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ESPN had no use for Hill on any of its programs after her ill-fated 6 p.m. “SportsCenter” with her former partner, Michael Smith, failed to deliver ratings. She first left Smith behind by quitting the show before the executive in charge of the program, Norby Williamson, had a chance to replace her. She would have been removed.

Nearly one year ago, on Sept. 11, 2017, Hill called Trump “a white supremacist who has largely surrounded himself [with] other white supremacists.” Though it broke ESPN’s social media rules about commenting on politics unrelated to sports, then-network president John Skipper failed to suspend Hill. The White House called for Hill to be fired.

A little more than a month later, Skipper decided to suspend Hill after she criticized Cowboys owner Jerry Jones’ anthem stance by tweeting, “Change happens when advertisers are impacted. If you feel strongly about JJ’s statement, boycott his advertisers.” She was off television for two weeks. ESPN called it a second offense. Hill said she regretted that she had “painted ESPN in an unfair light.”

Pitaro recently said he thinks the biggest misperception of ESPN is that it is political, and now he is putting action behind his words. Though the network’s on-air programming is mostly apolitical, it is hard to ask viewers to disassociate stances they read on social media when ESPN personalities are on TV, radio or writing for its website.

Get woke, go broke.™

GET WOKE, GO BROKE: The Thrill of Victory, the Agony of a Decision about Boycotting the NFL This Season.

GET WOKE, GO BROKE: Twitter Stock Drops Sharply on Lower Monthly Active Usage.

That “lower monthly active usage” just might have a connection with this: Twitter: Of course we don’t shadow ban (okay, maybe a little).

In case you missed it on Wednesday, It’s been a rough week for social media: Facebook plunges more than 24 percent on revenue miss and projected slowdown.

GET WOKE, GO BROKE: New York Daily News Announces Mass Layoffs To Staff Via Email, Ashe Schow writes at the Daily Wire:

Tronc, which owns NYDN, sent an email to staff Monday morning announcing it would be “fundamentally restructuring the Daily News,” according to a copy of the memo obtained by the Daily Beast’s Max Tani.

“We are reducing today the size of the editorial team by approximately 50 percent and re-focusing much of our talent on breaking news — especially in areas of crime, civil justice and public responsibility,” the email said.

* * * * * * * *

The biggest cut was editor-in-chief Jim Rich, who foreshadowed the layoffs in an ominous tweet Monday morning.

Rich tweeted, “If you hate democracy and think local governments should operate unchecked and in the dark, then today is a good day for you.”

No, there is another option. It’s entirely possible to believe that journalists should be a watchdog on politicians, without resorting to material such as this:

UPDATE: It’s easy enough already to think of the Daily News as Democratic operatives with bylines, but Andrew Cuomo wants to make it official: Cuomo Offers to Bail Out Daily News with State Money. Pardon the pun, but this is the money quote: “These layoffs were made without notifying the State or asking for assistance.”

“Notifying the state.”

GET WOKE, GO BROKE: Chief Content Officer Isaac Lee Out at Univision.

History will remember that Lee’s tenure at Univision began as Vice President of its news division, and that his first major splash as such was to greenlight the despicable effort to blackmail U.S. Senator Marco Rubio into appearing on the network (for the purpose of being browbeat on immigration by Jorge Ramos) in exchange for killing a story that suggested he profited from his brother-in-law’s narcotics enterprise. In the 1980s. As a teenager. (Politico’s Marc Caputo, then with the Miami Herald, covered the story, and his summary can be found here.)

On Lee’s watch, Univision’s news operation would increasingly turn to an activism-based model of reporting where immigration reigned supreme, and took it upon itself to enforce the notion that a belief in immigration policy was somehow a central tenet of the Hispanic ethnopolitical identity. I submit Jorge Ramos’ contemptuous opinion column cheering Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio’s defeat in the 2016 presidential primary as an example of the sort of openly partisan behavior that Lee indulged at Univision, which culminated in a massive loss of credibility after the 2016 presidential election.

Read the whole thing.


Within Welch’s GE, there was an accepted belief that GE Capital, the company’s highly successful financial arm, should never exceed 40 percent of GE’s profits or revenues. This was thought to be a delicate balance, the ideal level to enhance the industrial businesses and to retain the company’s once pristine Triple-A credit rating. Undaunted, Immelt grew it to 55 percent of the company’s portfolio, just at the onset of the Great Recession, ignoring this long-held belief. It didn’t work all that well.

[Jeff] Immelt was more of an outside CEO, eager to play public statesman in Washington, advising President Barack Obama, giving speeches and collecting awards, and not enough like Jack Welch, who was a roll-up-your-sleeves CEO who reveled in operational details, asked the hard questions, cultivated deep engagement with his leadership team, and never suffered fools gladly.

Get woke, go broke.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Oberlin College outlook downgraded to ‘Negative’ by credit rating agencies. Get woke, go broke.

GET WOKE, GO BROKE: Joel Kotkin: Watch Out! Here Come the ‘Woke’ Tech Oligarchs.

The buyout of mainstream progressivism has changed its nature. Big donor-driven candidates—who still dominate the party’s leadership ranks, even as small-donor powered insurgents like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez test that arrangement, at least in low-turnout elections—are less concerned with the fate of auto or communication workers than they are with issues of environmental regulation, identity, and culture.

Why should a small group of people enjoy such unaccountable power? Time for some trustbusting?

GET WOKE, GO BROKE: Intersectional Bookstore Comes to a Dead End.

One piece of merchandise carried a label that read “Trigger warning: gendered and patriarchal language.” The offending verbiage? Instructions for using a feminine-hygiene product.

I attempted to make a small purchase but didn’t have any cash. A sign at the counter declared: “Due to patriarchy we require a $5 minimum on all debit/credit card purchases.” I left empty-handed. A few weeks later, the store announced it was closing: “Patriarchy, white supremacy, capitalism cannot be reformed and ever serve the people. Abolition is the goal.” The final statement doesn’t mention women.

Last Monday, University of Toronto psychologist Jordan Peterson came to Portland as part of his tour to promote “12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos.” Some 50 protesters stood outside the theater accusing him of “transphobia” and misogyny. Their signs—one of them read “infinite genders”—reminded me of the bookstore. One protester told me she was shocked that so many women came to hear Mr. Peterson speak: “It’s just disgusting!” Sure enough, inside were many women, including women of color.

Mr. Peterson has 12 rules, compared with In Other Words’ seven. Perhaps the bookstore would have survived if it had followed Mr. Peterson’s Rule No. 6: “Set your house in perfect order before you criticize the world.”

Heh. Read the whole thing.

(Via David Thompson.)

Elsewhere in the intersection of bookstores and the angry left, “Bookstore owner calls police after customer confronted Steve Bannon:”

A Richmond, Va., bookstore owner said he called the police on Saturday after former White House chief strategist Stephen Bannon was confronted in his store.

Nick Cooke, owner of Black Swan Books, told the Richmond Times-Dispatch that a woman called Bannon a “piece of trash.”

The woman then left the store after Cooke said he called 911.

“Steve Bannon was simply standing, looking at books, minding his own business. I asked her to leave, and she wouldn’t. And I said, ‘I’m going to call the police if you don’t,’ and I went to call the police and she left,” Cooke said. “And that’s the end of the story.”

Bannon grew up in Richmond, the newspaper noted.

The Richmond Police Department confirmed the call was made but the call was canceled before officers responded.

“We are a bookshop. Bookshops are all about ideas and tolerating different opinions and not about verbally assaulting somebody, which is what was happening,” Cooke said.

Bannon joins a growing list of political figures associated with President Trump who have been confronted in public in recent weeks.

Naturally in response to a bookstore owner trying to create a safe space for all of his customers, Philippe Reines, the Hillary Clinton staffer who stood in for Trump during Hillary’s debate prep, tweeted out the owner’s name, the store’s physical and email address and its phone number, in order to sic the leftwing outrage mob on the store.

NO. Evangeline Lilly Wants All-Female Avengers Lineup.

I’d ask what part of “Get woke, go broke” these people don’t understand, but it’s always the second part.

GET WOKE, GO BROKE: Fallout: University of Missouri struggles with $50 million shortfall, reduced enrollment after racial protests. “College students who decided not to attend University of Missouri said that the environment created by the protests, as well as high costs and unfavorable funding options, caused them to turn to other schools.”

Said one student: “Students were afraid to walk on campus because of the threat of shootings on yikyak [a now-defunct anonymous messaging app]. I walked through marches at least once a week and many of those people didn’t even know why they were protesting beyond wanting equal treatment which I remember them saying they wanted a special curve just for black students.”

All this damage, just to appease a small, unrepresentative minority of students and faculty who by their nature will never actually be satisfied.

GET WOKE, GO BROKE: Kathleen Kennedy Almost Fired as Head of Lucasfilm… But…

One point she alludes to, which she made before: She thinks that Star Wars never appealed to Kathleen Kennedy. Kathleen Kennedy didn’t like the franchise, because it was, indeed, a boys’ adventure franchise.

Instead of making a boys’ adventure franchise she didn’t get and didn’t like, she made it into something she could like: a girls’ empowerment fantasy.

This kind of sums up the problem with Social Justice Warriors taking over male-skewing sections of pop culture: They just don’t like it. They never did like it. Some of them even feel that these parts of pop culture encourage “toxic masculinity,” and therefore are evil.

And therefore must be subverted and remade into something they never were before.

So you… put multimillion dollar companies into the hands of people who don’t like the product those companies sell and in fact might even hate?

Well, good luck with that, I guess.

* * * * * * * *

Kennedy, who has previously declared that she owes nothing to the male fans of Star Wars (who, let’s face it, have maintained the value of the franchise for 40+ years):

“I have a responsibility to the company that I work with. I don’t feel that I have a responsibility to cater in some way. I would never just seize on saying, ‘Well, this is a franchise that’s appealed primarily to men for many, many years, and therefore I owe men something.'”

Yes… yes… reach out with your Hatred… all is proceeding precisely as I envisioned…

Heh, indeed.™

GET WOKE, GO BROKE: Netflix Shares Dive Amid Exec’s Exit And Looming Diversity Questions.


Well, my criticism in the last 30 years of the institution, obviously a lot of us who voiced those concerns, it fell on deaf ears. So progressive thinkers and institutional administrators within the university got their way. And now we’re sort of at the end of that experiment, and the question we have to ask is what did they give us? Well, they gave us $1 trillion in student debt. They created a very bizarre system in which the federal government — subsidized through student loans, constantly increasing tuition beyond the rate of inflation — the result of which is that we’ve had about a 200 percent growth in administrative costs, and administrators and non-teaching staff within the university. We’ve politicized the education.

So when I started there were … I think I looked in the catalog in 1984. There were things, maybe like the Recreation Department’s “Leisure Studies” course. Maybe one environmental class, “Environmental Studies.” But you take the word “studies” with a hyphen, and now that can represent about 25 percent of the curriculum. And that’s usually a rough, not always a reliable guide, to show that that class is not — it’s not disinterested. Its aim is to be deductive. We start with this premise that men are sexist, or capitalism destroys the environment, or America’s racist. Then you find the examples to fit that preconceived idea.

And the result of it is that we’ve turned out students that are highly partisan and highly mobilized, and even sort of arrogant, but they’re also ignorant … that came at a cost. They did not learn to write well. If you ask them who’s General Sherman, or what’s a Corinthian column, or who was Dante, all of the building blocks that they could refer to later in life to enrich their experience, they have no reference. And then they don’t know how to think inductively. So if you point out the contradictions in free speech the way they shout down some speakers and not others, or the way that they hate capitalism, but they love Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook, they’re not able … they haven’t been trained philosophically to account for that, because they’re indoctrinated. And it’s quite sad to see the combination of ignorance and arrogance in young people, but that’s what we’ve turned out. A lot of people who are indebted and they’re arrogant, and they’re ignorant and they’re not up to the task of moving the United States forward as a leading country in the world.

And you can see the reaction to it. We have tech schools now that grow up around these campuses, where they just say to people, “If they’re gonna cut out Western civ and they’re gonna cut out the core and politicize it, then let’s be honest. Just pay us a cheaper tuition and we’ll train you to be a nurse, or we’ll train you to be a computer encoder,” or whatever. And so, we have alternates, for-profit online alternatives, podcasts.

And so, the university failed in its mission. And it will be replaced by open free society. People are trying to find alternatives to it. And they kind of committed suicide. And they’re in decline.

Get woke, go broke. But it’s been a good several decades for the people running those institutions, and living out Rhett Butler’s adage that there’s as much money to be made in tearing down a civilization as in building one up.

GET WOKE, GO BROKE: Disney Disaster: Star Wars Spinoffs On Hold.

Pardon my language, but Kathleen Kennedy fucked up the most un-fuck-up-able product ever invented. She was handed the surest thing in history, and blew it.

Killing off Han Solo? Is she deranged?

Turning Luke Skywalker into a coward, a near-child murderer, a loser who runs from a fight? Nuts.

Turning Yoda into a literal book burner, an act that spits all over everything that came before, which would be like turning James Bond into a gay communist. She has lost her mind.

And then there is Kennedy’s nutty decision to use Star Wars, an escapist fantasy that is supposed to have zero to do with 21st century America, into a soapbox for her obnoxious politics. Even if you agree with her politics, you still cannot defend the spell-breaking, character-insulting, sucker-punching effect this has on the storytelling, on the whole point of a Star Wars movie –which is to enjoy two hours in the dark someplace else, someplace where we are not arguing over skin color and cake baking.

At least George Lucas was smart enough to bury his own radical left politics far deeper into the Star Wars fundament back in 1977.

LEFT COAST LAWLESSNESS: Progressivism is wrecking cities in the Pacific Northwest.

The anarchy and disorder dominating progressive cities across the West Coast recently hit a new low in Seattle. King County officials are looking to roll out a “safe injection van,” a legal venue at which addicts could shoot up illegal drugs unhindered and “safely.” The first of its kind in the United States, the van would manage to undermine further the rule of law while also doing little to help addicts. Seattle’s urban decay goes deeper, though, with skyrocketing rates of homelessness, an explosion in opioid usage and deaths, and spikes in violent crime.
Seattle’s predicament is emblematic of the broader crises faced by many progressive West Coast cities, where local leaders have forced law enforcement to take a hands-off approach to policing unsanctioned tent cities and vagrancy at the expense of public safety and health. San Francisco, long considered a model of progressive urban policy, is plagued by filth, chaos, and public-safety hazards. Local leaders plan to spend an incredible $305 million on combatting homelessness for the current fiscal year alone, but disorder spreads as the city fails to enforce the rule of law and basic sanitary measures. Block-by-block surveillance reveals the deterioration of downtown San Francisco. Of 153 city blocks surveyed, 41 contained used drug needles and 96 had human feces present. Tourists are dismayed to leave their downtown hotels, to be confronted by mentally ill and aggressive homeless people who are taking control of the streets. University of California Berkeley professor Lee Riley, an expert on infectious disease, observes that some of San Francisco’s streets are dirtier than Third World slums.

Portland, Oregon, has continued to experience rapid urban decay in recent years, and the consequences for businesses and residents have been dramatic. In 2016, Columbia Sportswear, a major retailer, relocated a considerable number of its staff to downtown Portland. A little over a year later, in a scathing opinion piece in the Oregonian, the company’s CEO voiced his regret over the decision. Employees reported repeated criminal offenses, “daily defecation” in the store’s front lobby, and fears of physical violence. One female employee ran into moving traffic to escape a transient individual, screaming that he was going to kill her.

Conditions for other Portland companies have deteriorated as well.

Get woke, go broke. Amid filth and violence.

GET WOKE, GO BROKE: Microsoft Employees Demand Cancelation of $19.4M ICE Contract over Trump Border Policy.

GET WOKE, GO BROKE: Starbucks burned by social-justice appeasement as growth stalls, stock plunges.

GET WOKE, GO BROKE: GE Drops Out of the Dow Jones Industrial Average After More Than a Century.

GE’s market capitalization peaked at $594 billion in 2000, making it the most valued U.S. company. It has shrunk over the years. Under former CEO Jeff Immelt, the company shed its NBCUniversal media business and sold off most of its GE Capital arm, which was once one of the biggest U.S. lenders.

More recently, the Boston-based company struck a deal to sell its century-old railroad business, part of a plan to shed $20 billion worth of assets by the end of next year. It is also looking to sell its century-old lighting business.

Regarding that last item, it’s about time — a decade ago, a then-GE owned company insisted that we all radically cut back on our use of one of GE’s most ubiquitous products.

GET WOKE, GO BROKE: Future ‘A Star Wars Story’ Spinoffs on Hold at Lucasfilm.

Lucasfilm chief Kathleen Kennedy ought to have a long talk with corporate cousin Kevin Feige of Marvel Studios about how to build a franchise.

Or resign before she completely destroys Disney’s four-billion-dollar golden goose.

GET WOKE, GO BROKE: How much are social justice warriors costing their colleges?

“‘We practice hard-line, leftist indoctrination’ seems to have failed as a marketing strategy.’”

Heh, indeed. Read the whole thing.™

GET WOKE, GO BROKE: Starbucks also plans to close about 150 company-operated American stores over its next fiscal year. And note this:

The closing stores are often in “major metro areas where increases in wage and occupancy and other regulatory requirements” are making them unprofitable, Johnson said. “Now, in a lot of ways, it’s middle America and the South that presents an opportunity.”

Huh – all the best people told me that #fightfor15 would have no deleterious effect on the food and beverage industry.

GET WOKE, GO BROKE: More Misery in Missouri: The university continues to struggle with fallout from the 2015 protests.

Indulging protesters can be expensive, as the University of Missouri is discovering three years after students successfully demanded the resignation of the president and chancellor. Last week the school said it will have to eliminate 185 positions on top of 308 cut last year.

Apparently fewer parents want to send their kids to a school where activism eclipses academics. Between the fall 2015 and 2017 semesters, freshman enrollment dropped by 35%. Lost tuition accounts for $29 million of the university’s current $49 million budget shortfall.

In response, Mizzou has had to lay off employees, decline to renew expiring faculty contracts, and leave positions unfilled after retirements. The university is also cutting back on travel and phasing out low-demand courses, among other austerity measures.

Mizzou claims more aggressive recruitment from neighboring states’ schools has contributed to the enrollment decline. And it says growing maintenance, research and personnel costs have contributed to the budget strain. But “we know the perception of Mizzou was a key factor in the difficulties we had over the past two years,” adds spokesman Christian Basi. . . . Missouri is learning the hard way that most students and parents believe a university should be a place for open inquiry run by administrators who will insist on it.

Wreck your university to please a few dozen angry students and staff who by their very nature are never happy for long. Good plan. But hey, they’ve wrecked their standing with the voters and legislature, too.

GET WOKE, GO BROKE: Canada’s Mizzou? Enrollment plunging at university that investigated gender-neutral pronoun debate.

BEN SHAPIRO: No, Star Wars Isn’t Failing Because Of Hateful Trolls. It’s Failing Because Kathleen Kennedy Has Done A Garbage Job.

As Ace of Spades writes, “I do not expect Star Wars fans will enjoy being called sexist, racist, backwards and deserving of eternal defeat from the company that hopes to sell them tickets in the future. Hey bigots, racists, sexists and manbabies, buy tickets for our movies or else.”

Get woke, go broke. Insulting the audience worked out just swell for both Lady Ghostbusters – and Lady Clinton.

GET WOKE, GO BROKE: Over Two Thirds of TBS Advertisers Absent Week After Samantha Bee’s Ivanka ‘Cu*t’ Slur.

GET WOKE, GO BROKE: SJW Disney’s Soylo* Could Lose $50 Million, or Even $80 Million.

The film is projected to stall out at $400 million total global ticket sales, making it the weakest performer of any Soy Wars movie.

Also, it was very expensive — firing the original directors Lord and Miller after they had already shot 70-85% of the film, and then bringing in Ron Howard to re-shoot the same material all over again, might have ballooned the movie’s costs to $250 – 300 million, and that doesn’t even include prints and marketing, which generally equals the cost of the actual film. So the total cost would be $500 to $600 million, using that rule.

Given the huge cost of this film, though, prints and marketing probably cost less.

Still — something north of $400 million, surely.

I really hope that a Hollywood journalist is writing up the full train wreck that happened to Solo and its predecessor, increasingly “woke” Kathleen Kennedy-era Star Wars movies. In the hands of the right author, there’s a book worthy of Julie Salamon’s The Devil’s Candy, which brilliantly explored how the perfect storm of hubris, PC, bad screenwriting and bad casting destroyed the movie version of Tom Wolfe’s The Bonfire of the Vanities.


* Classical reference.

GET WOKE, GO BROKE: ‘Solo’ Will Lose $50M-Plus in First Defeat for Disney’s ‘Star Wars’ Empire. Weird that a film with a female director producer and a lot of social-justice points didn’t make a lot of money.

What longstanding American institution will be the next to fall to dumb politically-woke remaking? Well. . . .


GET WOKE, GO BROKE: Deflated: NFL popularity at new low, just 3 in 10 are ‘favorable.’

The National Football League has done nothing to recover during the off season from it’s miserable popularity ratings that are now at the lowest ever.

Rocked by the issues of players taking a knee during the playing of the National Anthem, overly long games, and scandalous players, just 35 percent say they have a favorable view of “America’s sport.”

What’s more, only 15 percent called the NFL a “top interest,” and 37 percent said that they are “Not at all interested” in the games. . . .

In August of last year, Winston surveys put the approval rating of the NFL at 57 percent. In September, it had dropped to 44 percent favorable.

YouGov’s poll did find support for the new NFL policy on taking a knee. Under that rule, players who protest will be fined, though they can now stay in the locker room instead.

However, the public is still evenly split on the issue overall.


GET WOKE, GO BROKE? Dick’s pulled the plug on selling assault-style weapons and now its hunting business is ‘under significant pressure.’

However: Dick’s soaring sales prove it can succeed without assault rifles.

Never mind the fact that Dick’s never sold assault rifles, because those are illegal.

GET WOKE, GO BROKE: Turkish Currency Slide Poses a Political Challenge to Erdogan. “The lira’s recent drop has some voters questioning the long-dominant leader’s handling of the economy.”

Turkish households have been on the front row of the lira’s slide. Their eroding spending power is on display at gas stations, in particular, because Turkey imports most of its fossil fuel.

“I’m filling only half of my tank,” said 40-year-old Funda Sevinc, as she parked at a service station in Istanbul on Tuesday. “And we are going out less on the weekends.”

Many economists say Turkey must signal it is committed to prodding the lira, or risk being hit by an exodus of foreign investors. But the president, who survived a military coup attempt in 2016 and has a strong base of support among small businessmen and middle-income workers, says he is opposed to high interest rates because they slow down investment. Instead, Mr. Erdogan has urged Turkish people “who have euros and dollars under their pillows” to support the national currency by buying lira.

Hoarders and wreckers gotta hoard and wreck.

CHRISTIAN TOTO: Seven Times Robert De Niro Childishly Insulted President Trump. “The Oscar winner’s box office figures are fading as his attacks on the president grow worse.”

Get woke, go broke.

GET WOKE, GO BROKE: Evergreen State cutting dozens of faculty, staff positions.

GET WOKE, GO BROKE:  When you think that “hands up, don’t shoot” is for real, and you never talk about the Infield Fly Rule, well, this is what happens.

Linda Cohn, one of ESPN’s most prominent female anchors, in April 2017 gave a radio interview opining that ESPN’s politics were pushing away viewers and the network had overpaid for NBA rights. Mr. Skipper called to berate her on both counts, people familiar with the call said.

Hell, I’m still trying to come to terms with the Designated Hitter.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE, GET-WOKE-GO-BROKE EDITION: Rough Social Justice at Evergreen State: The Washington college’s enrollment plummets as even the left sours on protest-mob politics.

Here’s the math behind an academic hemorrhage: Between 500 and 600 fewer students will attend Evergreen State College next fall than in 2017, according to internal estimates. That means projected full-time enrollment is down as much as 17% from 3,500 last fall. When President George Bridges saw an internal email outlining these numbers, his impulse was to get the public-relations department to finesse them. Otherwise, he wrote, they “might end up appearing elsewhere in ways that will be used against us.”

Mr. Bridges has himself to blame. Nationwide, after administrators have capitulated to disruptive student activists, colleges have lost the support of donors, alumni, parents and prospective students. If there was one school you’d expect to defy this trend, it would be Evergreen, in Olympia, Wash. Founded in 1967, the college is proudly to the left of Berkeley and Middlebury. Its motto is literally “let it all hang out”—omnia extares—and radical activism has always been part of the pitch. But new records show that Evergreen hasn’t been spared the backlash that has plagued schools like the University of Missouri. This time, it’s coming from the left.

Applications for fall 2018 are down 20%. Sandra Kaiser, Evergreen’s vice president for college relations, claims the low application and enrollment numbers may not be as bad as they look because many students commit to Evergreen “at the last moment.” She added that “we normally expect enrollment to decline in a full-employment economy,” given that working adults, veterans and community-college transfers account for about half the student body.

At least someone is sick of all the winning. But an independent report on the protests, commissioned by Evergreen last October, reached a different conclusion. Published in April, it said that the declines in applications and enrollment were indeed “understood to be at least in part the result of the disruptions of last spring.” Moreover, current students were fleeing. Retention rates had long been “relatively stable,” the report said, but after the protests, undergraduate retention “reached its lowest performance in over a decade.” Only 60% of first-time, first-year students who enrolled last fall stayed through the end of the school year, “a full 8 percentage points below the prior year,” the report said.

All of this to placate a small group of students and faculty and “student life” administrators who will never be placated. A few firings and expulsions early on, coupled with strong statements about free speech, would have prevented this debacle.

GET WOKE, GO BROKE: Kelly Clarkson Opens Billboard Music Awards by Demanding ‘Action’ Against School Shootings.

She admitted she was supposed to begin the show with “a moment of silence,” but she rejected the idea, saying moments of silence are “not working.” She suggested a “moment of action” and of “change” instead.

* * * * * * * *

Clarkson did not reference gun control in calling for “action” and “change,” but gun control was the celebrity mantra from the moment that news of the Santa Fe High School shooting broke.

The problem with pushing gun control, or any “action” and “change” that may include gun control, is that the alleged Santa Fe gunman made a mockery of the left’s gun control proposals. Their go-to controls are an “assault weapons” ban, a “high-capacity” magazine ban, universal background checks, and waiting periods on gun purchases. But the alleged gunman was too young to purchase guns, so waiting periods and universal background checks would be pointless. Moreover, Gov. Greg Abbott (R) said the attacker used a .38 revolver and a shotgun, so an “assault weapons” ban and a “high-capacity” magazine ban would not have hindered the attack in the least.

But was anybody watching? “Time-zone adjusted numbers put the 2018 Billboard Music Awards at a 2.4 rating in adults 18-49 and 7.9 million viewers. That is a new low for the awards show in the key demo,” Variety reports. “It is also a decrease of approximately 8% in the demo and 9% in total viewers compared to the 2017 ceremony.”

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE, GET-WOKE-GO-BROKE EDITION: Plummeting enrollment prompts $6M budget cut at Evergreen State.

GET WOKE, GO BROKE? ABC set to dial back political humor from pro-Trump ‘Roseanne’ next season.

GET WOKE, GO BROKE: The Strange Case of Dick’s. “Dick’s CEO cares more about his standing with the club than about his company’s profitability. If I were a Dick’s shareholder, this would make me very unhappy. So far, Dick’s anti-gun activism doesn’t seem to have hurt the company’s value; not much, anyway. But Stack’s admission that his virtue signaling likely will lose shareholders’ money is remarkable.”

GET WOKE, GO BROKE:  Gun Manufacturers Fire Back at Dick’s Sporting Goods, Halt Sales.

THIS WILL END WELL: Starbucks adopts open-bathroom policy following the arrests of two black men and a third who said he was denied use of the restroom.

“Starbucks, in other words, has just announced its stores are not stores primarily, but are now privately-funded shelters and bathroom facilities for the homeless,” Ace wrote last month. “You don’t have to spend a slim dime in the store to sit as long as you please and use the bathrooms. That’ll be great for Starbucks’ business. Their yuppie douchebag clientele love the homeless in the abstract, but we’ll see how much they appreciate their coffee shops being jammed with them, close-up-like, occupying most tables and chairs. I don’t even want to defend Starbucks; I want them to have the full taste of Social Justice Warrior progressivism. If this is the company’s ideology, then they should live that ideology to the full.”

Oh, they will. As I added at the time, by appeasing the mob, Starbucks’ management have walked into a box canyon. Get woke, go broke? It’s going to be fascinating to see what happens next.

IT ISN’T ALWAYS NICE TO MAKE TWITCHY: ‘Bye bye’! Report about Dick’s Sporting Goods going ‘all-in on gun control’ sends heads to desks.

Also: “Get woke, go broke,” should make itself felt shortly.

GET WOKE, GO BROKE: ESPN Lost Half A Million Subscribers — Just Last Month.

GET WOKE, GO BROKE: A reader emails: “There’s a homeless guy just napping in the cushion chair in Starbucks right now. I’m not kidding. The world has gone crazy.” Expect more of this. A lot more.

GET WOKE, GO BROKE: Barbara Bush-bashing professor has Fresno State scrambling to keep its donors.

Related: Rod Dreher writes that “today, I am much less sympathetic to Randa Jarrar than I was when she first spouted off. I still lean towards not firing her. But boy, is she ever a poster child for left-wing academic privilege and arrogance. If the university president fires her for pranking the crisis hotline, I won’t be sorry.”

GET WOKE, GO BROKE: The Changes That Made California Become a Liberal Fiasco.


Get woke, go broke.


  1. Now Starbucks is saying this was all contrary to their policy and, presumably, anyone who wants to sit in their shops and not order anything and use the bathrooms has the right to do so as long as they like.
  2. Starbucks, in other words, has just announced its stores are not stores primarily, but are now privately-funded shelters and bathroom facilities for the homeless. You don’t have to spend a slim dime in the store to sit as long as you please and use the bathrooms.
  3. That’ll be great for Starbucks’ business. Their yuppie douchebag clientele love the homeless in the abstract, but we’ll see how much they appreciate their coffee shops being jammed with them, close-up-like, occupying most tables and chairs.
  4. I don’t even want to defend Starbucks; I want them to have the full taste of Social Justice Warrior progressivism. If this is the company’s ideology, then they should live that ideology to the full.

Read the whole thing.

Live by Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, die by it as well.  I don’t think Starbucks realizes what they’ve let themselves in for after years of leftwing virtue signaling. As Noah Rothman writes at Commentary in a post titled “Eating Their Own,” Starbucks’ management brought much of the ongoing fury on themselves via their own virtue signaling and speaking in SJW pieties:

Rosalind Brewer, Starbucks COO and a young African-American woman, called the incident a “teachable moment for all of us” and recommended “unconscious-bias” training for every Starbucks staffer. Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson joined ABC’s “Good Morning America” to personally apologize to the men involved in this incident when protesters interrupted his appearance. “A whole lot of racism, a whole lot of crap, Starbucks coffee is anti-black,” they chanted. You can’t blame these demonstrators for noticing that the terms of engagement had broadened significantly.

* * * * * * * *

It is easy to see why this kind of activism is more satisfying than, say, going on about Chick-Fil-A’s Christian values. Despite a six-year-long liberal campaign dedicated to educating the public on the deliciousness of its products, the benefits and time off afforded its employees, and franchising opportunities in underserved urban markets, this chain just keeps on expanding. Imagine that. Routinely rebuffed assaults on a fortified position are exhausting. They are nowhere near as rewarding as a direct attack on a receptive target that yields a quick and gratifying victory. That explains why social justice activists are increasingly focused on exacting concessions from like minds: young adult novelists, liberal filmmakers, Hollywood executives, painters, restauranteurs, university professors and administrators, socially conscious corporations, and the left-of-center politicians who have folded these activists into their core constituencies.

These intramural feuds are transforming the progressive movement from within, but it’s not clear that the social-justice movement has secured anything other than the illusion of efficacy.

By appeasing the mob, Starbucks’ management have walked into a box canyon. Get woke, go broke? It’s going to be fascinating to see what happens next.

GET WOKE, GO BROKE: The Wax Wars Rage On At Penn Law.

OH TO BE IN ENGLAND: London pensioner, 78, is arrested on suspicion of murder after ‘stabbing armed burglar, 38, to death in a struggle in his kitchen’ when two intruders woke him as he slept next to his wife.

Shades of the vignettes Mark Steyn described in his June 2000 American Spectator column, “In the Absence of Guns:”

No wonder, even as they’re being pounded senseless, many British crime victims are worrying about potential liability. A few months ago, Shirley Best, owner of the Rolander Fashion boutique whose clients include the daughter of the Princess Royal, was ironing some garments when two youths broke in. They pressed the hot iron into her side and stole her watch, leaving her badly burnt. “I was frightened to defend myself,” said Miss Best. “I thought if I did anything I would be arrested.”

And who can blame her? Shortly before the attack, she’d been reading about Tony Martin, a Norfolk farmer whose home had been broken into and who had responded by shooting and killing the teenage burglar. He was charged with murder. In April, he was found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment–for defending himself against a career criminal in an area where the police are far away and reluctant to have their sleep disturbed. In the British Commonwealth, the approach to policing is summed up by the motto of Her Majesty’s most glamorous constabulary: The Mounties always get their man–i.e., leave it to us. But these days in the British police, when they can’t get their man, they’ll get you instead: Frankly, that’s a lot easier, as poor Mr. Martin discovered.

More here:

Between the introduction of pistol permits in 1903 and the banning of handguns after the Dunblane massacre in 1996, Britain has had a century of incremental gun control–“sensible measures that all reasonable people can agree on.” And what’s the result? Even when you factor in America’s nutcake jurisdictions with the crackhead mayors, the overall crime rate in England and Wales is higher than in all 50 states, even though over there they have more policemen per capita than in the U.S., on vastly higher rates of pay installing more video surveillance cameras than anywhere else in the Western world.

Steyn’s column is a pretty good sneak preview where America could be headed if the Parkland kids have their way.

(Found via Dana Loesch.)

GET WOKE, GO BROKE: ESPN’s AM “WokeCenter” Debuts To Worst Ratings Ever.

GET WOKE, GO BROKE: Why I Cancelled My NFL Season Tickets—by Congressman Diane Black, Republican Candidate for TN Governor.

GET WOKE, GO BROKE, EH? David Solway on Going for Broke, the Canadian Way.

GET WOKE, GO BROKE: Survey Says Politicized Sports, Entertainment Driving Viewers Away.

GET WOKE, GO BROKE: Dick’s Posts ‘Deeper than Expected’ Losses Weeks After Taking Anti-Gun Stance.

GET WOKE, GO BROKE: Media Hit With Massive Layoffs in 2018.

WELL, YOU KNOW HOW THEY SAY “GET WOKE, GO BROKE”:  Disney: Woke Is In, ‘Wrinkle’s’ Christianity? Not So Much.

GET WOKE, GO REPUTATIONALLY BROKE: Apple, Google see reputation of corporate brands tumble in survey. “IPhone maker Apple dropped to 29th from its previous position of No. 5, and Google dropped from 8th to No. 28. Apple had ranked No. 2 as recently as 2016, according to the annual Harris Poll Reputation Quotient poll released on Tuesday.”

GET WOKE, GO BROKE: It’s So Much Fun Knowing ESPN’s Relationship With The NFL Is Horrible.

ANDREW KLAVAN: At the Box Office and Voting Booth, Leftist Fantasies Bomb.

Get woke, go broke.

GET WOKE, GO BROKE: Oscar Ratings Down Double Digits, Eye All-Time Low In Early Estimates.

GET WOKE, GO BROKE:  By ditching the NRA, companies are dividing Americans.

GET WOKE, GO BROKE: Not A Single CNN Show Is In The Top 20 For Cable News.

GET WOKE, GO BROKE: Delta hit with a sea of angry customers after it bans NRA discounts.


Get woke, go broke. There’s a valuable lesson here for other corporations: Maybe next time don’t immediately surrender to the SJW outrage mob — they’re not your core customers, despise your business, and are eager to see you fail, even if you do implement whatever their harebrained wishes of the day are.

Related: “So, let me explain what’s going on with this and the NRA benefits thing: none of this came together on the fly; this is a carefully researched strategy that’s being executed now [because] the moment is favorable.”

More: “USA Today reported that only 13 Delta passengers had taken advantage of the NRA discount, which ‘translates into each discount costing the airline about $3 million in tax breaks’ the company lost in Georgia.”

Since many, if not all opponents of the Second Amendment believe that paying higher taxes is patriotic, why on earth would Delta want their tax break returned?

SHOCKER: NRA Boycotters Get Spanked In Public Opinion Polls: Morning Consult found that succumbing to gun control activists’ pressure took a toll on businesses amid heated national debate.

See, here’s the thing. There’s a fair amount of soft support for gun control, but only a small number of gun control supporters do so with any intensity. On the other hand, there are a lot more gun-rights supporters with high intensity. So it’s bad for companies. Trouble is, the high-intensity gun control supporters are disproportionately found among the people who run companies and those they associate with. This tends to cause them to virtue-signal to their own crowd at expense of the businesses they’re in charge of.

Related: CEOs Choose Sides on Gun Control at Their Own Risk.

In some cases, companies’ responses have unleashed an online backlash as heated as the initial social-media firestorm—a reminder to companies that in placating one consumer group, it’s easy to alienate another.

A recent survey found companies that have ended discounts for National Rifle Association members in recent days lost more than they gained in reputation. For example, while MetLife Inc.’s 45% favorable rating didn’t change after respondents learned it ended its NRA discount, the proportion of respondents with an unfavorable view of MetLife doubled to 24%. The poll of 2,201 Americans was conducted by market-research firm Morning Consult. A spokesman from MetLife declined to comment.

Atlanta-based Delta Air Lines Inc. incurred the wrath of several prominent Georgia conservatives, including Casey Cagle, the lieutenant governor, after dropping its discount on flights to the National Rifle Association’s annual convention. The lieutenant governor also threatened to kill a pending bill that would provide a jet fuel tax break at Atlanta’s airport, Delta’s main hub.

Remember the rule: Get woke, go broke.

GET WOKE, GO BROKE: GreenTech, the electric car company once led by McAuliffe, files for bankruptcy. “The electric car company founded by former Gov. Terry McAuliffe filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy this week, blaming in part a wave of negative coverage by a conservative news website for its financial woes.”


According to its bankruptcy filing, GreenTech raised $141.5 million from investors between 2009 and 2013 as part of the EB-5 visa program that offered immigrant investors permanent residency.

GreenTech’s filing says that all the investors were advised the investment constituted a risk “and that there were no assurances that the investors would ultimately receive permanent residency in the U.S.”

I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that GreenTech’s business model relied heavily on having a Democrat in the Oval Office.

YOU KNOW WHAT THEY SAY, GET WOKE, GO BROKE: Mavericks Interim CEO: “We Will Be The Standard Of Inclusion & Diversity.”

GET WOKE, GO BROKE: Newsweek Couldn’t Pay Its Rent on Time and Faced Eviction.

Well, it was inevitable, as this stuff always ends the same way:

GET WOKE, GO BROKE: “For the last Friday of the often-struggling PyeongChang Games, NBC and NBCSN’s combined primetime coverage grabbed a 9.2/16 in metered market results. That is an all-time low for an Olympics that is on track to be the lowest ever.”

GET WOKE, GO BROKE: Olympic Viewership Headed for Lowest Numbers Ever.

THE TRUTH HURTS: CNN’s Chris Cillizza offended by Fox News’ totally accurate chyron.

Related: Hate Fatigue: CNN Viewership Collapses 30%.

Get woke, go broke.


GET WOKE, GO BROKE: Olympics viewership is down, even as NBC pays more for the rights to air it.

GET WOKE, GO BROKE: The NFL Is Losing Its Core Audience, a WSJ/NBC News Poll Finds “Just 51% of men aged 18 to 49 say they follow the NFL closely, down from 75% four years ago.”

The poll shows that fans are following the sport less closely, even in key demographics, such as young men, that historically propelled the league’s growth. At the same time, parents increasingly want their children to turn away from football amid growing worry about player safety and the league’s efforts to address it.

The drop in interest spans age groups and the political spectrum—painting the picture of a sport that isn’t just experiencing a momentary dip, but a battle against fundamental questions about football’s future that have been building for years.

At a time like this, the NFL should be doing everything it can think of to strengthen its appeal to core demographics. But that isn’t quite the tack Roger Goodell has taken.

GET WOKE, GO BROKE: The 2018 Grammys Ratings Were an Unmitigated Disaster.


The polarization is almost entirely the result of the fact that the NFL let players play politics on the field all season long with their National Anthem protests.

This, in turn, helps explain why NFL ratings took a nose-dive in 2017. NBC’s viewership, for example, was the lowest it’s been since 2008. In-game ad revenue dropped 1.2%, and attendance fell 3% to the lowest level since 2011.

Baseball, in contrast, appeals almost evenly to Democrats and Republicans, avoided political intrigue, and gets virtually identical (and very positive) promoter scores — with just a 4-point difference.

The NFL is a case study in the perils of playing politics to which other companies would do well to pay heed. No matter what side a company takes in a charged political debate, it’s guaranteed to upset a large chunk of its customer base. And for what?

Too many of our institutions — the vast majority, in fact — are run by people who are more concerned with their reputation among fellow elites than with the performance of the institutions they are responsible for.

GET WOKE, GO BROKE: Social Justice Warrior Jemelle Hill Steps Down from ESPN’s Little-Watched Nostalgia Trip, Sports Center, Ace of Spades writes:

Trouble is, as Marvel Comics is finding out, Social Justice Warriors are not consumers of any of these products, and will not buy them even if they have been converted into full Social Justice Warrior propaganda outfits.

These organizations are being infiltrated by Social Justice Warriors not because Social Justice Warriors like them or the cultural products they produce, but because Social Justice Warriors know that non- Social Justice Warriors enjoy these products, and thus these cultural artifacts must be seized and repurposed to serve leftist indoctrination ends or simply destroyed.

Read the whole thing. As Robert Conquest’s third law of politics states, “The simplest way to explain the behavior of any bureaucratic organization is to assume that it is controlled by a cabal of its enemies.”

UPDATE: Outkick the Coverage Claims Jemelle Hill Was Forced Out Due to Ratings “Collapse.”

As Glenn noted in October, “So in ESPN we see an institution that is recklessly alienating its prime customer base, and only now — much too late — beginning to dimly sense that it’s in trouble.” And like the rest of the Ruling Class, “their loyalties are essentially tribal. They care more about what their peers think of them than, basically, anything else, including the success or failure of the institutions they manage. Thus, they are prone to suicidal levels of virtue-signaling. And — because they are socially and intellectually isolated from non-ruling-class Flyover America — they often have no idea how badly their actions resonate.”

Huh — I thought the left was obsessed with the concept of “sustainability.” Who knew that mixing toxic SJW politics and sports would be a recipe for disaster?

GET WOKE, GO BROKE: Schumer listened to the Resistance — and lost badly.

GET WOKE, GO BROKE: All Four NFL Playoff Games See Double-Digit Ratings Decrease.

GET WOKE, GO BROKE: Cowboys TV ratings in Dallas-Fort Worth market plummeted to lowest point in decade in 2017 season.

ROGER KIMBALL: The Left’s Hostile Takeover of Corporate America.

The problem is the primacy of educated-class virtue-signaling over everything else. As I’ve noted: “Our elites care more about what their peers think of them than about what they’re supposed to be doing. No wonder so many institutions are failing.”

Get woke, go broke.

GET WOKE, GO BROKE: DC Finally Overtakes SJW Marvel as Top Comic Book Company of 2017.

GET WOKE, GO BROKE: Monday Night Football Hits All Time Ratings Low on ESPN. “I’m not an expert on ratings data, but based on these numbers ESPN has lost around 35% of its Monday Night Football audience since 2010. As if that weren’t enough, ESPN has also let it be known that they may not be keeping Monday Night Football when this deal expires because the company can no longer afford to pay $2 billion a year thanks to collapsing subscriber numbers, increased costs for other sports programming, and the dwindling ratings on their network.”

GET WOKE, GO BROKE: NFL plots a cure for sagging ratings, empty seats.

GET WOKE, GO BROKE: NFL Cancels Final Sunday Night Game of 2017.

Heckuva job this year, Roger Goodell.

THEY CHOSE…POORLY. Bad Calls of 2017 Sports: NFL Fumbles Away its Reputation, Drives for Social Justice Paydirt.

Get woke, go broke, to coin an Insta-phrase.

GET WOKE, GO BROKE: Baltimore Ravens admit anthem protests tanked their ticket sales.

GET WOKE, GO BROKE: Slump in sales of superhero comics threatens Disney, Netflix and others.

(Classical reference in headline.)

GET WOKE, GO BROKE: NFL TV Partners Set To Lose Up To $500 Million On Ratings Decline.

(Classical reference in headline.)

GET WOKE, GO BROKE: The NFL ratings slump is getting worse.


Hamblin likes the idea of “redefining strength” by accepting, in the moment, that one has been “physically overpowered” and not getting caught up in “the idea of masculinity as an amalgam of dominance and violence.” Instead, Jacobs, speaking “as if narrating for the audio recorder,” said “You just body-slammed me and broke my glasses.” He also “started asking for names of witnesses to the assault who will be assets to his case as it plays out in courts of law and public opinion,” and reported the incident to the police.

Of course, Jacobs’s choices were not merely a matter of overcoming physical impulses and meritoriously eschewing violence. I don’t know how much of an impulse to retaliate on the spot he may have felt. I don’t really know how violently he was hit. I don’t even know if he did something first toward Gianforte and Gianforte was doing the old tit for tat retaliation. But narrating the audio, dropping it on line, going to the police, and taking names for litigation purposes is also a form of dominance. Some people would even call it violence. Why, here’s an article in The Atlantic from just last June: “Enforcing the Law Is Inherently Violent/A Yale law professor suggests that oft-ignored truth should inform debates about what statutes and regulations to codify.”

But personally, I’m now sufficiently woke to praise Gianforte for body-slamming rapist Ben Jacobs:

Thanks to male feminist Jordan Hoffman for enlightening me.


If this sounds familiar, it’s because this is the exact same phenomena that elected Barack Obama president. It’s the same phenomena as attempting to make 75-year-old socialist Bernie Sanders into some kind of hip cool kooky pop culture meme.

Obama was also a product. He was packaged up with a slick logo, catchy slogans and a great marketing campaign and people were allowed to attach whatever they wanted to him.

Obama was a can of delicious and refreshing Pepsi. His domestic policy never amounted much to other than “fair shot” or “yes we can” and having subordinates in the media push his message out to take to the streets or block traffic as a means of somehow attempting to get politicians to change what they believe and vote the way he wanted them to on issues he cared about. Legislating was never an option. Symbolic gestures of marching across bridges is what sold.

When a Cambridge police officer arrested a professor friend of his, he wasted no time calling the officer stupid, encouraged protests, and in the end lectured the country over a beer summit over the mistake he himself made.

Jonah Goldberg and Rod Dreher have compared Pepsi’s ad to Columbia’s infamous late ‘60s “But The Man Can’t Bust Our Music” ad; others have compared it to the finale of the TV series Mad Men, in which Don Draper audits an est session at Big Sur, and then in a flash of inspiration, creates the famous Coca-Cola “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing” ad. But music companies have been selling rebellion since the days of Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry, and Elvis; in the ‘60s, Decca made its fortune selling “transgressive” Rolling Stones records, and Columbia made their money selling Blood, Sweat & Tears, Simon & Garfunkel, Santana, and in the following decade, Bruce Springsteen and Pink Floyd.

As Mark Steyn wrote a decade ago in his essay on Allan Bloom’s Closing of the American Mind and its chapter attacking rock music, “unlike most revolutions, the regime itself—in the shape of RCA, Columbia, Warner Brothers, and the other corporate entities that dominate the business to this day—proved far wilier survivors than Louis XVI. They’ve made a very nice living out of ersatz revolution.” Columbia’s biggest mistake in their “Man Can’t Bust Our Music” ad was explicitly calling attention to what a sham ‘60s rebellion by way of rock and roll actually was. Unlike Coke’s pioneering multi-culti “Teach the World” ad, the same can be said of Pepsi, for crafting an ad that turned out to be too on-the-nose, thus angering those who should have been its biggest supporters.

IN THE BRINK’S COMMERCIAL, the burglar just runs away. In real life it takes more than an alarm to be safe:

Jon Sokol wasn’t trying to be a hero when he confronted a burglary suspect who had brazenly broken through the front door of his home in St. Paul.

Sokol, 49, said his adrenaline was flowing as he crept up the stairs, revolver in hand, from the basement bedroom he shares with his wife.

His wife had been awoken at about 4:45 a.m. Wednesday by their alarm system and initially thought Sokol had — again — opened the door to get the newspaper without turning off the alarm. But there he was, sleeping right next to her. . . .

“Down on the ground he went and I insisted, in a not very nice way, that he not move,” he said. “I held him at gunpoint until the police arrived.”

Michael G. Spencer, 31, of St. Paul, has been charged in Ramsey County District Court with two felony counts of burglary. He has a lengthy criminal record, including convictions for theft and burglary as recently as last year

Soon to grow lengthier, I’d imagine. He was carrying a knife.

UPDATE: Another report here, somewhat more vivid. Via Scott Johnson who adds: “Unbelievably, the story is followed by self-defense tips (also pasted in below) which do not include packing heat.” Self-defense tips are good. Here’s another one: Have a gun.

SCIENCE FICTION RECOMMENDATIONS: As promised, here are some. I’m not including fantasy or alt-history here — maybe I’ll do that later. Just real science fiction.

Anyway, in no particular order:

Joe Haldeman’s Camouflage: It’s not anything like the Forever War, and as I noted earlier the ending is a bit abrupt, but I liked it.

I liked Peter Hamilton’s Pandora’s Star enough that I ordered the sequel, though it hasn’t come yet.

Series often run dry, but the Larry Niven Ringworld-derived Man-Kzin Wars series has gotten a new lease on life with installments X and XI which are pretty good. The Kzin have always been one of my favorite alien species.

The Heechee are another, and Fred Pohl’s new book, The Boy Who Would Live Forever was very good. His AI-Chef hero is pretty fun, too.

John Birmingham’s Designated Targets, sequel to the Hillary-Clinton-inspired Weapons of Choice, is very good. I’m not sure if I should score it as alt-history or science fiction, but I’m putting it here since there’s interdimensional travel involved.

It’s been a big Scalzi year for me: I liked Old Man’s War, and its sequel, Ghost Brigades. And Agent to the Stars was fun, too.

It’s also been a big Charles Stross year, with Accelerando coming out. And you might also like his Iron Sunrise, which features a warblogger hero. You can read Accelerando free on his website.

Richard Morgan’s Takeshi Kovacs novels, Altered Carbon, Broken Angels, and Woken Furies are all very good. On the other hand, I couldn’t get through Market Forces: I just found its premise impossible to swallow.

Well, that’s a pretty fair assortment. Here’s an earlier post with science fiction recommendations, and here’s one with alt-history recommendations. And here’s another along those lines. Meanwhile, here’s a post from last year with lots of other book recommendations. That should be enough to get you going!

But don’t forget, you can get a lot of excellent science fiction books, many quite recent, for free online at the Baen Free Library. And don’t miss the introductory essay by Eric Flint.