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A SMALL MEASURE OF ACCOUNTABILITY: SPLC Pays $3.3 Million Settlement to Counter-Extremism Group It Called ‘Anti-Muslim.’ The SPLC has been a lefty smear machine for years, but now it’s being used by tech giants to censor “hate.”

LOSING THE THREAD: Georgetown Civil Rights Page Urges Donations to Planned Parenthood, NARAL, SPLC.

Georgetown University, America’s oldest Roman Catholic institution of higher learning and located in the U.S. capital of Washington, D.C., actively encouraged visitors to its website to contribute to a vast array of left-wing activist groups in the name of supporting “civil rights.” A page on the website for Georgetown’s law library asked visitors to give to Planned Parenthood, NARAL Pro-Choice America, the leftist attack dog Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), LGBT law group Lambda Legal, and others.

As Robert Conquest’s Second Law of Politics states, “Any organization not explicitly right-wing sooner or later becomes left-wing.”

TYLER O’NEIL: Georgetown Civil Rights Page Urges Donations to Planned Parenthood, NARAL, SPLC.

CRACKS IN TWITTER’S LEGAL WALL? Like Facebook, Twitter has been able to avoid any First Amendment claims of those banned (or shadow banned), but a California judge has kept alive claims from a guy named Jared Taylor (his account was disabled), noting that allegations that Twitter’s policy of suspending accounts, in the judge’s words:

“[A]t any time, for any reason or for no reason” may be unconscionable and that the company calling itself a platform devoted to free speech may be misleading and therefore fraudulent.”

Taylor describes himself as a “racialist” who believes in “racial realism.” The media rely on the questionable SPLC to refer to him simply as the founder of the New Century Foundation, an organization that “purports to show the inferiority of blacks to whites.”

This is going to be interesting. Not being the government, they are not restricted by a “content-neutral” requirement, but they may have to rewrite their Terms of Service and sales pitch.

WHAT COULD GO WRONG? Facebook, Amazon, Google, and Twitter All Work With Left-Wing Southern Poverty Law Center.

OF COURSE THEY DO:  BigInternet openly works with SPLC.

PRAGERU CEO: ‘We Would Be Fools or Blind to Not Be Nervous About Being on the SPLC’s Hate List.’

THE SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER: From Klan Hunters to Multimillion-dollar Smear Machine.

As Glenn wrote last year, “Think of them as leftist propagandists and grifters and you won’t go far wrong.”

SPLC FORCED TO REMOVE LIST OF “ANTI-MUSLIM EXTREMISTS”: The National Review is reporting that the scam that is the SPLC has been “persuaded” to remove their libelous slurs about people who have the nerve to question Islamic terrorism.

 The Southern Poverty Law Center has removed the “Field Guide to Anti-Muslim Extremists” from their website after attorneys for Maajid Nawaz, a practicing Muslim and prominent Islamic reformer, threatened legal action over his inclusion on the list.

People on the list included Pamela Geller, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, David Horowitz, Daniel Pipes and others. Apparently Maajid Nawaz, a practicing Muslim and prominent Islamic reformer, threatened legal action over his inclusion on the list, and retained Tom Clare of Clare Locke (the firm who proved Rolling Stone committed libel in their fake UVA “rape” story.)

I’m not a big fan of libel threats, but every now and then one comes along that needs to be made.


SHIKHA DALMIA: The Intellectual Poverty of the Southern Poverty Law Center. “The SPLC’s ridiculously loose criteria could even brand the Dalai Lama a hater given that His Holiness considers homosexuality “sexual misconduct.” The SPLC is now useful only to Social Justice Warriors who share its ideology in toto. For everyone else it is fast becoming a joke.”

WELL, YES: Hate, Inc.: The SPLC Is a Hyper-Partisan Scam.

SURPRISING PRECISELY NOBODY: YouTube Secretly Using SPLC To Police Videos.

APPARENTLY, WOMEN CAN’T BE TRUSTED TO CHOOSE CORRECTLY: How freedom of choice contributes to the gender wage gap.

Plus, this evergreen observation, from Christina Hoff Sommers:

With hate speech like that, it’s no wonder she’s been targeted by the SPLC.

BUT OF COURSE: SPLC Targets Feminist Scholar Christina Hoff Sommers.

In a report on “Male Supremacy,” an ideology that the group says “advocates for the subjugation of women,” it included American Enterprise Institute scholar Christina Hoff Sommers, calling her someone “who gives mainstream and respectable face to some [Men’s Rights Activist] concerns.” Sommers told THE WEEKLY STANDARD that she finds her inclusion in this report “quite surprising.”

“I completely reject that,” Sommers said. “This is a group I used to admire. They once went after Klan members and Nazis and now… [they go after] people like Ben Carson and Ayaan Hirsi Ali. It’s absurd.” She adds that the SPLC has no evidence for the suggestion that she “gives mainstream and respectable face” to “male supremacy”:. “They’re blacklisting in place of engaging with arguments. They blacklist you, rather than try to refute you.”

The SPLC is a hate group.

CONTINUING ITS DESCENT INTO ABJECT IDIOCY, the Southern Poverty Law Center is now calling my wife a “Male Supremacist.” I call the SPLC a scam and increasingly a hate group itself. The difference is, I’m right. And yes, Helen is “far more qualified than anyone from the SPLC,” a two-bit bunch of grifters that sells the media political cover for messages the media want to send anyway, while pretending to stand for something decent.

TYLER O’NEIL: Dem. Repeats Discredited SPLC ‘Hate Group’ Smears 5 Times to Defend Planned Parenthood.

I BLAME ALL THE ELIMINATIONIST RHETORIC FROM THE LEFT: SPLC Hate Map Arson? North Carolina Church Burnt and Spray Painted ‘Anti-Gay Hate Group.’

TYLER O’NEIL: SPLC Removes Stonewall Elementary School From ‘Turmoil and Bloodshed’ Confederate Monument Map.


WAR IS PEACE, FREEDOM IS SLAVERY: Citing SPLC, Al Franken compares Alliance Defending Freedom to Pol Pot.

THE ART OF CREATIVE SMEARING: Megan McArdle nails it on how the SPLC uses overbroad and malleable ideology to smear conservatives:

I spent a day diving down the rabbit hole of one of the listings on the hate group, for the Ruth Institute, a small nonprofit that thinks the sexual revolution was a giant mistake. The Ruth Institute does seem to have a couple of marginally attached figures who have at some point theorized an unsupported connection between homosexuality and pedophilia. But however wrongheaded and insulting this may be, by itself, it hardly merits branding the whole organization a “hate group.”

As the Professor says: “Read the whole thing.”™

IOW THE SPLC JUST MAKES SH*T UP AND HOPES IT STICKS: Asatru and Racism. (It isn’t.) Oh, and they REALLY want us to look for racists under every bed.  Racist by their definition, of course. Excluding people who make comments like every white guy should die, of course.

HOWIE CARR: When Will All The Lefties Do The Right Thing? “How many flood victims in South Texas have been rescued by the Antifa navy? . . . Seriously, doesn’t it look like almost all of the heavy lifting in the wake of Harvey is being done by people who belong to what the Southern Poverty Law Center would describe as ‘hate groups?’ Speaking of which, when does the SPLC’s food drive begin? . . . Joel Osteen took a lot of grief this week, but his church is open. Which of his three mansions is Bernie Sanders opening for flood victims?”

BAKE MY CAKE OR SUFFER THE PENALTIES: As Ed Driscoll reported yesterday, the D. James Kennedy Ministry is suing SPLC, GuideStar, and Amazon over “Hate” labeling. I’ve had a chance to go through the Complaint, and my view is the defamation claims may have enough merit to proceed, the Trademark claims are weak, but the most interesting thing — and what may be the most impacting aspect of this suit — is the claim under the Civil Rights Act, 42 U.S.C. 4 2000(a), which the Plaintiffs point out:

“Because the Amazon Defendants are operating a public accommodation(s), it is a violation of Title II of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, specifically 42 U.S.C. § 2000(a), for the Amazon Defendants to deny the Ministry the privileges and advantages of the AmazonSmile program on the basis of the Ministry’s religion and the beliefs that are inherent to that religion.”

Now here’s where it gets interesting. If the Commerce Clause gives government the authority to trump a businessman’s personal beliefs, even if couched as a First Amendment expression, then the same logic that requires Christian fundamentalists to bake “gay” wedding cakes against their beliefs ought to mean that Amazon has no right to deprive the Ministry of a public accommodation because they “don’t like” that Church’s view on gay marriage.

I’m betting if Amazon doesn’t settle, that this issue is headed to the Eleventh Circuit, and maybe even SCOTUS. This is right in Justice Gorsuch‘s wheelhouse. Stay tuned.




* By people who should – and did – know better.

WHO KNEW? Apparently, so many Lyft passengers are white supremacists that Lyft has partnered with the SPLC to protect its drivers. Boy, you won’t catch me riding with Lyft now. I wouldn’t want people to think that I was a white supremacist.

THE SCORPION STINGS THE FROG, EVERY TIME: SPLC Shamelessly Fundraising Off Hate that it Does Nothing About.

WHERE HAVE ALL THE NAZIS GONE? They were on the left in Phoenix yesterday. That and more in Liz Sheld’s morning brief.

DISPATCHES FROM THE INTERSECTION OF THE EDUCATION APOCALYPSE AND LIBERAL FASCISM. Dartmouth prof defends Antifa: It’s just self-defense against Nazis.

Responding to the appearance of Dartmouth’s Mark Bray, the author of Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook on NBC’s Meet the Press, Allahpundit writes:

The other thing Bray has in common with his enemies is needing the public to believe that the threat from the other side is greater than it is. To hear him tell it, the neo-Nazi menace has reached such proportions in America that a national left-wing gang willing to fight it in the streets is urgently needed. In reality, neo-Nazi groups have existed for decades and have enjoyed moments of high visibility — the march through Skokie, the rise of the American Nazi Party under George Lincoln Rockwell in the 60s, and so on. They faded away without help from Antifa. As Richard Cohen notes, Antifa’s existence is actually manna for alt-right groups insofar as it gives them more of a reason to exist and gives mainstream right-wingers a reason to sympathize with them, however grudgingly. If the left is going to try to intimidate the right with paramilitary rabble, turnabout is fair play. That’s the “spiral” Cohen talks about. Heightening the contradictions is good for radicals on both sides, which is why there’ll be more Charlottesvilles.

Read the whole thing, which dovetails well with this brief Facebook post by Brendan O’Neil of Spiked on Wednesday:

“You are a white man. Check your privilege. Stay in your lane. You will never understand black people’s lives or experiences. You’re all about whiteness, that’s how you’re conditioned.” — SJWs

“I am a white man. What a privilege. I’m going to stay in my lane. I will never understand black people. I’m all about whiteness, it’s how I’m conditioned.” — White Nationalists

Bray actually played the “privilege” card on his debating opponent on Meet the Press, telling Richard Cohen, the president of the Southern Poverty Law Center*:

BRAY: Well, there’s a big difference between confronting fascism and confronting other forms of violence. We can see that during the ’30s and ’40s there was no public opinion to be leveraged by nonviolent resistance. If you get fascists to be powerful enough in government, they’re simply not going to listen to the kind of public opinion that nonviolence can generate. That’s the argument for resistance to Nazis. The other point that I’ll make is a lot of people don’t have the choice whether they can defend themselves or not. We’ve seen that even before this sort of, what you called it spiral of violence, started there were attacks on mosques, there were attacks on synagogues. A lot of people are under attack and sometimes they need to be able to defend themselves. It’s a privileged position to be able to say that you never have to defend yourself from these kinds of monsters.

COHEN: You know, it’s not an issue of defending yourself. It’s an issue of trying to silence other people. No one is saying that, you know, if you’re slugged in the face that you have to sit there and take it. The question here is when white nationalists want to walk down the street, should people stop them. And that’s a very different issue. It’s a very peculiar notion of self-defense to say you can censor people.

But it’s Google, Firefox, Twitter, and CNN approved.

Twitchy asks a great question about the segment: “Does Bray endorse throwing bottles of urine at cops as self-defense, because that’s what really happened in Boston as no white supremacists even showed up.”

And as veteran blogger AG Conservative notes in a thread on Twitter, “Antifa openly justifies violence against what they consider hate groups and people who help them, even in response to just speech. The problem is that their definition expands constantly and can be used to justify violence against almost anyone who disagrees. Antifa often clashes with police (as in Boston) and a chant they use constantly is ‘Cops and Klan go hand in hand.’ So while the media allows antifa to act like they are just opposing Nazis, suddenly that includes cops & justifies violence against them. Now where does that lead? Well the other night a man named Everett Glenn Miller ambushed a murdered two Kissimmee police officers. What hasn’t been reported much? Miller used the same logic that Antifa does to justify his murders,” according to a reporter with the Orlando CBS affiliate WKMG-TV:

The agency has not disclosed why the former Marine was involuntarily committed to a mental health facility under Florida’s Baker Act, nor is it known whether Miller received any treatment.

Miller unofficially changed his name to Malik Mohammad Ali, acquaintances confirmed, although Miller wrote on his Facebook page that he is not Muslim and does identify with any other religion.

In the days prior to the shooting, Miller posted several articles on Facebook related to the Ku Klux Klan and Neo Nazi demonstrations in Charlottesville, Virginia.

On the morning the police officers were killed, Miller posted a meme of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. that included the caption, “When I said march I didn’t mean forever (expletive). Shoot back.”

“You can only poke a tie (sic) up dog so long,” Miller wrote above the photo. “Once that chain breaks it’s over. Wake up America before it’s too late.”

Later that day, just hours before Miller would be accused of murdering two police officers, he posted an article on Facebook suggesting white supremacists had infiltrated police departments.

“F— you, rich bastards,” Miller wrote above photos of police officers allegedly wearing KKK hoods.

* I know, I know. But as Allahpundit writes, “This may be the first time in TV history that someone from the Southern Poverty Law Center was booked to argue with the far left instead of the far — and usually not-so-far — right. Good for them for doing it, though. The counterpoints to this Antifa idiocy are more effective here coming from a liberal than from a conservative. If it’s a conservative versus Antifa, that’s standard left/right noise to the average viewer. If it’s the SPLC versus Antifa, that’s a signal that Antifa should be considered a radical outfit. Which, of course, they are.”

MARK PULLIAM: A Demagogic Bully: The Southern Poverty Law Center demonizes respectable political opponents as “hate groups”—and keeps its coffers bulging. “Ironically, the SPLC not only overlooks most of the real hate groups in operation today, along with overtly race-based organizations, such as the pro-Latino National Council of La Raza and MEChA, but also labels moderates with whom it disagrees ‘extremists’ if they deviate from its rigid political agenda, which embraces open borders, LGBT rights, and other left-wing totems. The SPLC has branded Somali-born reformer Ayaan Hirsi Ali an “anti-Muslin extremist” for her opposition to female genital mutilation and other oppressive Islamic practices, and designated the respected Family Research Council as a ‘hate group’ for its opposition to same-sex marriage. Likewise, the organization deems mainstream immigration-reform advocates such as the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) and Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) as hate groups. British Muslim activist Maajid Nawaz—regarded by most observers as a human rights leader—is suing the SPLC for listing him as an extremist.”

THIS IS A SAFE SPACE. NO JEWS ALLOWED: Why are some American progressives embracing overt anti-Semitism?

On July 13, the Dyke March provided further proof that its intersectionality functioned as a flimsy pretense for anti-Semitism. A tweet from the group’s Twitter account used the term “Zio,” an anti-Jewish slur popularized by David Duke and his neo-Nazi followers. The Dyke March later sent another tweet apologizing for the insult—and adding, “We meant Zionist/white tears replenish our electrolytes.” Indeed, the group’s bizarre fixation on Jews frequently manifests itself as alt-right–style trolling. This is a mockery of intersectionality, not a defense of it.

For a primer on the leftwing conspiracy theory that is “intersectionality,” Christina Hoff Sommers has you covered:

Incidentally, I tracked down Sommers’ video in the Insta-archives, when I linked last September to a Washington Post story titled, “In the safe spaces on campus, no Jews allowed.”

I’m sensing the aura of a penumbra of an emanation of a pattern here, based on the remarkably similar headlines. Why are Democrat monopoly institutions such cesspits of anti-Semitism?

CHICAGO DYKE MARCH DROPS PRETENSE, DEPLOYS ANTI-SEMITIC TERM POPULARIZED BY NEO-NAZIS. After expelling Jews carrying Jewish pride flags at their parade, the far-left group claimed they were merely anti-Zionist. Now they’re quoting David Duke:

The term “Zio” has a very ugly history. The Southern Poverty Law Center and Anti-Defamation League have tracked Duke’s deployment of it in his anti-Semitic rants for years. Examples include “Zio control of Hollywood” and other traditional anti-Jewish conspiracies like “CNN Goldman Sachs and the Zio Matrix.” A cursory search of Duke’s web site for the term returns hundreds of unique results. Patrick Slattery, dubbed Duke’s “right hand man” by the Southern Poverty Law Center, runs a site called “Zio-Watch.” Even leftist British Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn, no one’s idea of a Zionist (and who has had his own controversial associations with anti-Semites), has said, “‘Zio’ is a vile epithet that follows in a long line of earlier such terms that have no place whatsoever in our party.”

Responses to the March’s tweet immediately noted the slur’s provenance, but far from apologizing for their mainstreaming an anti-Semitic expression, the March doubled down.

It’s a textbook example of Tim Blair’s Law in action: “the ongoing process by which the world’s multiple idiocies are becoming one giant, useless force.”

DISPATCHES FROM THE HOUSE OF STEPHANOPOULOS. ABC’s Outrageous Anti-Christian Smear: “Jeff Sessions addresses ‘anti-LGBT hate group,’ but DOJ won’t release his remarks,” ran an ABC headline yesterday, screencapped by Rod Dreher, who writes:

This is genuinely shocking to read. I went to the same annual ADF meeting last summer. It was a normal gathering of religious conservative lawyers and others, who talked about various challenges to religious liberty. Yet those scamming trolls at the Southern Poverty Law Center tagged them a “hate group,” and ABC News repeats that slur. What ABC says is technically true. SPLC does in fact call ADF a “hate group.” The shocking thing is that ABC News takes that incredible charge for granted, and uses it to trash both ADF and Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Here’s a link to a PDF file from ADF that gives you the basic facts about the organization. Does this look like the moral equivalent of a neo-Nazi outfit to you?

Here’s the link to the SPLC page explaining why they labeled ADF a “hate group.”  You should be aware that if they say this about ADF, they must also say it about any church that upholds orthodox Christian teaching on sexuality. SPLC calls it “hate” — and again, ABC News repeats that vicious smear, because no doubt they think it’s true.

Just think of ABC News as Democrat operatives with bylines (and in some cases booster seats), and it all makes sense.

Related: The Insidious Influence of the SPLC.

HMM: Scalise Shooter ‘Liked’ the Terror-Linked SPLC, Which Repeatedly Attacked Scalise.

WELL, THEY’VE ALWAYS BEEN MOSTLY A LEFTY PROPAGANDA OPERATION: Extremism experts are just starting to worry about the left now? Or in the case of the SPLC, entirely a lefty propaganda operation.

Related: This List Of Attacks Against Conservatives Is Mind Blowing.

GIVEN THE SPLC’S OVERWHELMINGLY PARTISAN POLITICAL NATURE, AND ITS ROLE IN ENCOURAGING ACTUAL HATE CRIMES, THIS SEEMS REASONABLE. FAIR To IRS: Remove Southern Poverty Law Center’s (SPLC) Tax Exempt Status. “Any honest examination of this record can only lead to the conclusion that the SPLC was engaged in on-going prohibited political activity.” I think a lot of “nonprofit” groups are vulnerable on this front, and have simply relied on cover from a friendly IRS.

THE SPLC IS A DISHONEST HATE GROUP: Charles Murray’s SPLC Page, As Edited By Charles Murray. Does the SPLC’s treatment of Murray here demonstrate actual malice?

FEAR AND LOATHING FOR FUN AND PROFIT: The Hate Group That Incited the Middlebury Melee.

Morris Dees is a born salesman who was a committed capitalist before he entered elementary school. “When I was 5, I bought a pig for a dollar. I fattened it up and sold it for $12,” he once told People magazine. “I always had a feel for making money.”

When his mother sent him a fruitcake his freshman year in Tuscaloosa, Morris and classmate Millard Fuller wrote other students’ parents offering to deliver freshly baked birthday cakes. Soon they were selling 350 cakes per month. By the time they left law school, they were making $50,000 a year—$400,000 in today’s dollars.

After graduation, Dees and Fuller hung out a shingle and practiced law. But the real money came from their mail order business, peddling everything from cookbooks to tractor cushions. In 1969, Dees sold the direct-mail firm to the Times Mirror Co. for $6 million. By then, Fuller had cashed out, given away his money, and with his wife gone to live a Christian life building homes for the poor—efforts culminating in the creation of Habitat for Humanity.

Dees also started a nonprofit, which he named the Southern Poverty Law Center. But he gave up neither the high life nor the direct-mail business. He lives in luxury with his fifth wife and still runs the SPLC, which has used the mail-order model to amass a fortune. Its product line is an unusual one: For the past 47 years, Morris Dees has been selling fear and hate.

Read the whole thing.

JON GABRIEL: Southern Poverty Law Center Spreads Hate.

Angry protesters shouted down an eminent scholar and sent a female professor to the hospital.

A crazed gunman entered a D.C. public policy shop and shot an employee before being disarmed.

Someone mailed a suspicious white powder to a Scottsdale advocacy group, partially closing the office while a Hazmat team tested employees who had been exposed.

The victims in each case were targeted by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The SPLC is a non-profit heralded for its noble history defending civil rights. Founded in 1971, the Montgomery, Ala. legal advocacy organization sued the Ku Klux Klan and other white supremacist groups in the South on behalf of victims. Big settlements and harsh sanctions were levied against the racist organizations, successfully shuttering some and scaring off many others.

But by 1986, these groups had rapidly declined. The SPLC could have declared “mission accomplished.” But since funds were still coming in, they declared a new mission statement. No longer would they fight Grand Wizards and Jim Crow, but turned instead to an endlessly expanding target of “extremism.” The change in goals was so stark, the entire legal staff resigned.

They’re a disgrace and a fraud. It’s nice to see them face such accountability in the pages of USA Today.

TO BE FAIR, THE WAPO’S MISSION STATEMENT IS NOW “DEMOCRACY DIES IN DARKNESS:” Becket Adams: The Washington Post’s originality on display with Trump/Hitler comparison.

President Trump announced this week that he plans to create an office to highlight crimes committed by illegal aliens, meaning he’s pretty much the next Adolf Hitler.

This is an actual thing suggested this week in an article filed under the Washington Post’s foreign news blog.

Trump touted his plans for the Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement office Tuesday evening during his joint address to Congress.

“I have ordered the Department of Homeland Security to create an office to serve American victims,” he said, outlining his plans for the new organization. “We are providing a voice to those who have been ignored by our media and silenced by special interests.”

For the Post’s Worldviews blog, this is basically Hitler 2.0. Because, as the story’s headline stated, Hitler also “published a list of crimes committed by groups he didn’t like.”

Godwin’s Law has been getting a real workout lately, hasn’t it?

Hmm. Well, the SPLC publishes a list of crimes by groups it doesn’t like, so maybe the Post has a point.

UPDATE: And, inevitably, the Yglesias weigh-in:

Of course, with Matt, a Hitler comparison isn’t necessarily a criticism:

BOGUS NUMBERS FROM A BOGUS OUTFIT: The Southern Poverty Law Center Is Counting Extremists Again. ” I see that the SPLC is no longer counting the Moorish Science Temple among the ‘Patriot’ groups—a wise decision—but the list still has separate entries for both WorldNetDaily and WorldNetDaily’s book imprint. What on earth could justify that? There’s also the matter of where you draw the line between an ‘extremist’ group and some plain old constitutionalist conservatives. I understand why the Patriot roster includes militias and III%ers, but do they really need to list every Eagle Forum chapter in the land?”

MESSAGE TO THE SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER: You’re six inches from declaring Chick-fil-A a hate crime. We’ll let you know when we care what you think.

Even funnier is that the SPLC seems to have blocked him for that tweet.

JOHN HINDERAKER: Desperately Seeking Islamophobia.

There are four lines on the graph: African-American, Sexual Orientation, Islamic/Muslim and Other. Remarkably, the number of hate crimes against Muslims is the lowest on the chart, despite having “risen sharply” to a grand total of nine through October 24.

The largest number of reported hate crimes–30–is against the “other” group. Therein, perhaps, lies a story. “Other” includes White, Arab, Jewish, Asian and Hispanic/Latino. Nationally, according to FBI data, there are around four times as many hate crimes against Jews as against Muslims. What is the ratio in Minnesota? The Star Tribune must know, since it says, later in the article, that the “other” category includes eight hate crimes against Arabs (a new category added last year). That leaves 22–more than double the number alleged against Muslims–unaccounted for. Is anti-Semitism a bigger problem in Minnesota than anti-Muslim sentiment? I suspect so.

The Star Tribune quotes the far-left Southern Poverty Law Center, itself a hate group, as though it were an authority on the subject.

The SPLC is awful. Back in 1995, right after the Oklahoma City Bombing, I was on the PBS Newshour with Morris Dees and had to call him out for lumping all gun owners and government critics together with Timothy McVeigh. It’s gotten worse since.

IN THE FUTURE, EVERYONE WILL BE ADOLF HITLER FOR 15 MINUTES – AND THE FUTURE IS NOW: Everyone Who Disagrees with the Southern Poverty Law Center Is Hitler:

The Southern Poverty Law Center, which made its reputation tracking and cataloguing violent extremist groups, has set its sights on a new group of people who are neither violent nor extreme but who are in fact precisely the opposite of that: critics of the violence and extremism too often associated with Islam.

The new SPLC blacklist includes: Daniel Pipes, holder of a Ph.D. in Islamic history from Harvard, a man who reads both modern and classical Arabic, who studied in Egypt, and who has taught at Harvard and the University of Chicago; Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a celebrated author, a former member of the Dutch parliament and crusader against female genital mutilation; Maajid Nawaz, a British Muslim reformist who was held as a political prisoner in Egypt; former Defense Department official Frank Gaffney; Radical Son author David Horowitz; attorney and free-speech advocate Robert Muise of the American Freedom Law Center; provocatrix Pamela Geller; former PLO member and Muslim reformist Walid Shoebat, among others.

Awfully tweedy for a bunch of would-be terrorists.

As Lee Smith of Tablet writes, this “New Blacklist From the Southern Poverty Law Center Marks the Demise of a Once-Vital Organization:”

Nawaz takes the SPLC blacklist seriously, he told me, because he believes that it has put his life in danger. “They’ve put a target on my head,” he said. “This is what putting people on lists does. When Theo Van Gogh was killed in the Netherlands, a list was stuck to his body that included Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s name. It was a hit list. When Bangladeshi reformers were hacked to death by jihadist terrorists, they were working off lists. Only fascists produce lists.”

It’s not easy to understand how the SPLC got here. The organization started in 1971 as a civil-rights law firm designed to combat white-supremacist groups. In 1981 it won a civil suit against the Klan for $7 million that bankrupted the United Klans of America. In 1991, it used the same tactics to win a $12 million judgment against the White Aryan Resistance. It won a $6.5 million case against the Aryan Nations in 2001. Co-founder Morris Dees’ career was dramatized in a TV movie, Line of Fire.

For SPLC’s efforts against violent white supremacists, its members were frequently targeted for reprisal. Yet now, the SPLC is putting bounties on the heads of Muslims like Maajid Nawaz, who are opposed to Muslim extremism. Where the SPLC was once able to win legal battles through careful, often dangerous research that could stand up in court, the organization now identifies the Center for Security Policy, a hawkish right-wing think tank, as a hate group, right alongside the Ku Klux Klan. Where the organization once pushed for freedom for all regardless of race or creed, now it aims to silence those whose opinions it finds objectionable. In doing so, it makes it hard for any impartial observer to place much confidence in future claims about groups and individuals that may actually be dangerous.

In 2003, when Bush Derangement Syndrome caused Amnesty International to nuke its once more-or-less objective reputation, the late Steven Den Beste dubbed it a case of “pandering to the membership,” which likely also sums up what caused the SPLC to implode:

It’s not going too far to say that many of Amnesty International’s members have approximately as strongly negative of feelings now about America and George Bush as the ACLU’s members had about the Nazis when the ACLU defended them in Skokie.

The ACLU made the principled decision and weathered the downturn in contributions. When condemnation of Iraq didn’t make AI look as if it was aligning with America, Amnesty International was willing to try to shine a spotlight on the abuses there. But now AI has suddenly gone silent. The abuses against the citizens of Iraq have not stopped; indeed they’ve gotten worse. In addition to ongoing violent repression of Iraq’s civilian population, various Iraqi military and para-military units have been directly violating the Geneva Convention by, for instance, abusing the white flag of truce, and by using protected humanitarian facilities to hold military equipment, and by using “human shields” in combat, and by directly firing at refugees, and in numerous other ways.

And what we’re seeing is that AI seems unwilling to make more than oblique mention of these things, while at the same time explicitly condemning the US for what are at best minor transgressions by comparison. Why is it more important to strongly focus attention on “censorship” while ignoring mass slaughter of refugees?

It’s because a large percentage of AI’s membership hates America and would cease making contributions if AI actually took a principled stand and told the truth. So Amnesty International, and other groups like it, are facing the same decision that the ACLU did in Skokie. But unlike the ACLU, they’re demonstrating moral cowardice, and letting mercenary issues overrule principle.

Since telling the truth would cost them, they aren’t doing so. Instead, they’re pandering. Since staying true to their stated principles would cost them, they’ve discarded their principles.

The fact that in the past AI has written so often about Iraqi abuses makes their current silence all the more damning.

Similarly, as the SPLC is about to discover, reputations for impartiality are very difficult to recover once an institution goes full-on SJW.

(Via Maggie’s Farm.)

IT’S COME TO THIS: Southern “Poverty” Law Center Lists Ayaan Hirsi Ali as “Anti-Muslim Extremist.”

As Jonah Goldberg tweets, “What morons. But the MSM will never stop treating them as an authoritative non-biased institution.”

UPDATE: “Why is the SPLC more critical of Pamela Geller than the [people] who tried to kill her? Talk about blaming the victim.”

FIRE’S 10 WORST UNIVERSITIES FOR FREE SPEECH (2016): This week FIRE revealed our annual list of the 10 worst colleges and universities for free speech in the nation. Tragically, competition was stiff this year. Check out the whole list, but I wanted to reprint one case where readers can still fight back and make a difference. The blowup over Wesleyan University’s student newspaper, The Wesleyan Argus, was the first round in the often anti-free speech student activism that went on to dominate the headlines last fall. Whether you are a tweeter or a donor, let Wesleyan know that you think its so-called “commitment to the free exchange of ideas and pursuit of knowledge” is empty when it suppresses open discussion, especially from its own student press:

Wesleyan University

It’s been a rough year for the student press, and at few institutions has that been more evident than at Wesleyan University. Wesleyan was plunged into controversy last fall after its main student newspaper, The Wesleyan Argus, published a student column critical of the Black Lives Matter movement. Students mobilized in opposition to the column’s publication, circulating a petition calling for Wesleyan’s student government to defund the Argus unless specific demands were met. Among the petitioners’ plans to get its demands met was a movement to support “recycling” the Argus — another way of saying they would round up and destroy copies of the newspaper if their demands went unmet. Indeed, the Argus reported that several hundred copies of the paper were stolen in the midst of the controversy.

Wesleyan’s student government then took up the issue, voting last fall to approve a dangerous resolution that could turn free speech at Wesleyan on its head. Under the new resolution, which may take effect this fall, the Argus could see $17,000 in funding — more than half its budget — revoked and reallocated to other student publications. Worse, the proposal would allocate funding in significant part based on a popular vote of the whole student body, an open invitation to viewpoint discrimination if ever there was one. If Wesleyan doesn’t wise up to the dangerous flaws in the new funding scheme, an already chilled atmosphere for free speech will turn truly frosty.

BECAUSE SOMETIMES THE NARRATIVE NEEDS A LITTLE HELP: Black Man Arrested For Setting Fires To Six Black Churches In St. Louis:

The Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks white supremacist groups, suggested in an article last week that the arsons were carried out by white supremacists.

The group quoted a journalist who covers African-American issues who said that the fires were “both alarming and not surprising.”

“This is alarming because domestic terrorism is alive and well,” David A. Love told the SPLC. “It is such a problem that the U.S. Department of Justice recently predicted increases in violent acts by white extremists who are responding to a new reality in which people of color will become a majority in America.”

The SPLC also quoted Love blaming “a vicious cycle created by rightwing politicians, the NRA and hate groups who stir up anger, fear and resentment over changing demographics and want their country back.”

Related: Michelle Malkin has had a running category on fake “hate crimes” for years; in 2010 she explored “How the Left fakes the hate: A primer.”


Three American women who have been branded as “anti-Muslim” by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) spoke out against the threat of Islamism in the United States at the Family Research Council’s Values Voter Summit on Saturday. Contrary to the rhetoric SPLC and others, these women are not “Islamophobes.”

“Americans need to know the threat is here. So many people, when I say ‘the Muslim Brotherhood,’ they say ‘that’s an Egypt problem.’ It’s not — it’s in every state of this country,” declared Cathy Hinners, a law enforcement instructor and founder of the website

Hinners was joined by Clare M. Lopez, an intelligence expert with a focus on the Middle East, and Sandy Rios, director of government affairs for the American Family Association and Fox News contributor. All three women were attacked in the SPLC’s “Women Against Islam” pamphlet, which has been described by many conservative outlets as a “hit list.”

“This is dangerous because there is a basic principle of Islam which can turn every Muslim into a potential vigilante,” Lopez declared, citing the doctrine that Muslims must “forbid the evil and enjoin the good.” She, Rios and Hinners see the SPLC “hit list” as marking a target on their backs. When Rios declared, “By the way, we all carry,” the crowd erupted in applause.

Related: Obama Admin Granted Asylum to 1,519 Foreigners Tied to Terrorism.

FIRE IS SUPPORTING a University of Kansas student expelled for tweets under Title IX.

WELL, THE SPLC IS A HATE GROUP THAT HAS ALREADY CONTRIBUTED TO AT LEAST ONE SHOOTING: Southern Poverty Law Center adds “Draw Mohammed” Artist to its “Hate List.”

Question: If you’re a Common Core critic who’s also a pickup artist, and who draws Mohammed cartoons on the side, do you get, like, three stars or something?

And what’s the Democrat/Republican breakdown of the SPLC’s targets?

THE HACK REPORTER’S NAME IS STEVEN ROSENFELD: The Killer, the Reporter, and the Southern Poverty Law Center: Reporter interviews source about murderer, doesn’t ask about murderer’s apparent fondness for source’s organization. “No, I don’t think the SPLC deserves any blame for the crime. That would be ridiculous. But the SPLC itself has a long history of throwing around blame in precisely that ridiculous way, so it would have been nice to hear how Potok reacts when an event like this lands in his own backyard. Double standards deserve to be challenged, right?”

Not by hacks who write for Alternet, and get reprinted in Salon and The Raw Story. They’re not reporters. They’re Party Indoctrination Officers. And Party Indoctrination Officers look at SPLC/HuffPo supporters and write: “We can safely say that Craig Stephen Hicks fits the profile of the most common type of domestic violent extremist—a white man with grievances and guns.” But it would be nice if some actual reporter put Potok on the spot.

THE SPLC AS INCITER OF MURDER? Under the SPLC’s Own Logic, It’s Guilty In The Chapel Hill Killings. “Somehow, if he had liked Sean Hannity and the Southern Baptist Convention instead of Rachel Maddow and the Freedom from Religion Foundation, I don’t think we would witness the media restraint we’re seeing when it comes to connecting this killer’s politics to his terrible deeds. And again, I would note the irony of his fondness for the Southern Poverty Law Center. By the SPLC’s own logic, the SPLC shares responsibility for another hate crime. Now that the SPLC has been hoisted by its own petard twice in a few years, I hope it and other liberal groups act more responsibly the next time they want to blame a tragic crime on someone’s personal politics.”

Related: SPLC apologizes, removes Dr. Ben Carson from its “Extremist” list.

Also related: Of Double Standards and Triple Homicides: Media Malpractice and the North Carolina Murders. “It is ironic that in the wake of President Barack Obama’s remarks about a ‘random’ attack by a Muslim terrorist on a Kosher supermarket — note that the White House will not call it a jihadist attack on Jews — in the case of the victims in North Carolina, again from the start they were identified as Muslims. Randomness is clearly in the eye of the beholder.” To be fair, this killer had some pretty suspicious associations, what with Facebook “likes” for the SPLC, HuffPo, Rachel Maddow, etc.

IF HE WERE A TEA PARTIER, THIS WOULD BE THE #1 STORY NATIONALLY: Killer of 3 UNC-Chapel Hill Muslim Students Was Hardcore Anti-Religion Atheist Progressive. “Included in his many Facebook ‘likes’ are the Huffington Post, Rachel Maddow, the Southern Poverty Law Center, Freedom from Religion Foundation, Bill Nye ‘The Science Guy,’ Neil deGrasse Tyson, Gay Marriage groups, and a host of anti-conservative/Tea Party pages.” The ABC story shockingly omits that information.

I’m placing the SPLC on my list of “groups associated with hate killings” now. After all, this isn’t the first such incident. . . .

I’M SURE THE SPLC WILL BE ALL OVER THIS HATE-GROUP STORY: Felon, Former Black Panther Party Leader Hosts Fundraiser for Democratic Senate Candidate Michelle Nunn.

WELL, THEY’VE ALREADY GONE AFTER THE PICKUP ARTISTS, SO WHAT’S LEFT? Leftist, terrorism-inspiring Southern Poverty Law Center labels Common Core critics ‘far-right extremists.’

The SPLC is, of course, most famous because a man named Floyd Lee Corkins used an SPLC “Hate Map” to find the Family Research Council headquarters in Washington, DC. He entered the headquarters lobby in August 2012 in an attempt to “to kill as many people as possible” and “smother Chick-fil-A sandwiches in their faces” because he disagreed with the conservative organization about gay marriage. Corkins managed to shoot a security guard. The guard disarmed him. (RELATED: Family Research Council shooter pleads guilty)

In March, the Federal Bureau of Investigations removed links to the Southern Poverty Law Center from the civil rights division’s web page, breaking ties with the group that inspired the would-be mass shooter.

The SPLC is what it pretends to oppose, a hate group that bilks its donors by peddling conspiracy theories.


Given that the SPLC’s own “kill map” led to a shooting at the Family Research Council, I don’t think they have much room to talk. What’ll they do next, try to get books by pickup artists banned?

NBC NEWS: KANSAS CITY SHOOTER IS FORMER DEMOCRAT GUBERNATORIAL CANDIDATE, KLANSMAN. Okay, they pushed the Democrat part down a ways in the story. Can you imagine the glee at the SPLC, though? They’ll fundraise off this for a decade.

UPDATE: Ran for Congress as a Democrat in 2006, too. Doubt the press will play this up much. Say, did you know that Fred Phelps was a Democrat?

FIXED IT FOR YOU: Hate group blamed for inspiring Family Research Council gun attack dumped by FBI.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, which has labeled several Washington, D.C.-based family organizations as “hate groups” for favoring traditional marriage, has been dumped as a “resource” on the FBI’s Hate Crime Web page, a significant rejection of the influential legal group.

The Web page scrubbing, which also included eliminating the Anti-Defamation League, was not announced and came in the last month after 15 family groups pressed Attorney General Eric Holder and FBI Director James Comey to stop endorsing a group — SPLC — that inspired a recent case of domestic terrorism at the Family Research Council.

I guess the SPLC’s targeting of pickup artists was a bridge too far.

BEWARE THOSE CRAZY PEOPLE WHO STILL BELIEVE IN THE CONSTITUTION: Defense Department Education Materials Warn of ‘Extremists’ That Speak of ‘Individual Liberties, States’ Rights, and How to Make the World a Better Place.’ “The guide is reportedly authored by the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute, a Defense Department-funded diversity training center. Further, the documents cite the left-leaning Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) when identifying ‘hate groups.'”

I suspect that this kind of thing is costing the military a lot of credibility with people who normally support it. I also suspect that Obama’s fine with that. And given the SPLC’s record, does this mean that soon we’ll see drone attacks on “pickup artists?”

HEY, IT’S NOT THE SOUTHERN ESCAPE-FROM-POVERTY LAW CENTER: SPLC sues to keep all students in failed schools.

MARK HEMINGWAY: The Media’s Double Standard: Some hate crimes are less hateful than others.

The Family Research Council shooting is one of the few inarguable examples of politically motivated violence in recent years, yet looking back a year later, the incident has garnered comparatively little attention. Corkins openly admits he selected the Family Research Council because the Christian organization is one of the leading opponents of gay marriage in the country. He had Chick-fil-A sandwiches in his backpack because the CEO of the fast-food chain was under fire for publicly supporting a biblical definition of marriage. Corkins said he planned to “smother Chick-fil-A sandwiches in [the] faces” of his victims as a political statement. And in case that didn’t make his motivations transparent, right before Corkins shot Leo Johnson, he told him, “I don’t like your politics.”

There are some illuminating contrasts between the media’s handling of the political dimensions of the Family Research Council shooting and the shooting of Representative Giffords. In the latter case, the media rushed to assume political motivations and were quick to blame, of all people, Sarah Palin. The former Alaska governor and vice-presidential candidate had put out a map with crosshairs over Giffords’s congressional district as part of a list of Democratic-held seats “targeted” for defeat. But Giffords’s shooter, Jared Loughner, appears to have serious mental problems. And there is no evidence whatsoever Loughner saw this map or that allegedly violent political rhetoric—even “campaign” is a term borrowed from war—was in any way a cause of the Giffords shooting. That didn’t stop serious news organizations from lending institutional credibility to the irresponsible allegations. The Washington Post ran a story headlined “Palin caught in crosshairs map controversy after Tucson shootings.” And though Giffords was shot in January 2011, as recently as this year in an article on gun violence the New York Times saw fit to remind readers that “many criticized Sarah Palin, the former vice-presidential nominee, for using cross hairs on her Web site to identify Democrats like Ms. Giffords.”

By contrast, the media handled awkwardly the revelation that Corkins admitted to plotting mass murder as a means of furthering a popular liberal cause. . . . The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) was once a laudable civil rights organization that sued racists and violent extremists. Now it regularly demonizes anyone who runs afoul of its knee-jerk liberal politics, and despite this it is still regularly cited by the media as a “nonpartisan” watchdog. Some of the SPLC’s newly targeted “hate groups,” such as pickup artists, are merely kooky or distasteful. Others singled out by the SPLC, including Catholics who go to Latin mass or Christian organizations similar to the Family Research Council, are well within the mainstream. Tellingly, the SPLC doesn’t just name the Family Research Council on its website—it posts the council’s address on a “hate map.” That map is still on SPLC’s website, and the organization refused calls to take it down after the Family Research Council shooting.

Why should they? It’s doing what they want, and it’s not costing them anything.

HEY, IT’S NOT FAIR TO CALL US HATEMONGERS JUST BECAUSE WE MONGER HATE: SPLC Creep Defends ‘Hate Map’ Used By Family Research Council Attacker.

AND NO APOLOGY FROM THE SPLC: Floyd Corkins may get 45 years in prison for SPLC-inspired shooting.

SPLC-RELATED HATE CRIME UPDATE: Prosecutors seek 45-year sentence for Family Research Council shooter. “Prosecutors recommended in court papers that the Herndon man who shot a security guard at the Family Research Council be sentenced to 45 years in prison. Floyd Lee Corkins II went to the conservative organization’s Chinatown-area headquarters on Aug. 15 with the intention of killing as many people as he could, according to court documents. But his plan to commit mass violence was thwarted by Leonardo Johnson, a security guard shot by Corkins.”

Meanwhile, there’s that SPLC “Kill Map” that Corkins used. SPLC still hasn’t taken it down. How many more hate crimes must they facilitate before they see reason?


Meanwhile, let’s not forget the Southern Poverty Law Center’s own “kill map,” which has produced actual shootings.

PROF. JACOBSON: New SPLC fear-mongering report — “explosive growth” of SPLC fundraising predicted. My local news channel — WVLT — ran a puff piece on this report tonight.

READER BILL RICKORDS EMAILS: “So where are the calls for SPLC to take down its Kill Map?”

SO FLOYD CORKINS, THE GUY WHO SHOT UP THE FAMILY RESEARCH COUNCIL, used a Southern Poverty Law Center “hate map” to pick his targets.

And now this: Suspected LA Cop Killer Posted Pro-Obama, Pro-Gun Control, Leftist Rant on the Web.

When will these lefties stop the hate?

RICH LOWRY: The SPLC’s Intolerant Hate Campaign.

DANA MILBANK CRITICIZES THE SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER’S HATEMONGERING, and Peter Ingemi comments: “I suppose I shouldn’t be too hard on Dana Milbank, after all he is doing better than a lot of other people on the left by saying it and he is being savaged in comments but if he really had the courage of his convictions this piece would have come out before there was blood on the ground and not after.”

UPDATE: Reader Walt Higgins writes: “It looks like they have stopped displaying the comments on Milbank’s column. Probably they showed who the real haters are.” That’s how it usually is with comments at the Post.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Former PostWatch guy Christopher Fotos writes: “As of 12:30 pm eastern time, the comments on the Milbank piece are showing up fine. The comment system at WaPo online is clunky–it seems like sometimes when they get a long thread, you have to click on an all/best comments option–but I’m seeing them, they’re at more than 1,000 and counting. Hey, maybe they disappeared something–WaPo does that all the time without explanation.”

PROF. JACOBSON: SPLC’s Hatewatch Gives Cover To Hate.

UPDATE: The Hill: Shooting spurs heated debate on gay rights, ‘hate group’ label.

Related: DC Shooter Carried Chick-fil-A Bag With Him to FRC HQ – Was Volunteer at LGBT Center.

Now if he’d been a Tea Partier, it would be news. Or even if Brian Ross could have found a Tea Partier with the same name on the Internet . . . .

ANOTHER UPDATE: John Hinderaker: Thoughts on the Family Research Council Shooting. “Liberals should take a deep breath and re-think how they talk about public policy issues. If they are looking for haters, it would seem that the mirror is a good place to start.”

JOHN HINDERAKER: Occupy Violence: It’s Different, Somehow. “You can read the linked post for a full account of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s tortured explanations of why it just isn’t interested in the Occupiers, no matter how many crimes and terrorist acts they may commit.”

The SPLC is a bunch of partisan hacks. First, last, and always.

MERCHANTS OF HATE: Gothamist condones violence against political enemies, women. “I don’t know the name of the woman behind the camera. But according to Del Signore, she deserves whatever she gets for daring to disagree with him. Y’know. Because of the left’s respect for women. . . . Maybe Del Signore has been listening to the latest from Bruce Springsteen.”

Somebody tell the SPLC!


SPLC has been an incredibly successful organization. It has consistently solved the poverty problems of its directors. . . .

If I didn’t know any better, I would say they are secret monocle wearing libertarians. Not only do they take millions in donations that could otherwise go to liberal political causes, but also, they use that money that they don’t pocket to run an organization that does nothing but discredit and embarrass liberals.

Heh. And calling the pickup-artist crowd a hate group has got to be the best embarrassment so far.

MORRIS DEES BECLOWNS HIMSELF: The Southern Poverty Law Center Is Now Writing About Pickup Artists as Hate Groups. “Take note, America: Having consensual sex (Roosh is not a rapist, but a seducer) with someone you don’t actually like and then never calling her/him again will land you in a reputation-ruining SPLC report.”

Ah, but it’s not your reputation the report will be ruining. . . .

Plus, from the comments: “SPLC goes from fighting George Wallace to fighting Tucker Max. Can you get any more pathetic?”

And: “Also, I’ll wait and see if SPLC goes after Playboy for the ‘Top 10 Conservative Women We’d Like to Hate Fuck’ feature they ran on their website a couple of years ago.” It’s not hate when it comes from Democratic contributors.

SOPA UPDATE: SOPA shelved until ‘consensus’ is found. “House Oversight Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) said early Saturday morning that Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) promised him the House will not vote on the controversial Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) unless there is consensus on the bill.”

The White House is looking wobbly, too. But Lamar Smith remains bought-and-paid-for.

UPDATE: Reader Thad Puckett says that former Sheriff Richard Mack is running against Smith in the primary, though the report he links — which is mostly about other stuff — only mentions in passing that Mack is planning to file. I couldn’t find any more recent reports. Anybody know anything? Puckett writes: “I’ll vote for Mack in the primary…Smith has not handled SOPA well at all.” No, he hasn’t.

PROFESSOR JACOBSON: “Democrats must be in trouble if The Daily Beast is running a headline White Supremacist Stampede . . . Nine white supremacist candidates? In the whole country? With its multi-hundred million dollar endowment, SPLC only could find nine candidates?”

Like the release of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve oil, the fact that they’re playing these cards so very early in the election cycle does smack of desperation.

UPDATE: Stuart Rothenberg: Are Obama’s Polls Worse Than Meet the Eye? I’m guessing the White House thinks so, or they wouldn’t be acting so desperate.

CONNECTIONS: The SPLC, Stormfront, and Glenn Greenwald.

SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER charged with “unscholarly and unethical” efforts to cast doubt on Armenian genocide.

UPDATE: The Backstory:

The hidden political explanation: Armenian-Americans have historically been a Republican constituency, especially in California. By pushing this meaningless symbolic resolution, Democrats are attempting to undermine the Armenian community’s GOP allegiance, while depicting Republicans as indifferent to genocide.

Too bad their usually-reliable allies at SPLC screwed the pooch.

FORGET THE FED, it’s the SPLC that’s really devaluing its currency.

DANA MILBANK THINKS AMENDING THE CONSTITUTION IS A STRANGE WAY TO HONOR THE FOUNDING FATHERS. In doing so, he displays his ignorance. The amendment process, after all, is part of the Constitution. The Framers had no illusions that they were creating perfection, and believed in the sovereignty of the people and in the power of the people to revise the Constitution as needed, through the process they created. The idea that the text of the Constitution should be revised only through judicial reinterpretation is a modern conceit, and one that does no honor to the Framers at all.

UPDATE: Reader Zev Sero is unimpressed with Milbank’s take: “So I suppose he’s against the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments. Is that right?” Put him on the SPLC’s “hate list.”

ANOTHER UPDATE: Doug Mataconis seems to think that this is “a plan to destroy the Constitution.” See above.

MICHAEL PETRELIS: “The SPLC’s new 2009 IRS 990 filing shows they have a bank account in the Cayman Islands. Now, stop for a good long minute and ask yourself what the hell is a supposed poverty-fighting Alabama-based tax exempt organization doing with such an account. Then ponder this: how much money is in it. . . . Assets for the organization are listed at $190 million, a nice chunk of change in these economic hard times. When was the last time this group, with almost $190 million in assets, did a damn worthwhile thing about, um, poverty?” Well, nobody who works for them is poor. . . .

UPDATE: SPLC: The Wolf Who Cried Hate.

SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER To Apologize to Prof. Guenter Lewy For False Accusations.

GETTING IT WRONG: Judy Thomas is a good reporter, and she’s interviewed me in the past without problems. But this article on militias and “state defense forces” is just a mess. In my experience, when that kind of thing happens it usually means that an editor rewrote the story, though that’s just a guess here. Anyway, some clarification follows.

When I spoke to her, my key point was that State Defense Forces, or “State Guards,” aren’t militias at all. Militias are under Article I, sec. 8, and 10 U.S.C. sec. 311. State Defense Forces are “other troops,” under Article I sec. 10 and 32 U.S.C. sec. 109, which provides:

In addition to its National Guard, if any, a State, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, the District of Columbia, Guam, or the Virgin Islands may, as provided by its laws, organize and maintain defense forces. A defense force established under this section may be used within the jurisdiction concerned, as its chief executive (or commanding general in the case of the District of Columbia) considers necessary, but it may not be called, ordered, or drafted into the armed forces.

These are not — as you might think from reading the article — renegade “militias” organized by anyone who might want to. They are Congressionally authorized military forces, supposed to be there for use within a state if the National Guard is overwhelmed or unavailable because of foreign deployment, etc. Unfortunately, this discussion gets all mangled in the article and the distinction isn’t clear at all. So, here’s a nutshell summary:

We have the armed forces of the United States. Those include the National Guard, which — though occasionally called “the militia” — is really troops under federal control, as made clear in Perpich v. DoD, which held that National Guard units may be sent abroad over the objection of their governor. (Technically, National Guard members are enrolled in both their State’s National Guard, and the National Guard of the United States, but the latter trumps in the event of a dispute).

The State Defense Forces are troops raised by states with the consent of Congress. They’re not militias, either, but they have no dual Federal role, and can’t be “federalized” as the National Guard can.

We also have, again as recognized by both federal and state statutes, an “unorganized militia” of the states, and of the United States. This includes most male adults and — in some states — females, too.

Some folks in what remains of the “militia movement” favor the establishment or expansion of State Defense Forces in their home states. They may want to join them, too. Nonetheless, those Forces aren’t militias, any more than the membership of “militia movement” folks in police forces makes the police a militia.

Despite the obligatory SPLC scaremongering about militias and State Defense Forces, there are undoubtedly more militia members belonging to law enforcement — and there have certainly been far more incidents of law enforcement misconduct of various kinds around the country — than State Defense Forces.

States could, of course, go back to the traditional militia structure, which obtained until the passage of the Dick Act and related changes in the early part of the 20th Century. In that setting, prominent individuals might raise a regiment and serve as its colonel, all under the supervision of the state. That’s how things used to work. I doubt that will come back, though if states get broke enough, who knows . . . .

UPDATE: Reader Arnold Steed writes:

I was happy to see your post on “state defense forces.”

I’m a member of the Texas State Guard, and it is the policy of the Guard not to recruit anyone who is a member of a gang or a paramilitary (militia) group. We’ve recently had a lot of training along the lines of recognizing such individuals so we don’t recruit them inadvertently. The concern is that members of these groups are trying to get into the Guard in order to receive training and bolster their credibility by affiliation with the official State Guard. I think the latter is the main motivation… we don’t do much weapons training and focus on disaster response: shelter management, search and rescue, etc.,

(Incidentally, you’re responsible for my seeking out the Texas State Guard in the first place. I had no idea such a group existed until you did a post about State Guards several years ago. I have a history of asthma, which kept me out of federal service even though it’s no longer a problem.)

There are a lot of people who aren’t eligible for the military for age or health reasons who’d still like to serve. This provides another possibility.

PROF. JACOBSON: Southern Poverty Law Center Completes Its Descent Into Madness. “Whatever SPLC once was, it now is a bastion of political hackery which, by equating legitimate political opposition with criminal violence, is doing substantial damage to our national fabric. It is time for people of conscience to speak out against SPLC’s tactics.”

Yep, they’ve completely dissipated their moral capital.

UPDATE: Desperate To Connect Tea Party With Domestic Terrorism. The operative word being “desperate.”

Then they tried to portray it as a violent group when it wasn’t, and now they portray it as a racist group and it’s not. To me it’s sad that they would dismiss what is truly an expression of American democracy.


ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader Robert Racansky writes: “Dave Kopel made a similar observation 14 years ago.” Political hacks, collecting “dossiers” and spreading fear. Sounds almost McCarthyist . . . .

MORE: Speaking of desperation: L.A. Times: Obama’s electoral coalition is crumbling. “The swing voters who turned out in droves to support the president aren’t likely to back his party in November. Even core supporters express unhappiness with Democrats.” They go with the smears because that’s all they’ve got left.

WHO’S WHITER? The Tea Party, or the Southern Poverty Law Center? Heck, the SPLC is whiter than a bunch of MSNBC hosts at a Broadview Security commercial burglars’ convention. . . .

HMM: Scholar’s libel suit proceeds against Southern Poverty Law Center. It’s hard for me to believe that the Armenian genocide didn’t happen, but it’s easy for me to believe that the SPLC issued an off-the-cuff smear.

MORE INSURRECTIONIST RHETORIC: Linda Greenhouse calls Arizona a “police state.” Somebody tell the SPLC!

UPDATE: More embarrassing (well, maybe) Greenhouse was analyzing the wrong bill. There’s a correction, but . . . .

SHOCKER: Southern Poverty Law Center’s ‘Enemies List’ a Fantasy.

Related thoughts from Matt Welch. It’s not that the SPLC is a bunch of partisan political tools employing guilt by association and wild overreaches. I criticized Morris Dees on that to his face, on PBS Newshour back in 1995. It’s that they’ve become such an obvious, unsubtle, transparent bunch of tools.

PLAN TO ASSASSINATE COPS IN NYC: Call the SPLC! Oh, wait, never mind, no Tea Partiers involved . . . .

PROF. JACOBSON: SPLC’s Democratic Party Mission. “The Southern Poverty Law Center issued a misleading and politicized report on hate groups for the purpose of smearing those who oppose Democratic Party plans to expand government. This has become an all too common SPLC tactic, and is a disgrace because there was a time when SPLC actually went after hate groups rather than simply putting the label ‘hate group’ on law-abiding political groups which happen to oppose SPLC’s fundraising base.” Back in 1995 I was on MacNeil/Lehrer with Morris Dees and had to chide him about his use of the Oklahoma City bombing to smear gun-rights activists, libertarians, etc. Alas, things haven’t improved.

SO HE WAS AN ANTI-BUSH TRUTHER, but the Christian Science Monitor’s Patrick Grier has decided that he’s really a “right wing extremist.” Not much in the way of actual evidence is presented, though SPLC/DNC talking points are recycled.

Meanwhile Joe Conason tries to connect Chilean earthquake deaths to the Tea Party. It just gets more pathetic, as they get more desperate.

UPDATE: Reader Lee Cerling writes:

Re the Joe Conason argument—you might note that perhaps Joe is unaware that Chile was considered by Milton Friedman to be “the Chilean miracle” due to its success in implementing Tea Party-style economic reforms. I’m sure he just overlooked that small point. Here’s the Wikipedia link:

Conason tends to miss stuff like this. Obviously, he needs to read InstaPundit more often.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Tom Maguire emails: “Of course the Pentagon shooter is a Tea Partier – he had a run-in with the law in 2006 about his illegal marijuana cultivation, and everyone knows that marijuana is a gateway drug to libertarianism.”

PROF. JACOBSON: The Klan In Rhode Island? SPLC Exaggerates Again.

JESSE WALKER: Fearmongering at the SPLC. “The group delights in finding tenuous ties between the tendencies it tracks, then describing its discoveries in as ominous a tone as possible.” They used to call that “McCarthyism,” didn’t they?

Plus, from the comments: “Don’t you guys know libertarians are dangerous? They are going to take over the government and leave everyone alone.”

JAMES TARANTO IS defending Vanderbilt Law School’s Carol Swain from charges of being a white-supremacist-lover. “Swain, who is black, is a professor of law and political science at Vanderbilt University. She is an expert on white supremacists, having written a book on the subject, ‘The New White Nationalism in America: Its Challenge to Integration,’ which was published in 2002 by Cambridge University Press and drew plaudits from scholars both liberal (Harvard’s William Julius Wilson) and conservative (Princeton’s Robert P. George).” But read the whole thing, which makes clear just how unfair the charge is.

I think the SPLC’s work is finished, if this is the best it can do. It certainly undercuts my already-diminished faith in Mark Potok. . . .


Celia Padron went on a Hawaiian vacation last year, lured by the prospect of beautiful beaches and friendly people. She, her husband and two teenage daughters enjoyed the black sand beach at Makena State Park on Maui. But a Hawaiian girl accosted her two teenage daughters, saying, “Go back to the mainland” and “Take your white ass off our beaches,” says Padron, a pediatric gastroenterologist in New Jersey.

When her husband, 68 at the time, stepped between the girls, three young Hawaiian men slammed him against a vehicle, cutting his ear, and choked and punched him, Padron says. Police officers persuaded the Padrons not to press charges, saying it would be expensive for them to return for court appearances and a Hawaiian judge would side with the Hawaiian assailants, the doctor contends. . . . With no known hate groups and a much-trumpeted spirit of aloha or tolerance, few people outside Hawaii realize the state has a racism issue. One reason: The tourism-dependent state barely acknowledges hate crimes. That makes it hard to know how often racial violence is directed at Caucasians, who comprise about 25% of the ethnically diverse state’s 1.3 million residents. Those who identify themselves as Native Hawaiian — most residents are of mixed race — account for nearly 20%.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has a full report at the link. Interesting to see the SPLC taking notice.

UPDATE: Reader Bob Gailey writes:

Thanks to Clinton coming here and apologizing for the U.S.A overthrowing the Hawaiian Kingdom (there is another side to that story if one cares to look) and the subsequent movement by Senators Akaka and Inouye to push for Hawaiians getting their own government thanks to the Akaka Bill, it’s not surprisng the natives are getting bolder.

The story is also correct about the law enforcement over here. The judges and many on the police force are related to many of those who create problems here so when they were told it would be useless to press charges, they were correct. Again, thanks to Clinton for opening Pandora’s Box and Akaka keeping it from closing with the racist Akaka Bill…Hawaii will never be the same.

Another reader emails:

You betcha. The University of Hawaii had a ton of stuff posted on how Hawaii was for Natives and how non-natives should not have voting rights when I visited last year to lecture. I was warned by some freinds that lived there to be careful outside the cities and if I got into problems with a native, not to expect the police to take my side. There are lots of native only area, from what I was told, and despite the fact they are legally open to all, its not in reality. It was kinda like being a Christian in Saudi Arabia again. There is a strong secessionist movement that is very anti-white and wants the return of the old royality.

See what happens when the public schools stop pushing integration and instead push diversity. The SW next?

And SayUncle writes: “I spent my formative years there. Check out Kill Haole Day. Haole = derogatory term for whites.”

I’ve never vacationed in Hawaii — the Caribbean is closer and cheaper — but this doesn’t make me want to go anytime soon . . . .

GAYS, OBAMA, and another hateful reverend: “The problem for Obama is that Rev. James Meeks, like Rev. Jeremiah Wright, preaches a message that appears to be directly at odds with the promise of hope, unity and bridging social, racial and political divisions upon which his campaign is built. . . . Perhaps of even more concern than race-baiting diatribes like these is Rev. Meeks disturbing history of antagonism towards the LGBT community. A spring 2007 newsletter from the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) named Meeks one of the ’10 leading black religious voices in the anti-gay movement . . . . On a more personal level, Meeks has reportedly blamed ‘Hollywood Jews for bringing us Brokeback Mountain’. “

TONGUE TIED suggests that the Southern Poverty Law Center is suffering from mission creep: “The Montgomery, Ala.-based SPLC made a name for itself chasing Klansmen and militias. Now, it focuses on serving diabetic prison inmates, 10 commandment-toting judges and writing movie reviews.”

UPDATE: Reader Robert Racansky points to this article from Harper’s on the SPLC, which seems to illustrate the need for better oversight over nonprofits. I used to be quite impressed with Morris Dees, but I still remember that when he and I were on the PBS Newshour right after the Oklahoma City bombing he seemed more interested in stoking his fundraising efforts than anything else.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Donald Sensing invokes Governor Le Petomaine.