July 21, 2016

‘VOTE YOUR CONSCIENCE’ WAS A RORSCHACH TEST, AND DONALD TRUMP’S CAMPAIGN FAILED: “Trump’s campaign could’ve made lemonade out of Cruz’s speech. Instead, it opened the wound Cruz caused and squirted lemon juice into it,” Sean Davis writes at the Federalist.

If not lemonade, perhaps a nice Trump Merlot? (Just looking for an excuse to dust off this Photoshop from the primaries, back in March.)



I’M GUESSING MARK RIPPETOE WILL HAVE THOUGHTS: Lifting Lighter Weights Can Be Just as Effective as Heavy Ones.

But they didn’t ask permission to use my picture with this story. For shame. . . .

BOOM! Cornel West: Hillary Presidency ‘Could Lead to World War III.’

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LIFE IN THE 21ST CENTURY: Gene Therapy Trial Wrenches Families as One Child’s Death Saves Another.

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NERO FIDDLES, TWITTER BURNS: “When Twitter banned Milo Yiannopoulos, a tech editor for the conservative news website Breitbart.com who used the Twitter handle @Nero, Yiannopoulos reacted with characteristic modesty,” Debra J. Saunders writes in the San Francisco Chronicle, hometown paper for the northern terminus of Silicon Valley. “He told the New York Times the ban launched ‘the beginning of the end for Twitter.’ Oddly, Yiannopoulos may be right.”

Read the whole thing.

ASKING THE IMPORTANT QUESTIONS: What is the ‘ab crack’ and is it really achievable?

CRUZ TELLS TEXAS DELEGATES: I won’t be a “servile puppy dog” to a man who attacked my wife and father.

Related: Ted’s Calculation.

IN THE MAIL: From Sharon Lee & Steve Miller, Alliance of Equals.

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TAXPROF ROUNDUP: The IRS Scandal, Day 1169.


President Erdoğan immediately asked the United States to extradite Gülen. Then began the purge. As many as 9,000 have so far been detained and 60,000 dismissed from their jobs. Many have been casually accused of being the top plotters. Serious news channels and publications have been more careful, but pro-government news organs have shown little regard for the principle of presumption of innocence. From the beginning of the coup attempt, the former commander of the Turkish Air Force, Akın Öztürk, was portrayed in the media as the leader. Yet in his testimony to the prosecutor, the general denied that he was in any way involved: He claimed the Chief of the General Staff, the head of the intelligence service, and many others as witnesses of his innocence. His testimony is internally consistent, at least. The former Chief of Staff, Necdet Özel, said, “Akın Öztürk did not raise any suspicions. If he had such an intention [the coup], why did he not do it when he was the Commander of the Air Force?” . . .

But it is not over. Two horrible truths have been revealed. First, it is now beyond doubt that the military has long possessed a faction that is both homicidal and suicidal, men in uniforms with access to heavy arms and a willingness to turn them on their fellow citizens. They have posed a grave threat to an unwitting Turkish public, and it is not clear that the threat has been nullified. It is moreover obvious now that the AKP has a street force, with a demonstrated willingness to kill, and both the ability and the willingness to commandeer the mosques to serve its own partisan purposes: Throughout the night, the mosques summoned people to the streets with the sound of the Sela—not the ezan. And while the coup plot was interrupted, the purge in action could be every bit as horrible as the purge had the plot succeeded. It is certain to ensnare the innocent.

How will this affect Turks’ view of the military? Until now, the military has been widely loved, held sacred, and regarded as a source of stability. A SONAR poll last April showed that the Turkish Armed Forces were the most trusted institution in the country (84.2 percent) and the government the least trusted (49.5 percent). Turks send their sons to military service with celebrations. Now that the rebels with uniforms have rained fire on them from above with F-16s and helicopters, and run them over with tanks, will their view change? It’s an unprecedented trauma, and it will surely have wide ramifications. The military’s identity is not easy to disambiguate from the nation’s. With real and growing threats to the nation in the form of the PKK and ISIS, Turks need their armed forces more than ever. Even the AKP, long at odds with the military, seems to have understood the people’s view of the Armed Forces and its significance. Two days ago, Prime Minister Yıldırım said, “I am saying this once again: This incident cannot be attributed to our military and our military’s chain of command. This is the work of a group within the military. Because our military is called the Prophet’s hearth. Our military, on the one hand, is dealing with these [putschists], on the other hand it is struggling in the Southeast. We should never ever not allow any incident that could diminish their morale.”

It’s easy to say, but hard to enforce. Trust in the military has been shattered, and will not easily be repaired.

I think Erdogan’s happy with that, as dictators don’t like rival power centers of any kind.



FROM THE EARTH TO TRAPPIST-1C: 2 ‘Nearby’ Exoplanets Confirmed to Be Rocky — and May Be Habitable.

Judging from the size and temperatures of the three planets around TRAPPIST-1, researchers previously suggested that regions on each world could be habitable — that is, have surfaces with just the right temperatures to harbor liquid water, a key ingredient of life as it is known on Earth. However, it was uncertain if these three planets were rocky worlds like Earth.

Now, TRAPPIST-1’s discoverers have found that the star’s two innermost worlds, TRAPPIST-1b and TRAPPIST-1c, are indeed primarily rocky planets.

The scientists made this new discovery by pointing NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope at TRAPPIST-1 to catch a rare event on May 4: a double transit, when two planets — in this case, TRAPPIST-1b and TRAPPIST-1c — pass in front of their star at nearly the same time.

The story also reports that “nearby” is still about 39 lightyears from Earth.

CULTURE OF CORRUPTION: Union Skims Off 3% of Medicaid Benefits as Political Slush Fund.

MICHAEL BARONE: A quick historical look at opposing your own party’s candidate. In the course of the essay he reminds everyone that Jimmy Carter was once a segregationist. It’s something of an incidental comment, but The Democratic Party was the party of slavery and segregation.

AS BRITAIN SWELTERS IN JULY HEAT, a debate on whether it’s okay to sunbathe in your underwear. I’d say that depends on you, and on your underwear.

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JAMES KIRCHICK IN THE L.A. TIMES: If Trump wins, a coup isn’t impossible here in the US.

Douglas MacArthur, call your office!

THE MSM THAT DIDN’T BARK: One Of Hillary Clinton’s DNC Delegates Literally Tried To Murder Someone, But Media Are Silent.

FUNDAMENTALLY TRANSFORMED: “Fewer People Are Starting Their Own Businesses,” Money, sister publication to Time, who anointed Obama the next FDR in November of 2008 notes.

In other words — c’mon, say it with me!“Unexpectedly.”

NO, BECAUSE THE BOYCOTTERS ARE ANTI-SEMITES AND ERDOGAN IS A MUSLIM: Will anti-Israel academic boycotters now also boycott Turkish universities? But it’s always nice to underscore their hypocrisy.


When Pat Smith, the mother of Sean Smith, who died in the Benghazi attack, gave a moving and heartbreaking speech at the Republican National Convention, the liberal media jumped to attack her. I’m not talking about criticism or the suggestion that her solutions for what happened shouldn’t be enacted; I’m talking about personal attacks.

Smith, who is still obviously grieving over the loss of her child, blamed Hillary Clinton for it. Clinton was the secretary of state at the time and appeared to make conflicting statements about what caused the attack on the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi, Libya.

“For all of this loss, for all of this grief, for all of the cynicism the tragedy in Benghazi has wrought upon America, I blame Hillary Clinton,” Smith said Monday night. “I blame Hillary Clinton personally for the death of my son.”

MSNBC said her “gross accusation” against Clinton “ruined” the night. A GQ writer tweeted: “I don’t care how many children Pat Smith lost I would like to beat her to death.” He has since deleted the tweet. Still others, like Salon and the Guardian, claimed the GOP was “exploiting” her pain to score points.

But as Jim Geraghty at National Review pointed out, this accusation of exploitation (and the harsh words directed at Smith) only come from the media when Republicans are involved. Geraghty mentioned how Democrats and the media weren’t lodging similar claims when Cindy Sheehan traveled to President George W. Bush’s home in Texas to protest the war, nor when Mitt Romney was blamed for causing cancer.

These attacks also don’t come from the Left or the media when the grieving parents are calling for gun control or for cops to be arrested (things media often endorse).

Think of them as Democratic operatives with bylines (and no consciences) and you won’t be far wrong.


SUCKERS! Tim Kaine Calls To Deregulate Banks As He Campaigns To Be Clinton’s VP.

CULTURE OF CORRUPTION: How did Elizabeth Warren earn $44,000 from Travelers Insurance? “By helping Travelers Insurance limit its liability exposure from asbestos lawsuits.”


Yale University on Tuesday announced that it would offer Corey Menafee, the former employee who left after breaking a window depicting slaves, the chance to return to the university.

A statement from Yale said that the university “has informed Mr. Menafee’s attorney that we are willing to grant his request for a second chance at Yale. Mr. Menafee, who resigned in June after he admitted intentionally breaking a stained-glass window, has expressed deep remorse about his actions and informed us that he would like to rescind his resignation. He will be allowed to return to a position in a different setting, starting on Monday, after serving a five-week unpaid suspension (including the time since his resignation on June 21). Yale has already asked the state’s attorney to drop all charges. We are willing to take these unusual steps given the unique circumstances of this matter, and it is now up to Mr. Menafee whether he wishes to return to Yale.”

Consequences are for members of disfavored groups.

FUNDAMENTALLY TRANSFORMED: In California, Seven is the Right Age to Begin Learning about LGBT History.

GANGSTER GOVERNMENT: Labor Sec. Tom Perez Used Personal Email Account To Leak Info To Planned Parenthood, New York Times. “Tom Perez, the Secretary of Labor considered to be on the short list of Hillary Clinton running mates, used a personal email account to leak information to The New York Times and Planned Parenthood while he worked at the Department of Justice’s office for civil rights.”

WHY STAY WHERE YOU’RE NOT WANTED? Shotgun Maker Mossberg Moving Operations Out Of Connecticut. “Investing in Texas was an easy decision. It’s a state that is not only committed to economic growth but also honors and respects the Second Amendment and the firearm freedoms it guarantees for our customers.”

Plus: “Mossberg follows Remington Arms, Kahr Arms, Les Baer Custom, Lewis Machine & Tool, American Tactical Imports, Ruger, Colt, Stag Arms, PTR Industries, Magpul, and Beretta in moving operations out of anti-gun states.”

Related: Mass AG Unilaterally Changes Gun Laws, Redefines Assault Weapon Definition.

The program to disarm the blue states is going swimmingly.


Read the whole thing.

AS A WISE COMMUNITY ORGANIZER WOULD SAY, GET IN THEIR FACES, AND PUNCH BACK TWICE AS HARD: “At one point the Trump supporters led by black conservative Ali Akbar confronted the leftist mob chanting, ‘Where are the blacks?’ and ‘Where are the gays?’”

CHANGE: Donald Trump Sets Conditions for Defending NATO Allies Against Attack.

During a 45-minute conversation, he explicitly raised new questions about his commitment to automatically defend NATO allies if they are attacked, saying he would first look at their contributions to the alliance. Mr. Trump re-emphasized the hard-line nationalist approach that has marked his improbable candidacy, describing how he would force allies to shoulder defense costs that the United States has borne for decades, cancel longstanding treaties he views as unfavorable, and redefine what it means to be a partner of the United States.

He said the rest of the world would learn to adjust to his approach. “I would prefer to be able to continue” existing agreements, he said, but only if allies stopped taking advantage of what he called an era of American largess that was no longer affordable.

Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty says that “an armed attack against one or more of them in Europe or North America shall be considered an attack against them all.” It has been invoked only once in NATO’s 67-year history, in defense of this country after the attacks on Washington and New York City of 9/11/2001.

IT’S JUST A DIVERSITY PROGRAM. DEMOCRATIC TOOLS ARE OVERREPRESENTED. WH slams Christie plan to purge government employees.

The White House on Wednesday took a jab at New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) for floating a proposal to fire government employees appointed by President Obama if Donald Trump wins the presidency in November.

“I think it’s fair to say that, if you want to stack up the ethical record of President Obama and his political appointees against the ethical record complied by Gov. Christie and his political appointees, that we’d welcome that kind of comparison,” spokesman Josh Earnest said during his daily press briefing.

The spokesman was making a not-so-veiled reference to the Bridgegate scandal, in which Christie appointees created traffic jams near the George Washington Bridge to punish a political opponent.

Christie reportedly told a group of donors at this week’s Republican National Convention that Trump’s administration would attempt to make it easier to fire government employees.

The New Jersey governor, an outspoken Trump backer, expressed concern that many Obama appointees may try to become civil servants, who are harder to remove, according to Reuters.

Earnest acknowledged that such a process exists, but stressed that appointees “in both parties have availed themselves of that process.”

I think the Obama Administration’s record of politicizing the Justice Department is without precedent, which perhaps justifies an unprecedented remedy.

MALCOLM MUGGERIDGE, CALL YOUR OFFICE: Calls for compulsory Islam classes in Germany the day after axe attack — multiculturalism is always one step ahead of satirists.

(Classical reference in headline.)

THE END OF SECULAR TURKEY: Turkey declares a state of emergency for three months.

Turkey declared a state of emergency on Wednesday, a move that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said would enable the state to act faster against those who plotted a failed coup.

In a late-night televised address, Erdogan, who has been carrying out a large-scale purge of the country’s institutions, sought to reassure the country that the measure — which would be in force for three months — will protect democratic freedoms. But the move consolidates more power in the president’s hands, allowing him to rule by decree.


HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE, LEGAL EDUCATION EDITION: Grads Of Mid- And Low-Tier Law Schools Hang Out Their Shingles To Survive In Brutal Job Market.


July 20, 2016

NOBODY THINKS HE’S STUPID: Ted Cruz Knew Exactly What He Was Doing.

WHY GOOGLE, FACEBOOK, ET AL. ARE BACKING HILLARY: Silicon Valley Could Get Pass in Democrats’ Antitrust Crusade.

FALLEN ANGELS IS JUST A SCIENCE FICTION NOVEL, RIGHT GUYS? RIGHT? GUYS? Global Warming Expedition Stopped In Its Tracks By Arctic Sea Ice.

MY COUP PAPER IS LOOKING MORE AND MORE TIMELY: LA Times: If Trump Wins, a Military Coup ‘Isn’t Impossible.’

QUESTION ASKED AND ANSWERED: “We need to eat less meat. Should the government step in?”, the Washington Post, owned by Jeff Bezos asks.

The answer is an emphatic “NO,” based on all of these tasty items for sale at Amazon.com, also owned by Jeff Bezos.

On the other hand, the Post’s query is a textbook example of “Progressivism in two sentences,” Matthew Continetti of the Washington Free Beacon tweets in response.

IT’S COME TO THIS: Escaping stress in NYC through “Zen Bondage.”

LAURA INGRAHAM POINTS TO THE OBVIOUS: Yes, this is a contentious subject. It is a necessary and important debate. But the consequences matter, and the choice is stark. Laura’s post indicates she lives in GetRealLand.

YES, LOCK HER UP: Mollie Hemingway:

…mobs shouldn’t be forced to cry out for justice because their institutions are doing such a horrible job of applying law fairly.

Ouch. Well, the FBI Director sold out the rule of law, and Hillary’s criminality has put national security at risk.

DOESN’T FIT THE NARRATIVE: One Of Hillary Clinton’s DNC Delegates Literally Tried To Murder Someone, But Media Are Silent. “When will media start focusing on the Democrat gun crime epidemic?”

DISPATCHES FROM THE EDUCATION APOCALYPSE: Cleveland College Students ‘Traumatized’ by RNC Cops Staying in Their Dorms.


KURT SCHLICHTER: Obama Is Too Incompetent To Pull Off A Coup.

NEW “TERRITORIES” IN THE BRAIN IDENTIFIED: Research has identified 97 new “cortical territories” and provided “finer grain details” of four properties of the human brain: architecture, function, connectivity and topography. Most of these newly identified territories “reside in regions of higher cognitive function,” which means these newly identified regions play absolutely no role in formulating the Democratic Party’s sub-reptilian politics of hate or informing editorial decisions at the ameoba-level propaganda sheet published under the name Rolling Stone.

Here’s the NATURE MAGAZINE pdf.

LIFE IN THE 21ST CENTURY: Beware Of Twitter Robots Telling People How To Vote.

TURKISH PRESIDENT ERDOGAN HAS GONE TOO FAR: When I wrote my weekly Creators Syndicate column yesterday I thought he might. The column concludes with this line:

…Erdogan retained his power because the Turkish people believe in their democracy. If he has any sense of his duties and his place in history, he will curb his quest for personal power and commit himself to protecting the system that saved him.

In the last 24 hours, he has done just the opposite. When I wrote the column the 6,000 figure for security personnel actually under arrest was the firmest figure I could find. The total number under arrest was believed to be over 8,000. According to this CNN report those numbers are up a bit (9,400 in the CNN report). Most news reports say Erdogan has purged 50,000 to 60,000 people — ie, fired people from their jobs. The purge figure includes suspended police and other security personnel.

Here is a Turkish news website (in English) I read: hurriyetdailynews.com

A current article says the government has arrested two people for praising the coup on social media.


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UH-OH: Bourbon Boom Creates Spirits Shortage.

The resurgence of cocktails has led to a 315-percent spike in Kentucky bourbon production since 1999. The industry, however, is struggling to keep up. Whiskey needs a few years to age and many distilleries didn’t anticipate today’s demand.

For example, the Buffalo Trace Distillery is suffering from a shortage. Freddie Johnson said the company’s high end brands, like Pappy Van Winkle, need more than 20 years to age.

“The bourbon aging in the warehouse right now is really for the bourbon of tomorrow and the bourbons that were enjoying today is the bourbon of a generation before,” said Johnson.

Because there is not enough Pappy to meet demand, some online liquor stores are re-selling bottles for 10 times their retail value.

There’s no need to panic until some ambitious politician proposes a government solution.

TAMARA KEEL: How Do You Test Handgun Reliability?

IRS WORKER COMMITS IDENTITY THEFT: Hack theft, not hacking. In the sense Lois Lerner was an Obama-Clinton political hack. Also an IRS worker nabbed on bribery charges and another on defrauding the government. OK, just three crimes (just three!), but the IRS is in desperate need of reform. Here’s the Inspector General Report for complete details (July 20 section of the report).

WAIT, I THOUGHT READING COSMO WAS A SIGN OF WHITE PRIVILEGE: Cosmo Writer Says Defending Melania Is A Sign of White Privilege.


WHAT WOULD WE DO WITHOUT SCIENTISTS? Scientists Determine How Much Pot Is in a Joint.

WELCOME BACK MY FRIENDS TO THE DECADE THAT NEVER ENDS: Stuntman to attempt Evel Knievel’s failed 1974 launch over Snake River.

Someday, we’ll see a pop culture that’s moved beyond the 1970s. If we live long enough.

FIRST-TERM HAWAII CONGRESSMAN MARK TAKAI DIES AT 49, following battle with pancreatic cancer.

EVERYTHING OLD IS NEW AGAIN: Papa John’s upgraded on belief civil unrest is encouraging more pizza delivery:

Papa John’s International Inc. was upgraded to overweight from sector weight at KeyBanc Capital Markets with analysts expressing the surprising* view that diners, concerned about political and civil unrest, are choosing to stay home for pizza delivery rather than head out for a meal.

Papa John’s price target is $80, or about 16% above its current trading level.

“After speaking with several large operators and industry contacts, we believe the recent decline in casual dining restaurant segment fundamentals—traffic down 3% to 5% the past several weeks—may be the result of consumers eating more at home amid the current political/social backdrop, which we believe could last through the November election,” KeyBanc analysts wrote in a note published Tuesday.

Shades of Faith Popcorn’s “Cocooning” thesis from her much-hyped 1991 book, The Popcorn Report, written, not at all coincidentally, at the perigee of the Dinkins era in New York. Cocooning as a trend seemed to go a bit by the wayside after Rudy Giuliani began revitalizing New York law enforcement, and crime in general began to fall in the US during the Contract with America mid-1990s. I wonder if the post-Obama era will experience as quick a turnaround?

* AKA, Unexpectedly.

CONCERN-TROLL OF THE DAY: Reporters troubled by Republicans chanting “lock her up!” about Hillary.

I’m sure that never happened during the latter days of Watergate or Bush #43.

Oh wait! Flashback: Democrat activist rushes San Francisco convention stage in October of 2008, attempts to put handcuffs on Karl Rove.

More seriously, see also: Lefty lawfare against Tom Delay and Rick Perry.

UNEXPECTEDLY: The Obama administration’s new overtime regulation seems to be hurting the very workers it aimed to help.

What we need is a law against unintended consequences.

WORLD’S SMALLEST HARD DISK: Scientists have written data one atom at a time, creating incredibly efficient storage.

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A TALE OF TWO MOMS: “Remember how Maureen Dowd talked about Patricia Smith’s ‘absolute moral authority?No, I don’t remember that either.”

GOOD: I.V.F. Does Not Raise Breast Cancer Risk, Study Shows.

BREAKING: Two members of Turkey’s constitutional court arrested.

The two constitutional court members were among a group of 113 officials from the judiciary formally arrested on Wednesday, NTV said. Formal charges were also brought against President Tayyip Erdogan’s chief aide-de-camp, it said.

It is now estimated that 60,000 “soldiers, police, judges, civil servants and teachers have been suspended, detained or are under investigation” since Erdogan purge began.


LIFE IN THE 21ST CENTURY: Wheeled Robot With Soft Rotary Motors Is 100% Squishy.


“I wanted to shoot raw footage of their interview with a young, gay conservative, because I wanted to compare it to their final cut and see whether they had been fair to him,” Pollak recalled.

“I didn’t want this person to be humiliated merely for being gay and having the ‘wrong’ political views,” Pollak added.

“They told me not to film, then they told me —incorrectly — that I couldn’t film them, and then one of their reporters pushed me. Finally, they gave up, packed up their cameras and ran away.”

Funny how a show infamous for its ransom note-style editing of conservatives, or anyone they’ve designated to be the daily straw man doesn’t like having their videos videoed. (See also: Katie Couric.) Or as Iowahawk tweets, “Alleged comedy show loses their shit after their ambush is ambushed.”

ANSWERING THE IMPORTANT QUESTIONS: Why Springsteen never made another album like ‘Born to Run,’ and other questions only his first manager Mike Appel can answer.

Today, many on the right view Springsteen as an aging corporatist tool fully owned by the Democratic Party for election year benefit concerts, who occasionally releases albums on the side. But back in 1973 through 1975, on his second and third albums, The Wild, The Innocent & the E Street Shuffle and Born to Run, Springsteen was making remarkably supple and innovative music. And then he changed managers, and became, as Slate(!) dubbed him a decade ago, “Bruce Springsteen, bullshitter:” “Thirty years later, and largely thanks to Landau, Springsteen is no longer a musician. He’s a belief system. And, like any belief system worth its salt, he brooks no in-between. You’re either in or you’re out.” Reluctantly, I’m out, but I do love — and miss — his mid-‘70s work.

(Via the Brothers Judd.)

CLAIRE BERLINSKI: A Report from Turkey.

Erdoğan’s attempts to forge an all-powerful, one-man regime may have led [Fethullah Gülen supporters] to try to stage a coup in desperation. However, looking at how Erdoğan has responded to the coup attempt with a virtual counter-coup of his own, targeting not just the Gülenists but the opposition in general, suggests two more possibilities:

1. Erdoğan and the AKP undertook a fake coup to revitalize his Islamist base as well as other party members and their extensions. There is a lot of evidence that goes against this possibility: Gülenist names appear to be involved, and there were casualties among AKP people and their supporters.

2. Erdoğan and the AKP government knew about the plot in advance (some statements, like that of the general who spoke on TV after the initial coup attempt was thwarted, suggest there was advance intelligence; also, it has now been revealed that the President received the first notification of the plot at around 3:00 p.m. on Friday afternoon). They allowed it to happen. We cannot know yet, but the possibility is there. How else could they have been prepared to call their members (via means that include text messages) to confront the military? Once it was time to put on a show, the AKP took the main stage and turned it into a sham people’s resistance against the coup attempt, leading eventually to calls to keep invading the streets — with the pro-government media covering it only from the perspective of, “The Turkish people stopped the coup attempt.” It was mostly AKP members and ardent supporters called upon to go out via text messages, first by the party, and then via announcements by the president and the prime minister, as well AKP mayors and other state officials.

The purge of nearly all government institutions immediately afterward indicates the lists may have been prepared way in advance.

Read the whole thing.

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MINIMUM WAGE UPDATE: Watch A German Robot Grill Sausages To Perfection.

WHITTLE, OTT, GREEN ON THE NEW GOP: It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to.

Full disclosure: I’m Green.

ROGER SIMON: Do We Need Party Presidential Conventions?

NAG, NAG, NAG: Microsoft updates Get Windows 10 nagster yet again.

Now the flirtation includes a yellow exclamation for an icon in the system tray, a popup with a hamburger icon, and a countdown clock that tells you that there’s just 9 days 7 hours 16 minutes and 77 seconds until Armageddon. You’re given the options of “Decline free offer” and “Upgrade now.”

If you decide to upgrade now, you’ll get the old Windows 10.1, version 1511, released last November, build 10586. You will have 31 days to roll back to your original operating system, although the rollback is not without problems.

It isn’t clear if declining the free offer actually, you know, declines the free offer. I wouldn’t be too surprised if there was a new KB 3035583 in the near future that says “Are you really, really sure?” or “Upgrade now or we’ll kill this bunny.”

I’ve heard almost nothing but good things about Windows 10, and almost nothing but bad things about Microsoft’s recent efforts to get people to install it.

If you’re a happy Windows 7 or 8 user, GWX Control Panel will put an end to the nagging.

A REAL 21ST CENTURY HEADLINE: SpaceX Is Planning to Land 3 Rockets At Once.

THE TRIPLE LINDY: SpaceX’s next mission: to land three rockets at once.

“SpaceX expects to fly Falcon Heavy for the first time later this year,” the company said in a statement to the Orlando Sentinel. “We are also seeking regulatory approval to build two additional landing pads at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. We hope to recover all three Falcon Heavy rockets, though initially we may attempt drone ship landings.”

SpaceX founder Elon Musk of Tesla Motors added on Twitter that two of the rockets would land simultaneously, while the third would arrive shortly after.

SpaceX is a private space company whose goal is to develop reusable space transportation to reduce costs and, ultimately, enable the colonization of Mars.

The landings were a difficult enough engineering challenge, but the real trick is getting the expended rockets back down in good enough condition to re-use. SpaceX isn’t quite there yet.

NO SURPRISE: Caitlyn Jenner: Easier to come out as trans than Republican.

FLASHBACK: Remember When Hillary Clinton Accused Obama of Plagiarism?

DO CANDIDATES NEED A CAMPAIGN? “I ask because it is not immediately clear that Donald Trump, who is running for President, has one,” Roger Kimball warns, writing from Cleveland.

THE POLITICS OF THE NEW DEAL: Did FDR use this sweeping body of legislation to gain an electoral advantage? Yes. Next question? In fact, that was all that it was about, and as with Obama’s “recovery” programs, it didn’t matter that it actually made things worse and extended the Depression.

THE FAN TRAP: Axanar, The $1 Million Star Trek Fan Film CBS Wants to Stop (Video):

WELL, THIS IS THE 21ST CENTURY, YOU KNOW: Cartilage grown from stem cells could replace hip implants.

“We’ve developed a way to resurface an arthritic joint using a patient’s own stem cells to grow new cartilage, combined with gene therapy to release anti-inflammatory molecules to keep arthritis at bay,” said Farshid Guilak, professor of orthopedic surgery at Washington University, in a statement. “Our hope is to prevent, or at least delay, a standard metal and plastic prosthetic joint replacement.”

The cartilage is made with the patient’s own stem cells taken from fat beneath the skin. A 3-D, biodegradable synthetic scaffold is molded into the shape of the patient’s joint. It is then covered with the cartilage and implanted onto the surface of an arthritic hip. This process helps alleviate arthritic pain and could delay or eliminate the need for hip replacement surgery.

I had been assured that adult stem cells were useless.