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But over an hour and a half after their initial tweet, the paper had to issue this statement: “Clarification: The claim that Trump 2020 has put out a T-shirt with a symbol similar to a Nazi eagle and is being criticized for it is true. Worth noting, the eagle is a longtime US symbol, too.”

In response to the paper’s outlandish tweet, they were rightly ridiculed with other images of eagles hold round objects such as the Marine Corps’ eagle, globe, and anchor, an Obama campaign logo, the official of Nancy Pelosi’s office (eagle and a globe), and stamps from the U.S. Postal Service.

Upon clicking on their “fact-check” article, it became clear that what they fact-checked wasn’t whether or not the campaign was selling a shirt with a Nazi symbol, but rather, they ridiculously fact-checked how the campaign was accused of such a thing.

“The paper wanted so desperately to have a ‘true’ associated with a Trump/Nazi controversy that they ‘fact-checked’ the existence of the controversy, not whether or not the image was Nazi related. Pathetic.”  The “Worth noting” self-own is a nice touch, however.

EVEN SNOPES CAN’T FIGURE OUT HOW TO WRITE THIS OFF: Did Joe Biden Say He Didn’t Want His Kids Growing Up in a ‘Racial Jungle’?

In early March 2020, readers asked Snopes to verify a quote in 1977 in which Biden, then a U.S. senator representing Delaware, allegedly expressed fear that desegregation, if not done in an “orderly” way, could result in his children growing up in “a racial jungle with tensions having built so high that it is going to explode at some point.”

The quote was initially uncovered by Daria Roithmayr, a law professor at the University of Southern California (USC), in July 2019. But as Biden emerged from Super Tuesday on March 3, 2020, as a potential front-runner for the nomination, news stories containing the quote circulated anew.

Among stories readers widely shared was a July 15, 2019, Business Insider story that reported, “Former Vice President Joe Biden is facing increased scrutiny over his record on busing and racial issues, and this week old comments resurfaced in which he said, in 1977, that busing for the purpose of desegregation would cause his children to ‘grow up in a racial jungle.

The quote is accurate as reported.


Biden made the remark in 1977 during a hearing about busing school children in order to desegregate public schools. As The New York Times reported in a detailed delineation of Biden’s history with busing, Biden at the time had emerged as the Democratic party’s crusader against busing, taking the same side as segregationists. Biden “joined up with Jesse Helms, the segregationist senator from North Carolina, to offer his own anti-busing amendment to that year’s education spending bill.” Biden’s “advocacy made it safe for other Democrats to oppose busing,” The Times reported.

The Times further reported that Biden sided with Helms in 1975 when the latter proposed to strip the federal government’s power to withhold funding from school districts that refused to comply with racial-equality measures.

More at the link.

TWITTER + CNN = COMEDY GOLD: Clown World: Twitter Fact-Checks Hilarious Trump Tweet Meme on Behalf of CNN.

Sorry if you had been told there would be no math.


“The Asante supplied British and Dutch traders with slaves in exchange for firearms, which they used to expand their empire. Slaves were often acquired as tributes from smaller states or captured during war. Some slaves were brought across the Atlantic whiles others stayed in Africa to work in gold fields.”

ONLY ONE? WELL, PERHAPS IT’S THE DAY THE GRAY LADY MADE IT OFFICIAL: The Day the New York Times Redefined ‘Liberal’ as ‘Closed-minded Outrage Mob.’

The paper’s editorial page editor James Bennet and its publisher Arthur Sulzberger initially defended its publication on the grounds that it was the paper’s duty to present views that were at odds with its own opinions.

But within 48 hours, the improbable argument that Cotton’s ideas were a threat to the safety of the paper’s African-American staff, or constituted advocacy for fascism, not to mention a flood of canceled online subscriptions, carried the day.

Sulzberger walked back his defense, and, Bennet claimed he hadn’t read it, blaming the decision on a lower level editor named Adam Rubinstein. Ultimately, the Times claimed the article hadn’t been adequately fact-checked — something Cotton’s staff asserted was untrue — and didn’t meet its standards. Two days after that, Bennet was forced to resign.

But the result was also proof that Bennet’s efforts to open up the paper’s opinion section to more conservative views have failed.

According to Wikipedia, Bennet’s career in journalism began with a stint at the New Republic. But is it possible that Bennet is a deep undercover conservative sleeper agent? In 2007, Bennet, then editor of the Atlantic, hired Andrew Sullivan, who the following year, driven by Palin Derangement Syndrome, would become the world’s foremost uterus detective, something the magazine has never quite lived down. And now Bennet has turned the New York Times over to the “safetyism”-driven crybully mob.

Or, as Robert Conquest’s Third Law of Politics states, “The simplest way to explain the behavior of any bureaucratic organization is to assume that it is controlled by a cabal of its enemies.”


As the Times tells its reporters, a story needs at least two corroborations to make sure it ‘stands up’. Here’s the second: Tom Cotton’s staff have told Rich Lowry, the editor of National Review, that this op-ed, like Cotton’s previous op-eds for the Times, received a ‘rigorous’ and ‘onerous’ fact-checking. Three drafts went back and forth.

So who’s telling the truth? The management, for whom this is only the latest in a series of unprofessional foul-ups — or The Spectator’s source and Tom Cotton’s staff?

The member of Cotton’s staff who worked with Rubenstein on the edits told The Spectator this morning that while he emailed only with Rubenstein, there were sticking points in the process when it was necessary for Rubenstein to consult with unnamed Times colleagues. These points were all resolved. The inference, Cotton’s staffer tells The Spectator, is that Rubenstein was not, as the Times now claims, working alone or unsupervised:

‘What they have attempted to do to a young editor who is doing his job, and also doing it well, is a disgrace.’

All is happening in accordance with the prophecy:

WHICH IS SAYING SOMETHING: Eli Lake: The FBI’s Investigation Into Trump and Russia Now Looks Even Worse.

The FBI’s investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential campaign has taken a beating in the last six months. Late last year, the Justice Department’s inspector general found the bureau’s application to eavesdrop on a former aide to then-candidate Donald Trump’s campaign was riddled with factual errors and omissions. The surveillance court that approved that warrant has barred the agents who submitted it from appearing before it. And last month the Justice Department dropped its case against former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

On Wednesday, things got worse. In testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein said that all of the irregularities and short cuts exposed in recent Justice Department reviews were kept from him when he signed the warrant applications into that campaign aide, Carter Page. Had he known about them at the time, he said, he would have never signed them.

Rosenstein even reluctantly acknowledged that his own August 2017 memo specifying the parameters of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation was deeply flawed.

By August 2017, it was clear that there was no support for “the whole concept that the campaign was colluding with the Russians,” said Senator Lindsey Graham at the hearing. “There was no there there.”

“I agree with that general statement,” Rosenstein responded.

In normal times this would be a bombshell. Rosenstein’s memo listed the alleged crimes that Mueller’s team was investigating. Rosenstein said that Mueller’s office helped him draft it. This reflects poorly on Rosenstein. As the most senior Justice Department official overseeing the Mueller investigation, his job was to check its work. He didn’t.

This also reflects poorly on the FBI. The bureau knew, for example, that the opposition research dossier on which it relied to seek the Page warrant was not reliable. By January 2017, the dossier’s primary source had told FBI agents that its most explosive claims were rumor. The former British spy who helped prepare it was fired as an FBI source after the bureau learned he had been speaking to reporters. The Justice Department’s inspector general concluded that none of the unique information in the dossier was corroborated.

It doesn’t stop there. Rosenstein also acknowledged that the FBI never shared its draft memo from January 2017 to close the counter-intelligence investigation into Flynn. That investigation was kept open after former FBI Director James Comey discovered Flynn’s calls with Russia’s ambassador at the end of 2016. While such communications would be unusual for most private citizens, the calls were routine for an incoming national security adviser.

Rosenstein also said exculpatory information collected from FBI informant approaches to the investigation’s targets were not shared with him. One such example involved Trump campaign staffer George Papadopoulos, who told an informant that a campaign reaching out to Russia to obtain stolen emails would be treason.

It’s as if the whole thing was a political hit job designed to overturn an American election. Which is because it was a political hit job designed to overturn an American election.

GUY BENSON: The ‘Fact-Checking’ Mess Twitter Has Created For Itself.

Every controversial tweet that doesn’t get flagged for review will result in eruptions of protest from partisans. If false, misleading, or problematic content from left-leaning sources are left alone, Twitter will be viewed as actively partisan by roughly half the country — perhaps inviting regulatory “oversight” from aggrieved Republicans. But if they don’t ‘fact check’ every single tweet from Trump or other prominent Republican sources, lefties will allege that Twitter is “complicit” by effectively endorsing certain tweets as either accurate or unworthy of being challenged. They’ve established a standard that will be next to impossible to fairly police and enforce. As Allahpundit writes in his excellent post on this subject, why did Twitter decide to ‘fact check’ Trump’s tweets about vote-by-mail, as opposed to his conspiratorial sludge about the death of a young woman years ago? Such questions are only the beginning of Twitter’s self-created headaches. Also, by appointing themselves arbiters of accuracy, they’ve set themselves up for charges of bias and pointed questions about credibility.

Twitter has faced charges of bias for years, and for good reason. With this new move, what they’ve done is opened entirely new outlets for their biases while increasing their own workload and maybe opening themselves up to further regulatory scrutiny.


DOES ANYBODY STILL BELIEVE IT IS? It’s Time To Stop Pretending Twitter Is a Neutral Platform.

Related: “There are literally hundreds of millions of tweets far ‘worse’ than Donald Trump’s that go up every day and they won’t be able to police them all. And that opens them up to a full range of possible legal problems. Twitter could have stayed on the sideline and avoided this trap. If they really think that the President’s tweets are so misleading or terrible, they could have let the community make that decision and essentially leave Trump free to hoist himself on his own petard. But now that they’ve put on their editor’s hat, a new game is afoot. And I doubt they’re going to enjoy it.”

More: Twitter Exec In Charge of Fact-Checking Once Called Trump and His Team ‘Actual Nazis.’

REPUBLICANS POUNCE! Twitter faces conservative backlash for fact-checking Trump’s tweets for the first time. “Twitter slapped a label on the president’s tweets about mail-in ballots.”

Reminder: Twitter’s Trump ‘Fact Check’ Does Not Disclose Company Partnered with Groups Pushing Mail-In Ballots.

OBAMAGATE IS NOT A CONSPIRACY THEORY: “There’s no reason to ignore the mounting evidence that Obama administration officials were corrupt in their handling of the Trump–Russia investigation.

Unless you’re a Democratic Party operative with a byline, in which case burying this news is your first impulse: ‘Sad and pathetic:’ Kellyanne Conway and others LEVEL WaPo fact checker’s attempt to downplay list of Obama officials who requested Flynn unmasking.


“We expected that we would start seeing more significant declines in new cases and deaths around the nation at this point, and we’re just not seeing that.”

In fact, Gottlieb pointed to rising daily COVID-19 cases in 20 states, including heavily locked-down states such as Virginia and Maryland.

But this seems to defy the “science” that governors and lawmakers repeatedly pledge to follow in order to keep people safe from the virus.

After all, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam issued his first social distancing order on March 17 to “stop the spread of the virus in the Commonwealth,” as he promised. A few weeks later, Northam, a physician, joined Maryland Governor Larry Hogan and Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser to announce a collective shelter-in-place decree after residents failed to obey their original commands.

“What we’re seeing now is the result of how people interacted two or three weeks ago,” Northam scolded on March 30. “What we will see a few weeks from now will be determined by how people behave today and in the following days.”

But five weeks later, the area is reporting a record number of COVID-19 cases. Yes, of course, testing is ramping up, too—but considering the harsh stay-at-home orders, how and why are people still getting infected?

It turns out, as I wrote last month, “social distancing” is untested pseudoscience particularly as it relates to halting the transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. On its website, the CDC provides no links to any peer-reviewed social distancing studies that bolster its official guidance.

Well, to be fair, you only need double-blind studies when you’re assessing drugs that President Trump mentions favorably.

But seriously, the lockdowns were sold as, and were originally meant to be, stopgaps to ensure that the number of cases didn’t outrun healthcare capacity. That’s not an issue — not even in NYC, where they’re closing field hospitals for lack of patients — and that means it’s time to reopen.

Related: Sean Trende: Policy and Punditry Need to Adapt to New Virus Data.

When we began our foray into quarantine seven weeks ago, there was a unifying and eminently sensible rationale behind it: “Bend the curve.” The idea was this: If allowed to go unchecked, COVID-19 would overwhelm hospitals, leaving patients without beds. Short on ventilators, patients would be left to suffocate. In short, by slowing the spread of the virus we would prolong the amount of time it spread through the country, but would reduce the total number of deaths. Moreover, we would buy time for the nation’s testing apparatus to ramp up, to produce more ventilators, and to expand hospital capacity. . . .

If this really was the goal, then “job well done,” as they say, or at least largely so. . . . There are many interesting stories within these data, but the main takeaway should be relatively clear: No states are on anything resembling an exponential growth trajectory, almost all states are past a peak, and most states are substantially so. This would suggest that in many states, the question really should be how to reopen while keeping hospitals from being overwhelmed again.

This is especially true given that the situation on the ground has changed dramatically since early March. Most states have substantially expanded hospital capacity, both by securing emergency locations to be used in case of overflow and by suspending elective surgeries, to the point where many hospitals are facing financial crises. Moreover, the arrival of the first COVID-19 therapeutic, Remdesivir, will help, since hospital stays are shortened when the drug is used. Personal protective equipment and ventilator availability has expanded, we’ve developed techniques for sanitizing PPEs, and ventilators may not be as useful as once thought. As of this writing, we’re testing over 200,000 people a day, which eclipses the rate South Korea achieved when containing its viral outbreak.

Perhaps most promisingly, the death rate looks lower than initially expected. It isn’t clear how much lower – studies disagree – but most of the serological studies find an implied fatality rate lower than the 1% used to arrive at the conclusion that 2 million people would die if the virus were allowed to run its course. Likewise – this is much less commented upon although it might be more important – the hospitalization rate looks substantially lower than initially anticipated.

Read the whole thing. We hear a lot about science. Science means changing your understanding based on the data.

And speaking of success at bending the curve here’s a chart prepared by Chapman U. lawprof Tom W. Bell showing how little pressure there is on California ICU beds:

OLD AND BUSTED: Believe All Women.

The New Hotness? Pelosi On Difference Between Kavanaugh and Biden Allegations: ‘Joe Biden Is Joe Biden:’

“Well, let me just say I respect your question and I don’t need a lecture or a speech,” Pelosi said.

“Here’s the thing. I have complete respect for whole #Metoo movement, I have four daughters and one son. And there’s a lot of excitement around the idea that women will be heard and be listened to.

“There is also due process and the fact that Joe Biden is Joe Biden,” Pelosi said.

“Gotta love Pelosi chalking up these accusations as ‘Joe Biden is Joe Biden.’ you know, ‘DC’s favorite loveable groper everyone knows!’”, Stephen Miller tweets.


Biden Refuses to Release Senate Records that Could Shed Light on Sex Assault Claims, But His Operatives Were Sent to Look Through Them.
Why Won’t TV News Book Tara Reade?.
Joe Biden (Still) Hasn’t Faced A Single Question on Sexual Assault Allegations.

That could change tomorrow: “Biden will be on Morning Joe tomorrow, expected to be asked about Tara Reade, I’m told,” Ben Smith of the New York Times tweets. Since Morning Joe read a “correction” on-air emailed to the show by the Obama administration in 2009, I’m assuming Biden is getting the questions he’ll be asked and his talking points well lined up in advance. And can then proceed to the Obama-esque “this is old news” phase of spinning. (QED: The Anatomy of an Obama Scandal, in Six Easy Steps.)

Earlier: Joe Biden Exposes #MeToo Movement as Total BS.

THINK OF THE WAPO AS PART OF THE DEMOCRATS’ MESSAGING APPARAT AND YOU WON’T GO FAR WRONG: EPA Administrator Claims WaPo Lied About Disinfectant Claim Even After Checking With EPA.

EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler:

We put that warning (about not ingesting products) on all of our list of disinfectants. Anything we approve, we always have that disclaimer, no matter what the product is.

And we’ve had that disclaimer on our disinfectants list before the coronavirus, but certainly we’ve highlighted it since March 6th.

We release the new list of disinfectants, the new approvals, every Thursday. And we released the list last Thursday, a couple of hours before the President’s press conference. That disclaimer is always on our press release.

And we actually had [sic] Washington Post reporter called and said, “You put this on here because of the President’s press conference, didn’t you?” I said, “No. Actually, our press release went out a couple of hours before the press conference.“

And then they ran a story over the weekend saying that EPA had to backtrack on the President’s statement, which is not the case at all.

But that just shows you how the media has their own, has an incredible bias. They just run with the story and they make facts up. We specifically told them no.

This wasn’t sloppy reporting. This was deliberate disinformation.

BUT THE NARRATIVE! No, Trump Didn’t Send American PPE To China. “Did Trump send masks and other PPE to China just when we needed it the most? No, Kessler says in his fact check at the Washington Post. All Trump did was supply the transport for private donations of PPE on the front part of the effort to evacuate Americans from China.”

Much more from Ed Morrissey at the link.

DISPATCHES FROM AMERICA’S FAVORITE GOVERNOR: Whitmer backtracks after COVID-19 contract awarded to Dem consultant who said Trump should ‘get coronavirus ASAP.’

Earlier: Protests show ‘two Americas’ — those who lost their jobs and those still getting paid.“People don’t appreciate being condescended to and bossed around, especially when the leaders ask them for sacrifices without empathy and humility.”

UPDATE: ‘Go F*** Yourself, Gretch’: Michigan Governor Grilled Over WWII Comments.

Whitmer sought to deflect heat off of her during a press conference on Monday, comparing the coronavirus outbreak to fighting in World War II.

“In World War II, there weren’t people lining up at the Capitol to protest the fact that they had to drop everything they were doing, and build planes, or tanks, or to ration food,” Whitmer said. “They rolled up their sleeves, and they got to work.”

* * * * * * * *

Political commentator John Hawkins wrote: “They were fighting against people then that wanted to destroy their livelihoods, take their freedom and keep them imprisoned. Now, the person that wants to do that is their own governor.”

Americans also planted “Victory Gardens” in WWII. In contrast: Michigan Bans Many Stores From Selling Seeds, Home Gardening Supplies, Calls Them “Not Necessary.”

But to paraphrase Tim Blair last year, when AOC and Bernie Sanders were playing the “moral equivalent of war” card to sell her “Green New Deal,” Fair enough — nuking Beijing it is, then.

SO FRIENDS IN NYC TELL ME that the lockdown is beginning to fail. People in their neighborhood — even old people — who were wearing masks a few days ago now aren’t. Long lines at soup kitchens and food pantries and check-cashing places. A generally more sad and more aggressive attitude. This is bad because NYC needs it more than anywhere else, but a month or so is really about as long as most people will comply, or even self-isolate on their own. (This is a reason for the classic two-hump pattern in epidemics). I don’t know what should be done about this, if there’s anything to do. NYC is really serious, even if you think the pandemic is overplayed elsewhere in the US. But people are people, and your public health strategy has to account for their limits.

Related: Nothing About New York’s Outbreak Was Inevitable: Politicians and pundits are acting like the city was destined for a tragedy. They’re wrong.

New York City is sick, and journalists, pundits, and politicians have made a diagnosis: The city’s exceptional density is the problem. That is certainly the self-serving conclusion of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. It’s a convenient bit of fatalism for a man presiding over a catastrophe. . . .

Like any misdiagnosis, this one will make it harder to find the cure.

A cursory look at a map shows that New York City’s coronavirus cases aren’t correlated with neighborhood density at all. Staten Island, the city’s least crowded borough, has the highest positive test rate of the five boroughs. Manhattan, the city’s densest borough, has its lowest.

Nor are deaths correlated with public transit use. The epidemic began in the city’s northern suburbs. The city’s per capita fatalities are identical to those in neighboring Nassau County, home of Levittown, a typical suburban county with a household income twice that of New York City.

True, New York City apartments are crowded. The share of housing units with more than one occupant per room is almost 10 percent. But that number is 13 percent in the city of Los Angeles. As a metro area, New York isn’t even in the top 15 U.S. cities for overcrowding. It’s not even the American city with the most apartments per capita (Miami) or immigrants (also Miami), to take two other characteristics that critics say might be associated with coronavirus infections.

New York City has a lot of restaurants per capita, places where people gather with strangers every night. But not as many as San Francisco, which, though it ranks second in the U.S. for both residential density and transit use, had just 20 COVID-19 deaths as of Friday.

If you expand your comparison internationally, New York City looks less exceptional still. It is not as dense or transit-dependent as, say, Paris (which has less than half of New York’s fatality rate) or Seoul, South Korea, where the pandemic has been all but controlled.

So what is it about New York City that made it a hot spot? Right now, it looks like the most exceptional thing about New York is its leaders’ belief that the city is unique. This presumption served first as a reassurance that New York would not follow Lombardy’s example, and later as the reason why it had. . . . Tragically, what seems to have put New York on such a different trajectory from San Francisco was that its leaders were so late to shut down public life.

Well, with De Blasio as mayor and Cuomo as governor, New York’s leadership is uniquely bad, so there’s that. In fact, I’d say that the disaster did become inevitable when they were elected.


I EXPECT NO LESS FROM GLENN KESSLER: WaPo Fact Checker Glenn Kessler Morphs Into WHO Apologist in Ridiculous Fact Check on Trump. The WHO is in China’s pocket, and so is the Washington Post.

“FACT-CHECKING” IS USUALLY A SCAM OF SOME SORT, IT SEEMS: Facebook ‘Fact Checker’ Worked At Wuhan Biolab; Ruled Out Virus-Leak While ‘Debunking’ Articles.


IS THE NEW YORK TIMES A LIBERAL NEWSPAPER? OF COURSE IT IS: Times editor Dean Baquet admits that his paper is staffed by Democratic Party operatives with bylines — and airbrushes:  In a column headlined, “The Times Took 19 Days to Report an Accusation Against Biden. Here’s Why,” former BuzzFeed editor Ben Smith asks Baquet:

I want to ask about some edits that were made after publication, the deletion of the second half of the sentence: “The Times found no pattern of sexual misconduct by Mr. Biden, beyond the hugs, kisses and touching that women previously said made them uncomfortable.” Why did you do that? 

Baquet replied:

Even though a lot of us, including me, had looked at it before the story went into the paper, I think that the campaign thought that the phrasing was awkward and made it look like there were other instances in which he had been accused of sexual misconduct. And that’s not what the sentence was intended to say.

I’m pretty sure the 2020 Trump campaign won’t have the same veto power on Times articles.

It’s always nice to see major legacy media figures drop the mask of objectivity, usually inadvertently. Baquet’s admission today is reminiscent of CBS’s Scott Pelley’s 2017 interview with blogger and prolific tweeter Mike Cernovich, where to paraphrase’s Ezra Dulis, Pelley lost a fight rigged in his favor:

Scott Pelley: How would you describe what you do?

Mike Cernovich: I’m a lawyer, author, documenter, filmmaker, and journalist.

Scott Pelley: And how would you describe your website?

Mike Cernovich: Edgy, controversial content that goes against the dominant narrative.

Scott Pelley: What’s the dominant narrative?

Mike Cernovich: The dominant narrative is that there are good guys and there are bad guys. The good guys are liberals. Everybody on the right is a bad guy. Let’s find a way to make everybody look bad. Let’s tie marginal figures who have no actual influence to anybody we cannot overwrite. That’s the narrative.

Scott Pelley: That’s not a narrative I’m familiar with. Who’s narrative is that?

In 2008, Pelley compared global warming skeptics to Holocaust deniers. Ben Rhodes, who until January was Obama’s deputy national security advisor, is the brother of CBS News president David Rhodes. John Dickerson, the host of Face the Nation and the “political director” for CBS, wrote an article for Slate in 2013 charmingly titled “Go for the Throat! Why if he wants to transform American politics, Obama must declare war on the Republican Party.” Katie Couric, whom Pelley succeeded as Evening News host, read a poem on her broadcast to shill for the passing of Obamacare, and after leaving CBS had a Rathergate-like moment of her own, attempting to marginalize gun owners.

But back to the transcript of Pelley and Cernovich, where eventually, the hunter is captured by his prey:

Scott Pelley: You wrote in August a story about Hillary Clinton’s medical condition the headlines said, “Hillary Clinton has Parkinson’s disease. Position confirms.” That’s quite a headline.

Mike Cernovich: Yeah, Dr. Ted Noel had se-sent a story to me anonymously, that I checked out, analyzing her medical condition. And –

Scott Pelley: It isn’t true.

Mike Cernovich: How do you know?

Scott Pelley: Well, she doesn’t seem to have any signs of Parkinson’s disease.

Mike Cernovich: She had a seizure and froze up walking into her motorcade that day caught by a citizen journalist.

Scott Pelley: Did you, well, she had pneumonia. I mean –

Mike Cernovich: How do you know?

Scott Pelley: Well, because that’s what was reported.

Mike Cernovich: By whom? Who told you that?

Scott Pelley: Well, the campaign told us that.

Mike Cernovich: Why would you trust a campaign?

To ask the question is to answer it. In a post headlined “‘Shamefully Stupid’: CBS’s Scott Pelley Loses a Fight Rigged in His Favor,”’s Ezra Dulis adds in response, “Pelley has no answer for those six words — ‘Why would you trust the campaign’ — as his entire profession goes berserk with literal-minded fact checks for every tweet from President Trump. Pelley also seems to forget the fakery that Clinton World attempted hours before its pneumonia statement — with the candidate smiling and waving outside her daughter’s apartment, greeting a little girl, and assuring reporters everything was a-okay.”

UPDATE: NY Times Editor Admits Editing Article on Biden Sexual Assault Allegation After Campaign Complained:

Baquet failed to muster a coherent response beyond noting that the standard for reporting on such allegations is “very subjective.” He explained that the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings in 2018, which included testimony from a woman, Christine Blasey Ford, who accused him of sexually assaulting her in high school, constituted a “hot story” that required a “different news judgement.”

Kavanaugh vehemently denied Ford’s allegation, and the Times did not interview anyone who recalled Ford telling them about the alleged incident at the time. Baquet, in the interview with Smith, cited the importance of “contemporaneous” conversations in determining the credibility and newsworthiness of sexual assault allegations. Like he said, the standard is “very subjective.”

Baquet also defended the Times‘s decision to immediately publish Julie Swetnick’s allegations against Kavanaugh. Swetnick, a client of former attorney and convicted felon Michael Avenatti, accused Kavanaugh of gang rape at frat parties. She turned out to be about as credible as her attorney. But the Times chose not to spend two weeks investigating her claims, Baquet said, because Kavanaugh “was already in a public forum in a large way” and had become “the biggest political story in the country.” Apparently the same can not be said of Joe Biden or the 2020 presidential election.

As Matt Whitlock of the National Republican Senatorial Committee tweets, Baquet’s admission today “should be a major media scandal, but many of the major media watch dogs have ignored it entirely because it didn’t happen on Fox News.”

(Classical reference in headline.)

UPDATE (FROM GLENN): Harsh, but fair.

Will you still have a song to sing, when the Razor Boy comes and takes your fancy narrative away?

WELL, YES. IT WAS A POLITICALLY MOTIVATED HIT JOB: AN “INSURANCE POLICY.” It’s Official: Every Aspect of Crossfire Hurricane Was Shady.

At the height of the Russia-collusion hysteria, anyone who theorized that Crossfire Hurricane had been sparked by the Steele dossier — a document paid for by the political party running against target of the investigation — would be rigorously fact-checked.

Mainstream reporters covering the story would authoritatively inform their audience that it was evidence gleaned from a conversation with then-20-something former Trump adviser George Papadopoulos that had triggered the investigation. They knew, of course, that if the FBI had relied principally on the dossier, the investigation would look transparently and problematically partisan. The Papadopoulos conversations, on the other hand, sounded pretty damning, even though journalists didn’t know exactly what they entailed.

Well, DOJ inspector general Michael Horowitz recently told the Senate that those FISA warrants used to spy on the Trump campaign were “entirely” predicated on information from that dossier. And we now know that virtually every one of those applications to spy on American citizens was rife with errors, misleading information, and “fraudulent” evidence. You know, just some endemic, comprehensive, and highly targeted “sloppiness.”

We now learn from a new CBS News report that the Papadopoulos evidence was also misrepresented in applications. Two weeks before Election Day, in the midst of a contentious presidential campaign, the Obama administration’s DOJ filled out surveillance warrant applications without including contradicting evidence — and then left out that evidence again on three subsequent renewals. Just another mishap.

And yes the whole thing does “reek of corruption” — because it was entirely corrupt.

IT’S ALL ABOUT FRAUD: Heed Jimmy Carter on the Danger of Mail-In Voting: ‘Absentee ballots remain the largest source of potential voter fraud.’

“Absentee ballots remain the largest source of potential voter fraud.” That quote isn’t from President Trump, who criticized mail-in voting this week after Wisconsin Democrats tried and failed to change an election at the last minute into an exclusively mail-in affair. It’s the conclusion of the bipartisan 2005 report of the Commission on Federal Election Reform, chaired by former President Jimmy Carter and former Secretary of State James Baker III.

Concerns about vote-buying have a long history in the U.S. They helped drive the move to the secret ballot, which U.S. states adopted between 1888 and 1950. Secret ballots made it harder for vote buyers to monitor which candidates sellers actually voted for. Vote-buying had been pervasive; my research with Larry Kenny at the University of Florida has found that voter turnout fell by about 8% to 12% after states adopted the secret ballot.

You wouldn’t know any of this listening to the media outcry over Mr. Trump’s remarks. “There is a lot of dishonesty going on with mail-in voting,” the president said Tuesday. In response, a CNN “fact check” declares that Mr. Trump “opened a new front in his campaign of lies about voter fraud.” A New York Times headline asserts: “Trump Is Pushing a False Argument on Vote-by-Mail Fraud.” Both claim that voter fraud is essentially nonexistent. The Carter-Baker report found otherwise.

Intimidation and vote buying were key concerns of the commission: “Citizens who vote at home, at nursing homes, at the workplace, or in church are more susceptible to pressure, overt and subtle, or to intimidation. Vote buying schemes are far more difficult to detect when citizens vote by mail.” The report provides examples, such as the 1997 Miami mayoral election that resulted in 36 arrests for absentee-ballot fraud. The election had to be rerun, and the result was reversed.

There are more recent cases, too. In 2017 an investigation of a Dallas City Council election found some 700 fraudulent mail-in ballots signed by the same witness using a fake name. The discovery left two council races in limbo, and the fraud was much larger than the vote differential in one of those races. The case resulted in a criminal conviction. . . .

It is often claimed that impossibly large numbers of people live at the same address. In 2016, 83 registered voters in San Pedro, Calif., received absentee ballots at the same small two-bedroom apartment. Prosecutors rarely pursue this type of case.

Mail-in voting is a throwback to the dark old days of vote-buying and fraud. Because of this, many countries don’t allow absentee ballots for citizens living in their country, including Norway and Mexico. Americans deserve a more trustworthy system.


UNREASONING HATRED IS A BAD LOOK, AND MAKES YOU STUPID: The Left’s Ugly Reaction to Hydroxychloroquine. “Trump probably owns less than $100 of Sanofi stock in one of his mutual funds. If things go well, say he triples his position, Trump will be taking in upwards of $300. Art of the Deal, indeed. . . . Can you imagine any major publication running a piece linking Barack Obama’s praise of GM’s heavily subsidized electric-car manufacturing to a thousand bucks in a mutual fund? Nor should it escape your attention that the New York Times will assign four reporters to write an amateurish hit job, but not a single one to mention serious rape allegations against the leading Democratic Party presidential candidate by a former staffer.”

Even Snopes is debunking the Trump-is-profiteering-on-hydroxychloroquine claims. I used to laugh at the crazed conspiracy theories that flourished among illiterate third-worlders. Not anymore.

Meanwhile, how many people may die because of this misinformation — or perhaps disinformation would be a better term? Why does the New York Times want people to die?

SWEDEN: Some people are pointing to the contrast between Sweden and Norway as a useful model for our situation. Sweden is one of the few countries that has not shut things down drastically. Instead its leaders say that they are relying on people’s common sense. By contrast, the otherwise similarly situated Norway has taken an approach more like ours. Many people are thus pointing to the fact that while Sweden’s population (about 10 million) is twice Norway’s (about 5 million), Sweden has only about 30% more confirmed cases. That sounds good … at least at first blush.

But numbers can be deceiving. While Sweden’s population is twice Norway’s, its number of deaths from among confirmed cases is more than six times higher than Norway’s. The difference is unlikely to be the quality of Swedish health care. My initial thought was that it was much more likely that Norway has tested more symptomatic people in its population than Sweden has. Sweden therefore may have a higher proportion of unconfirmed but nevertheless very real cases.  They just aren’t being counted.

Testing kits remain in short supply. Most countries are able to test only a proportion of the individuals who are symptomatic. It may well be the case that to get the test in Sweden one needs to be sicker than one does in Norway.

I checked this against the data on Real Clear Politics and sure enough, Norway has given massively more tests (113,896) than Sweden has given (54,700), despite Sweden’s much larger population.

We need more analysis.

TO BE FAIR, IT WAS A SAFE BET, STATISTICALLY: FACT CHECK: Trump Asked a Reporter If She Was Working For China… She Is.

QUESTIONING CORONAVIRUS ORIGINS IS NOT A CONSPIRACY: “It’s not a good look for media outlets to again fall in line with the narrative coming out of China, a country whose officials have also accused the US Army of engineering the virus and releasing it into Wuhan. Twitter refused to ban those officials, and there was no mass snark tweeting or fact checking done by the same journalists who called Cotton a crackpot. ​Maybe that’s because it’s easier for members of the American media to attack a senator from a party that most of them ideologically oppose on a personal level. Or maybe it is something much more nefarious — that the media companies who sign the paychecks are much more invested in China and therefore willing to cede editorial standards in their coverage to the CCP. Maybe that’s also worth looking into.”

ACTUALLY, THAT’S A PRETTY IMPRESSIVE ACCOMPLISHMENT FOR A DEMOCRAT: Biden Has Earned 11 Pinocchios From Fact-Checkers During Coronavirus Crisis.

USA TODAY FACTCHECK RATES AS “TRUE” TRUMPS CHARGE THAT the Obama Administration depleted the national n95 mask stockpile.

DEAR JOURNALISTS: IF YOU DON’T WANT PEOPLE TO THINK OF YOU AS GARBAGE, STOP BEING GARBAGE. THANKS, BYE. WaPo’s Glenn Kessler Caught in Embarrassing Self-Own After RTing Dr. Critical of Trump’s Wuhan Virus Response. “As I’ve said before, when it comes to the so-called ‘fact checkers’ in the media, I find the Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler hit or miss – but mostly miss. Over the last few weeks as the Trump administration has ramped up its efforts to combat the Wuhan coronavirus, Kessler has engaged in a series of missteps (to put it charitably) when it comes to analyzing their efforts. . . . It would be nice going forward if Kessler would actually dissect claims before sharing them with his followers, which is what an actual fact-checker would do.”

The origins of “fact check” journalism explain why it doesn’t actually check facts. When the GOP discovered that negative ads were a way to end-run the Democrat-favoring media, the media responded with “fact checks” intended to neutralize those ads. It’s always been a partisan messaging gig, not about finding the truth in which, as Kessler keeps demonstrating, they’re not especially interested.

VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: The Virus is Not Invisible, But It’s Exposing Who’s Irreplaceable.

I think one of the strangest of all sequelae to the virus and the lockdowns might be the millions of high-paid Americans whose absences were hardly missed either by the public or count much in subsequent economic analyses of damage to the economy.

In a sophisticated society under lockdown, is it more existentially valuable to know how to fix a toilet, replace a circuit breaker, or change a tire, or to be a New York fashion designer, a Hollywood actor, or a corporate merger lawyer? At 9 p.m., when you go downtown in need of a critical prescription, are you really all that furious that a law-abiding citizen who has a gun and concealed permit is also in line—or would you be more relieved that gun control laws might ensure that his ilk never enters an all-night pharmacy?

So who is important and who not?

We were often told globalized elites on the coast were the deserved 21st-century winners, while the suckers and rubes in-between had better learn coding or head to the fracking fields.

But who now is more important than the trucker who drives 12-hours straight to deliver toilet paper to Costco? Or the mid-level manager of Target who calibrates supply and demand and is on the phone all day juggling deliveries before his store opens? Or the checker at the local supermarket who knows that the hundreds of customers inches away from her pose risks of infection, and yet she ensures that people walk out with food in their carts? The farmworker who is on the tractor all night to ensure that millions of carrots and lettuce don’t rot? The muddy frackers in West Texas who make it possible that natural gas reaches the home of the quarantined broker in Houston? The ER nurse on her fifth coronavirus of the day who matter-of-factly saves lives?

Do we really need to ask such questions of whether the presence of the czar for diversity and inclusion at Yale is missed as much as the often-caricatured cop on patrol at 2 a.m. in New Haven?

No, no we don’t.

PUTTING OUR DIFFERENCES ASIDE TO UNITE AGAINST A COMMON ENEMY IS THE AMERICAN WAY: New best friends: Trump and archfoes Cuomo and Newsom bond in coronavirus crisis.

At every press conference — and all three leaders are doing daily COVID-19 press updates — praise is bestowed and compliments showered. There are gratuitous namechecks — as with the lover who feels compelled just to repeat the name of the beloved — and many allusions to late night phone calls when details of policy are apparently being hashed out.

In his press conference yesterday, for instance, as Trump detailed the FDA’s expedited approval of a new virus treatment, he managed to work in the news that he’d spoken with Cuomo “at great, great length last night; he wants to be first in line.”

Considering that he and the governor are now besties, Cuomo will probably in fact be first in line to get the prescription drug to his state’s consumers — just as he’s recently gotten everything on his virus wish list, from a national guard deployment to Westchester County, site of an early hot spot, to a mobile testing drive-through, also for Westchester, to an Army Corps of Engineers deployment, to a Navy hospital ship which will soon be docked in New York Harbor in case New York City runs out of hospital beds. . . .

Gavin Newsom has got the love bug too. President Trump does not namecheck Gavin Newsom as much as he does Cuomo, but Newsom — who has excoriated “the corruption and the incompetence in the White House,” has claimed to be “absolutely humiliated” by Trump’s stance on climate policy, and has proudly proclaimed California the “most unTrump” state in the US — is now crowing about the “privilege” of a recent conversation in which the president promised his state more COVID-19 testing swabs.

“The president assured me, not only assured me, he was aware of where those swabs are being procured before I even offered my own insight,” Newsom burbled. “Not only is he on top of it, but they’re securing and beginning the process of distributing those swabs.”

New Yorkers, as some will recall, experienced the “best of human nature” phenomenon for a few weeks after 9/11. For a few golden weeks passersby on the street made full eye contact and wreathed each other in beatific smiles; they deferred, nay argued, about who should go through a door first. They stopped their cars for bicyclists. By December they’d resumed their self-centered ways.

Enjoy it while it lasts.


WELL: CNN Report on Test Kits Refutes Biden Statement—and Its Own Fact-Check: Biden picked up false claim that Trump admin turned down WHO test kits.

A new CNN report refutes its own correspondent’s approving fact check of Joe Biden’s claim the Trump administration “refused” the World Health Organization’s offer of coronavirus testing kits.

CNN fact-checker Holmes Lybrand rated Biden’s statement at Sunday’s Democratic primary debate to be correct at the time. But CNN reported Wednesday the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and WHO never discussed the latter providing tests to the United States, and WHO did not offer it tests.

WHO spokesperson Tarik Jasarevic told CNN this was not unusual, since the United States has the capacity to manufacture its own diagnostics. The CDC developed its own version of the coronavirus test on Jan. 17, the same day WHO published a German protocol for countries to use in manufacturing their own tests.

While the United States has struggled to test for the virus on a mass scale, that still contradicts Biden’s comment on Sunday, when he told debate moderator Jake Tapper, “Look, the World Health Organization offered the testing kits that they have available and to give it to us now. We refused them. We did not want to buy them. We did not want to get them from them. We wanted to make sure we had our own.”

Lybrand wrote in CNN’s live fact-checking blog of the debate, “Biden is correct. The U.S., along with other countries, chose not to take test kits from WHO — and instead decided to make their own.”

Lybrand’s fact check has thus far not been updated.

PolitiFact rated the same statement by Biden “Mostly False” in a report on Monday.


But occasionally they slip up.


AS A DEMOCRAT, HOW WRONG DO YOU HAVE TO BE TO HAVE AP POINTING IT OUT? Biden, Bloomberg ‘both wrong’ about Trump cutting CDC, NIH funding, AP fact check says.


Related: Facebook Fact-Checkers Admit Trump Never Said Coronavirus Was ‘a Hoax.’

DNC-MSM DUSTING OFF KATRINA PLAYBOOK: Facebook Fact-Checkers Admit Trump Never Said Coronavirus Was ‘a Hoax.’

THAT’S DIFFERENT BECAUSE SHUT UP: Fact-Check: Obama Waited Until ‘Millions’ Infected and 1000 Dead in U.S. Before Declaring H1N1 Emergency.

SHOCKER: AP FACT CHECK: Democrats distort coronavirus readiness.

Democratic presidential contenders are describing the federal infectious-disease bureaucracy as rudderless and ill-prepared for the coronavirus threat because of budget cuts and ham-handed leadership by President Donald Trump. That’s a distorted picture. For starters, Trump hasn’t succeeded in cutting the budget.

He’s proposed cuts but Congress ignored him and increased financing instead. The National Institutes of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention aren’t suffering from budget cuts that never took effect.

Also, you could cut the budget for a lot of CDC activities and not affect disease-fighting readiness at all, except maybe to improve it, because a lot of CDC activities are worthless mission creep.


Here’s the link.

NOT THE BABYLON BEE: Media Scramble to Fact Check Whether There Were Actual Crickets on Democrat Debate Stage.


You watch these guys and you think they’re so awful anyone could do better. But in fact, not just anyone.

And no, I’m not liveblogging these debates, I just checked in to see if they were as bad as people were saying. (Spoiler: Worse). Check out Stephen Green’s drunkblogging. I can’t consume enough alcohol to get through these and still maintain my chiseled physique. Steve can, because he’s younger, and has a bionic liver.

AND ANOTHER THING: Boeing Finds Debris In MAX Fuel Tanks.

Boeing is inspecting all 737 MAXs it has in storage and adding factory-floor precautions after discovering foreign object debris (FOD) in the fuel tanks of multiple MAXs, the company confirmed late Feb. 18.

Debris was found in “multiple” MAX during routine maintenance linked with keeping its stored aircraft as close to flight-ready as possible, a source with knowledge of the situation told Aviation Week.

“We’ve already held a series of stand down meetings in Renton with teammates on the factory floor to share a new process for stopping FOD,” 737 vice president and general manager Mark Jenks wrote in a memo to employees.

Changes to MAX production—which remains suspended—include updated instructions and checklists for work in “fuel cell areas,” and additional inspections before closing fuel cells during production, Jenks wrote.

PREVIOUSLY: Boeing KC-46 Air Force tanker jets grounded due to tools and debris left during manufacturing.

WELL, THERE GOES THE ROLLING STONES’ NEXT TOUR OF CHINA:  Cocaine does not kill Coronavirus, despite viral imagery to the contrary.

Related: All Our Drugs to Treat the Coronavirus Depend on Chinese Suppliers.

More: Apple expects coronavirus to impact March quarter revenues. “The statement released Monday is likely to trigger dips in stock prices when the market reopens Tuesday after being idle for Presidents Day.”

LOOK, FAT! Joe Biden should do town halls forever.

Working out which of Biden’s town hall broadsides was most astonishing will keep teams of historians busy for decades to come. Who among us can say they didn’t watch slack-jawed when, last December, the unhinged septuagenarian unloaded on a voter in New Hampton, Iowa. In response to a question about his son’s ‘work’ in Ukraine, the former VP said, ‘You’re a damn liar man, that’s not true.’ He continued:

‘I’ve been around a long time and I know more than most people. And I can get things done. That’s why I’m running. And you want to check my shape? Let’s do pushups here together, man. Let’s run. Let’s do whatever you wanna do. Let’s take an IQ test.’

As far as we can tell, the voter did not ask to ‘check’ Biden’s shape. Biden then appeared to call his questioner ‘fat while giving off a heroic Michael Douglas in Falling Down vibe. This correspondent will not be shocked when Biden fires off a few RPG’s at the next voter to say the word ‘Ukraine’ within a five-foot radius of his person.

In Iowa, Biden appeared to think he was still the vice president. He also believed that 40 students were shot dead at Kent State, not four. At another event he remembered the assassinations of RFK and MLK occuring a decade after they happened. In August, he was unable to name the prime minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Over the years, Biden’s racked up thousands of these micro-gaffes and mini-controversies, accumulating over deep time like the fossil record. He provided a memorable summa to his cake-soft campaign, when he said at another campaign stop over the summer, ‘we choose truth over facts’. Biden has chosen an agonisingly senile and very public detoriation over a relaxing retirement.

And don’t get him started on FDR, television, and the 1929 stock market crash.

ANALYSIS: TRUE. Mike Bloomberg’s contempt for rural America is real:

Flashback: RESET THE VOX COUNTER: Vox “Journalist” Tries To Clown On Trump, Ends Up Exposing How Ignorant He Is.

Sometimes it’s best to just not say anything. Vox’s Aaron Rupar, purportedly a “journalist,” hasn’t learned that lesson.

Today, Donald Trump gave a speech in Iowa where he hit on some of the struggles that rural Americans are dealing with as they produce much of the food you and I enjoy daily. At one point, Trump starts to discuss improvements to broadband in their areas and how many farms in Iowa don’t have the proper connectivity for their tractors. This extends to 3G/4G wireless internet coverage as well, which is incredibly spotty in the midwest.

This had Rupar thinking he had a solid own of Trump on tap. You see, he said tractors can’t connect to the internet. What a moron, am I right?

* * * * * * * *

In fact, I can remember well over a decade ago going to an uncle’s house and checking out some of the new equipment at his neighbor’s farm. At the time, GPS was being used to ensure precision plowing and planting. Today, internet connectivity in tractors at even smaller operations is becoming the norm to run all kinds of new features to keep things moving smoothly.

The lack of broadband and wireless connectivity in the areas where some of these farms are is a real problem and hurts efficiency.

Farm equipment has gotten so high-tech that, as I blogged from Las Vegas in January, John Deere displayed this yuuuuge semi-autonomous combine in the robotics and automation section of CES, the massive annual Consumer Electronics Show:

Now that’s the 21st century that Syd Mead promised me in the ‘60s and ‘70s.

ANNALS OF LEFTIST AUTOPHAGY: When The Political Guerrillas Come For You.

These appalling (and occasionally criminal) displays of contempt for common standards of civic engagement are, to some observers, utterly inexplicable. How did these fringe activists come to adopt these guerrilla tactics? Vaccine advocates who spoke with NBC News speculated that this behavior was modeled after the Westboro Baptist church—a peripheral religious group that achieved infamy in the mid-2000s for picketing the funerals of U.S. soldiers and deploying grotesque anti-gay rhetoric. To the journalism advocacy organization Poynter, however, these maneuvers were too “similar to how anti-abortion protesters will stake out women’s health clinics” to be a coincidence.

It’s revealing that these primarily Democratic victims of the new normal must reach into the annals of history to find parallels that approximate their ordeals. It’s even more telling that the examples that leap to mind are only those committed by their political adversaries. The intellectual energy it must take to avoid acknowledging the obvious—that these tactics have recently been routinized by progressive activists—can’t be worth the effort.

As an early “‘Progressive’ in a hurry” once said, “No enemies to the left.”

UPSIDE-DOWN WORLD: Politico, CNN *still* won’t name the anti-Trump “whistleblower” everyone knows, but they have no problem broadcasting worldwide the picture and identity of a doctor who who warned authorities of a potential “SARS-like” outbreak in December 2019, but was reprimanded by Wuhan police and is most certainly going to be a target of the Chinese secret police.

Because the deranged think that Trump will have the guy killed, right after he sells Alaska to the Russians and puts black people “back in chains.”



DON’T BELIEVE CLAIMS WOMENS’ MARCH PURGED ITS ANTI-SEMITIC LEADERS: No, the anti-semites just served out their terms, according to Capital Research Center’s Ashley Rae Goldenberg.


LAYERS AND LAYERS OF FACT-CHECKERS AND EDITORS: Oops: Lesley Stahl Says Fox News Didn’t Exist for Clinton Impeachment.

Flashback: Cal Thomas Stumps Stahl Who Can’t Name a Conservative at CBS.

NAZIS, NAZIS EVERYWHERE: As Stars & Stripes reported in 2018: Writer resigns from New Yorker magazine after Twitter flap over Marine vet’s tattoo.

Talia Lavin, whose tweet about a veteran’s tattoo implied he was a Nazi, has apologized to him and resigned from her position as a fact-checker at the New Yorker magazine.

But in another tweet, Thursday evening, Lavin also lashed out at the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, saying it unfairly targeted her in its own tweet about combat-wounded veteran Justin Gaertner.

“This has been a wild and difficult week,” Lavin said in the tweet. “I owe ICE agent Justin Gaertner a sincere apology for spreading an rumor about his tattoo. However, I do not think it is acceptable for a federal agency to target a private citizen for a good faith, hastily rectified error.”

And the “good faith” continues!

Julio Rosas of Townhall tweets, “Oh look, another person who was *not* at the rally trying to tell everyone else that it wasn’t *really* peaceful. The article also does not mention or acknowledge the hundreds of minorities, who were armed as well, that were there in support of the rally.”

Or as Jim Treacher adds, “If you don’t get the violence you desperately wanted, just pretend you did.”

It’s quite a place the media has arrived in 2020, where the gun-grabbing, abortion-extremist governor with a history of wearing blackface while in his mid-20s in medical school is the good guy, and a racially diverse crowd of pro-Constitution Americans are the crypto-Nazis.


Donald Trump published the most consequential tweet of his presidency on March 4, 2017. “How low has President Obama gone to tapp [sic] my phones during the very sacred election process,” the chief executive pondered. “This is Nixon/Watergate. Bad (or sick) guy!”

The response from Trump’s opposition was outrage. The Washington Post fact checker gave it four Pinocchios. The director of the FBI, James Comey, rebuked Trump and said such a thing had never happened. James Clapper, Obama’s director of national intelligence, assured NBC’s Meet the Press that no warrants had been issued in 2016 to surveil members of the Trump campaign.

In a narrow sense, the pushback against Trump’s tweet was correct; Trump himself was never personally the target of an FBI wiretap. In any case, the president doesn’t order such a thing; the FBI applies for a warrant to eavesdrop on Americans from a secret court. No such warrant was issued to bug the president’s offices.

But the furious denials were misleading. To paraphrase a cliché from 2016, Trump’s tweet should have been taken seriously, not literally. Obama did not tap Trump’s phones. But his FBI did spy on Trump’s campaign. That fact is no longer in dispute. The question is whether the FBI was justified in treating the Trump campaign itself as a suspect in this crime against the 2016 election.

I’d quibble with a couple of points — for example, it does appear FBI was monitoring phones in Trump’s campaign HQ and transition team, which sure sound like “Trump’s phones” to me — but it’s a good review.


As of the time of this post, the link does indeed go to a 404 page:

Even the Times’ fellow leftists at Slate are dunking on the hapless Gray Lady: New York Times Editorial Board: For President, Warren—and, Uhhhh, Also Klobuchar. A split decision is no decision at all:

The indecisiveness might have felt less grating if the Times hadn’t put so much effort into turning the endorsement into a spectacle in its own right. The promised inside look at how the Times made one of its most ostensibly important decisions of the year turned out to mean viewers spent an hour watching the paper crumble under the weight of its own self-importance. But hey, at least the ratings were probably good.

And while the Times may have offered a double endorsement, there was only one real winner tonight. Congratulations, to this guy:

There is no way any satirist can improve upon real life for its pure absurdity, to paraphrase the late Tom Wolfe.

UPDATE: Back and to the left. Back and to the left:

APPLE’S SIRI TELLS YOU ISRAEL IS A “ZIONIST OCCUPATION STATE“: As of 10am, only i24News and The Post-Millenial have covered this at all. Apple’s Siri scrapes Wikipedia for “answers” about public figures. So it appears that last night one of the SJW crusaders who call themselves Wikipedia editors decided to change the entry for Israeli President Rivlin as follows:

The entry was fixed about an hour after it was noticed. The Post-Millennial news blog dug into the story and asserts that the vandalism (not a “hack”) occurred in the SJW world of Wikipedia editors.

Not a word from “major” legacy media as of 10am. You can bet your bottom dollar if they called Nancy Pelosi a pedophile or called Oprah a drug addict, this would be a much more “important” story.

Yes, most of us know that usually only stupid people rely on Wikipedia as the central foundation for a theory or factual statement. Yet, others make a career of it. AOC used Wikipedia to smear Tucker Carlson’s The Daily Caller in public, relying on Wikipedia to slanderously describe the publication as “White Nationalist.”  It’s not. Not even close. (Disclosure: I provide media law advice to TDC).

There ought to be a full investigation, but major legacy media is fixated on whether or not Prince Harry can continue to call himself “Prince.”

**UPDATE: At least Newsweek catches up.


UH-OH, SURVEY SHOWS FAKE NEWS IS REAL: And contrary to NBC’s Chuck Todd, the Left’s false narrative continually pours out of the mainstream media, according to Just Facts. Check out, for example, what is typically believed about the middle class paying higher tax rates than the top 1 percent.



Understand these facts first and foremost: Qassem Soleimani was a career state-sponsored terrorist whose financial, ideological and strategic sponsor was the Iranian theocratic dictatorship the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini founded in 1979.

Another fact: In 1984, the U.S. State Department placed Iran on its list of state sponsors of terrorism.

Check it out.

NORTHWESTERN UNIV. LAWPROF STEPHEN PRESSER: McConnell Channels Hamilton to Save the Republic.

The Framers’ greatest fear was that the delicate balance of powers among the three branches would be upset, and that a corrupt faction would come to dominate the government. McConnell made clear his belief this had come to be the Democrats whom he said were “the intemperate or designing majority in the House of Representatives,” that Hamilton “warned might abuse the impeachment power” for partisan gain.

McConnell decried the misguided nature of the Democrats’ hypocritical claim that some Senators, who, like McConnell himself, had clearly indicated their belief in the insubstantial nature of the impeachment charges, could not participate in a fair trial.

McConnell pointed out that Hamilton, in “Federalist 65,” had said that impeachment was not simply a legal proceeding, but was a political one as well, calling for judgements, McConnell said, “about what the common good of our nation requires.”

In a blistering indictment of the Democrats — who certainly did not shed their political partisanship in the trial of President Clinton on impeachment charges 20 years earlier— McConnell declared that senators did not need “condescending lectures on fairness from the House Democrats who just rushed through the most unfair impeachment in modern history . . . or lectures on impartiality from senators who happily pre-judged the case with President Clinton and simply change their standards to suit the political winds.”

Once the United States Senate was regarded as the greatest parliamentary body on the planet, and one could sense an echo of that time, when McConnell trumpeted that “The Framers built the Senate to provide a check against the short-termism, the runaway passions, and the ‘demon of faction’ that Hamilton warned would ‘extend his sceptre’ over the House of Representatives ‘at certain seasons.'”

The Senate exists, explained McConnell, “because the Founders wanted an institution that could stop momentary hysterias and partisan passions from damaging our Republic.”

And we need just that, now.

LAYERS OF FACT-CHECKERS AND EDITORS: CNBC Mistakes Andrew Yang for GOP Venture Capitalist.

THE PERILS OF SOCIAL MEDIA FACT-CHECKING. “Fact checking, unfortunately, isn’t what we think it is. Despite the superficial appearance, fact checking isn’t a helpful tool for determining the truth and for forming an accurate opinion. Instead, it’s actually an in/out group filter which segregates people by belief and value.”


Fact Check: Very, very false: Twitter is a virus of the mind.

FAKE EDUCATION NEWS: Both the UVa education school dean and Washington Post fact checkers didn’t realize we spend much more on education per student in constant dollars than we did in the late 1980s. They really thought it sounded plausible to say we spend less.

For some reason, misinformation about education spending seems to be especially common. I wrote about it here.

YOU HAD ONE JOB: Snopes Fact-Checkers Demand White House Explain Trump’s Babylon Bee Tweet.

THE JOURNALISTIC LEFT IS COMPOSED OF IGNORANT, HYSTERICAL CHILDREN: The ridiculous storm over Trump’s latest move against anti-Semitism.

Heck, even one of my fellow lawprofs (not one from Tennessee I hasten to add) was calling Trump Hitler over this until I shot him down. But to its credit, Vox has a decent piece — yes, that’s right, the NYT coverage is so bad it’s being debunked by Vox –which contains this jewel-like line given the Hitler comparisons: “The draft executive order largely restates the Obama administration’s position.” The main thing Trump is doing is turning it from nonbinding “guidance” into an Executive Order.

UPDATE: Twitter blue-checks did not cover themselves in glory in the first 24 hours after the Times tweet. This is a good explainer by Ted Frank. It’s also proof that if you start from the axiom that Trump is Hitler, every fact becomes evidence that Trump is Hitler. Of course, only an idiot would start with that axiom, but idiots abound. “The refusal to apply Occam’s razor was astonishing. What was more likely: That someone without legal training was misunderstanding an executive order they hadn’t seen, or that a bipartisan coalition of Jewish policymakers persuaded Jared Kushner to convince Trump to issue the preliminary groundwork for a 21st century version of the Nuremberg Laws in America? You can guess which tack got the most retweets and likes. With real anti-Semitism on the march and on a day when gunmen targeted a Jersey City Kosher Supermarket, murdering four people (three of whom were Jewish), a chorus instead rose up against Jewish allies engaging in a largely symbolic legal exercise.”

A MAJOR FACEBOOK FACT-CHECKING FAIL: So this meme showed up in my memories marked as “False Information.”

I’m not exactly sure how this can be characterized as “false.” Do Americans really prefer to eat their dogs? Is the connection between socialism and dog-eating absurd? (No — see Venezuela.). Who’s the fact-checker responsible? This is all I found:

This is apparently a Colombian fact-checking service, in Bogota, which seems to be sympathetic to Evo Morales. The actual objection is that the Trump quote isn’t a genuine Trump quote. Well, it’s a meme. But it’s blacked out on my page as false because Facebook thinks it’s “Fake News,” based on a fact check from a Colombian “news” organization that I’ve never heard of, that seems not to understand how memes and humor work.

Sad, Facebook. Just sad.

KRUISER’S MORNING BRIEF: Cops Should Do a Wellness Check on Woman In Peloton Christmas Ad. “Honestly, after weeks of nothing but impeachment news, Peloton may have just saved America’s collective sanity by letting this be the focus of a post-long weekend Monday. This fictional frightened woman’s yearlong journey to lose the 14 ounces of water weight that her husband the good Doctor Mengele insists she musts is the Christmas miracle that a news-weary world needs.”

I just watched the ad, and the creep factor is off the charts.

LAYERS AND LAYERS OF FACT-CHECKERS AND EDITORS: Newsweek fires reporter who published inaccurate story on Trump’s Thanksgiving Day plans. “‘Newsweek investigated the failures that led to the publication of the inaccurate report that President Trump spent Thanksgiving tweeting and golfing rather than visiting troops in Afghanistan,’ a Newsweek representative told the Washington Examiner. ‘The story has been corrected, and the journalist responsible has been terminated. We will continue to review our processes and, if required, take further action.’”

Tellingly, no word that the editor who published the story is also being sacked.

“ACTIVISTS” ARE LIARS: Salvation Army commander: Yes, we are faith-based charity. But we serve and love everyone.

The Salvation Army is the world’s largest nongovernmental provider of poverty relief, serving more than 23 million in need each year in America alone. Our doors are, and always have been, open to all. We don’t ask anyone their orientation, identity or beliefs, to help ensure that they feel welcome and safe. So while we can’t claim an exact number, we believe by sheer size and access that we are the largest provider of poverty relief for people in the LGBTQ community.

Across our 7,686 centers of operation, you’ll find Salvation Army employees who identify as members of the LGBTQ+ community. You’ll find social workers who understand, advocate for and implement tailored services. You’ll find dedicated initiatives and resources designed for unique support. And you’ll find volunteers who embody our mission to serve all.

Yet because our organization is rooted in faith, a chorus repeatedly rises that insists we are anti-LGBTQ. And that refrain is dangerous to the very community we are wrongly accused of rejecting. At minimum, perpetuating rhetoric that vilifies an organization with the reach, housing, programming and resources that we have in place to lift them up is counterintuitive and inefficient. But when that organization depends on the generosity of donors to provide much-needed assistance to so many across all walks of life, it’s devastating.

We have a dorm in Las Vegas exclusively for transgender individuals. In Minneapolis, an estimated 20% of the 550 or so individuals who seek rest in our Harbor Light shelter each night are members of the LGBTQ community. In San Francisco, we operate a detoxification facility that caters to those infected with HIV/AIDS. Our Young Adult Resource Center provides day shelter to homeless youth in Houston, many of whom identify as LGBTQ. We work with the City of Baltimore to combat trafficking among transgender individuals, a growing need there. And every other Salvation Army program, shelter or center nationwide is open to members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Those are verifiable facts, and though we have much more to do as we try to address unique needs of all kinds, Salvation Army programs like these are ready to help vulnerable LGBTQ people at this very minute.

But “activists” are liars. Remember, they aren’t good people who got carried away by a passion for justice. They’re awful, horrible, garbage people motivated by a desire to harm.

By the way, if you want to donate to the Salvation Army, their page is here.

CYBERSECURITY: Hundreds of millions of Android phone cameras can be hijacked by spyware.

Rogue Android apps can hijack the default camera apps on Google and Samsung smartphones, and probably the camera apps on many other brands of Android phones, to take photos and record video and audio without the device users’ permission.

The apps can also view phone locations and other apps’ files, turning the phones into perfect spying devices. Even the best Android antivirus apps might not be able to protect you.

This flaw has been patched in Google and Samsung devices, according to Checkmarx, the Israeli security firm that found the vulnerability. But it’s not clear how many other phone makers have taken similar steps.

Check your manufacturer for security updates.

SELF-AWARENESS DEFICIENCY ALERT: Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales is launching a social-media website called WT: Social. The platform aims to compete with Facebook and Twitter, except instead of funding it using advertising, Wales is taking a page from the Wikipedia playbook and financing it through user donations.

Says Wales:

“The business model of social media companies, of pure advertising, is problematic,” Wales told Financial Times. “It turns out the huge winner is low-quality content.”

If there is any human being in the known universe who truly understands “low-quality content”, it is Jimmy Wales. Wikipedia might be the go-to site for cretins like Soledad O’Brien and Alexandria Occasional Cortex  but for the rest of the literate world…

WHICH MEANS IT MUST BE TRUE, RIGHT?  Media Scrambles To Fact-Check Image Of Trump Riding Hero Dog Into Massive Space Battle.

NICK GILLESPIE: ‘We Can Fact Check Your Ass,’ but Not When It Comes to Political Ads. “Twitter has announced that it will forego running all paid ads for individual candidates and issues…This sort of thinking represents a fundamental betrayal of the ideals that helped build the internet into an unparalleled, open system of knowledge and information. [Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey] is effectively saying that we—you, me, and the typical Twitter user—can’t manage to sift wheat from chaff online.”

UNEXPECTEDLY: MSNBC Hides Bizarre Democratic Sex Scandal.

MSNBC hosts used to be fascinated with [Katie] Hill. This year alone, she appeared on MTP Daily with Chuck Todd (January 21), The 11th Hour with Brian Williams (February 5), Hardball with Chris Matthews (May 14), and All In with Chris Hayes (May 22). Suddenly, however, MSNBC journalists seem to have lost interest.

Last summer, while filling in for MTP Daily host Chuck Todd, MSNBC’s Chris Jansing promoted a website called “Swing Left,” designed to help “connect Democrats who live in…blue districts with nearby purple districts where they can make a difference and try to flip control of the House.” Jansing actually went to a canvassing event for Hill in California’s 25th Congressional District; where she spoke to volunteers working on behalf of the then-Congressional candidate. An excited Jansing celebrated the fact that Hill received a check for $164,297.14 during the course of her report.

While CNN’s on-air talent also came across as fangirls for Hill, at least they had the integrity to report on the scandal. It looks like when it comes to scandals involving Democrats, for MSNBC, silence is golden.

Just think of NBC as Democratic Party operatives with Chyrons, and it all makes sense.

Earlier: Katie Hill’s scandal is catnip for the London Daily Mail.

UPDATE: CNN, MSNBC largely ignore Dem Rep. Katie Hill during prime time, 2 nights in a row.

MSNBC’S HALLIE JACKSON GETS SUPER MAD WHEN REP. MATT GAETZ WON’T AGREE WITH LIBERAL TALKING POINTS: “How can you tell me it’s a fact that my committee is not involved when it was the Judiciary Committee who launched the investigation?”

More here: “Gaetz and Jackson sparred over the Ukraine scandal and the Republican lawmaker fact-checked the MSNBC anchor once more. ‘You just keep blowing through these things like they’re facts but they’re not…I have to fact check you in real time.’”

NEW SOCIALIST “IT GIRL” CONTINUES TO PROJECT: AOC attacks Mark Zuckerberg for the Daily Caller having a role in Facebook’s fact checking. “She says the news outlet ‘has ties to white supremacists.’”

Evita Peron and Subhas Chandra Bose could not be reached for comment.

ANALYSIS: TRUE. Byron York: Facebook shouldn’t be political speech police.

“We don’t fact-check political ads,” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a recent speech. “We don’t do this to help politicians, but because we think people should be able to see for themselves what politicians are saying.”

That might be simple common sense to many Americans, but to some Democrats these days, and particularly the Joe Biden campaign, it’s a dangerous point of view.

Biden recently complained when Facebook declined to censor an ad from the Trump reelection campaign that said, “Joe Biden promised Ukraine $1 billion if they fired the prosecutor investigating his son’s company.” Even though that is an entirely defensible assertion — “Everything in the ad is factually accurate,” Trump campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh told me, adding that the spot was reviewed by lawyers prior to its release — and even though it is certainly in line with the political debate that dominates today’s news, the Biden campaign demanded Facebook ban the ad.

“Whether it originates from the Kremlin or Trump Tower, these lies and conspiracy theories threaten to undermine the integrity of our elections in America,” a Biden spokesman said. “It is unacceptable for any social media company to knowingly allow deliberately misleading material to corrupt its platform.”

A Facebook spokesman replied that the company made its decision out of respect for free expression and faith that a controversial ad will receive intense scrutiny in today’s media world. “In mature democracies with a free press, political speech is already arguably the most scrutinized speech there is,” the spokesman said.

The left wants to silence its opponents. The right wants the left to just keep on talking.


The AP had spent two years trying to get sources to talk about Domingo; a feminist music critic had also been on the hunt but abandoned the project for lack of cooperating witnesses. After the AP’s persistence finally paid off, other outlets scrambled to catch up. NPR was particularly aggressive but the well of complainants with first-hand experience of Domingo’s womanizing had apparently run dry. Nevertheless, on Friday, September 20, NPR ran a story headlined “Met Opera Faces ‘One More Catastrophic Crisis’ As Employees Must Work With Domingo.” The piece was based on four anonymous sources at the Metropolitan Opera, where the Domingo-starring Macbeth was set to open in a few days.

* * * * * * * *

There are three possible justifications for Domingo’s scourging, each more unpersuasive than the last. The first is to punish his past behavior. But his alleged infractions occurred decades ago, making punishment too belated to be just or meaningful. None of his accusers brought their objections to anyone in authority. If they wanted to punish him, that would have been the time to do so. Now, the overwhelmingly anonymous nature of the accusations and the passage of time prevent Domingo from mounting a defense. Some of the alleged incidents were undoubtedly more ambiguous than the accusers are disclosing. But without a known accuser, Domingo cannot establish the facts of these incidents, even if he could remember what may have been a fleeting and misunderstood gesture.

* * * * * * * *

This idea that Domingo poses a current risk to females even in his immediate orbit is pure hysteria. Domingo is a near-octogenarian. The most recent allegations against him, even if they constituted an actual danger at the time, date from over 15 years ago. After those allegations belatedly surfaced, his every movement would have been under a microscope. Were Domingo still inclined at his age to make advances, it would have taken a suicidal recklessness to engage in any behavior that could be massaged into a harassment incident. But, for the sake of argument, let us assume that he let slip, even now, an appreciative glance or ambiguous compliment. Are we supposed to believe, in this era of “strong women,” that a female chorister is so vulnerable and weak that, faced with someone who is operating under a potential death sentence, she can’t simply rebuff an advance? Domingo’s 20 accusers somehow survived the trauma of being propositioned by one of the opera world’s most charismatic stars. Why would the trauma today be so much more lethal to require proleptically snuffing out a still fertile career?

Read the whole thing.

Now that AP has devoted its considerable resources to destroy a — checking notes — 78 year old opera legend, and CNN its own efforts to gin up a moral panic around a comic book movie, when does the left’s new Moral Majority come for what Matthew Walther, writing in The Week in the fall of 2017, the peak of the #MeToo movement, dubbed “The sexual predators everyone still worships:” the world of rock and rap music? As Kay Hymowitz wrote in the LA Times in the following year, “#MeToo feminists may not realize it, but their other target is sex and drugs and rock ‘n’ roll.” Doesn’t AP now have to aim their guns there, to prove that they’re not simply shooting down the easy targets that are elderly men who would be nearing the ends of their careers anyway, even without a push from what Heather Mac Donald dubs “the brittle rigidity of contemporary feminism… Drunk on its own power, it is turning its massive armamentarium of narcissistic grievance on male success with an ever more neurotic standard of transgression?”

SNOPES WAS TOO BUSY ATTACKING THE BABYLON BEE TO GET THIS RIGHT: Viral liberal hoax claims Chick-fil-A backed a law to execute gay people. “How sad is it that we have to fact-check the fact-checkers? Unfortunately, though, many ostensibly neutral fact-checkers have become too obviously infected by liberal bias for us to take them at their word. Snopes is the latest fact-checker to do its readers a massive disservice. This time, their dereliction of duty concerns the smearing of Chick-fil-A. The story here is an audacious liberal hoax that accused the delicious fast food chain of supporting anti-gay death penalty laws in Uganda.”

DISPATCHES FROM THE SOCIAL MEDIA UPHEAVAL: Twitter says it wants to solve the “journalists’ careers end because someone digs up an old tweet” problem.

Twitter has a very particular place in this phenomenon, because it is simultaneously (a) perhaps the mainstream social platform that structurally most encourages the frequent sharing of brief tossed-off thoughts and (b) the platform least interested in rendering any of its content less than permanent. It’s got a robust search function; you can’t hide individual tweets, only an entire account; there’s no good way to keep some of your tweets limited to a small group of friends instead of the entire Internet; deleting old tweets takes a ton of tedious one-by-one clicking.

So it’s interesting to hear that Twitter’s thinking about changing things up and injecting a bit more ephemerality into Your Permanent Record. Product lead Kayvon Beykpour — who apparently got engaged this weekend, congrats! — spoke with The Verge’s Nilay Patel and Casey Newton on The Vergecast and talked about the company’s desire to make tweets more ephemeral… Casey then comes correct with the obvious solution:

I’ll tell you, my request is, I would love to set all my tweets to just go private after a year, basically. And the reason is just that cultural standards change enough that I either have to delete all of the tweets on a regular basis or I could just set them private, right? Because we’ve now seen bad actors sort of digging into peoples’ old tweets, taking them out of context and wreaking all kinds of havoc. So, I would just love a way to never have to think about that again, basically…

I mean, journalists’ careers end because someone digs up an old tweet, you know?

As long as everyday people were having their lives destroyed via ill-conceived tweets (a key topic of Glenn’s new book, as well as the 2015 book So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed by Jon Ronson), Twitter’s ozone layer of management were happy to turn a blind eye. In the past couple of years it’s been discovered that leftist journalists and political operatives (not always the same thing) had a penchant for writing racist tweets as a form of identity politics shock theater during their younger days. Last month, after pushback over the Des Moines Register’s efforts to wreck Carson King, the phrase “mutually assured cancellation” arose as a way for non-journalists to fight back against cancel culture destroying their lives, often at their first peak of success. Now that the left are no longer guaranteed at having the exclusive right to blow up someone’s life, suddenly – unexpectedly! – Twitter management has the “desire to make tweets more ephemeral.”

JOHN NOLTE: Good Riddance to Shepard Smith.

Tell me, what exactly is honorable about pretending to be an unbiased journalist whose only job is to inform the public when you are, in reality, just another far-left talking head spreading conspiracy theories, just another leftist having narcissistic temper tantrums in public about guns and gay marriage, just another propagandist serially misleading your viewers with crazed conspiracy theories as a means to grind your sorry little ax… just another sanctimonious, blow-dried, fake news grifter?

You might not agree with, or even like, Rachel Maddow, Sean Hannity, Lawrence O’Donnell, or Tucker Carlson, but at least they have the personal integrity, professional maturity, and moral courage to say This is my opinion. This is what I believe personally. Come at me, bro. At least they have enough respect for their audience, for themselves, and for their profession not to shiver like a punk inside the armor of an Objective Journalist Just Telling the Objective Truth as a means to avoid challenge and criticism.

Pretending to be “objective” is a nice pose — if it was 1927. Hopefully Shep will enter the 21st century in his next job.

I’M SO OLD, I CAN REMEMBER WHEN LEFTISTS MOCKED THE IDEA OF “THE CENTRAL SCRUTINIZER:” James Clapper Says He’s ‘Fantasized’ about a ‘National Fact-Checker’ for Social Media.

Classical reference in headline:

THIS STORY ABOUT BIDEN AND GIULIANI BURIES THE LEDE: Biden campaign says you have to hold public office to be entitled to opine on ‘the nation’s airwaves.’

In a letter addressed to the heads of the major news and cable networks, as well as top news anchors, two top Biden campaign advisers make the case that by peddling routine falsehoods about the work of Biden and his son Hunter in Ukraine, Giuliani’s presence on the airwaves is editorially untenable.

“We are writing today with grave concern that you continue to book Rudy Giuliani on your air to spread false, debunked conspiracy theories on behalf of Donald Trump. While you often fact check his statements in real time during your discussions, that is no longer enough. By giving him your air time, you are allowing him to introduce increasingly unhinged, unfounded and desperate lies into the national conversation,” the letter from top aides Anita Dunn and Kate Bedingfield reads.

“We write to demand that in service to the facts, you no longer book Rudy Giuliani, a surrogate for Donald Trump who has demonstrated that he will knowingly and willingly lie in order to advance his own narrative,” the letter continues.

The Biden campaign letter goes on to note that “Giuliani is not a public official, and holds no public office that would entitle him to opine on the nation’s airwaves.” And it demands that if the former mayor is put on the airwaves, “an equivalent amount of time” be given “to a surrogate for the Biden campaign.”

(Emphasis added). A friend was suggesting to me yesterday that Giuliani is hurting Trump more than helping him. Well, Biden’s campaign doesn’t seem to think so. And now he’s got them showing an amazing sense of entitlement.



Damning video at the link.

And it isn’t just CNN. This is from last night, so it refers to today’s front page:

This isn’t a simple reporting error or editing miss. It’s a flat-out lie, right on the front page of one of the nation’s leading newspapers.

I’d say it was shameful, except the people involved are clearly incapable of shame.

UPDATE: First link was wrong before. Fixed now — sorry!

AND AGAIN: Exclusive — Another New York Times Editor Made Racist, Anti-Semitic Comments.

Jazmine Hughes, an associate editor of the New York Times Magazine, has made a series of racist and antisemitic comments on social media over a multi-year span. A number of the tweets came from Hughes’s personal account, which is associated with her Times email, after she was hired by the outlet in April 2015 and continued well into 2017.

* * * * * * * *

Since joining the Times, she has occasionally written pieces centered on the intersection of race and culture. Her most recent project for the Times’ magazine was the 1619 Project, a comprehensive series of articles and essays arguing that slavery was the institution that fundamentally shaped the modern United States.

The newspaper made a massive investment in the 1619 Project, through which it aimed to redefine America’s understanding of the history of slavery. Hughes was no small part of the newspaper’s work on this, as she was on the byline of one of two major feature pieces on the broadsheet print edition of the special.

“The broadsheet special section has two components: A reported essay by Nikita Stewart, a reporter on The Times’s Metro desk, examining why Americans are so poorly educated on slavery, followed by a history of slavery written by Mary Elliott, curator of American slavery at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture, and Jazmine Hughes, a writer and editor at The Times Magazine,” the Times wrote about how its 1619 Project feature came together, highlighting the critical role that Hughes played in its publication.

It is unclear if the Times knew of Hughes’s prior controversial tweets before allowing her to undertake a project of such means. Representatives for the paper did not return requests for comment.

Read the whole thing, which, alongside the other recent examples of racism and anti-Semitism on display from her fellow Timespeople, does much to illustrate the punitive leftism and identity politics driving much of the Times’ recent material, not least of which, their “1619 Project.” QED:

Earlier: The New York Times’ Disastrous Summer of Fake News and Public Meltdowns.

‘RATS, ALL OF YOU!’ Comedians Bill Burr, Spade, Schneider Slam Cancel Culture:

Jeffries, host of his own Comedy Central program The Jim Jeffries Show, called it as he saw it. “This is just cancel culture,” he affirmed, elaborating that, “This guy shouldn’t have been fired. It was just a couple things back in his history.”

“We’re gonna go through everyone’s history?” he added incredulously. Well it sure as heck seems like it.

Comedian Bill Burr asked, “Do they go back and also try to look at things the person might’ve done, or are they just looking for the bad stuff? he asked, adding, “I mean you could honestly do that to anybody. We’re not running for office, when is this gonna fucking end?”

He also directed some ire at the Twitter warriors and activists calling for [Shane] Gillis’ career execution [after SNL announced he was a member]. saying, “You millennials, you’re a bunch of rats, all of you! None of them care. All they want to do is get people in trouble.” Burr, whose Netflix stand up special Paper Tiger just made waves for smashing PC culture and roasting hysterical groups like 4th wave feminists, is probably worried this could very well happen to him and his colleagues.

Speaking of “Twitter warriors and activists calling for Gillis’ career execution” or at least worried much about it, until cancel culture came for her:

As Chris Barron tweeted in response to Cherelus’ apology when called out last night:

CHRISTIAN TOTO: Hollywood Ignores Avalanche of Pro-Kavanaugh Facts.

There’s been a lot of that going on, hasn’t there?

#JOURNALISM: NY Times editors removed fact that Kavanaugh ‘victim’ doesn’t recall incident.

But don’t worry, NYT. Even CBS is busting you for journalistic malfeasance, but the “fact-checking” hacks at Politifact are still swinging in your defense: No, the New York Times has not admitted to peddling ‘fake news’ about most recent Kavanaugh claim. See, they’ve just admitted to things that make it clear that the story was fake news, they haven’t admitted to the story being fake news. So there.

UPDATE: The New York Times’s travesty of journalistic ethics.