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WARNING: Choking on grapes can kill young children, doctors warn.

TEACH WOMEN NOT TO RAPE! (CONT’D): Davie County High School teacher charged with sexual activity with a student.

Jessica Welch Greene, 27, of Mocksville, is charged with three counts of sexual activity with a student.

On Dec. 2, the sheriff’s office received a report from the Davie County School System regarding a possible inappropriate relationship between a teacher and a student, Hartman said.

The sheriff’s office began an investigation with the assistance of the school system, ultimately leading to Greene being charged on Tuesday.

The school system said in a statement they first learned of the allegations of misconduct on Dec. 1.

Greene was suspended on Dec. 2 and was later suspended without pay on Monday, the school system said.

Greene is accused of having sexual conduct with the student both on and off campus between Nov. 1 and the first week of December, Hartman said.

Why are public schools such cesspits of sexual predation?

MICHAEL WALSH: The Wages of Merkelism, and the Death of Europe.

That Merkel — like all the politically correct liberals across the European Union who have brought Europe to its present low estate — could not see this coming speaks to the tyranny of cultural Marxism that imposed itself on the nation-states of Europe in the form of the EU: a form of compulsive national suicide, preached as the logical consequence of guilt over World War II and imposed using the stick of “racism” with which to beat a gullible public.

Until now, Germany has suffered relatively little blowback to the willful blindness of its leaders: a suicide bombing here, a mass shooting there, a machete attack. Even the rape and murder of Maria Ladenburger in Freiburg by an Afghan “minor” “migrant” could not wake the country from its torpor.

And now comes Berlin. The site of the attack — the plaza near the famous Ku’damm (the main street of the former West Berlin) and a stone’s throw from the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial chuch — demolished during the war but left to stand as a ruined memento mori of the war’s devastation — now becomes a new memorial to a new war: a war that must be prosecuted with the same zeal and finality that rid the world of Nazi Germany in 1945. For the world now faces an even more worrisome, atavistic, and implacable foe that must be destroyed if western culture is to survive without fear or compromise.

Read the whole thing.

ONE MAN WITH COURAGE MAKES A MAJORITY: UMinn Football Coach Thought He’d Be Fired for Standing Up for Players in Rape Case. “I want everybody to understand, the boycott was around the due process, period.”

FRESH NEWS IN AN OLD KNOXVILLE MURDER CASE: Tennessee Supreme Court upholds death sentence for Lemaricus Davidson.

The Tennessee Supreme Court has upheld the death sentence for the main suspect in the 2007 murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom in Knoxville.

Lemaricus Davidson sought to overturn his convictions on counts including first degree murder and two death sentences. . . .

Christian and Newsom went missing in January 2007 in North Knoxville. Newsom’s burned body was found the next day by the railroad tracks near Davidson’s home. He had been brutally raped and shot three times. Later, Christian’s vehicle as found down the street and police found a bank envelope in her back seat with Davidson’s fingerprint.

Police then searched Davidson’s house and found Christian’s body in a garbage can in the kitchen, beaten, raped and suffocated to death.

Davidson was found guilty in October 2009 of multiple counts of first degree felony murder, first degree premeditated murder, especially aggravated robbery, aggravated kidnapping, aggravated rape, facilitation of aggravated rape, and theft of property. He was then given two death sentences. The Tennessee Court of Appeals upheld the verdict and sentences last year.

A very ugly case that got comparatively little national attention.


[S]ince Donald Trump’s election, social media users have been bombarded by a finger wagging media about a flood of fake news and misinformation spreading online which, the media claims. But the media isn’t taking a long hard look at themselves and asking how and why “fake news” has gained the audience it has. With little to no discretion and all too eager to push anti-Trump narratives, these news organizations hit the publish button on Seweid’s story with little to no hedging that, at that point, all they had was her account. And its faith in the story dies hard. When Buzzfeed published the story of Seweid’s arrest on Wednesday, the headline read “Woman Arrested For Allegedly Making Up Story of NY Subway Attack by Trump Supporters”, carrying more skepticism in the fact that she was arrested for fabricating the story, than Buzzfeed gave to its original report.

These editors, apparently not convinced that Donald Trump provides enough real life clickbait content, rushed off to prove their desired narrative of rampant Islamophobia and hate crimes. If newsroom editors want to lament the spread of fake news, perhaps they can start with how they and their journalists handled the Yasmin Seweid case. Likewise with rape victims in the viral media cases of Emma Sulkowicz, the University of Virginia Greek system or Duke Lacrosse, all this does is undermine their own narratives and most importantly real victims.

Maybe mainstream news outlets and networks will figure this out sometime into President Donald Trump’s second term.

Read the whole thing.

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In May 1981, however, affiliate managers from Salt Lake City, Utah; Biloxi, Mississippi; Baton Rouge, Louisiana; and Columbia, Missouri, told me they were not experiencing any upsurge of fundamentalist mail. Nevertheless, the networks were convinced the popular pendulum was swinging away not just on the matter of homosexuality, but from titillation shows featuring the female body. What the industry called the “jiggle” genre had been distinctly overexposed. On top of this, the Coalition was beating the drums, mobilizing a public mood— not the only public mood, but never mind that— and intimidating frightened advertisers. Norman Lear organized People for the American Way, to fight the New Right, but he along with other Hollywood liberals shared the Reverend Wildmon’s distaste for smarmy sex jokes, and Reverend Wildmon’s distaste for smarmy sex jokes, and what he called “reprehensible” jiggling. No prominent voice in the industry, except for the producers of shows like Three’s Company (who warned against another wave of Red Channels-style blacklisting), was prepared to stand up for T&A. The upshot was that by the fall of 1981, jiggle was conspicuous by its absence from the new schedule, and the half-draped, alluring male body was more evident than that of the female.

The “far righteous” had succeeded in their limited objectives…But the Bible Belt had already sent the networks a message guaranteed to reverberate through network corridors for a long time to come.

—Todd Gitlin, Inside Prime Time, 1983.



Slate, the last Internet redoubt of the Graham family, which owned the Washington Post for decades, yesterday. As Iowahawk tweets in response, “remember: attractive women in bikinis = misogyny, Lena Dunham in bikini = brave & inspiring.”

To study — for purely educational reasons — to better understand the looming Red State menace, click here for numerous additional examples of gross disgusting misogyny approved by the incoming labor secretary.


Thomas Szasz is not the hero we deserve, but the one we need right now.

That’s the implicit takeaway from Fusion‘s impressive profile of Yellowbrick, a mental health facility and trauma center for a certain kind of patient: relatively privileged millennials who can’t seem to adjust to the demands of adult life.

Based on my reading of the Fusion story, there doesn’t seem to be anything especially wrong with these people, in a medical sense—or, put another way, they’re suffering from the same kinds of fears, traumas, and stresses that plague practically everyone. But the patients have been convinced—scammed may be the better word—to believe that their struggles are diagnosable, treatable, and fixable. With the right therapy and medicine, and for the right price, 20-somethings who can’t hold jobs, finish school, or form lasting relationships will be transformed into fully functioning adults.

Did I mention that Yellowbrick costs $28,000 per month? There’s that. Patients must commit to stay at least 10 weeks, but many stay much longer—until their parents run out of money.

My father told me many tales of the Progressive transition center he attended as a young man in New Jersey, after a rather prominent Hawaiian safe space zone was rudely violated in December of 1941. The cost of tuition was much cheaper, its methods a bit rougher in those less enlightened days, but the end results were surprisingly impressive.

CHANGE: From Victims to Victimizers: The Left’s Long Journey.

Some of the shock of Trump’s victory is surely due to the bubble that exists in Hollywood and New York, the Pauline Kael–esque sense that nobody could have voted for Trump. But some of it also derives from celebrities’ self-assured belief that they have an outsized impact in the world of politics.

Clearly that view infused the Clinton campaign: Hillary trotted out Lena Dunham of Girls fame, she of the false rape accusations and gleeful admissions of sexually abusing her sister, on the campaign trail all year long; Clinton advocates such as Elizabeth Banks took time off from producing bad a cappella sequels to film ads; singers and actors all joined to make a difference by producing a glossy version of Rachel Platten’s maddening “Fight Song.”

And not only didn’t those things matter, they actually helped drive voters away from Clinton. They exacerbated the image of Clinton as an out-of-touch elitist who spent her free time hanging out with Katy Perry, even as Donald Trump, at a stadium in rural Ohio, took yet another boisterous swipe at elitism. But it wasn’t just because these celebrities were rich and out of touch that Americans were put off by them.

It’s because those celebrities were the people most likely to judge red-state Americans as rubes — nasties intent on targeting Muslims and gays and blacks and women. The unearned moral superiority of America’s celebrity class rests in their open condemnation of flyover Americans as brutish louts, and their self-parodying belief that they are civil-rights heroes.

We are patronized by our inferiors.

REPORT: When No One Calls it Rape: Addressing Sexual Violence Against Men and Boys.

TEACH WOMEN NOT TO RAPE! (CONT’D): Homeless shelter employee arrested on accusation of having sex with teen. “Danielle Adams, 28, was arrested Wednesday, Nov. 23, on charges of second-degree sex abuse and furnishing alcohol to a minor after she allegedly had sex in the shelter with an at-risk teen under her care. According to the Hillsboro Police Department spokesman Lt. Mike Rouches, Adams was an employee at Safe Place, a Hillsboro homeless shelter that caters to homeless youth. Adams worked a graveyard shift at the shelter. The shelter, located at 454 S.E. Washington St., in Hillsboro, serves teens between age 12 and 19 who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.”

I GUESS ‘MAYBE JUST A CIGARETTE MORE’ IS OUT, TOO: SJWs Rewrite ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’ to Emphasize Consent.

“Baby It’s Cold Outside” isn’t a song about date rape. It’s a cleverly told musical version of the age-old dance of seduction, where both dancers know exactly what they’re doing, every step of the way to an almost predetermined ending. “Hook-up culture” doesn’t teach those dance steps, which leads to lots of confusion and the occasional tragedy — such as ruining a charming and timeless cold-weather favorite.

FAKE NEWS STORY ABOUT FAKE NEWS GETS LAWSUIT THREAT: Website Labeled ‘Fake News’ Threatens To Sue WaPo For Defamation.

Other mainstream news outlets criticize The Washington Post for running the story.

“The organization’s anonymity, which a spokesperson maintained was due to fear of Russian hackers, added a cybersexy mystique,” Adrian Chen wrote in The New Yorker regarding the WaPo story. “But a close look at the report showed that it was a mess.”

And Patrick Maines criticized the story in The Hill, calling it “perhaps the shoddiest piece of feature writing since Rolling Stone published its blatantly false story about a campus rape at the University of Virginia.”

This whole “fake news” thing is such an obvious move to console Hillary voters while enlisting left-leaning social-media giants to silence the opposition.

WHY ARE DEMOCRAT-RUN INDUSTRIES LIKE HOLLYWOOD SUCH CESSPITS OF MISOGYNY AND SEXUAL COERCION? ‘Last Tango in Paris’ Rape Scene Was Not Consensual, Director Bernardo Bertolucci Admits.

ANGELA MERKEL’S GERMANY: Afghan Refugee Arrested For Rape, Murder Of Top EU Official’s Daughter.

A teenage Afghan asylum seeker has been arrested after allegedly raping and drowning a 19-year-old German student in the city of Freiburg. The student was the daughter of a top EU official, the UK’s Sunday Express reports, and volunteered regularly at a refugee center.

The victim, identified as Maria Ladenburger, was a medical student whose body was discovered in the Dreisam river Oct. 16. She attended a party on the night of the murder and was cycling home hours before her body was discovered.

The 17-year-old migrant was arrested Friday after he was identified by CCTV footage and his DNA was matched to the crime scene. The suspect, who arrived in Germany in 2015, has remained silent during interrogations.

The murder struck an already on-edge Germany after a similar incident took place two weeks later.

Good lord.

TEACH WOMEN NOT TO LIE ABOUT RAPE! (CONT’D): Two Female Students In Legal Trouble After False Rape Reports. The way you teach that is by punishing them for lying.

JOURNALISM: Magazine behind UVA rape hoax begs Obama to do something about fake news.

The man responsible for publishing one of the greatest media hoaxes in recent memory thinks it might be a good idea if the government provided the press with subsidies to help it fight fake news.

Jann S. Wenner is the co-founder and publisher of Rolling Stone magazine, which published a story on Nov. 19, 2014, alleging that “Jackie,” a student at the University of Virginia, had been gang-raped as part of a fraternity initiation.

The report was proven to be totally false, however, and “Jackie” a wild fabulist, but not before UVA suspended the fraternity and the university itself suffered a major blow to its reputation.

Wenner defended the since-retracted story and its author, Sabrina Rubin Erdely, right up to the bitter end.

In an interview published this week, Wenner wondered aloud in a conversation with President Obama whether the federal government should provide media with subsidies to help them combat the rising tide of fake news stories on social media.

The Rolling Stone publisher asked, “So how do you think we go about stitching the country back together?”

Well, for starters you could quit lying, Jann.

YEAH, CREATING MORE: Magazine behind UVA rape hoax begs Obama to do something about fake news.

TUFTS STUDENT SENATE votes unanimously against free speech.

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TEACH WOMEN NOT TO RAPE! The Understudied Female Sexual Predator: According to new research, sexual victimization by women is more common than gender stereotypes would suggest.

Today, the fruits of that research were published in another peer-reviewed paper, “Sexual Victimization Perpetrated by Women: Federal Data Reveal Surprising Prevalence.” Co-authored with Andrew Flores and Ilan Meyer, it appears in Aggression and Violent Behavior. Once again, federal survey data challenged conventional wisdom.

“These surveys have reached many tens of thousands of people, and each has shown internally consistent results over time,” the authors note. “We therefore believe that this article provides more definitive estimates about the prevalence of female sexual perpetration than has been provided in the literature to date. Taken as a whole, the reports we examine document surprisingly significant prevalence of female-perpetrated sexual victimization, mostly against men and occasionally against women.”

Those conclusions are grounded in striking numbers. . . .

The authors also note a 2011 survey of 302 male college students. It found that 51.2 percent reported “at least one sexual victimization experience since age 16.”

About half of the victims reported a female perpetrator.

As well, “a 2014 study of 284 men and boys in college and high school found that 43 percent reported being sexually coerced, with the majority of coercive incidents resulting in unwanted sexual intercourse. Of them, 95 percent reported only female perpetrators. The authors defined sexual coercion broadly, including verbal pressure such as nagging and begging, which, the authors acknowledge, increases prevalence dramatically.”

And “a 2012 study using data from the U. S. Census Bureau’s nationally representative National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions found in a sample of 43,000 adults little difference in the sex of self-reported sexual perpetrators. Of those who affirmed that they had ‘ever forced someone to have sex with you against their will,’ 43.6 percent were female and 56.4 percent were male.”

Finally, there is reason to fear that abuse by female perpetrators is under-reported.

The Insta-Wife has long believed this based on her clinical experience.

Meanwhile, if rape is something that people do, rather than something that men do, whole ideologies are in danger of collapse. I had a column on this phenomenon a couple of years ago.

CATHY YOUNG IN THE HILL: ‘Fake news’ isn’t the problem — mainstream news with an agenda is.

However, most junk journalism does not take the form of outright “fake news” but of tendentious reporting that focuses on some facts while downplaying or omitting others. And here, the mainstream media are indeed often guilty of bias.

Take recent headlines announcing that the incoming Trump administration is planning to establish a “Muslim registry” or a “registry for Muslims,” wording which seems to imply that all Muslims in America, even citizens, would be required to register.

That impression was reinforced by a comment from Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO of the Anti-Defamation League, quoted in The Washington Post: “The day they create a Muslim registry is the day I register as a Muslim.”

Such a registry would certainly be shockingly un-American — not to mention unconstitutional. Yet a closer look at the articles under these headlines shows that this is not what’s being proposed.

Trump may revive a program that was in place from 2001 to 2011; according to The Washington Post, that system “required people from countries deemed ‘higher risk’ to undergo interrogations and fingerprinting upon arrival” and, in some cases, “to follow a parole-like system by periodically checking in with local authorities.”

Most of the countries identified as high-risk were majority-Muslim, and civil rights groups charged that the program targeted Muslims. But to call such a program a “Muslim registry” creates an essentially false impression — which is what many people were undoubtedly left with if they did not read the story carefully, or only saw the buzz about it in the social media.

Beyond this election and the controversial figure of Trump, the media have a very real tendency to fall for narratives that are seen as advancing a “good cause.”

The Rolling Stone article about the fictitious fraternity gang rape, treated as gospel by the rest of the media for ten days until a lone blogger and then a columnist for the libertarian magazine Reason finally pointed out some of its major and obvious problems (such as the fact that the alleged victim claimed to have been raped for hours while lying amidst shattered glass from a tabletop, yet was able to run out of the fraternity house afterward and did not require medical attention).

Indeed, the first New York Times report on the Rolling Stone story being questioned largely defended it.

First they establish the narrative. Then they do their best to squelch anything that might undermine it. But yeah, let’s worry about “fake news.”

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: It’s sexist, apparently, for fraternities to oppose rape. “The University of Arizona Women’s Resource Center has cancelled a ‘Walk A Mile In Her Shoes’ march by one of the university fraternities because it thought the event to raise awareness about rape was ‘sarcastic’, ‘homophobic, transphobic, and sexist.'”

And they used the derisive term “fratboy” in doing it. It’s almost as if their starting point is reflexive hostility toward fraternities, and men in general. Why are they receiving state and federal funding? I hope the Trump Education Department will investigate what clearly seems to be a hostile educational environment for male students.

PAST PERFORMANCE IS NO GUARANTEE OF FUTURE RESULTS.  Dan Rather Melts Down at Fear Trump Is Endangering Founding Principles; Urges Press to Rise Up:

Disgraced former CBS Evening News anchor Dan Rather was at it again on Tuesday pontificating on Facebook post as he urged Americans and particularly journalists to rise up and not “remain seated or silent” against concerning aspects of President-elect Donald Trump’s agenda and neo-Nazis saluting Trump’s win (in another attempt to normalize their line of hate through free media).

Speaking as if we were on the edge of a massive purge or tragedy, Rather pontificated that “HIstory [sic] will demand to know which side were you on” because “[t]his is not a question of politics or party or even policy” but “a question about the very fundamentals of our beautiful experiment in a pluralistic democracy ruled by law.”

In 2009, Rather headlined a $200-a-person fundraiser for the Nation magazine; as even Wikipedia notes regarding the magazine’s far left ideology:

In 1900, Henry Villard’s son, Oswald Garrison Villard, inherited the magazine and the Evening Post, selling off the latter in 1918. Thereafter, he remade The Nation into a current affairs publication and gave it an anti-classical liberal orientation: Oswald Villard welcomed the New Deal and supported the nationalization of industries – thus reversing the meaning of “liberalism” as the founders of The Nation would have understood the term, from a belief in a smaller and more restricted government to a belief in a larger and less restricted government.

And very little has changed at the Nation since. Five years previously, Rather blew up his career in de facto support of the socialist presidential candidate who made his bones insisting that American soldiers “had personally raped, cut off ears, cut off heads, taped wires from portable telephones to human genitals and turned up the power, cut off limbs, blown up bodies, randomly shot at civilians, razed villages in fashion reminiscent of Ghengis Khan, shot cattle and dogs for fun, poisoned food stocks, and generally ravaged the countryside of South Vietnam in addition to the normal ravage of war and the normal and very particular ravaging which is done by the applied bombing power of this country.”

QUESTION ASKED: Why Can’t Democrats Win Three Consecutive Terms?

Before Gore and Clinton, blame for failing to piece together winning streaks landed squarely on the incumbent Democratic presidents. The 1920 nominee, James Cox, had no shot after Woodrow Wilson waged the unsuccessful fight to join the League of Nations, while neglecting the turbulent transition to a post-war economy. In 1968, Hubert Humphrey had the thankless task of trying to unite a party shattered by Lyndon Johnson’s war in Vietnam.

The Gore and Clinton autopsies are more complicated. They were felled by similar weaknesses. Both were ensnared in arguably small-bore ethical scrapes that became overheated in the campaign crucible. And both suffered late hits from external forces. Gore was ultimately defeated by the Supreme Court. Clinton had to fend off Russia, WikiLeaks and the FBI.

But most importantly, both were technocrats who sought to sell their policy smarts rather than try to make an emotional connection to the electorate, while being juxtaposed with incumbents who made connecting look effortless. Without that connection, attacks on character and integrity are much harder to overcome.

You had to figure Bill Scher’s answer would have something to do with an emotional and gullible electorate being duped by tricksy Republicans.

LIFE AFTER EIGHT YEARS OF “HOPE AND CHANGE” GOVERNANCE: They’re Growing Older. Their Mortgage Debt Is Growing Deeper.

As predicted, suddenly the press has started noticing stuff like this again. Just wait until 2017, when America will become a cesspit of Grapes of Wrath style misery.

JOURNALISM: “This feels like another one of the post-election stories about how the losing side is very emotional and justified in its anguish and the winning side is taking advantage in an evil way. That’s the template. So I’m wary of the material that’s being scraped together to fit the template. That reminds me, I wanted to write a post about the ‘fake news’ problem.”

Plus, from the comments: “The more the left reacts like a collection of babies, the more the people who voted for Trump reluctantly will feel vindicated. This will be fun to watch as the lefties become more unglued.”


I feel a little like a hungry Sid Blumenthal looking down at a box full of live, white mice: Where to begin?

Well schadenfreude is always a good way to get your day going. The stories about Hillary measuring the drapes are all over Washington. They literally popped champagne on the campaign plane on Election Day.

I like to imagine Bill Clinton going through binders full of women — and not the Romney kind — picking out the “deputies” he’d like to work with in the White House and Sid Blumenthal letting his fingers wander over an assortment of fine Italian leather riding crops pondering his return to power.

Someone recently told me that the Bill Clinton Presidential Library is built off-center on its campus in anticipation of the day that Hillary’s presidential library would go along side it. I can’t find any corroboration of this, save for the fact that if you look at these pictures, it certainly seems plausible.

Read the whole thing. By the way, I edited a rather prescient and forward-thinking Victor Davis Hanson article last year with a similar title; here’s the Edgar Allan Poe-inspired Photoshop I created to illustrate it, with Bill’s presidential library, and a Hillary “H” logo on it:



The Claremont Independent has learned that a concerned individual has lodged a complaint with the IRS in response to Pomona College’s promotion and funding of an anti-Trump rally.

As the Independent reported this week, Pomona College’s Draper Center for Community Partnerships may have run afoul of federal non-profit regulations by reimbursing transportation costs to and from a rally against Donald Trump in Los Angeles on November 9th. Draper Center staff also promoted the event on Facebook and organized bus transportation for students who wished to attend.

As a 501(c)(3) educational institution, Pomona College is prohibited from engaging in partisan political activity with tax-exempt dollars. If an investigation is launched, it could lead to the revocation of Pomona College’s tax-exempt status, among other possible sanctions.

In a statement to the Independent, the office of Pomona College President David Oxtoby acknowledged the College’s financial commitment to the rallies but stressed that it did not constitute political activity.

Uh huh. See, this is another reason why colleges shouldn’t take sides. And I suspect that there will be a lot more of those marginalized conservative students taking them to task on this.

TEACH WOMEN NOT TO RAPE: Ex-teacher impregnated by student pleads guilty to lesser charge.

The boy was a 13-year-old middle school student at the time.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: California College Funds Student Anti-Trump Rally with Tuition Dollars, Now the IRS Might Come Calling.

Pomona College in Claremont, California, sponsored up to 70 students to attend an anti-Trump rally over the weekend.

The rally, called “United Against Hate,” was one of hundreds of marches that took place around the country after Donald Trump’s election. Now there’s word that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) might have reason to look into the school’s involvement.

On November 14th, news broke that Pomona College’s Draper Center for Community Partnerships paid for its students’ transportation to and expenses accrued during a “United Against Hate” rally in Los Angeles.

Applicants were directed to sign up using an online form, and the center promoted the event through Facebook.

However, the school organization may have violated Pomona College’s 501 (c)(3) non-profit status by funding it with tuition dollars.

In an opinion piece for The Claremont Independent, a student newspaper affiliated with the Leadership Institute, Pomona College students Matthew Reade and Ross Steinberg, spell out the case that Pomona may not be able to get away with this form of political engagement. The center is 98% funded by Pomona College student fees.

Their excuse: But the whole point of the “Center for Community Partnerships” is to give money to leftist causes!

SHIV, INSERTED: Obama Critiques Clinton’s Campaign Strategy.

His message was somewhat veiled, but crystal clear: Democrats at every level should study the Clinton 2016 playbook and learn from its mistakes — then immediately destroy it.

Obama was asked what advice he would give Democrats after a stunning Donald Trump-led Republican wave that gave the GOP the White House, helped it keep more House seats that expected, and keep control of the Senate. His response began like that of a party elder, preaching patience and a search of lessons.

I don’t think Obama’s all that unhappy. If Hillary had won, he’d be a has-been. Now he’s an elder opposition statesman like Bill, but without Bill’s rapey baggage.

GOOD: Rolling Stone verdict should help fraternity also suing magazine.

For the fraternity, evidence presented in Eramo’s trial revealed that Erdely began writing her article with a severe bias against fraternities. Erdely, in her interview with the rape hoaxer Jackie, said the fraternity members who allegedly gang-raped the accuser represented a “banality of evil” and that she wanted to “get these guys.”

Erdely also cited to Jackie research she had found that claimed fraternity members were “more likely to rape people” and hold “rape-supportive attitudes.” It was clear from this interview that Erdely had a preconceived notion about fraternities and indeed wanted to attack them.

A lawyer for Eramo perhaps summed it up best in his closing arguments: “Once they decided what the article was going to be about, it didn’t matter what the facts were.”



The verdict against Rolling Stone is a punishment for journalistic malpractice—but it’s also something more. The case highlights the elimination of an honor culture in journalism and in public life. Vast majorities of people dislike journalists, not because journalists are liberal, although that’s part of it. Journalists are disliked because they act without honor. Such was the case with Rolling Stone’s fake rape story.

To understand the importance of honor in journalism, it helps to go back to one of the best examples of honest journalism in history. It comes from the former pages of Rolling Stone itself.

Read the whole thing.

Related: Rolling Stone’s False Rape Story Will End The Magazine.

I’m not at all sure I agree with that assessment, any more than RatherGate ended CBS News. In both cases, while those fabulist scandals exposed both institutions as being staffed by Democrat operatives with bylines, their brands are deep-pocketed enough to continue for quite some time. Even if Rolling Stone is sold, somebody will buy the brand for its boomer-era music cachet, just as there’s still a post-Washington Post, post-Daily Beast zombie version of Newsweek still on the Internet.

“JURORS AWARDED A UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA ADMINISTRATOR $3 MILLION MONDAY FOR HER PORTRAYAL IN A NOW-DISCREDITED ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE ARTICLE ABOUT THE SCHOOL’S HANDLING OF A BRUTAL GANG RAPE A FRATERNITY HOUSE,” AP reports tonight, adding, “Jurors found that the magazine and its publisher, Wenner Media, acted with actual malice because they republished the article on Dec. 5 with an editor’s note after they knew about the problems with Jackie’s story. The jury also found that Erdely acted with actual malice on six claims: two statements in the article and four statements to media outlets after the story was published. Jurors awarded $2 million to Eramo for statements made by Erdely and $1 million for the republication of the article by Rolling Stone and Wenner Media. Rolling Stone could appeal the verdict.”

Rolling Stone is currently facing a $25 million defamation lawsuit from the UVA fraternity whose house was where Jackie claimed she was raped,” Bre Payton of the Federalist adds.

Earlier: “Rolling Stone Can Take Their Defamation Statement And Shove It,” Mollie Hemingway wrote on Friday:

When Rolling Stone published “A Rape on Campus” in 2014, it was attempting to drive a sketchy narrative for progressive political results. That’s what Sabrina Erdely has done with many of her pieces over her career. That’s why Rolling Stone hired her. They took a very serious issue of how the sexual revolution has led to all sorts of abuses on college campuses and decided instead to focus on the dubious “rape culture” message pushed in recent years by progressive activists. Abuses on college campuses — and especially off college campuses — are real, but the recent “rape culture” craze has led to attacks on the civil liberties of men and created a panic built on emotion more than reality.

Rolling Stone has spent the last half century fostering that aforementioned sexual revolution, and has pushed hard for numerous additional examples of relaxing social mores. As Jonah Goldberg wrote in a recent G-File, “If we can’t immediately grasp why some old practice, some ancient tradition, some venerable custom or Chestertonian fence is worthwhile, we tend to instantly dismiss it as outdated and old-fashioned. But again, as Chesterton and Hayek alike understood, simply because something is ‘old-fashioned’ doesn’t mean it wasn’t fashioned in the first place. And by fashioned, I mean manufactured and constructed. Customs are created because they solve problems. But they get less respect in our present age because they have no identifiable authors. They are crowd-sourced, to borrow a modern phrase for an ancient phenomenon. The customs and institutions we take for granted are crammed full of embedded knowledge every bit as much as prices are. But most intelligent people are comfortable admitting they can’t know all the factors that go into a price, but we constantly want to dissect the whys of every custom.”

Let’s assume for a moment that Rolling Stone’s base story was true. Or as Jann Wenner was quoted as saying late last month by the New York Times while defending the story as being fake but accurate (to quote a Times-approved phrase):

“We did everything reasonable, appropriate up to the highest standards of journalism to check on this thing,” Mr. Wenner said in a libel trial in federal court here. “The one thing we didn’t do was confront Jackie’s accusers — the rapists.”

As he has previously, Mr. Wenner assigned much of the blame to the woman at the center of the article, identified as Jackie, whose account of being raped began to fall apart shortly after the article was published two years ago. Mr. Wenner said there was nothing a journalist could do “if someone is really determined to commit a fraud.”

He said that while the magazine rightly retracted “the Jackie stuff,” he disagreed with the decision to retract the entire article in the wake of a damning report on it in April 2015 by The Columbia Journalism Review. He said the bulk of the article detailed ways that the University of Virginia could improve its treatment of victims of sexual assault.

Does Wenner feel that Rolling Stone, his life’s work, bears any responsibility for creating the conditions he describes in the above passage?


A quick summary: in this case, the accuser made two charges—that the male student raped her, and then sexually assaulted her the following morning. A UCSD investigator spoke to 14 witnesses, but wasn’t able to corroborate the first claim. But even though something these 14 witnesses said caused the investigator to doubt the accuser’s credibility, notes of these interviews (and even the identity of the parties!) wasn’t shared with the accused student. Regarding the incident the following morning—to which there were no witnesses—both the investigator and a UCSD panel deemed it more likely than not the accuser was telling the truth. UCSD never gave the accusing student a copy of the accuser’s previous statements to UCSD. The panel chair also refused to ask 23 of the 32 questions the accused student submitted.

The hearing’s highlight came almost immediately. After a brief opening statement by Grant Davis-Denny, who represented the University of California system, Justice Huffman interrupted to express his concern with the basic unfairness of the UCSD system. The two other judges quickly chimed in their agreement. Then Huffman noted, “When I . . . finished reading all the briefs in this case, my comment was, ‘Where’s the kangaroo?’”


BREAKING: Jury finds reporter, Rolling Stone responsible for defaming U-Va. dean with gang rape story.

A federal court jury decided Friday that a Rolling Stone journalist defamed a former University of Virginia associate dean in a 2014 magazine article about sexual assault on campus that included a debunked account of a fraternity gang rape.

The 10 member jury concluded that the Rolling Stone journalist was responsible for defamation, with actual malice, in the case brought by Nicole Eramo, a U-Va. administrator who oversaw sexual violence cases at the time of the article’s publication. The jury also found the magazine and its publisher responsible for defaming Eramo.

The $7.5 million lawsuit centered on the 9,000-word article written by Sabrina Rubin Erdely titled “A Rape on Campus.” The article appeared online in late Nov. 2014 and on newsstands in the magazine’s December 2014 issue.

The story opened with a graphic depiction of a fraternity gang rape that went viral online and sent shock waves across the U-Va. campus community. But within days of the article’s publication, key elements of the account fell apart under scrutiny. The magazine eventually retracted the story in April 2015.

Eramo’s lawsuit came a month later, alleging that the magazine’s portrayal of her as callous and dismissive of rape reports on campus was untrue and unfair.

Remember that Barack Obama — along with some Congressional Republicans — was ready to make national policy based on this fakery.


“We did everything reasonable, appropriate up to the highest standards of journalism to check on this thing,” Mr. Wenner said in a libel trial in federal court here. “The one thing we didn’t do was confront Jackie’s accusers — the rapists.”

As he has previously, Mr. Wenner assigned much of the blame to the woman at the center of the article, identified as Jackie, whose account of being raped began to fall apart shortly after the article was published two years ago. Mr. Wenner said there was nothing a journalist could do “if someone is really determined to commit a fraud.”

He said that while the magazine rightly retracted “the Jackie stuff,” he disagreed with the decision to retract the entire article in the wake of a damning report on it in April 2015 by The Columbia Journalism Review. He said the bulk of the article detailed ways that the University of Virginia could improve its treatment of victims of sexual assault.

“I stand by the rest of the article: personally, professionally and on behalf of the magazine,” Mr. Wenner said.

Wenner also  “apologized” to the embattled ex-UVA dean, then played the victim card, the New York Post notes:

Wenner apologized in a deposition to the former University of Virginia dean who is suing the magazine for defamation — but said he disagreed with the decision to retract the entire campus-rape story, it was revealed Friday.

“I’m very, very sorry. It was never meant to ever happen this way to you*,” Wenner told Nicole Eramo in taped testimony played at the $7.85 million defamation trial.

“And believe me, I’ve suffered as much as you have,” he said. “And I know what it’s like. I hope that this whole thing hadn’t happened but it is, and it’s what we live with.”

The Daily Beast has a slightly different version of Wenner’s “apology,” which makes it sound much snottier than how he’s quoted by the Post:

“We screwed up. Bring it on. We suffered,” Wenner said, before going on to apologize to Eramo. “It was never meant to happen this way to you. And believe me, I’ve suffered as much as you have. But please, my sympathies.”

The “please, my sympathies,” if an accurate quote, doesn’t sound very sincere. Particularly when preceded by “Believe me, I’ve suffered as much as you have.” Sure, Wenner is the real victim here. And as Iowahawk adds, “Did he also apologize to the innocent students he accused of violent rape? No? Then F his apology.”

Apologize? Wenner still believes the students at UVa are guilty – and that his magazine’s story is fake but accurate, to coin a phrase.

* Exit question: How deep is this Obama-appointed DoE official’s involvement in the Rolling Stone hoax?



Maybe I’m racially insensitive, but I don’t get the uproar over the ad in which a hot chick says she met Harold E. Ford, the Tennessee Democrat running for the U.S. Senate, at a Playboy party and asks him to call her. A Vanderbilt expert on political advertising says it “makes the Willie Horton ad look like child’s play.” Really? It’s worse for voters to think that beautiful women want to have sex with you that it is for them to believe that you let a dangerous criminal out of prison to commit rape and murder? I think Michael Dukakis would disagree. He could have benefited from this sort of slander, if anyone would have believed it.

I agree. As I’ve said before, I think the Playboy thing helps Ford more than it hurts him.

UPDATE: Reader Janice Lyons says it’s not about the bimbo:

By focusing on the blonde the Dems are either being really really clever, or are really really dumb.

It’s the WHOLE AD that has the bang. It is not only hilarious, it’s points to Ford’s positions (I assume, since I’m not a Volunteer), which when voiced in their implications, are pretty damning.

Perhaps by calling race! sex! – and – gasp! bimbo! they are trying to divert attention from the problem of Ford’s positions (the actual content of the ad, not his sex life) with [self righteous] indignation.

Surely more than a few people see the ad, snicker at the blonde, and wonder if Ford really does think they own too many guns, it’s no big whoop that the family farm which has now become a developer’s (and the tax office’s) dream can will be lost to the family because of property and death taxes, that people who produce stability in the society pay higher taxes, that the US should stop trying to slow down the nuclear train to hell, and that people committed to blowing up as many Americans and as many America ideas and things as they can should have the right to be treated as citizens, and better.

That’s what the Dems are really worried about. Or should be anyway. That’s the message of the ad the Dems are trying to distract from while “whining” about the bare shouldered blonde.

Well, of course, the complaints just caused many, many more people to see the ad. Smart? We’ll see.

And I think Dukakis would have picked up at least 3 states if it had come out that he’d partied with Playboy bunnies . . . .

SHIKHA DALMIA: Hillary Clinton: Feminism’s False Prophet.

One does not have to be a Clinton basher to point out there is something screwy about her whole posture toward women. She now insists that all victims of sexual assault deserve to be taken seriously and chastised Trump for not apologizing to the women he’s insulted and allegedly assaulted. But at the Wednesday debate, when asked about her own husband’s sexual misdeeds, she pretended like she didn’t hear the question. And she herself hasn’t been exactly easy on her husband’s victims. Indeed, there is no denying that one reason Trump is getting away with his sexual misconduct is because her husband, whom she enabled, got away with his.

Nor did she play fair to get a plea deal for a 42-year-old who raped a 12-year-old girl in 1975. Granted, she took the case only very reluctantly. However, after she did, she resorted to every trick in the book — including suggesting that the girl fantasized about older men — to get her client off the hook. This would be fine if she believed that accused rapists deserve strong due process protections. Or that it is the duty of lawyers to defend their clients in the most aggressive way possible. Or if she at least explained that her position has evolved and she has come to understand that the victims of sexual assault bear a special burden and therefore deserve special protections (debatable though that is).

But she has done none of that and feminists have not pushed her to clarify.

The conundrum for feminists is that if they ask Clinton to reconcile her actions and positions, they risk exposing her hypocrisy and making her vulnerable in the face of an intolerable alternative. But if they don’t, they end up undermining their own credibility and effectiveness.

Actually, as even Maureen Dowd noticed, feminism died in 1998 after being converted into a groper’s support group for Bill Clinton. Hillary’s just reanimated its corpse to stagger around until November 8. And no, I’m not sure if that’s nihilistic fatalism or fatalistic nihilism.

Related: “He’s got beautiful blue eyes.”

ASHE SCHOW: Sabrina Rubin Erdely and the ‘banality of evil.’

When Rolling Stone author Sabrina Rubin Erdely interviewed Jackie for her article “A Rape on Campus,” the now discredited writer described the fraternity alleged to have raped her subject as representing the “banality of evil.”

The phrase “banality of evil” was coined by another author decades ago, and has itself generated fierce debate and criticism ever since. To be clear, Erdely is no Hannah Arendt, the woman who coined the term. Arendt is still widely respected and her writing, including her book Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Report on the Banality of Evil.

Years from now, people will continue to respect Arendt’s work, while they no longer respect Erdely’s.

True. By the way, I’d still like to know more about the role of the Obama Administration, and Emily Renda, in this whole affair.

Catherine Lhamon, who heads the Department’s civil rights wing, was identified in a letter sent last month by University of Virginia Dean of Students Allen Groves to Steve Coll and Sheila Coronel, the two Columbia Journalism School deans who conducted a review of the Nov. 19 article, written by disgraced reporter Sabrina Rubin Erdely.

Groves’ letter was included as a footnote to the Columbia deans’ report, which was released on Sunday and cataloged the failures and lies that led to the article’s publication.

In the letter, Groves wrote that he has suffered “personal and professional” damage as a result of Erdely’s reporting and comments Lhamon made about him which were included in the article.

As the Rolling Stone article fell apart, Lhamon’s involvement has gone virtually unmentioned. But a deeper look reveals her ties to Emily Renda, a University of Virginia employee and activist who put Erdely in touch with Jackie, the student whose claim that she was brutally gang-raped by seven members of a fraternity on Sept. 28, 2012, served as the linchpin for the 9,000-word Rolling Stone article.

President Obama nominated Lhamon to become the Education Department’s Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights in July 2013. The Senate approved her unanimously the following month.

She has served as the Education Department’s designee to the White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault which Obama created on Jan. 22, 2014. Renda served on the same task force. . . .

Lhamon has been invited to the White House nearly 60 times, according to visitor’s logs. Renda has been invited six times. Both were invited to the same White House meeting on three occasions.

The whole thing smells.


Jackie, the woman who made up a frightening story about being gang raped at the University of Virginia as a freshman, was really committed to her lie when talking to a Rolling Stone reporter.

The taped interview between Jackie and Rolling Stone author Sabrina Rubin Erdely was made public by CBS19 on Saturday, and professor and author K.C. Johnson posted what he believed were the best excerpts. Knowing that the gang rape didn’t occur makes Jackie’s comments in the tape all the more astounding.

Well, she told feminists, university administrators, and journalists propagandists what they wanted to hear.

DIVERSITY IS OUR STRENGTH: Verdict on swimming pool rape case overturned. “An Iraqi refugee who was jailed after claiming it was a sexual emergency when he raped a boy in a swimming pool has had the sentence overturned. An appeal court accepted the defence lawyer’s claim that the lower court had not done enough to ascertain whether or not the rapist had realised the schoolboy was saying no. . . . At the pool, Amir A. dragged the schoolboy, aged ten, into the changing rooms where he locked the door and violently sexually assaulted him, leaving him in need of urgent treatment at a local children’s hospital. The boy is still plagued by massive post-traumatic stress disorder.”

THE 21ST CENTURY ISN’T TURNING OUT AS I’D HOPED: ‘He didn’t know the boy didn’t want to be raped’ Austrian court throws out Iraqi migrant child sex charge.

Take a bow, Angela.

ONLY BECAUSE SHE’S IN COURT: Rolling Stone‘s University of Virginia frat rape lie rolls on. Reporter Sabrina Rubin Erdely admitted to some errors. Albeit reluctantly. I know, calling Erdely a reporter is a stretch. Fabricator-propagandist-liar may be a more precise description, but let’s see what the court decides.

JOURNALISM: Rolling Stone allegedly edited fake rape article to make school dean look worse.

In the original article, Rolling Stone author Sabrina Rubin Erdely editorialized about how U.Va. Dean Nicole Eramo assisted “Jackie,” the woman who claimed she was gang-raped as part of a fraternity initiation.

“When Jackie finished talking, Eramo comforted her, then calmly laid out her options. If Jackie wished, she could file a criminal complaint with police. Or, if Jackie preferred to keep the matter within the university, she had two choices. She could file a complaint with the school’s Sexual Misconduct Board, to be decided in a ‘formal resolution’ with a jury of students and faculty, and a dean as judge.

“Or Jackie could choose an ‘informal resolution,’ in which Jackie could simply face her attackers in Eramo’s presence and tell them how she felt; Eramo could then issue a directive to the men, such as suggesting counseling. Eramo presented each option to Jackie neutrally, giving each equal weight. She assured Jackie there was no pressure — whatever happened next was entirely her choice.”

In this version, Erdely makes it seem as though Eramo merely suggested Jackie could go to police, not that she should.

Eramo is suing Rolling Stone for the way the magazine portrayed her in the article. After nearly two years in the court system, the trial over the lawsuit began this week.

Lawyers for Eramo said in their opening statements that Rolling Stone had proof the U.Va. dean urged Jackie to go to the police, but that was edited out in the final article.

Remember, Obama — and many Congressional Republicans — were ready to make national policy based on this hoax.

2016, MAN: University of Nevada Cancels Sausage Party Screening Because a Douche ‘Raped’ a Juice Box.

ASHE SCHOW: U.Va. dean vilified in fake Rolling Stone article speaks out.

ABC’s “Good Morning America” on Friday played a clip from an upcoming feature about the fake gang rape story published in Rolling Stone magazine in 2014.

The clip features snippets of two interviews, one from GMA host Amy Robach speaking with University of Virginia dean Nicole Eramo, who was portrayed as dismissive toward sexual assault accusers at the school, and part of Rolling Stone author Sabrina Rubin Erdely’s deposition.

Eramo is seen reading some “mild” hate mail she received in the wake of the article, which claimed she did nothing to help a woman who said she was gang-raped at a fraternity at U.Va. when she was a freshman.

“Dean of rape … God will have his day with you and hold you accountable,” and “you’re a despicable human being,” Eramo read, timidly.

“I thought I – I was sure I was going to be fired. I was sure that – and I just didn’t know if I could do it, honestly,” she said, fighting back tears. “I mean, I went to work every day and I tried to do it but I wasn’t sure if I could do it.”

Eramo is now suing Rolling Stone and Erdely for the way she was portrayed in the article.

Next we see Erdely giving testimony in response to Eramo’s lawsuit. She claimed “Jackie,” the woman who gave her the fake account of a gang rape, “proved to be credible in so many different ways.” Erdely also said Jackie gave her “pieces of evidence to back up what she was saying.” We do not see whether Erdely explained what those pieces were.

Jackie could have given Erdely text messages between herself and “Drew,” the man she claimed took her to a fraternity party after a date and orchestrated the gang rape as part of an initiation. She could have shown Erdely a photo of the man she claimed was Drew. But those text messages and the photo were fake. Jackie used an online service to send the texts to her friends, and the photo she showed them of Drew was actually of an old high school classmate who was not a student at U.Va. and had nothing to do with any of this.

Remember, Obama, and even many Congressional Republicans, were ready to make national policy based on this hoax.

MADISON GESIOTTO: The selective moral outrage of the left.

They claim to be outraged by Mr. Trump’s words but not outraged by the words of Hillary Clinton’s field organizer, Wylie Mao, who was filmed bragging about being able to grab co-workers behinds without getting fired.

They claim to be outraged by Mr. Trump’s words but not outraged by former President Bill Clinton’s actions.

They claim to be outraged by Mr. Trump’s words but not outraged by the victim shaming of Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg on ‘The View.’

Yes, in case you missed it, Ms. Behar called former President Bill Clinton’s rape accusers “tramps” after Ms. Goldberg declared Hillary Clinton to be the real “victim” and “the person to whom dirty was done.”

Of course, this list of hypocrisies goes on, and the moral selectivity could not be more outrageous.

“Outrageous” or “standard operating procedure?”


Washington Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler took the time to sift through the 41-year-old case of Kathy Shelton, who said she was raped when she was 12 years old by a then-41-year-old man.

Ordinarily, I’d expect the Post to take Shelton’s claims at face value (and to be fair, Kessler does call her a rape victim, as her attacker, Thomas Taylor, agreed to a plea bargain). The Post would be accused of “victim-blaming” if it dared point out an accuser’s changing story, even if it ultimately seemed sympathetic to her.

But Shelton is different because she has told the press that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton “took me through hell” and has appeared with GOP nominee Donald Trump.

This earns Shelton extra scrutiny. Kessler points out that she didn’t know until 2007 that Clinton was the defense attorney in her case, that she may or may not have been misquoted about harboring no ill will toward Clinton and that she said she had a psychiatric exam but court records say she didn’t.

These aren’t the “smoking gun” contradictions I would usually consider evidence of an untruthful accuser (and again, Kessler is not saying she is untruthful). Shelton could have hated a random, unnamed defense attorney until she found out it was Clinton, who by that point had become a household name. That would have been pretty devastating for a victim, to find out that a former first lady, U.S. senator and, at the time, presidential candidate was responsible for allowing your rapist to walk free.

In 2007, Shelton apparently told Glenn Thrush, who was then a reporter for Newsday, that she felt Clinton “was just doing her job” by representing Taylor. Seven years later, in 2014, she told the Daily Beast she was misquoted and that “Hillary Clinton took me through hell.” She could have been upset with an unnamed defense attorney, as I wrote above. Or she could have never thought about the other people involved in the case until she was shown an affidavit from Clinton claiming Shelton “is emotionally unstable with a tendency to seek out older men and to engage in fantasizing” and “has in the past made false accusations about persons, claiming they had attacked her body.”

Clinton merely said in the affidavit that she had “been informed” of these things about Shelton, but offered no source or proof. Shelton told Thrush in 2007 that she was shocked by the affidavit because “it’s not true” and she had “never said anybody attacked my body before, never in my life.”

It’s always “believe the women” until they threaten the career of a Clinton. Then it’s “a little bit nutty, a little bit slutty” and “look what you get when you drag a $100 bill through a trailer park.” And the press plays right along because, well, think of them as Democratic operatives with bylines and you won’t go far wrong.

TRUMP SEXUALLY HARASSES LIKE A DEMOCRAT, AND HE CAMPAIGNS LIKE A DEMOCRAT: As protesters accuse her husband of rape, Clinton blasts Trump’s ‘scorched earth’ tactics.

The Alinsky shoe is on the other foot now. . . .

WHY ARE DEMOCRATS’ RALLIES SO VIOLENT AND INTOLERANT? Clinton campaign losing patience with Bill ‘rape’ protesters: Bill Clinton “rape” protesters were pushed and shoved during two Florida rallies on Tuesday.

Related: Bill Clinton ‘Rape’ Hecklers Interrupt Obama, Hillary After Infowars Offer. This Alinsky stuff is a two-edged sword.


This Friday, ABC News will tackle the Rolling Stone gang-rape hoax, a story that captivated a nation through its initial publication and eventual debunking.

The original article, published in November 2014, claimed that a young woman identified as “Jackie” had been gang-raped as part of a fraternity initiation when she was a freshman at the University of Virginia. Jackie and Rolling Stone author Sabrina Rubin Erdely claimed U.Va. dismissed the young woman’s claims and tried to stop her from going to the police.

But in the weeks after the article posted, thanks to skepticism from some pundits and reporters, and the intrepid reporting of the Washington Post’s T. Rees Shapiro, the story fell apart. No party occurred at the fraternity the night of the alleged gang rape. Even worse, the man whom Jackie claimed brought her to the party after the two had a date didn’t even exist.

Rolling Stone eventually retracted the article, and the Columbia Journalism Review issued a report on the magazine’s numerous missteps.

After the article was retracted, the U.Va. dean who was shown as being dismissive of Jackie’s claims, Nicole Eramo, sued the magazine. The trial for her lawsuit is set to begin next week.

I hope the trial has an ending like in Paul Newman’s The Verdict, where the jury comes back and asks if it can award more in damages than the plaintiff asked for . . . .

ASHE SCHOW: Rolling Stone accuses U.Va administrator of leaking video, wants trial delayed.

Rolling Stone is accusing a University of Virginia dean of leaking a confidential deposition video relating to a lawsuit against the magazine over a now-retracted article involving a gang-rape hoax at the school.

Lawyers for Rolling Stone, its publisher and the author of the article claim that dean Nicole Eramo, who is suing the magazine for defamation, leaked video of a deposition to ABC News to use in an upcoming “20/20” documentary of the case. The feature is supposed to air three days before the trial.

The magazine requested an emergency motion to disallow the video from the trial, fearing the ABC feature could hurt the defense’s case. The magazine also wants Eramo to be held in contempt. On Tuesday, a federal judge granted the magazine’s motion to bar the video depositions from being used at trial.

“[U]ndoubtedly, many citizens in the Charlottesville Division will watch this sensationalized television broadcast about the University located in their backyard, or will access the program online,” wrote Rolling Stone attorney W. David Paxton in court documents. “In the aftermath, seating an impartial jury in Charlottesville will be difficult, if not impossible.”

Rolling Stone has also requested ABC not use the video in its upcoming feature. Should ABC refuse and the show goes ahead as scheduled, then the magazine wants the case transferred to another district and the trial postponed.

One of the videos in question shows Rolling Stone author Sabrina Rubin Erdely crying during her testimony, which ABC used in its trailer for the show.

Eramo’s attorney has responded by saying the depositions were in the public domain.

“It is highly ironic that Rolling Stone, a media company, is complaining about the media having access to testimony that is already in the public domain,” Eramo’s attorney said. “These depositions were filed publicly with the court for anyone to see. This is little more than a tactic by Rolling Stone to delay the trial.”

Media folks do seem to have different standards for people who are, and who aren’t, media folks.

THE WAGES OF WRONGTHINK: Clinton suggests intervention for protester wearing Bill Clinton ‘rape’ shirt.

Hillary Clinton encouraged supporters Monday to follow and stage an intervention for a protester who was removed by security after he interrupted her rally in Detroit.

“You know,” Clinton said after the demonstrator was forcibly removed from her campaign event, “I do hope somebody follows that gentleman out and stages an intervention.”

The demonstrator, an African-American man, was wearing a shirt featuring a likeness of Bill Clinton with the word “RAPE” printed across the front.

Because you must be crazy to think Bill Clinton might have molested a woman.

THE HILL: Bill Clinton stops campaign rally to respond to heckler who calls him a ‘rapist.’

Plus: “‘Actions speak louder than words,’ Juanita Broaddrick tweeted. ‘[Donald Trump] said bad things! [Hillary Clinton] threatened me after [Bill Clinton] raped me.'”

Worst election ever.

VIDEO: Bill Clinton Accuser Juanita Broaddrick Still Relives Brutal Rape.

NICK KRISTOF: “In fairness to Trump, other senior men in politics and business — John Kennedy and Bill Clinton come to mind — also sometimes showed a sense of entitlement toward young women.”

John Hinderaker: “Second, it can be useful to ask, What would the Democrats do? Here there is no need to speculate: we saw what they did in the 1990s. They circled the wagons and defended their man to the hilt, using whatever smears and lies were helpful, even though he was credibly accused of rape and multiple instances of sexual harassment. Indeed, that is what the Democrats are doing now with Hillary Clinton, as revelations much more material to her performance in office than the Trump video have come out over the past year or two. See, generally, Clinton Cash. Republicans are always held to a higher standard than Democrats, but why? Maybe this is as good a time as any to reject the double standard and fight fire with fire. E.g., this Drudge headline: ‘KATHLEEN WILLEY CALLS FOR HILLARY TO RESIGN FROM CAMPAIGN…'”

UPDATE: Hey, Trump was a Democrat when he said this stuff, you know.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Giuliani: Trump Ready for GOP Insiders vs Outsiders War.

MORE: Toward a Strategic Theory of Donald Trump and the GOP: A meditation in approximately 1 quadrillion tweets.

STILL MORE: Thoughts from Scott Adams: “If nothing new happens between now and election day, Clinton wins. The odds of nothing new happening in that timeframe is exactly zero.”


Shot: “Once lauded as a peacemaker, Obama’s tenure fraught with war.”*

—Headline, AP today.

Chaser: “A giant poster of Russian President Vladimir Putin was draped along the side of the Manhattan Bridge on Thursday afternoon. The massive banner featured the Russian leader in a suit and tie against the backdrop of the country’s flag along with the word ‘peacemaker’ emblazoned at the bottom.”

—The New York Post, today.

* “What all the wise men promised has not happened, and what all the damned fools said would happen has come to pass.”

I SUPPOSE THIS WAS INEVITABLE, ALL OF IT: ‘Panty Peeler’ Beer Under Fire for Promoting ‘Rape Culture’

VENEZUELA: Health Crisis Means Kid’s Scraped Knee Can Be Life or Death.

It was just a scraped knee. So 3-year-old Ashley Pacheco’s parents did what parents do: They gave her a hug, cleaned the wound twice with rubbing alcohol and thought no more of it.

Two weeks later, the little girl writhed screaming in a hospital bed. Her breathing came in ragged gasps as she begged passing patients for a sip of water.

Her mother stayed day and night in the trauma unit. She kept Ashley on an empty stomach in case she might cut in front of hundreds of other patients for emergency surgery in one of the hospital’s few functioning operating rooms.

Her father scoured Caracas for scarce antibiotics to fight the infection spreading through his daughter’s body.

They had no idea how much worse it was going to get.

Venezuelans chose a crooked political system cooked up the the 19th Century, and now they’re enjoying 19th Century medicine.

2016 IN A NUTSHELL: Jerry Brown Just Signed a Tough-on-Rape Bill That’s So Bad, Even Feminists Hate It.

IF YOU THINK OF BLACK PEOPLE — AND RAPE! — WHEN SOMEONE MENTIONS A GORILLA, I’M PRETTY SURE IT’S YOU WHO’S THE RACIST: Clemson Housing Bans “Harambe references”: says they “add to the rape culture” on campus and are a form of “racism.”

ANOTHER JAYVEE TEAM? Mali’s President at the UN: We’ve Still Got a Colossal Jihadist Problem.

UN peacekeepers’ incentives are just as perverse as those of the condottieri, the Italian mercenaries Machiavelli once wrote off as “useless and dangerous.” Like the condottieri of old, UN peacekeepers are paid for an input measure—a fee per soldier—not for an output measure, such as actually keeping the peace. The UN reimburses peacekeeping at a rate of $1,332 per soldier per month, making peacekeeping a lucrative endeavor for major contributors like Bangladesh where soldiers are paid roughly 1/20th that amount. Well-paid, professional militaries like those of the U.S. and the U.K. commit far fewer forces to peacekeeping; for those they do contribute, the UN reimbursement does not come close to covering the cost.
Professional militaries have a difficult time implementing counter-insurgency strategy (COIN) effectively, so it’s no surprise that UN peacekeepers are struggling against the jihadist onslaught. As we’re seeing in South Sudan—where peacekeepers are turning a blind eye to mass rapes and otherwise failing to protect the civilians—the peacekeepers’ main objective is to avoid casualties, not to complete the mission.

Keeping ISIS and Al Qaeda at bay in Mali requires détente between two historically opposed forces: the Malian central government in Bamako and the nomadic Tuareg people, who fiercely defend their independence and cross Mali’s porous Saharan borders with ease. These “blue men of the desert” are known for their indigo turbans and their spirited resistance against central authorities—first the French and then the Malians. Even if the Malian state will never win the love the Tuareg, it must work to placate them and to isolate Islamist Tuareg militias like Ansar Dine, driving a wedge between apolitical Tuaregs and jihadist groups that might otherwise be inclined to join together against the state under the logic of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

Here’s the thing about terrorists in Mali: we’ll hear nothing about them and nothing about them and then suddenly everything will be about them. The geography of the Sahara makes it possible for groups to lie in wait, regroup, and plan their next moves. UN peacekeepers are useless against them. Jihadists in Mali don’t just complicate the regional security situation—they threaten European security as well. We ignore Mali’s terror problem at our peril.

Well, that’s comforting.

GOOD: Rolling Stone gang-rape defamation case will go to trial.

The defamation lawsuit against Rolling Stone magazine over its now-retracted story about a gang-rape at the University of Virginia will go to trial. . . .

Eramo claimed she was portrayed as callous and indifferent to women who made accusations of sexual assault, even though her job was to support them and investigate the claims. The magazine even photoshopped an image of Eramo to make her look sinister. Eramo was quoted in the story, by the woman who made the false accusation, as claiming “nobody wants to send their daughter to the rape school.” Eramo claims she said no such thing.

Judge Conrad found there was enough evidence for a jury trial that the magazine likely knew the accuser, named in the original article and lawsuit as “Jackie,” made false accusations.

“First, plaintiff offers evidence that could lead a jury to determine that [Rolling Stone author Sabrina Rubin] Erdely had a preconceived story line and may have consciously disregarded contradictory evidence,” Conrad ruled.

He added: “Second, plaintiff has produced evidence supporting the inference that Erdely should have further investigated Jackie’s allegations. The record suggests that Erdely knew the identity of at least one of the individuals who found Jackie the night of her alleged rape. Erdely, however, did not seek to contact this individual.”

Additionally, Conrad wrote, Jackie never provided the names of her assailants – and Erdely didn’t make a real attempt to find them on her own – meaning Erdely was “unable to test the reliability of Jackie’s story with them.” Rolling Stone knew this, but ran the story anyway.

“Third, plaintiff has presented evidence suggesting that Erdely had reasons to doubt Jackie’s credibility,” Conrad wrote. Erdely had been told that the alleged rape happened months before fraternity events actually took place. She had also made a note that it was “too much of coincidence” that three women had been gang-raped at the same fraternity, as Jackie claimed. Also, Jackie’s story had changed over time, but Erdely didn’t press her on the inconsistencies.

Rolling Stone fact checkers knew this as well, but didn’t press the issue.

We were supposed to make national policy based on this hoax.

TEACH WOMEN NOT TO RAPE! (CONT’D): COPS: Cheerleading Coach Romped Naked With Teen, Offered Exotic Oral Sex. “Investigators began looking into Duncan’s extracurricular activities after the mother of the unidentified 14-year-old teen contacted Tishomingo police. . . . The pair, separated in age by 34 years, used Snapchat to communicate — laboring under the apparent belief that their messages would eternally disappear into the Internet ether forever.”

LONDON DAILY MAIL:ANTHONY WEINER CARRIED ON A MONTHS-LONG ONLINE SEXUAL RELATIONSHIP WITH A TROUBLED 15-YEAR-OLD GIRL, telling her she made him ‘hard,’ asking her to dress up in ‘school-girl’ outfits and pressing her to engage in ‘rape fantasies.’”

And you thought the story the New York Post broke that led to Huma announcing her separation from him at the end of August was lurid.

Because Bill officiated at their wedding, and because Huma serves as Hillary’s Girl Friday, the American media (read: DNC-MSM) will go into overdrive to assure that this story never impacts Hillary between now and November.

As Jim Treacher once said, “Modern journalism is all about deciding which facts the public shouldn’t know because they might reflect badly on Democrats.” And as Iowahawk once tweeted, “Journalism is about covering important stories. With a pillow, until they stop moving.”

Both apply in spades here.

UPDATE: File under questions that no one in the DNC-MSM dare ask: “Why are Hillary’s circles so full of sexual predators?”



On September 14, The Washington Post published what can only be described as a public display of child abuse. In an article entitled “My teen boys are blind to rape culture,” feminist writer Jody Allard chastises her sons for questioning the propaganda she feeds them. . . .

And The Washington Post gave her the space to do so.

That’s not even the worst of it. This same author, Ms. Jodi Allard, wrote an article back in February, also for The Washington Post, about one of her sons—who’s suicidal.

Yes, you read that right. One of Allard’s sons, the 16-year-old, is a known suicide risk—known to Allard and known to The Washington Post editors. And still they publically shamed him.

There’s more. Allard’s article has since been reprinted at the Chicago Tribune, at The Denver Post, at Bangor Daily News, and at the Charlotte Observer.

Now that is vile.

She’s a lousy mother and a rotten person.

THIS IS BASICALLY MATERNAL OP-ED-RAPE: Jody Allard: My teen boys are blind to rape culture.

“Oh boy,” my son said, rolling his eyes. “Not rape culture again.”

We were sitting around the dinner table talking about the news. As soon as I mentioned the Stanford sexual assault case, my sons looked at each other. They knew what was coming. They’ve been listening to me talk about consent, misogyny and rape culture since they were tweens. They listened to me then, but they are 16 and 18 now and they roll their eyes and argue when I talk to them about sexism and misogyny.

“There’s no such thing as rape culture,” my other son said. “You say everything is about rape culture or sexism.”

I never imagined I would raise boys who would become men like these.

I’m proud of them. And you’re a terrible mother to write this column. Especially stuff like this: “And in this broken system, anyone who isn’t with us is against us. Particularly, and especially, men. Even my own sons — even yours. It’s not enough to teach our sons about consent; we have to encourage them to have the courage to speak out against rape culture, too.”

You’re a feminist activist first, and a mother second. You should drop to your knees and give thanks that your boys still speak to you, if, in fact, they still do after this column.

DISPATCHES FROM THE EDUCATION APOCALYPSE: Ithaca College Professor Stopped Teaching About Sexual Violence Because Students Complained:

Plante is one of many academics who increasingly find themselves walking on eggshells to avoid offending their students. Some law school professors have stopped teaching rape law due to complaints from students who claim the subject is traumatizing—even though educating students about this important topic should be more important than making everybody in class comfortable all of the time.

If professors want to warn their students before discussing particularly disturbing subjects, that’s fine. But it’s concerning that strenuous objection from the students is leading academic to stop teaching these subjects entirely.

And I hate to say this, but it’s undeniable: Plante’s experience makes me wonder if some students are feigning trauma in order to skip class, readings, and assignments. “This triggers me” is the new “my dog ate my homework.”

And thus, knowledge passed on to future generations, much like successive editions of 1984’s Newspeak Dictionary, becomes ever smaller. Tom Wolfe promised us the 21st century would the era of “The Great Relearning,” but in the race between those who wish to preserve mankind’s knowledge and those who want to toss it all away, the airbrush artists are currently winning.


TONI AIRAKSINEN: How the Feminist Silence on False Rape Accusations Hurts Everyone. “Even when women victimize men by making false allegations of violence, the media still protects them. Feminists, in their quest for rape to be treated seriously, are doing their anti-rape cause (and their credibility) a complete disservice by refusing to recognize that some women do fabricate claims. And everyone — men, women, and real victims — suffers.”

TEACH WOMEN NOT TO RAPE! (CONT’D): Saugus mom pleads guilty to rape of two teenage boys.

TEACH WOMEN NOT TO RAPE! (CONT’D): Married teacher ‘was caught having a tryst with student, 15, after their SEX TAPE was shared around the school.’ “Charlaina Lee Wilson, 33, of Knoxville, Alabama, is charged with rape, sodomy, transmitting obscene material to a child by computer and distributing material harmful to minors, according to Selma police. Authorities say Wilson had sex with the student multiple times at different locations – including school grounds and on field trips. The relationship is thought to have been going on for a year.”

I’m grateful it wasn’t Knoxville, Tennessee.

DEMOCRAT OPERATIVE WITH A BYLINE SAYS WHAT? Scandal-plagued George Stephanopoulos asks is it ‘appropriate’ for scandal-plagued Roger Ailes to advise Trump?

Flashbacks: “Stephanopoulos Again Fails to Disclose His Donations During Clinton Interview” as recently as April of 2016. Hillary’s operative with a byline at ABC donated a reported $75,000 to the Clinton Foundation, which the Sunlight Foundation noted “operates as a slush fund for the Clintons.”

In the run-up to the 2012 presidential election Dan Gainor of Fox News explored another “Scandal No One is Talking About:”

We are watching ABC’s George Stephanopoulos attack Herman Cain on how he deals with women. This is the same George Stephanopoulos who worked for Bill Clinton and did his best to undermine attacks against him. Remember, Clinton was charged with a variety of women-unfriendly incidents including rape. Yes, rape. Not that the networks made a big deal of it at the time.

Here’s Stephanopoulos, on page 267 of his autobiography “All Too Human,” “Most important, I wanted to keep reports of Paula [Jones’] press conference off television … It wasn’t a hard sell.” His book goes on to say how he tried to discredit her. Yes, this openly Democratic operative is a “newsman” now.

Don’t believe it for a second. The different between “journalist” and Democratic Party operative is often non-existent.

Just think of them as Democratic operatives with bylines, and you won’t go far wrong.

ASHE SCHOW: ‘Safe spaces’ have become about exclusion, not free expression.

Over at the Washington Post, Brown University President Christina Paxson argues that safe spaces are about free expression, not its exclusion.

She’s not entirely wrong, and as she points out, there have essentially become two types of safe spaces on college campuses in recent years. One is perfectly acceptable — groups of students with similar interests or backgrounds joining together to share experiences and ideas. These are otherwise known as friend groups.

The other is clearly designed to excude, and that’s the kind that turns adult students into toddlers. Paxson noted one such instance of this, and tried to make it seem like it doesn’t happen often. The incident Paxson described occurred at Brown University several years ago, and included a room with “cookies, coloring books, bubbles, Play-Doh, calming music, pillows, blankets and a video of frolicking puppies, as well as students and staff members trained to deal with trauma.”

The reason such a room was necessary for these students was because Wendy McElroy was speaking during a debate and suggesting that the “rape culture” narrative permeating colleges and universities across the country is not accurate. Students so wrapped up in this narrative regressed to children and needed a room similar to what would be found at a preschool.

Paxson described this room “as a resource to support survivors of sexual assault.” Even in that context, it was crummy. Does this mean Brown thinks survivors of sexual assault are no longer adults? That once a sexual assault has occurred, a victim can never — or should never — move on with their life?

They’ll turn us all into childlike victims ’cause they’re easier to please.

MISTER, WE COULD USE AN AD MAN LIKE DON DRAPER AGAIN. James Lileks on modern advertising:

Here’s your Male Archetype 2016: big hole in his ear, inked arm, curated beard, ineffably self-satisfied, involved in artisanal jams but yet bacon-aware because he’s a Man, and concerned with sustainability because he wears only thrifted tees.

We’re supposed to admire him but not really. He’s a cliche, a laughable sort — but not really. Women are supposed to be impressed that he can get out a stain, and they’ll say they wish more men could just . . . take care of themselves, you know? But tbh they’re sorta messy themselves and can’t do much in the way of domestic stuff either. It would be nice if a guy knew how to do that stuff. Some of it. Not all of it. And not if he, like, has lots of ideas about domestic stuff, and is always saying you’re doing it wrong when you try to make a sandwich or lectures you for using Conflict Olive Oil. IT’S SO COMPLICATED

If you thought the “Man stupid, woman wise” cliché on TV was getting old, you have no idea just how long it’s been around. Read the whole thing.

QUESTIONS ASKED: The Mel Gibson-’Hacksaw Ridge’ debate “parallels that of Nate Parker, the director of ‘Birth of a Nation.’ Parker was acquitted in 1991 of rape, yet the story of that case has now been raised as the well reviewed movie is getting ready for release. The big Oscar debate of 2016 will be how to weigh the actions of these directors vs. their movies. Are we supposed to separate the man from his art? And how does the director’s personal actions color the way we look at the movies?”

Doesn’t Hollywood expect us to separate out from their work Roman Polanski and Woody Allen’s crimes and misdemeanors (to coin an Alvy Singer-approved phrase)? Spike Lee and Samuel L. Jackson’s racialism? Sean Penn and Oliver Stone’s love of totalitarian thugs? Alec Baldwin’s frequent assaults on well, seemingly everyone? Given how low the bar has been set by the industry, I’m not sure why Gibson alone should expect to be tossed down the memory hole.

PAST PERFORMANCE IS NO GUARANTEE OF FUTURE RESULTS, or nobody covers all the angles like the Politico:

Shot: Clinton’s advisers tell her to prep for a landslide.

—The Politico, Friday.

Chaser: Trump cuts into Clinton’s lead as crucial stretch begins: Both teams prepare for the biggest moment of 2016 – the Sept. 26 debate.

—The Politico, yesterday.

How can the first debate between Trump and Hillary be “the biggest moment of 2016,” when on Friday, you told us that Hillary could start measuring the drapes?

(Via John Podhoretz.)

SOUTHSIDE WITH YOU REVIEW: “Hagiographic retelling of Obama’s first date likely to disappoint those uninitiated into his cult of personality,” Sonny Bunch writes at the Washington Free Beacon, noting that the film comes complete with a funhouse mirror version of John Galt’s lengthy stemwinder near the end of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged:

Like Galt’s rambling ode to the Makers-Not-Takers Class, Obama’s vision of a world that works best when compromise is prized bears little relation to the world we’ve seen for the last few years.

The rest of the film is less annoyingly, but rarely more artfully, put together. It’s a lot of shot/reverse shot and slow walk-and-talks, with Barack and Michelle’s faces all-too-often draped in shadows. Oddly, the movie often works better when Michelle and Barack are not on screen together, as in the early going when the two of them discuss the evening’s events with their respective families.

There’s an interesting film to be made about Obama’s relation to his father, but director Richard Tanne doesn’t make much use of this fertile territory.

That’s OK. Bill Whittle already made it five years ago, in a video that moves at a much brisker pace than the 84 minute running time of Southside With You:

ACCOUNTABILITY: Fraternity’s lawsuit against Rolling Stone will move forward.

A judge has ruled that a fraternity’s lawsuit against Rolling Stone, filed nearly a year ago, will move forward, denying the magazine’s motion to dismiss the case.

The fraternity, the University of Virginia chapter of Phi Kappa Psi, was accused by the magazine in a now-retracted article of requiring new pledges to take part in a gang rape. A young woman, identified only as “Jackie,” claimed she had been lured to a party at the Phi Psi house by one of its members, who then orchestrated a violent gang-rape against her atop a pile of broken glass.

But her story quickly fell apart once people began to question the logic of her story, and after Washington Post reporter T. Rees Shapiro discovered that Jackie made up the story in order to gain the affections of a man she had a crush on. It was discovered that no party took place at the fraternity house on the night of the alleged incident, and that pledging doesn’t even take place until the spring.

Nearly a year after the story fell apart, Phi Psi filed a lawsuit against Rolling Stone for defamation. On Thursday, Charlottesville Circuit Judge Richard E. Moore ruled that the accusations against the fraternity made by Rolling Stone could be seen as defamatory, and will allow the lawsuit to continue.

This is good news for the fraternity. In June, a federal district court judge had dismissed a lawsuit from three individual fraternity members who claimed they were easily identifiable from information contained in the Rolling Stone article. The judge in that case oddly claimed as part of his reasoning to dismiss that the brothers’ “defamation claims are directed toward a report about events that simply did not happen.” Yes, that’s exactly why they were suing and what defamation is.

Well, yes.


The world sided with Al Roker when he went in on Ryan Lochte after the Olympic swimmer’s elaborate lies about his Rio “robbery.”

“He lied to you, he lied to Matt Lauer, he lied to his mom,” Roker said to co-host Billy Bush on the “Today” show last week. “He left his teammates hanging while he skedaddled. There was no robbery, there was no pull over. He lied.”

Roker wasn’t wrong, but according to Page Six, “Today” show executives and on-air talent are unhappy with the way things went down.

Yes, you really don’t want to be discussing lying at a network that counts as its employees Brian Williams, Andrea Mitchell and Al Sharpton, and is tasked with helping shove Hillary’s military-grade exoskeleton over the finish line in November.

FEDS TOLD TO FIND THE FUGITIVE FELONS LIVING IN PUBLIC HOUSING AND EVICT THEM: Does good old fashioned shoe-leather reporting still make a difference? Consider Ethan Barton of the Daily Caller News Foundation Investigative Group. His work exposed the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s failure to enforce the law barring fugitive felons from living in public housing.

And now, as Barton reports today, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles Grassley is telling the HUD Inspector General to stop playing games about a previously unpublished 2012 report. That document estimated that 1,300 fugitive felons were living in public housing in just one HUD region. Grassley thinks it’s time for government officials to get serious about finding such fugitives and removing them, as required by federal law.

“’It is troubling that the full number of wanted fugitive felons living in public housing remains unknown, unexplained, undocumented and unjustified,’ the Iowa Republican wrote in a letter to HUD Inspector General (IG) David Montoya Wednesday. ‘Tenants deserve to know if a wanted fugitive felon is living in the same housing project.’

“So, Grassley wants the HUD IG to do ‘a thorough, nationwide investigation into the number of wanted fugitive felons living in public housing and the adequacy of controls in place to prevent that from occurring. The American people need assurance that HUD is enforcing the law and ensuring the safety and security of public housing tenants.’”

Grassley’s directive culminated a process that began several weeks ago when Barton first reported the 2012 document. When he asked the IG what was done about the 1,300 fugitive felons, he got the run-around and a claim the report was never published because it was based on faulty data. But what made the data faulty was never explained, to Barton or to Grassley.

It will take a while but ultimately Grassley’s directive should result in hundreds of dangerous criminals being removed from public housing and brought to justice. No telling how many murders and rapes will never happen now because a persistent journalist refused to go away.



KEVIN D. WILLIAMSON: The real scandal of EpiPen pricing.

Bernie Sanders doesn’t have the first clue how an EpiPen works or what went into developing it, but he’s sure he knows what one should cost, and he’s sure who should decide — him. You know what Bernie Sanders is? He’s a bum. He was damn near 40 years old before he ever found his way into a full-time job, and that was in elected office; before that, he collected benefits, sold his creepy rape fantasies for left-wing newspapers at $50 a pop, and never lifted a finger toward any genuinely productive enterprise. He’s been suckling greedily at the public teat since way back when he could remember where his car keys are. Funny thing, though: Now he’s a bum with a third home on the waterfront of a Vermont island worth the better part of a million dollars. Every good apparatchik eventually gets his dacha.

Mrs. Clinton is a bum and a crook who used the State Department as a funnel to guide the money of favor-seeking business interests at home and abroad into the Clinton Foundation, a sham charity that exists to pay six-figure salaries to Clintons (Chelsea is full-time executive there) and their courtiers.

These people are parasites. They make: nothing. They create: nothing. They produce: nothing. But they feel perfectly justified — they positively glow with moral frisson — standing between the people who create and build and the people who benefit from those creations.

Besides, the money to pay for ObamaCare’s medical device tax has to come from somewhere.

RAPE VICTIM: Stop Watering Down Rape.

Chad Felix Greene says he was raped a decade ago after he agreed to meet a man at a hotel room expecting to then go to dinner and a movie. He says the man overpowered him and raped him, and that the rape was calculated.

Greene, as a survivor of rape, disagrees with the current culture that equates drunken hookups to what happened to him. He further disagrees with current feminist doctrine that drunken women cannot consent to sex, but drunken men can.

“Furthermore, asserting women alone cannot consent while intoxicated greatly undermines the concept of female sexual independence,” Greene wrote. “We treat women like children when we demand they can choose to intoxicate themselves but cannot choose any action afterwards when it comes to sexuality. Men cannot be expected to hold both authority roles while equally intoxicated.”

Greene insists that no one is pro-rape, but that feminists now label as an “apologist” for rape anyone who suggests a regretted drunken hookup is anything but rape.

He also echoes what many due-process advocates have been saying, that broadening the definition of rape and suggesting that women who have been drinking cannot consent actually hurts female sexual liberation. Many schools have policies now that an accuser (who is usually a woman) can be too drunk to consent to sex but the accused (almost always a man) is responsible for his actions even if drunk.

The analogy of drunk driving is often used, but only against the accused. A person who gets behind the wheel of a car while drunk is not excused of their actions.

Thus reducing women to the status of objects. A car is an object: It does not act, it is acted upon.

CATHY YOUNG: Stop calling Nate Parker a rapist: In our current cultural climate, there’s no way for a man to shake the charge of rape, even after he’s found innocent.

The much-anticipated October opening of “The Birth of a Nation,” the story of Nat Turner’s 1831 slave rebellion, is now clouded by past rape allegations against director, writer and star Nate Parker. Already, critics are lined up against the film. In a New York Times op-ed, Roxane Gay declared she won’t see it; a black popular culture site refused to review it. A blogger for the Seattle alternative paper, the Stranger, has called for the studio to “pull the plug” on the movie altogether.

The twist: Parker was actually tried, and acquitted, on the rape charge 15 years ago.

For many, it seems, an accusation of rape now equals guilt not only before there is a conviction but even after a not-guilty verdict. This may look just to those for whom “believe the survivors” is an article of faith. But such “justice” will inevitably shatter lives — and may hurt victim advocacy by lending credence to fears that rape accusations are a danger to the innocent.

I’m beginning to think that’s true myself.

ASHE SCHOW: Differing definitions of rape create opening for misuse.

Different federal agencies define rape differently, and activists looking to make it look like there’s a rape “epidemic” occurring across the country can take their pick of data related to those definitions.

The Government Accountability Office, in response to a request from Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo, discovered the disagreement among federal agencies of what is and is not rape. McCaskill herself is one of the biggest advocates for basing draconian legislation on of a broad definition that results in flawed statistics.

The GAO found “at least 10 efforts to collect data on sexual violence, which differ in target population, terminology, measurements, and methodology.” It also found “23 different terms to describe sexual violence.”

These definitions lead to vast differences in the number of victims of rape and sexual assault. The FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting system found 84,175 American rape victims in 2011, but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention — using a much broader definition in a self-reported survey — estimated there were 1,929,000 victims in 2011. That’s a 2,200 percent increase.

While the FBI used actual reported crime statistics based on the legal definition of rape, the CDC used a definition so broad it included things like stolen kisses or merely “unwanted contact” that could have been the result of misread signals.

Of course, those pushing an agenda that sexual assault and rape — especially on college campuses — has reached “epidemic” proportions will use the broader definition, even if it is only backed by a self-reported survey. They use this information to promote bills like the Campus Accountability and Safety Act, which insists all accusers be believed and takes steps to ensure accused students have no ability to defend themselves.

Kangaroo courts.


Hillary Clinton’s top campaign aide, and the woman who might be the future White House chief of staff to the first female US president, for a decade edited a radical Muslim publication that opposed women’s rights and blamed the US for 9/11.

One of Clinton’s biggest accomplishments listed on her campaign Web site is her support for the UN women’s conference in Bejing in 1995, when she famously declared, “Women’s rights are human rights.” Her speech has emerged as a focal point of her campaign, featured prominently in last month’s Morgan Freeman-narrated convention video introducing her as the Democratic nominee.

However, soon after that “historic and transformational” 1995 event, as Clinton recently described it, her top aide Huma Abedin published articles in a Saudi journal taking Clinton’s feminist platform apart, piece by piece. At the time, Abedin was assistant editor of the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs working under her mother, who remains editor-in-chief. She was also working in the White House as an intern for then-First Lady Clinton.

Headlined “Women’s Rights are Islamic Rights,” a 1996 article argues that single moms, working moms and gay couples with children should not be recognized as families. It also states that more revealing dress ushered in by women’s liberation “directly translates into unwanted results of sexual promiscuity and irresponsibility and indirectly promote violence against women.” In other words, sexually liberated women are just asking to be raped.

Well, to be fair, that last was pretty much Hillary’s attitude toward Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey, et al.

TEACH WOMEN NOT TO RAPE! (CONT’D): Kentucky substitute teacher faces rape charges. “The Paducah Sun reports that a grand jury indicted 27-year-old Kasey Warren on Friday on charges of third-degree rape and third-degree sodomy.”

TEACH WOMEN NOT TO RAPE! (CONT’D): I’m worried my ex-dominatrix sister may have molested my son.

DROIT DE SEIGNEUR: Wonkette dismisses Bill Clinton’s alleged rape of Juanita Broaddrick as “alpha sex,” because, hey, it was the ‘70s, man: “I can absolutely see Bill Clinton doing this (then, not now) and not even thinking of it as rape, but thinking of it as dominant, alpha sex. I can see a LOT of men doing that during that time period, before we started telling them in the ’80s, ‘hey, that is rape, do not do that,” Rebecca Schoenkopf, editor of Wonkette sniffs.

As Betsy Newmark responds, “Well, alright then. Now we know. If you raped a woman in the 1980s and then apologize, that’s okay. You were just being an alpha sort of guy. Right. I’m sure that is what any feminist would have believed about any man, Republican or Democrat. But if that’s true, why get so upset about the accusation that Clarence Thomas once made a joke in the 1980s about a public hair on his can of coke? That was regarded as a major transgression. Rape by Bill Clinton? Not so much.”

But that was pretty much a feminist leitmotif of the 1990s, as they pivoted overnight, Oceania-style from attacking Thomas, John Tower, and Bob Packwood in the early 1990s to defending Bill Clinton and his scandal-plagued trousers during the rest of the decade.

OF COURSE SHE DOES: These intellectual prostitutes always do. Wonkette Writer Forgives Bill Clinton For Rape … Because It Was the ’80s!

TEACH WOMEN NOT TO RAPE! (CONT’D): “A female substitute teacher is facing rape charges after being accused of having sex with two male students, police said.”