame Street’?

OR MAYBE IT’S THAT FOR MOST OF HUMAN HISTORY, STRANGERS OFTEN WANTED TO KILL YOU, TAKE YOUR STUFF, AND RAPE YOUR DAUGHTERS. The Disease Theory Of Xenophobia. “The fear of people who look different might be driven by a powerful, somewhat irrational psychological mechanism that believes strangers are threats to our health.”

AND THUS AL SHARPTON COMES FULL CIRCLE: Sharpton launched his career by peddling racist fiction; he’s now reduced to attacking those who sell fiction for a living as racists. (Though it’s curious why Sharpton is attacking all of Hollywood, instead of starting with Universal, his employer, where presumably, he could speak to the CEO or the boardroom anytime he’d like.)

Of course, to paraphrase a frequent question from Glenn, why are Democrat-controlled industries such hotbeds of racism, sexism, misogyny, and pedophilia?

DON SURBER: Why libs oppose Bernie’s call to have cops investigate campus rapes. “We know why liberals do not want cops investigating accusations of rape, because most of them are false.”

FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS: Muslim: I trolled a Trump rally and wasn’t bullied. Waah!

Kaddie Abdul, “an IT data engineer working in Silicon Valley,” decided to drive four hours to a Trump rally in Nevada to show how racist “those people” are. She wore her Muslim garb, held her Koran, and waited for someone to attack her. No one did. A few people gave her an odd look, but nary a nibble.

Darn it.

Apparently the Guardian in Britain had paid for her gasoline, so she had to write something, so she wrote: “I went to a Trump rally in my hijab. His supporters aren’t just racist caricatures.”

Actually, she meant “just aren’t racist caricatures.”

The article is itself racist, portraying Trump supporters as a bunch of hick white people who want to kill Muslims.

That sort of racism is always acceptable, apparently. Plus:

But what she did was not dangerous. Going outside without a male escort in Saudi Arabia is dangerous for a woman. The only physical danger in driving to Nevada to troll Trumpkins was the drive itself — something she will not be able to do when she makes her pilgrimage to Mecca.

Trump supporters did not gang rape her because she was Muslim. They did not beat her because she was Muslim. They did not to a damned thing to her — and she should have known they would not. There are no thugs or bullies at these rallies. They are a fiction, just like the fiction that the Tea Party was racist.

But without that fiction, what have they got?

IT’S COME TO THIS: Ashe Schow: Marco Rubio Should Follow Bernie Sanders’ Lead On Campus Sexual Assault.

I’ve never considered myself a single-issue voter. In fact, I’ve always despised the idea that someone would choose a candidate based on a single issue – especially if it was a wedge issue unlikely to be a major concern for a politician.

That said, it was difficult when I realized that on the issue I write most about, campus sexual assault, Socialist (excuse me, Independent) Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders was more in line with my views than Republican Sen. Marco Rubio.

On Monday, Sanders told an audience at the Black and Brown Presidential Forum in Iowa that rape accusations on college campuses should be handled by law enforcement and not administrative bureaucracies, a sentiment I share. “Rape and assault is rape or assault whether it takes place on a campus or a dark street,” Sanders said. “If a student rapes another student it has got to be understood as a very serious crime, it has to get outside of the school and have a police investigation and that has to take place.” . . .

Rubio is the only GOP candidate that has seemingly taken a stance on this issue – and it is a bad one. He has co-sponsored a bill that codifies into law the overreach of the Education Department and ensures that accused students will not have a fair hearing. After the Campus Accountability and Safety Act was introduced in 2014, I sent questions to the sponsors of the bill asking about due process protections for accused students.

Rubio’s office was one of the few that responded. His spokesman told me: “This bill does not address this issue” when asked about due process.

Snookered by Schumer on immigration. Snookered by Gillibrand and McCaskill on the rights of college men. Or, worse — not snookered, but actually believing in this stuff.

RAPE CULTURE: Cologne Sexual Assault Victim Called a Racist and Harassed After Identifying Her Attackers.

AS WELL AS REDUCING ACCOUNTABILITY: Not naming sex assault accusers contributes to stigma, says expert.

Geneva Overholser, who edited the Des Moines Register when the paper won a 1991 Pulitzer Prize for a series on rape, told the Washington Post that not naming accusers undermines attempts to remove the stigma of rape.

“[Withholding the accuser’s name] is a particular slice of silence that I believe has consistently undermined society’s attempts to deal effectively with rape,” Overholser said. “Nothing affects public opinion like real stories with real faces and names attached. Attribution brings accountability, a climate within which both empathy and credibility flourish.”

Overholser also said that not publishing the names of accusers hasn’t led to more reporting of sexual assault or a reduction in retaliation against accusers.

Sex crimes are the only crimes in which the victim/accuser’s name is withheld unless they give permission. Because of this — and the current media trend of dragging an accused person’s name through the mud before any evidence is presented — I would like to see no one’s name printed in these situations.

Time and time again, those whose accusations make the front page are vindicated — but not before their reputations are destroyed. Duke Lacrosse and Rolling Stone are just the most glaring examples of this, but there are other stories — both at colleges and in the broader public — where the accusation didn’t hold up to even slight scrutiny.

Speaking of Rolling Stone, it was in an article about that story in which Overholser made her comments. The Washington Post asked why the media haven’t named Jackie, the woman who told the magazine she was gang-raped at a fraternity party. Every aspect of her story was proven false, yet she is still known only as Jackie.


THIS EXPLAINS A LOT ABOUT THE SNAFU OTHERWISE KNOWN AS “THE DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS AFFAIRS:” The government’s master agreement with the American Federation of Government Employees favors union bureaucrats over veterans in hiring. And when the Daily Caller News Foundation Investigative Group’s Luke Rosiak “scraped” thousands of current VA job opening announcements, he found the reason why when vets are hired at VA they typically get mops, not management duties.

FEMINISTS LEAST HEARD FROM: North Africa Exports Rape Culture to Germany.

I can’t know from personal experience what it’s like to walk around as a woman in the Middle East or North Africa, but I’ve spent more than a decade of my life on and off in that part of the world and have had conversations with more than a thousand people, men and women alike. Women are unanimous here: Harassment in North Africa ranges from annoying to unspeakable while it’s virtually non-existent in Lebanon and Syria. I don’t know why. That’s just how it is.

“The worst part is that Egyptian men won’t back down when I tell them to leave me alone,” the Australian woman in Cairo added.

The Cologne police department says most of the offenders come from North Africa rather than Syria, which is exactly what we should expect.

“In a 2008 survey by the Egyptian Center for Women’s Rights,” Mona Eltahawy writes in her book, Headscarves and Hymens: Why the Middle East Needs a Sexual Revolution. “More than 80 percent of Egyptian women said they’d experienced sexual harassment, and more than 60 percent of men admitted to harassing women. A 2013 UN survey reported that 99.3 percent of Egyptian women experience street sexual harassment. Men grope and sexually assault us, and yet we are blamed for it because we were in the wrong place at the wrong time, wearing the wrong thing.”

Sexual assault in public is so pervasive in Egypt that the authorities ban men from some cars on the subway so women can get to work in the morning without being mauled.

Foreign women get it in Egypt, too, most infamously when CBS reporter Lara Logan was brutally assaulted in Cairo’s Tahrir Square on the night the Egyptian army removed Hosni Mubarak from power. An enormous mob surrounded her, stripped her naked, sexually assaulted her and damn near killed her.

Perhaps we shouldn’t have given up on the 19th Century goal of civilizing the barbarians quite so quickly.

Related item here.

SETH BARRETT TILLMAN: The European Media & the Cologne Attacks.

Scally’s bizarre use of “groping” is close to the worst imaginable example of PC disinformation from Orwell’s Ministry of Truth. “Groping” is a word better reserved for the awkward and/or unwanted advances of an adolescent teenager in regard to someone roughly his or her own age. Here, instead, we have (if Scally’s sources are to be believed) 30 adult men who organized a premeditated attack on a child—not a “young woman” as Scally mischaracterizes her—a child—a person under 18. (18 is the age of majority in most of Europe, including Germany.) This child was not “groped”—I had fingers at every orifice—she was the victim of sexual assault, rape, and attempted rape by multiple perpetrators. Again, groping generally refers to wanted or unwanted touching or fondling. The victim here did not describe “groping;” she described something far more serious: sexual assault and rape.

Euphemisms must apply, since the perps weren’t white frat guys.



A feeling of constant and imminent menace pervaded the country, and especially its big cities. The 1974 movie, Death Wish, captures the mood of dread. Charles Bronson plays a New York architect, a self-described “bleeding-heart liberal,” whose wife is murdered and whose daughter is raped by three thugs who force their way into the family’s apartment. The police do not catch the killers. They do not much try. They fill out forms, make some routine inquiries—and then forget about it. As a precinct captain explains, the city is suffering thirty murders a week. How could anyone investigate them all? A friend gives Bronson a gun, and he begins to prowl the streets and subways at night. Never has Manhattan looked more terrifying. The wind is chill; the streets are empty; the few law-abiding pedestrians pull their collars up around their ears, and hear and see nothing. At first by accident, then deliberately, Bronson tempts muggers to attack him. It seldom takes him long. The criminals are lurking everywhere. They approach their victims in total arrogance, without even a glance over their shoulder for the police. They know the police aren’t coming. And in fact, the only police action we see in the movie is a furious manhunt to capture Bronson, the vigilante killer.

—David Frum, How We Got Here: The 70s The Decade That Brought You Modern Life — For Better Or Worse.

Chaser: EU Gun Control: After Terrorism And Sex Assaults, European Union Cracks Down On Firearms Ownership.

Hangover: “Alain Ghozland, 73, a French Jewish politician from outside of Paris, was found dead in his apartment on Tuesday, with his body showing multiple lacerations that appeared to be stab wounds, according to reports.”

GOOD QUESTION: WaPo: Jackie’s rape story was false. So why hasn’t the media named her by now?

News organizations have declined to reveal Jackie’s full identity since her now-discredited story appeared in Rolling Stone magazine in November 2014. Her single-name identity — just Jackie — is in keeping with a long-standing journalistic convention against identifying alleged victims of sexual crimes to protect the accuser’s privacy.

As a result, news accounts of rape or sex-related crimes almost never name an accuser without their explicit permission, making it the only class of crime involving adults in which this practice is observed.

But that standard arguably doesn’t apply in Jackie’s case. Her story has been shown repeatedly to be false, both through news reporting and an extensive police investigation. Rolling Stone has withdrawn the article, “A Rape on Campus,” and apologized to its readers for publishing an account that a Columbia Journalism School report called “a story of journalistic failure.”

Even so, Jackie has remained nearly anonymous. No mainstream media outlet has reported Jackie’s full name. Investigators for the Charlottesville police, who found no evidence to support Jackie’s story, haven’t revealed it, either. Her identity has also been redacted in documents by a court hearing one of the lawsuits against Rolling Stone.

While it’s debatable whether knowing Jackie’s full name would serve much public purpose, the collective reticence to identify her plays into an underlying discussion about the media’s responsibility in identifying accusers. In contrast, the accused are regularly identified once they are charged.

It’s almost like there’s a war on men.

SAD THAT THIS COUNTS AS A “CONTROVERSIAL” STANCE: Bernie Sanders: Law Enforcement Should Handle Campus Rape.

JAMES BOVARD: First Lady’s box should be empty at State of the Union speech: Saving seats for the dead would require a lot more room for victims of Obama’s policies.

While trumpeting the private death toll from guns, Obama on Tuesday night will likely ignore the 986 people killed by police in the United States last year according to The Washington Post’s database. Many police departments are aggressive — if not reckless — in part because the Justice Department always provides cover for them at the Supreme Court. Obama’s “Justice Department has supported police officers every time an excessive-force case has made its way” to a Supreme Court hearing, The New York Times noted last year. Attorney General Loretta Lynch recently said that federally-funded police agencies should not even be required to report the number of civilians they kill.

To add a Euro flair to the evening, Obama could drape tri-color flags on a few empty seats to commemorate the 30 French medical staff, patients, and others slain last Oct. 3 when an American AC-130 gunship blasted their well-known hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan. The U.S. military revised its story several times but admitted in November that the carnage was the result of “avoidable … human error.” Regrettably, that bureaucratic phrase lacks the power to resurrect victims.

No plans have been announced to designate a seat for Brian Terry, the U.S. Border Patrol agent killed in 2010. Guns found at the scene of Terry’s killing were linked to the Fast and Furious gunwalking operation masterminded by the Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) agency. At least 150 Mexicans were also killed by guns illegally sent south of the border with ATF approval. The House of Representatives voted to hold then-attorney general Eric Holder in contempt for refusing to disclose Fast and Furious details, but Obama is not expected to dwell on this topic in his State of the Union address. . . .

Four seats could be left vacant for the Americans killed in the 2012 attack in Benghazi, Libya — U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Foreign Service Officer Sean Smith, and CIA contractors Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty. But any such recognition would rankle the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton, who has worked tirelessly to sweep those corpses under the rug. It would also be appropriate to include a hat tip to the hundreds, likely thousands, of Libyans who have been killed in the civil war unleashed after the Obama administration bombed Libya to topple its ruler, Moammar Gadhafi.

Perhaps the GOP should invite a member of the Nobel Peace Prize committee as their guest. . . .

BETTER DEAD THAN RUDE: Anti-Islamisation PEGIDA Leader Pursued By German Political Establishment For Anti-Rape T-Shirt.

WITHOUT LIES AND DOUBLE STANDARDS, COULD MODERN FEMINISM EXIST AT ALL? Feminist organization still defending Rolling Stone rape hoaxer.

The National Organization for Women must be hurting for publicity and must also adhere to the old saying that there is “no such thing as bad publicity,” because their recent decision to come to the defense of the woman who lied about being gang raped to Rolling Stone is otherwise astonishing.

Police found no evidence to back up the allegation (although they haven’t officially closed the case). The accuser, Jackie, named the man she claimed took her to a fraternity party and initiated the gang rape — and no one by that name was a student at the University of Virginia or even existed in the United States.

There was no party at the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity house on the night she claimed to have been raped. Her story changed in material ways over the years. At one point, she claimed he had been forced to perform oral sex on five men. At another, she said she had been raped by seven, including with a beer bottle. Every detail she provided to Rolling Stone was either absolutely proven false or cast into very deep doubt — from her bloody and torn dress to the way her friends and a university administrator treated her after she came forward.

Despite all of this, NOW is calling Jackie a “survivor” and condemning the U.Va. dean who is suing Rolling Stone and requesting documents to prove she was defamed by the magazine.

Well, they fundraised a lot off this. If they admit it’s bogus, people might want their money back.

JOHN HINDERAKER ON EUROPE’S RAPE COVERUPS: “What I find inexplicable is the European liberals’ lack of concern for the young women who have been violated. In their political calculations, the women do not appear to figure at all. It’s almost like they were all Kennedys or Clintons.”

Plus: “As in Europe, New York’s political class doesn’t really care what happens to citizens. It’s all about their power.”

DE BLASIO’S NEW YORK LOOKING MORE AND MORE LIKE TAXI DRIVER: 4 teens arrested in gang rape of 18-year-old in Brooklyn playground.

Four teens who forced a father to leave his daughter so they could take turns raping her at a park have been arrested, New York police say — but a fifth suspect is still at large.

The 18-year-old daughter was with her father at the Osborn Playground in Brooklyn around 9 p.m. Thursday when they were approached by five males, the New York Police Department said.

One of the men pulled a gun on the father and daughter and demanded the father leave the area, police said.

Each of the five assailants then raped the teenager, authorities said.

The father told CNN affiliate WABC he was near the handball court with his daughter having a drink when the men came.

“One of them put a gun in my face, telling me to run, and all of them had their way with her,” the father told WABC.

He said he didn’t have a cell phone with him and went to a store, begging for help — but said the store wouldn’t call police.

Too bad he didn’t have a gun — but the New York authorities would have treated him worse than they’ll probably treat these rapists. Because they don’t really care what happens to citizens, but violating gun laws is a threat to their authority.

UPDATE: Okay, the followup story indicates that the dad was too drunk to benefit from having a gun.

WHEN YOU IMPORT PEOPLE FROM AN ACTUAL RAPE CULTURE, YOU GET MORE RAPES: Growing scale of Cologne attacks stokes German debate on migrants.

IF ONLY: The Washington Times editorializes about “Multiculturalism Reconsidered.

A generation ago the Europeans, who had bled themselves white in war after war, usually in the service of chauvinistic nationalism, decided they could save the day with a new concept called multiculturalism. . . By cultivating their differences, rather inviting them to join a melting pot that had worked so well for so long in North America, tolerance and “cultural enrichment” became the norm.

But there’s a growing realization that maybe “multi-culti” hasn’t worked so well, after all. Prominent Europeans are turning their backs on the idea. Prime Minister David Cameron of the United Kingdom and Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany have called the scheme, however well meant, into serious question.

The reasons are clear enough. The idea that new arrivals would inherit a mixture of the old and the new turned out to be non-achievable. Instead, multiculturalism created ghettoes, often impoverished ones. The institutionalized subsidies to the new arrivals created dependence on government handouts rather than self-reliance through integration in the workplace. This in turn produced resentment among the native population . . . .

I’m doubtful that the European left or middle is going to seriously consider leaving the multi-culti cult anytime soon. It’s too deeply engrained. The coverup about the nature and extent of the mass sexual assaults committed by immigrants in Cologne and elsewhere in Germany on New Year’s Eve is evidence of just how far the European left will go to keep multi-culti alive. According to a detailed story in the Daily Mail:

Mrs Merkel said: ‘Everything must be done to identify the guilty parties without regard to their background or origins. We must send clear signals to those who are not prepared to abide by our laws. Questions arise over whether some groups are subscribing to misogyny.’

Her words were clearly carefully chosen to avoid specifically linking migrants with these attacks against women. But the truth is the mass assaults have clear echoes of the sex crimes in Cairo’s Tahrir Square in Egypt in 2011, during celebrations welcoming the so-called Arab Spring, when groups of men violently harassed women.

Lara Logan, a CBS reporter, was sexually assaulted by a mob in scenes reminiscent of those in Germany. Her clothes were torn off, and between 200 and 300 men took pictures of her naked body as her attackers ‘raped her with their hands’ over and over again.

Another deeply worrying aspect of the New Year horror in Cologne also emerged this week.

Many Germans, including some of the victims themselves, have accused authorities of a conspiracy of silence over the assaults to stop criticism of the mass immigration policy pursued by Mrs Merkel and her politically-correct supporters. The mainstream media in Germany has, until recently, toed the Government line; a top public broadcaster, ZDF, recently refused to run a segment about a rape case on its prime-time ‘crime-watch’ show because the ‘dark-skinned’ suspect was a migrant.

The programme’s editor defended her decision, saying: ‘We don’t want to inflame the situation and spread a bad mood. The migrants don’t deserve it.’ . . .

And until Thursday, a week after the attacks, there had been silence from Mrs Merkel’s ministers about the backgrounds of the perpetrators. Initially, they insisted there was no evidence that new migrants were involved in the violence.

A leaked police report which emerged 48 hours ago showed this was far from the truth. It revealed that one of the Cologne attackers said: ‘I am Syrian. You have to treat me kindly: Mrs Merkel invited me.’

Indeed. Read the whole thing.

AND, SUDDENLY, LEFTIES ARE WORRIED ABOUT RAPE “HYSTERIA:” Ashe Schow: Europe Is Enabling a Rape Culture. Well, technically, importing one. “In the left’s pyramid of grievances, Islamophobia now outranks the war on women.”


Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 7.22.26 PM

DON SURBER: After the gang rapes, does Michael Gerson still admire Germany for taking Syrian refugees?

ACTUALLY, IT’S A PRETTY OLD ONE: Don Surber: Gang rape is the new terrorism tool.

IN OTHER NEWS, REALITY STILL RESISTANT TO WISHFUL THINKING: When Worlds Collide: Unassimilable Muslim Migrants Crash Europe’s Fantasy Islam. 

MARK STEYN: Checkpoint Charlie Hebdo.

A year ago, after the Charlie Hebdo bloodbath, Angela Merkel was walking directly alongside President Hollande in that hideous memorial parade at which the world’s leaders proclaimed that no such bloody acts of violence would ever kill free speech. No, sir, when it comes to killing free speech, leave it to smooth house-trained western politicians.

And so it was that Chancellor Merkel chose to commemorate the first anniversary of the Charlie massacre by clamping down on freedom of expression for her own benighted subjects. As The Washington Post put it:

Germany springs to action over hate speech against migrants

Who doesn’t love Germans springing? Isn’t that in The Producers? Spring time for thought-crime in Germany… [UPDATE! Scaramouche completes the thought.]

The German state is apparently incapable of springing to action over organized mass sexual assault in at least five cities on a rape-out-the-old New Year’s Eve (oh, and Finland, too), but you’ve gotta be able to prioritize, right? Post reporter Anthony Faiola’s snide opening is a classic of the genre:

BERLIN — Donald Trump may be testing the boundaries of tolerance on the U.S. campaign trail. But here in Germany, the government is effectively enforcing civility, taking aim at a surge of hate speech against refugees and Muslims.

There’s actually nothing very “civil” about “enforcing civility”. Indeed, if civility (which derives from “civis” – citizen) has to be enforced, it is by definition no longer civility at all.

As a friend comments on Facebook: “This is why western countries are headed for one heck of a political debacle. We’ve developed political elites which routinely mishandle major crises, then try to silence anybody who notices. They act as if everything will work out if only we shut up about the problem. This is of course insanity. And we are all going to pay a severe price for it.”



People who have so far been patient with Merkel are beginning to worry that the crazy scenes in front of the Cologne cathedral will soon be repeated countrywide. Ten percent now tell pollsters that they would vote for the anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany party if elections were held today.

It is dangerous to constrict the range of things voters can say about government policies, especially when those policies are — like Merkel’s migration policy — irregular, and likely to change the country at its core.

No doubt there is a danger of incendiary reactions when people hear of mobs of Muslim foreigners groping young women in front of the country’s most recognizable Christian landmark. But any government attempt to minimize or ignore such events would be a terrible mistake. It would be more likely to whip tempers up than to calm them down.

Read the whole thing.

Speaking of minimizing the Islamic immigrant assault on Cologne’s women, “Germany’s largest TV station is apologizing for not reporting the mass sexual assaults on women in Cologne on New Year’s Eve,” Betsy Newmark writes. “It is not enough to apologize. They should have to answer why they didn’t run the story and if anyone from either the local or national government tried to keep them from reporting on the story. More than 100 women reported that they had been sexually assaulted and two said they had been raped.”

Later her in post, Betsy adds, “The authorities don’t seem to have much confidence that they can successfully prosecute anyone” involved in the assault.

If anything can make this disaster even worse, that would do it.


Fast forward to two weeks ago. Hillary is as close as she’s ever been to finally fulfilling her destiny. Everyone — at least everyone who matters — is finally “Ready for Hillary.” The tireless effort by her minions to make Bill’s behavior a trivial and private issue seemed to have paid off. Bill is popular, very popular. Despite the fact that pretty much no one thinks he mended his ways after he left office, all of the sophisticated people think criticizing his “personal” behavior is boorish and deranged. At the same time, feminists have finally completed their restoration project. The last stones have been mounted atop the wall of Zero Tolerance 2.0.

And then, as Jeffrey Epstein’s flight attendant once said, Bill Clinton comes out of nowhere to bite her on the ass.

Whereas Bill was supposed to be Hillary’s “not-so secret weapon,” he’s now a liability. It’s schadenfreudetastic to watch liberals forced to choose between the Scylla of the Hillary campaign and the Charybdis of the feminist project.

Of course, liberals are mad at#…#conservatives (and Donald Trump) for pointing it out. I particularly love the subhead on this Slate piece. “The right hopes to turn the feminist consensus on rape against the Clintons.” Ah yes, those terrible conservatives, how dare they take feminists seriously!

Read the whole thing.

TEN YEARS LATER, ESPN To Air Documentary On Duke Lacrosse Rape Hoax:

It has been nearly 10 years since a group of Duke lacrosse players hosted a party that would end up getting them accused of gang-raping a stripper. On the 10th anniversary, ESPN will air a documentary about the case.

The accusation centered around Crystal Mangum, who in a bid to avoid being detained for intoxication, told police that members of the Duke lacrosse team had raped her at a party. Her accusations snowballed, and with his election coming up, District Attorney Mike Nifong pressured her to identify the alleged rapists. One of the men she identified wasn’t even at the party at the time the rape was supposed to have occurred. Mangum’s story also changed several times. (She was never punished for her false accusation, although later she was convicted of a separate murder and is currently in prison.)

But the case went forward anyway. Duke University administrators and professors maligned the lacrosse players as racists and rapists, since Mangum is African-American. The lacrosse season was cancelled, and the team’s coach was forced to resign before the students even had their day in court.

The travesty of the case eventually led to Nifong’s disbarment for “dishonesty, fraud, deceit and misrepresentation.” The accused students sued, but as is often the case for falsely accused young men, they received no monetary compensation.

Two writers who helped expose the fraud were history professor K.C. Johnson and Stuart Taylor, who co-wrote a book on the case. Johnson was interviewed for the ESPN documentary, and told the Washington Examiner that to this day, he is still amazed by the “utter lack of accountability.”

“Ten years out, we as a society have learned nothing about the importance of due process in sexual assault allegations. (Indeed, the situation now is much worse than it was in 2006),” Johnson wrote in an email. “The leadership at Duke that so botched the case remains in place; the faculty who rushed to judgment remain firmly entrenched; and the key figures in the media, especially the New York Times, that so badly failed in covering Duke continue to fail in covering this issue.”

Taylor, too, brought up the lack of accountability for anyone involved in the case (with the exception of Nifong), and explained how the school and the media worked to frame these students even as the case began to fall apart.

It’s as if universities are fomenting — quite deliberately — hostile educational environments for male students.


FROM THE HOME OFFICE IN AL-RAQQAH, SYRIA: Cologne Rapefest: The Top Five Best Liberal Excuses.