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HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE, LEGAL EDUCATION EDITION: Millennials In The Legal Academy: ‘Innovative Narcissists Lead The Way.’

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Profs say female STEM grades don’t reflect ‘perceived effort.’ You could write an entire book promoting patriarchy based solely on feminist statements about female weakness and gullibility.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: College Freshmen’s Self-Reports Of Psychological Disorders Doubled Since 2010.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE, LEGAL EDUCATION EDITION: Vermont Law School Plans Faculty Cuts. “McHenry said that, in a process that began last October, all faculty positions are being reviewed for efficiency gains to help the law school recover from the effects of a national downturn in enrollment that hit its nadir a few years ago. McHenry declined to discuss details of the restructuring process, which is expected to be completed in late June, but gave examples of expected outcomes that include shifting some professors to professor emeritus status, reducing the teaching and programmatic load for others, and asking others to take on more responsibilities. Several members of the faculty, including some senior professors with tenure, declined comment.”

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: School commits to ‘freedom of thought,’ but not speech. “A student who has been repeatedly punished for expressing his viewpoints is blasting Lone Star College-Tomball for proclaiming its commitment to ‘freedom of thought’ while censoring speech based on content. Quade Lancaster was demoted from his role as student government president after expressing support for the Second Amendment, and later had an award mysteriously revoked after he had already invited his family to the ceremony.”

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Will handing curriculum design to industry solve the skills gap?

Wherever you are in the world, a constant complaint from industry is that universities are not producing graduates with the skills needed for today’s job market.

In the UK, for example, the latest skills survey conducted by the business lobby group CBI and Pearson found that one in four businesses had had to provide graduate recruits with remedial training in basic skills, and that a third had expressed concerns about university leavers’ attitudes and resilience.

In the developing world, these concerns are often even more pronounced. A recent survey conducted in India found that only a third of employers and industry representatives believed that graduates possessed the skills that they wanted.

How, then, can this problem be solved? The approach adopted by South Korea’s Incheon National University – handing control of curricula to industry and reducing lecturers to tutors tasked with delivering pre-prepared content – is at one end of the scale, but it could become more widely adopted as countries push forward in the global skills race.

Such an approach would appear to pose significant problems for scholars. Not only does it shrink their influence in an area in which they have developed significant expertise, but it also raises questions about whether teaching can be informed by the research being conducted by academics, seen as a key driver of student engagement and the development of critical thinking.

Well, yes. But it’s not clear that “scholars” are creating the value they once did.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Professors Claim Evergreen State’s ‘Independent’ 38-Page Report On Riots Was Anything But Unbiased.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Prof calls for ‘toxic masculinity’ training in kindergarten.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Diversity Policies Are Corrupting the Sciences. “Anyone who believes that the hard sciences could never capitulate to identity politics in the way the humanities and softer sciences have should not read Heather MacDonald’s report just posted at City Journal. It’s too infuriating, and the impacts could be devastating. MacDonald surveys the National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Health, and accrediting organizations such as the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education and finds the quota police alive and well within them.”

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Conservative prof claims he was fired over political beliefs.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: College For Everyone? Even The Left Has Doubts.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE, OVERCOMING-INSTITUTIONAL-DISCRIMINATION EDITION: Prof creates guide to challenging anti-male discrimination. “University of Southern California professor Kursat Christopher Pekgoz has created a guide to help others challenge academic initiatives that exclude male students. Pekgoz has already succeeded in getting the U.S. Department of Education to investigate allegedly discriminatory programs at both USC and Yale University, but says much work remains to be done at other universities. Pekgoz argues that affirmative action programs for women, while historically defensible, are no longer justified because women have constituted a majority of U.S. college students since the 1981-1982 academic year.”

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: USC Alum Is One Of 101 Grads With $1 Million+ In Student Loans. No degree can justify that debt.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: UMich wants more time to explain how bias response team ensures ‘all voices can be heard.’

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE, LEGAL EDUCATION EDITION: NC Central Law School Replaces Dean, Shrinks 1L Class (By 33%), And Imposes Minimum LSAT (142) And UGPA (2.96) Admissions Requirements To Address ABA’s Accreditation Concerns. (Broken link fixed, and bumped.)

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Vanderbilt Chancellor Nicholas Zeppos got nearly $3M bonus after budget cuts, layoffs.. We see a lot about salary caps for CEOs, but I’d like to see salary caps for administrators at tax-exempt organizations. Why should any of them make more than a Supreme Court Justice?

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Maryland Prof claims she was dismissed for pro-Israel, anti-BDS views. “Landa claims that she was ‘ostracized’ by colleagues for taking a public stand against the BDS movement, and that an administrator removed her from teaching a class she had helped create because she took a 10-day trip to Israel.”

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE, LEGAL EDUCATION EDITION: 2018 Grad Decries Political Correctness At Stanford Law School.

At Stanford Law School, no more than three of approximately 110 full-time faculty publicly identify as conservative or libertarian. (By way of contrast, Stanford Law School touts on its webpage 23 full-time faculty under the inartful rubric of “minority.”) As a consequence, many of my classmates will graduate having never engaged with a law professor whose worldview and convictions track those of nearly half the voting public.

It would require nothing less than willful blindness to presume this state of play does not affect the education that students receive. Probably for obvious reasons, my classmates demonstrate little willingness to identify publicly with anything associated with conservatism or, God forbid, President Trump, no matter how trivial. By way of extraordinary example, the Law School Republicans will soon cease to exist as a student organization because — after a campaign of intimidation and opprobrium — not one underclassman would volunteer to serve on its board next academic year.

An almost unspoken agreement seems to exist among many students that all of us will soon be fabulously successful, so long as everyone remains a “team player” and nobody rocks the boat too earnestly. Political, moral, and religious convictions are, for the most part, accessories best deployed for instrumental purposes, rather than values to be espoused or explored for their own sake. In much the same manner that all respectable people may speak or dress or eat a certain way, students at Stanford Law School have come to believe — and not entirely without reason, given their surroundings — that all respectable people should think the same way. …

For the past two years, I have repeatedly beseeched the dean of Stanford Law School to follow the example set by the leaders of my undergraduate alma mater — the University of Chicago — and publicly affirm the centrality of viewpoint diversity to the aims of education. Each time, she has refused, citing squeamishness at the prospect of overstepping her portfolio. Yet during that same period, she has nonetheless offered schoolwide commentary on public topics as diverse as the violence in Charlottesville, the rescission of DACA, and the Trump administration’s efforts to ban transgender individuals from military service.

Beyond the Office of the Dean, Stanford Law School has staged programs aimed at helping students to #resist more effectively, celebrating International Workers’ Day and offering advice on “progressive lawyering” in the Trump era. Professors have sent schoolwide emails condemning anyone who supported President Trump as either an outright racist or an enabler who is #complicit. One professor even saw fit to join a student/alumni Facebook group for the purposes of criticizing the Law School Republicans.

When the taxpayers get tired of supporting this narrowmindedness, they’ll be accused of “anti-intellectualism.”

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE, RACIAL DISCRIMINATION EDITION: Why does MIT have so few Asian Americans compared to Caltech? Study blames ‘holistic’ admissions.

Related: Asians Get The Ivy League’s Jewish Treatment.

UPDATE: From the comments: “Why the GOP doesn’t hold senate hearing[s] and put force these Ivy League presidents to defend racial discrimination on camera, is beyond me.”


Allard’s abrupt departure is unusual in legal education, where law deans typically announce their intention to step down months or even a year in advance. Even when law school leaders clash with university officials or faculty, they are typically allowed to plan graceful exits out of the dean’s office. …

Allard’s deanship coincided with the national downturn in law school applications, and the school struggled with financial issues during that time. It has sold a number of its residential properties in the highly sought-after Brooklyn Heights neighborhood, and in 2016 sold off an office building across the street from its downtown Brooklyn campus for $76.5 million.

But those sales don’t appear to have been enough to keep the school in a strong financial position.

Last month, Moody’s Investors Service lowered the law school’s outlook from stable to negative, citing, “ongoing tuition pricing challenges and operating deficits that are deeper than previously projected and will continue for a period longer than anticipated, leading to a likely deterioration of spendable cash and investments.” But Moody’s also noted that the school’s unrestricted reserves give it time to “move to operating equilibrium.” Moody’s reported that the school generates $43 million annually.

More at the link.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE, CULTURE OF BIGOTRY EDITION: What’s Wrong With Being From the South? Just Ask an Academic in the North.

That kind of crass regionalism creates well-earned suspicion of ivory-tower elites. The stereotyping works in both directions. Each sustains the other, leading to electoral results that help neither the professors up north nor the pig farmers where I grew up. Regionalism creates openings for populists to exploit and worsen these divides. These attitudes pit rural against urban, college-educated against non-college-educated. If those of us in academe are truly so smart, we ought to be the ones taking the first step toward bridging this divide.

Unfortunately, the opposite is occurring. In the age of Trump, anti-Southern attitudes seem to have crystallized and worsened throughout higher education. Any Trump-voting area, in fact, seems to be fair game for ridicule. These attitudes undercut the efforts of those seeking to advance the rights of marginalized groups in regions of the country where evidence-based scholarship might be needed the most. . . .

It is strange to me that so many academics cannot see when they show prejudice against the rural, the religious, and the less formally educated. We are trained to recognize systematic bias in terms of race and gender — but we remain too often unaware of our geographic prejudices. . . .

Intellectual laziness is on the rise with disturbing results. After the mass shooting in Las Vegas, I spoke with a student who was bothered that she felt no sympathy at first for the victims. As we talked, she began to realize the rash of assumptions she had made about them: If they were attending a country-music concert, they must have voted for Trump, which meant they loved guns and thus deserved death. It’s an extreme example of our discourse of dehumanization — a vivid one in my memory. But it isn’t rare for me to hear similar assumptions expressed by students or faculty members, often without the critical self-reflection.

Looking down on the flyover people, and the unearned feeling of moral superiority it brings, is the coin with which the left pays its foot soldiers. Without that, many of them would be gone.

UPDATE: From the comments: “What’s most laughable is that the fans believe they are part of the team.”

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Colleges Bend the Rules for More Students, Give Them Extra Help: With an influx of students classified as disabled, schools move to accommodate their needs.

As many as one in four students at some elite U.S. colleges are now classified as disabled, largely because of mental-health issues such as depression or anxiety, entitling them to a widening array of special accommodations like longer time to take exams.

Under federal law, students can be considered disabled if they have a note from a doctor. That label requires schools to offer accommodations depending on the student’s needs. A blind student, for example, would have access to specialized software or a reader for an exam.

The rise in disability notes for mental-health issues has led to a surge in the number of students who take their exams in low-distraction testing centers, are allowed to get up and walk around during class or bring a comfort animal to school, among other measures. . . .

At Pomona, 22% of students were considered disabled this year, up from 5% in 2014. Other elite schools have also seen a startling jump in disabilities, according to data from the federal government and from the schools. At Hampshire, Amherst and Smith colleges in Massachusetts and Yeshiva University in New York, one in five students are classified as disabled. At Oberlin College in Ohio, it is one in four. At Marlboro College in Vermont, it is one in three.

Small, private schools have the greatest concentration of students with disabilities. Among the 100 four-year, not-for-profit colleges with the highest percentage of disabled students, 93 are private, according to a WSJ analysis of federal data.

Public schools have also seen a significant uptick in test accommodations. From 2011 to 2016, the number of students with special accommodations increased by an average of 71% among 22 flagship state schools, according to data obtained by The Wall Street Journal.

The most common accommodations come during testing. Students who receive extended time may get twice as long as their classmates to take an exam.

Some professors question how this affects the fairness of exams.

With reason.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Frustrated Profs Shut Down A Chancellor Search, Leaving President ‘Mortified.’ “The search for a new chancellor of the University of Massachusetts at Boston was shut down on Monday after the three finalists for the job dropped out. The candidates made their decision following faculty criticism of both the finalists and the search process. That’s an unusual outcome to a very common controversy. The widespread use of search consultants, the decline in shared governance, and the politicization of higher education have all contributed to the marginalization of faculty input in searches.”

Outside search firms are all the rage, but they don’t seem especially good at what they’re hired for. In fact, at my own institution, I think it’s fair to say that the quality of our administration has dropped since we started using them as opposed to promoting internally.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: UNH prof gloats about disrupting conservative speaker. “One of the protesters who temporarily disrupted a speech by Dave Rubin at the University of New Hampshire on May 1 turns out to be a Women’s Studies professor at the school. Shortly after the event, Dr. Joelle Ruby Ryan gleefully tweeted that ‘we were able to disrupt this man’s hate speech as much as possible,’ declaring that ‘”civil discourse” with him is impossible.’ Ryan will be teaching a course called ‘Trans/forming gender’ next fall, which is reserved exclusively for incoming freshmen and will ‘explore the multiple ways in which gender is constructed.'”

At least some of it seems to be constructed out of shrieking harpies with no regard for the rights of others.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: George Washington University blocks appeal by accused student after accuser caught inventing evidence: lawsuit.


HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE, HOSTILE EDUCATIONAL ENVIRONMENT EDITION: College course explores ‘feminist critique of masculinity.’

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE, GET-WOKE-GO-BROKE EDITION: Rough Social Justice at Evergreen State: The Washington college’s enrollment plummets as even the left sours on protest-mob politics.

Here’s the math behind an academic hemorrhage: Between 500 and 600 fewer students will attend Evergreen State College next fall than in 2017, according to internal estimates. That means projected full-time enrollment is down as much as 17% from 3,500 last fall. When President George Bridges saw an internal email outlining these numbers, his impulse was to get the public-relations department to finesse them. Otherwise, he wrote, they “might end up appearing elsewhere in ways that will be used against us.”

Mr. Bridges has himself to blame. Nationwide, after administrators have capitulated to disruptive student activists, colleges have lost the support of donors, alumni, parents and prospective students. If there was one school you’d expect to defy this trend, it would be Evergreen, in Olympia, Wash. Founded in 1967, the college is proudly to the left of Berkeley and Middlebury. Its motto is literally “let it all hang out”—omnia extares—and radical activism has always been part of the pitch. But new records show that Evergreen hasn’t been spared the backlash that has plagued schools like the University of Missouri. This time, it’s coming from the left.

Applications for fall 2018 are down 20%. Sandra Kaiser, Evergreen’s vice president for college relations, claims the low application and enrollment numbers may not be as bad as they look because many students commit to Evergreen “at the last moment.” She added that “we normally expect enrollment to decline in a full-employment economy,” given that working adults, veterans and community-college transfers account for about half the student body.

At least someone is sick of all the winning. But an independent report on the protests, commissioned by Evergreen last October, reached a different conclusion. Published in April, it said that the declines in applications and enrollment were indeed “understood to be at least in part the result of the disruptions of last spring.” Moreover, current students were fleeing. Retention rates had long been “relatively stable,” the report said, but after the protests, undergraduate retention “reached its lowest performance in over a decade.” Only 60% of first-time, first-year students who enrolled last fall stayed through the end of the school year, “a full 8 percentage points below the prior year,” the report said.

All of this to placate a small group of students and faculty and “student life” administrators who will never be placated. A few firings and expulsions early on, coupled with strong statements about free speech, would have prevented this debacle.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Sociology prof convicted for smearing fake blood on NRA lobbyist’s home. “A professor of sociology from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln was convicted of vandalizing the home of a National Rifle Association lobbyist this week, with the judge ordering her to pay $500 in fines and stay away from the home in question.” Her name is Patricia Hill. And what gives with the University of Nebraska at Lincoln? It’s been one crazed-PC thing after another lately.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Kent State Admits Grad’s Open AR-10 Carry On Campus Was Perfectly Legal. “The statement strongly implied, however, that Kent State would prohibit all firearms if it could, noting that state law only allows it to regulate the ‘privileges’ of those affiliated with the university.”

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: “Today’s higher education implosion news comes from my graduate alma mater, Claremont Graduate University, which emailed everyone yesterday about the imminent closure of its graduate program in philosophy. I’ll update this if I get any better inside information, but I suspect declining enrollment is the main cause, though I hear many programs at CGU are running deeply in the red, so this may be just the first program to go under. . . . Maybe the university is indeed committed to the humanities, but somehow we never hear of business or computer science programs being shrunk or discontinued.”

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Pomona students: Campus climate chills speech.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE, SELF-PARODY EDITION: Liberal prof tries to ban book about Robert E. Lee’s horse.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: This professor is beloved for making his students intellectually uncomfortable. Duke just dumped him.

About 100 students and alumni have asked Duke University to reinstate a professor whose teaching style encourages students to think critically about their opinions and opposing views.

They believe that the private university refused to renew a contract for Evan Charney, associate professor of the practice in the Sanford School of Public Policy, because he made some students feel uncomfortable by playing devil’s advocate on sensitive issues.

“In a time when political tribalism and divisiveness keep us from engaging fruitfully with one another, the skills Charney teach us are necessary to train the next generation of citizens,” they wrote in an open letter published by The Duke Chronicle.

The College Fix reviewed two other letters defending Charney (below), including one from ethnically Chinese students who disputed that his classroom is not a “safe space” for minorities.

Hannah Beiderwieden told The Fix she believes a lot of students are “unprepared to have their views challenged” because “no professor has this kind of discourse.”

Cost of attending Duke University: $72,554 per year.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: One Surefire Way to Stop Outrageous Student Demands.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE, OPEN SEXISM EDITION: STEM prof offers to boost female students’ grades. “The University of Akron says it will not allow a STEM professor to conduct an ‘experiment’ by artificially boosting the final grades of female students by a ‘level or two.’ Professor Liping Liu described the grade inflation policy as part of a ‘national movement to encourage female students to go to information sciences,’ asserting that his female students might not pass without the boost.”

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE, OPEN RACISM EDITION: Student group bars white ‘allies’ from forum on arming police.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: The Bullshitization Of Academic Life. “In most universities nowadays — and this seems to be true almost everywhere — academic staff find themselves spending less and less time studying, teaching, and writing about things, and more and more time measuring, assessing, discussing, and quantifying the way in which they study, teach, and write about things (or the way in which they propose to do so in the future).”

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE, GET-WOKE-GO-BROKE EDITION: Plummeting enrollment prompts $6M budget cut at Evergreen State.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Students blast ‘intimidating’ endorsement of Nobel for Trump.

When a committee chair issued an unauthorized statement on behalf of the Student Bar Association at Rutgers Law School and refused to rescind it, SBA President John DeLuca decided to give him a taste of his own medicine.

DeLuca issued a statement endorsing President Trump’s nomination for a Nobel Peace Prize, which was quickly denounced as “harmful,” “dangerous,” and “intimidating.”

As always, it’s different when we do it.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Commencement speaker slammed for criticizing #MeToo movement. “Nella Gray Barkley caused a stir with her commencement speech at Sweet Briar College, during which she said she has only ‘partial sympathy’ for the #MeToo movement. Barkley argued that women must stand up for themselves by setting ‘high expectations’ and ‘ground rules,’ which some students and alumni called a ‘shameful and disgusting’ display of ‘internalized misogyny.'”

Expecting women to display agency and take responsibility is now anti-feminist.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: College May Not Be Worth It Anymore.

It’s a cruel irony that a college degree is worth less to people who most need a boost: those born poor. This revelation was made by the economists Tim Bartik and Brad Hershbein. Using a body of data, the Panel Study of Income Dynamics, which includes 50 years of interviews with 18,000 Americans, they were able to follow the lives of children born into poor, middle-class and wealthy families.

They found that for Americans born into middle-class families, a college degree does appear to be a wise investment. Those in this group who received one earned 162 percent more over their careers than those who didn’t.

But for those born into poverty, the results were far less impressive. College graduates born poor earned on average only slightly more than did high school graduates born middle class. And over time, even this small “degree bonus” ebbed away, at least for men: By middle age, male college graduates raised in poverty were earning less than nondegree holders born into the middle class. The scholars conclude, “Individuals from poorer backgrounds may be encountering a glass ceiling that even a bachelor’s degree does not break.”

The authors don’t speculate as to why this is the case, but it seems that students from poor backgrounds have less access to very high-income jobs in technology, finance and other fields. Class and race surely play a role.

I wrote about these problems a while back. And I wonder, if you take out the institutions that are primarily signaling devices for the overclass, whether most of the gains attributed to higher education in general would vanish. This suggests that the answer is yes.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE, CRAZY YEARS EDITION: Professor notes men are taller than women on average, SJWs storm out angrily.

The speaker you’ll see here is biology professor Heather Heying, wife of professor Bret Weinstein. Both Heying and Weinstein left Evergreen State College as part of a settlement deal last year. Heying was making a point about physiological differences between men and women. “Are men taller than women on average?” Heying asked rhetorically. She added, “Does anyone take offense at that fact?”

It seems someone in the audience did because Dr. Peter Boghossian (seated on the right) turned toward the back of the room and Professor Heying chuckled.

“So I would say you could be irritated by it,” Heying said. She continued, “You could be irritated by the fact that women have to be the ones that gestate and lactate. You could be irritated by a lot of truths but taking offense is a response that is a rejection of reality.”

But before she had even finished her statement, a group of students got up and walked out of the room. As Heying continued to talk about physiological differences between men and women, there was a loud commotion in the back of the room. One of the protesters apparently damaged the sound system on the way out.

At this point, a camera out in the lobby area shows a small group of protesters, one of whom (the girl with purple hair) is led to a seat by a police officer. There are some cuts in the video but she is clearly agitated and says at one point, “Even the women in there have been brainwashed.” She shouts “F**k the police” as she exits a few moments later.

Another protester in the lobby says, “You should not listen to fascism. It should not be tolerated in civil society. Nazis are not welcome in civil society.” I guess that explains the urge to wreck the sound system.

I predict that it will be harder and harder to argue that higher education adds value, either for individuals or for society.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Harvard organization doxxes professor because she criticized its portrayal of Trump voters. “[A]n incident like this could easily be discussed in the pages of Columbia Journalism Review, Poynter, or other industry publications, but the journalism community has been quiet on this matter, perhaps due to Nieman Lab’s influence in the industry. The silence sets a dangerous precedent.”

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: UNL Faculty Side With Faculty Member Who Bullied Conservative Student.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: College tells students to report ‘hate speech’ to police.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE, LEGAL EDUCATION EDITION: Law School Applicants Are Up 8.8%. People are saying this is because of Trump, so I guess lawprof jobs are just another domestic industry he’s saved!

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE, DIVERSITY-PROBLEM EDITION: Democrats On Elite Liberal Art College Faculties Outnumber Republicans By 10:1.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE, ADMINISTRATIVE BLOAT EDITION: Administrative Bloat On Campuses Isn’t Just Expensive, It’s Stifling.

Graeber observes that, in the 20-year period from 1985 to 2005, the number of administrators increased at universities by 85 percent while the number of students and faculty increased by only 50 percent. In that same period, the number of administrative staff ballooned by a staggering 240 percent.

Graeber attributes this condition to “managerial feudalism,” and the label has not been misapplied. The aristocracy he describes is barely distinguishable from seigneury. Department heads and faculty deans are beneficiaries of a modern form of Manorialism. After all, what is a lordship without vassals? As Graeber outlines, reputation demands that every administrative staffer of sufficient rank retain at least four or five subordinates. “Office workers are typically kept on even if they are doing literally nothing, lest somebody’s prestige suffer,” Graeber wrote.

Payroll costs are expensive. It is no coincidence that in nearly the same period that Graber identifies as the point at which university administrative staff began to expand exponentially the cost of achieving a higher education exploded. Between 1985 and 2011, the cost of a four-year degree increased by 498 percent while consumer inflation rose by just over 100 percent. American incomes have only just about kept pace with inflation in that same timeframe, so the cost of college has for many become a prohibitive expense even if it is increasingly a necessary one.

If only someone had warned about this.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Course critiques ‘superficiality’ of ‘dominant white culture.’

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Students ‘deeply hurt’ by criticism of liberal intolerance.

A conservative student was scolded by an administrator for giving a speech at a recent “Open Mic” event that apparently “deeply hurt” her liberal classmates.

The administrator said several students had filed complaints after Nicole Miller read a letter describing “horror stories” of conservative students being ridiculed, threatened, and even attacked simply for being “Trump lovers.”

They want to be nasty little Red Guards and they don’t want to have to confront what they’re doing, and — of course — there’s an “administrator” handy to take their side. Her name is Trisha DeWolf and she works at the . . . “Lifestyles Center.”

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: School severs ties with ‘Unmasking Whiteness’ conference.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Ivies snub conservatives at commencement for third straight year.

Meanwhile, if you want to fight inequality, abolish the Ivy League.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: USC student put on trial after debating peers on Facebook. We can’t have debate here, this is a university!

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Middlebury offers course on ‘anti-capitalist feminisms.’

Cost of attending Middlebury College, $69,464 per year.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: American University orders students to agree women can revoke consent after sex.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Private Colleges Dole Out Scholarships to Boost Enrollment, but It Isn’t Working: Tuition discount rates have risen to a record 49.9% for freshmen. “Private colleges have been aggressively discounting tuition in an effort to boost enrollment, a risky strategy that now may be backfiring as students aren’t signing up in droves, even at sale prices.”

Plus: “There is a chance that discounting tuition in order to serve the needs of financially challenged students may actually harm them, because discounted high-sticker prices may dissuade students from applying to certain schools without examining full aid packages.”

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Duke students outraged that admin won’t punish ‘hate speech.’

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: UCSD says faculty hires must show they understand ‘barriers’ facing women. The problem? There aren’t any.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE, SELF-DESTRUCTIVE IDEOLOGY EDITION: Montana State’s Faculty Senate narrowly votes down proposed economics research center to be funded by an active Charles Koch Foundation grant.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE, GALLUP EDITION: Americans Have Little Confidence in Grads’ Readiness for Work, College.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: How Liberty University Is Revolutionizing Higher Education, and Getting Rich In The Process. “The real driver of growth at Liberty, it turns out, is not the students who attend classes in Lynchburg but the far greater number of students who are paying for credentials and classes that are delivered remotely, as many as 95,000 in a given year. By 2015, Liberty had quietly become the second-largest provider of online education in the United States, according to The Chronicle of Higher Education, its student population surpassed only by that of University of Phoenix, as it tapped into the same hunger for self-advancement that Trump had with his own pricey Trump University seminars. Yet there was a crucial distinction: Trump’s university was a for-profit venture. (This month, a judge finalized a $25 million settlement for fraud claims against the defunct operation.) Liberty, in contrast, is classified as a nonprofit, which means it faces less regulatory scrutiny even as it enjoys greater access to various federal handouts.”

If Trump were smarter, he would have organized Trump University as a nonprofit. Then the regulators are on your side: “If anything, Liberty benefited from the crackdown. The Obama administration’s actions helped put out of business large for-profit chains like Corinthian and ITT Technical Institute, clearing formidable competition from the field. Though there were other nonprofit institutions with online offerings — Arizona State, Southern New Hampshire and Western Governors, as well as premium players like Stanford and Duke — none were operating at Liberty’s scale.”

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Students storm library to denounce conservative ‘hate speech.’

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: College Republicans’ pro-NRA flyers trashed, members smeared as ‘racists.’

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Judge rules Ohio State Title IX official can be personally liable for helping rape accuser lie.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: A recent graduate and former student employee of the University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point recently posted a list of all the students on a College Republicans email list on social media to help “identify the racists.” “When challenged, Erwin Palma retorted that others have no business telling him how to treat Republican supporters because he is ‘a target for multiple forms of violence and oppression fueled by the Republican Party.'”

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE, BIG-YAWN EDITION: Temple Professor: The American Home Is an Oppressive Cisgender Space. The overwhelming majority of Americans are “cisgender.” They’re here, they’re not queer, get used to it.

Related: Study: Describing Breastfeeding as ‘Natural’ Is Unethical Because It Reinforces Gender Roles.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Emotional Support Animals Proliferate At Yale. “Emotional support animals require no training. They don’t even have to be dogs. Their purpose is to provide a therapeutic benefit through companionship. At Yale, there are emotional support dogs, emotional support cats and even an emotional support hedgehog.”

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE, IGNORANT RACISM EDITION: Student blasts ‘pale faces’ in pro-life movement.

Reminder: “In short, if you find Christian traditionalism creepy, it’s black people you’re talking about.”

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: ‘Being Not-Rich’: Low-Income Students at Michigan Share Savvy Advice. It’s interesting. Most college students at state schools used to be “not rich.” Now, apparently, trips to Europe are the norm, or at least people think they are.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE? WHAT HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE?  America’s $1 trillion student debt problem heads into its sixth year.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE, DELIBERATE MARGINALIZATION EDITION: University requires viewpoint diversity group’s events to pass ‘health and safety’ review. “No other clubs are subject to this policy.”


HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE, COMMIE PROPAGANDA EDITION: Prof says individual rights fuel ‘capitalist violence.’ He’s from the increasingly-pathetic Marquette.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE, FREE LABOR EDITION: SIU Carbondale plans to recruit alumni for ‘volunteer’ adjunct positions.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Prof Charged For Spraying Fake Blood On NRA Lobbyist’s House.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Conservative student assaulted during ‘change my mind’ event. “‘Gun control advocates preach about non-violence,’ Bennett commented, ‘but it is far too common to see them either making threats verbally, or actually physically harming someone and their property. What will Kent State come to when dialogue can’t happen on campus because people are being assaulted?’”

It will come to the state that lefties clearly desire.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: ‘Your kids masturbate’ and other provocative lines from Fresno State professor’s talks.

In one clip featured in the video, Jarrar is discussing Fresno’s agriculture industry and says “a lot of the farmers now are Trump supporters and just f—ing stupid.” In another, she says she can’t stand “the white, hetero patriarchy.”

Also in the video, Jarrar criticizes what she sees as Democrats’ inaction on political issues, pointing to “resistance fighters” in the 1960s and ’70s who hijacked planes.

“I don’t give a f—. I’m buying guns. I’m an American. I’m buying guns,” she says in one video clip. “The other side is, like, doing some stupid s—. I’m gonna do some stupid s—. I’m tired of, like, being the bigger person — literally am usually — but, like, I’m also just tired of the left being, like, f—ing stupid and being like, ‘No we have to like be gentle’ … no, don’t be f—— gentle.'”

She sounds like a potential danger to others or herself.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE, COLLECTIVE PUNISHMENT EDITION: Cal Poly shuts down Greek life after offensive online photos. Note that no other campus community is punished en masse for the actions of a few.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE, LEGAL EDUCATION EDITION: Proposed Student Loan Cap Could Cause 20-30 Law Schools To Close Within Five Years.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: At U. Delaware ‘hate crime’ protest, activists harass, threaten onlookers.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: VIDEO: Students shocked that Obama also sent troops to border.


HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE, CAMPUS VIOLENCE EDITION: Student arrested after dousing College Republicans with paint. You really have to see the photo of the assailant.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: College Republicans Get In Huge Trouble for Posting ‘I.C.E. I.C.E. Baby’ Signs.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Universities and colleges struggle to stem big drops in enrollment.

If only there had been some sort of warning available.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: UMN tells students that ‘privilege’ helps them ‘level up.’

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Scripps College is standing by its decision to host two Venezuelan diplomats for a speech about the communist country’s “grassroots initiatives.” Hey, it’s not like it’s Milo Yiannopoulos or Kevin Williamson or something.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE, ENTITLED-TWITS EDITION: Duke protesters upset THEY were scolded, say alumni at event should have been rebuked. “Instead of actually going to the alumni and saying ‘that’s not appropriate’ or removing them from the space, they were more worried about us.” It’s quite revealing that the students just assumed administrators would take their side and “remove” anyone who contradicted them “from the space.”

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Sociology prof swears at conservative student during class. “The student said he had contended that sexual abuse was not a problem exclusively dealt with by women, and that men can be affected too, causing the professor to shout ‘f— your life’ at him.”

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Purdue University Just Froze Tuition For The 7th Year. Mitch Daniels Explains How.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: University fired a conservative professor for blogging. Now it’s denouncing him in Google ads.