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HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: The Death of Merit and the Race to Mediocrity in Our Increasingly Marxist Universities.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: USC was told gynecologist could be preying on Asian women, secret records show. “After decades of complaints about a campus gynecologist, USC administrators hired a team of medical experts to evaluate him. The experts came back with a disturbing report saying there was evidence Dr. George Tyndall was preying on vulnerable Asian students and had signs of ‘psychopathy.’ Still, the university did not fire Tyndall or notify the state medical board. Instead, lawyers for USC arranged a secret deal with the doctor that allowed him to leave his post with a financial payout and a pristine professional record.” Why are leftist-run institutions such cesspits of abuse?

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: “Some faculty members argue that surrendering the ‘professor’ title to some academic staff will further confuse students and the public.” “Colleges across the country have shrunk the share of tenured labor force for more financial flexibility. Institutions then offset those positions with instructors who operate on short-term appointments with heftier teaching loads, lower salaries and less academic freedom. ‘I believe what we are being asked to do today is to relinquish that,’ physics professor Lisa Everett told the Faculty Senate last month. ‘And no matter what statements are there in bold at the end (of these resolutions) about how we don’t want this to be used as arguments against hiring more faculty positions, I think it’s very clear that that’s already going on.'”

From the comments:

A minor element of ongoing decadence.

A decaying institution will steadily add more process and overhead, creating more tail to tooth, more staff to line. And they will act according to internal rather than external incentives.

Its all in Schumpeter. It is also inevitable, until something external comes along to destroy the entire minimally functional system.


HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Illinois Will End Residential M.B.A. in Favor of Online Program.

All is proceeding as I have foreseen.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: The Corruption of the College Board: How Bill Gates Destroyed The SAT. “After nearly a century of trying to measure intelligence, instead of class, the SAT will collude in a college admission system where class overwhelms merit to a degree unseen since 18th century Harvard. . . . The downfall of the College Board began when it picked David Coleman, a Gates alumnus who had played a significant role in writing Common Core standards, as its new president. Coleman, a Rhodes Scholar, the son of a Bennington College president and New School dean, had degrees from Yale, Cambridge and Oxford. By the age of 25, he was working at McKinsey as an educational consultant. The rest of the story was an escalator ride through the consulting industry that destroyed education.”

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Portland State rejects ‘Conservative Political Thought’ course because it’s not inclusive.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE, LEGAL EDUCATION EDITION: ABA legal ed section’s council adopts tighter bar pass standard; clock for compliance starts now.

Following multiple years of discussion, and two rejections from the American Bar Association’s House of Delegates, the council of the ABA’s Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar adopted a proposed revision to tighten an accreditation standard regarding bar passage Friday.

To be in compliance with the revised version of Standard 316, at least 75% of a law school’s graduates who sat for a bar exam must pass within two years of graduation. Under the previous rule, there were various ways to meet the standard, and no law school had been found to be out of compliance with it.

Those ways include:

• Having a 75% pass rate for all graduates over the five most recent calendar years;

• Having a 75% pass rate for at least three of those five years;

• And having at least 70% of its graduates pass the bar at a rate within 15 percentage points of the average first-time bar pass rate for ABA-approved law school graduates in the same jurisdiction for three out of the five most recently completed calendar years.

Under ABA rules, the House of Delegates can send a proposed revision back to the section’s council twice, but the council has the final decision on matters related to law school education. The House of Delegates voted against the proposed revision in February 2017 and this past January.

This is going to hurt some places.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Public univ. sponsors social justice conference to address ‘white accountability,’ ‘microaggressions.’

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Yale women’s studies professor: Gay white men are symbols of heterosexuality.

Cost of attending Yale College: $72,775.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Enrollment Shortfalls Spread to More Colleges.

A broad swath of private colleges across the Northeast and mid-Atlantic regions are expected to miss their enrollment goals for the fall semester. That growing trend now includes some institutions that have rarely, if ever, had to worry about filling classes.

Bucknell University, for example, expects that its freshman class this fall will be about 2 percent smaller than planned, or a total of roughly 960 students, said William T. Conley, its vice president for enrollment management. . . .

“I do get the sense that more than a handful of highly selective colleges missed their enrollment targets this year,” said Robert Massa, who still talks with enrollment professionals across the country after a 45-year career in financial aid and admissions. He retired from Drew University in February.

Ithaca College, which enrolls nearly 5,500 undergraduates, is larger and less selective than Bucknell, admitting about 70 percent of its undergraduate applicants. But the college, in upstate New York, will have some 175 fewer freshmen and $4.6 million less in tuition revenue than planned, said its president, Shirley M. Collado.

Several other college officials and higher-education consultants confirmed that they are seeing enrollment problems at numerous institutions.

The reasons for the enrollment shortfalls, said Massa and others, are complex and tied to several factors. Those include the declining number of high-school students across the regions, families’ increasing sensitivity to tuition and other costs, questions about the overall value of a college degree, and the ease with which students can apply to and consider multiple colleges.

If only there had been some sort of warning. It’s telling, though, that the idea of increasing sensitivity to costs, and of questions about the value of a college degree, now get matter-of-fact treatment, where these ideas were controversial not long ago.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE, FOREIGN EDITION: Canadian Government Imposes ‘Social Justice’ on All Universities.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: SAT to Give Students ‘Adversity Score’ to Capture Social and Economic Background.

The College Board plans to assign an adversity score to every student who takes the SAT to try to capture their social and economic background, jumping into the debate raging over race and class in college admissions.

This new number, called an adversity score by college admissions officers, is calculated using 15 factors including the crime rate and poverty levels from the student’s high school and neighborhood. Students won’t be told the scores, but colleges will see the numbers when reviewing their applications.

Fifty colleges used the score last year as part of a beta test. The College Board plans to expand it to 150 institutions this fall, and then use it broadly the following year.

How colleges consider a student’s race and class in making admissions decisions is hotly contested. Many colleges, including Harvard University, say a diverse student body is part of the educational mission of a school. A lawsuit accusing Harvard of discriminating against Asian-American applicants by holding them to a higher standard is awaiting a judge’s ruling. Lawsuits charging unfair admission practices have also been filed against the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the University of California system.

So basically this is a dodge to allow them to continue unlawful race discrimination. And as I recall, the lefty regime in Kurt Schlichter’s People’s Republic used something like that, which is unpromising.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE, LEGAL EDUCATION EDITION: A New Growth Vision For Legal Education, Part I: Sustainable Growth Or Dead Cat Bounce?

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE, HOLOCAUST-REVISIONIST EDITION: Rep. Rashida Tlaib has 99 problems. Donations from faculty, admin. aren’t one.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE, CULTURE OF CORRUPTION EDITION: Former USC coach pleads guilty in college admissions scandal. “A former University of Southern California assistant soccer coach pleaded guilty Tuesday to her role in a college admissions scandal. Laura Janke, 36, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit racketeering with William ‘Rick’ Singer, the mastermind of the scheme, and agreed to cooperate in the government’s investigation into the admissions scandal. Janke is one of five USC coaches charged in the case, but the first to plead guilty.”

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Here’s how much student debt Americans with PhDs have on average.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Private College Tuition Discount Rate Hits All-Time High Of 52%.

Way back in The Higher Education Bubble, I warned that this was a major trouble sign to watch. Now it’s here. And if you’re paying full freight, you’re a sucker.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE, ADMINISTRATIVE BLOAT EDITION: This public university will spend nearly $3 million on diversity this year alone.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Nearly 40 percent of graduating college seniors feel unprepared for a career: survey.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE, WIMPY CHRISTIAN SCHOOLS EDITION: Texas Christian college student gov votes to ban Chick-fil-A.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Prof likens Trump and NRA to Nazis over UN arms agreement. When everyone is a Nazi, no one is a Nazi.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: ‘Prolonged Institutional Failure’ at Harvard.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: ROUNDUP: The campus free speech stories this week you may have missed.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Prof asks whether students should learn ‘dead white man’ Thoreau at ‘Whiteness of Walden’ event. Racism and thanatophobia all in one.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Subsidies, not profits, have crumbled the ivory tower.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Student’s claim professor charged for recommendation letter goes viral. “Along with the tweet was a screenshot of an email in which a person said to be a professor said he charges $20 per recommendation letter.”

It’s probably a hoax. But these days, who knows?

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: College presidents say public doesn’t understand how affordable college is.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: In College Admissions Scandal, Families From China Paid the Most: Families that allegedly paid $1.2 million and $6.5 million show the reach of the cheating ring.

Families from China were among those who allegedly paid the most in the college admissions scandal, a new sign of the reach of the cheating ring.

One Chinese family allegedly paid $6.5 million to William “Rick” Singer, the California-based college counselor who has admitted to masterminding the scheme, according to a person familiar with the matter.

Another was the family of a student—referred to in court filings as “Yale Applicant 1”—who paid $1.2 million to secure her admission to Yale University. The student is 21-year-old Sherry Guo, who moved to Southern California from China to attend high school, her lawyer confirmed.

The families have been of particular interest in the case because they allegedly paid far more than nearly all of the 33 parents currently facing criminal charges in the scheme. Many parents paid $250,000 to $400,000 for the illegal admissions services, including securing fraudulent test scores and bribing coaches to have their children designated as recruited athletes, prosecutors say.

Ms. Guo had her eye on Columbia University or Oxford University, said her lawyer, James Spertus of Spertus, Landes & Umhofer LLP in Los Angeles.

But Mr. Singer told her she would go to Yale University. It was a sure thing, he said, according to Mr. Spertus. An attorney for Mr. Singer, who has pleaded guilty to four felony charges, including racketeering conspiracy, declined to comment.

Related: During all the Russia hacking hype, China is rising in influence: While Russia’s role in the 2016 election dominates the news, China’s spying and alarming influence within our borders is too little noticed.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: How Colleges Are Ripping Off a Generation of Ill-Prepared Students.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE, HOSTILE ENVIRONMENT EDITION: Men ‘don’t deserve opinions,’ tweeted new director of gender relations.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: University hosts no-whites-allowed faculty and staff listening sessions — to promote inclusivity.

They told me if Donald Trump became President, illegal race discrimination would be normalized. And they were right!

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: How Nine Universities Pander To Radical Groups.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: University employees steal bundles of campus newspaper to stop ‘bad publicity’ on Welcome Day.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE, LEGAL EDUCATION EDITION: Law Schools Clamber To Raise Bar Pass Rates. “ analyzed the bar pass rates reported by schools to the American Bar Association between 2013 and 2017—the 2018 results aren’t yet available—and found that 35 of the 203 ABA-accredited law schools had pass rates decreases of more than 20 percent in those four years. Further, 42 of the ABA-accredited law schools saw their pass rate fall anywhere from 10 to 20 percent. There is plenty of debate about why pass rates have fallen, but most experts agree that the 36-percent decline in law school applicants between 2010 and 2016 played a major role. Many schools dipped deeper into their applicant pool and enrolled students with lower LSAT scores and undergraduate grades. Other elements such changing law school pedagogy and the rise of online bar exam preparation are also at play, they say.”

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: An Idea for Student Loans: Get Rid of Them. Student loans aren’t a subsidy for students. They’re a subsidy to the academic class, and mostly to administrators.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Ohio State University Salaries Exposed: More Than 5,000 Employees Made Six-Figures or Higher While More Than a Dozen Top $1 Million. What’s really shocking is that the university has nearly 50,000 employees.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Big Money, No Debt: The Blunt New Pitch for Blue-Collar Workers.

SAD: Storm Clouds Over Tulsa: Inside the academic destruction of a proud private university.

A Harvard Business School professor recently predicted that up to half of all American colleges and universities will go bankrupt in the next ten to 15 years. While this may be a worst-case scenario, universities have for years been offering an increasingly inferior product at unsustainably high prices to an ever-more skeptical group of prospective students. Many institutions below the top tier are scrambling to respond to the collapse of the higher-education bubble by jettisoning the liberal arts and pumping up the practical ones: health care, computer science, business, and other technical fields that promise to yield jobs immediately after graduation. This approach has been employed in a particularly crude and short-sighted manner at the University of Tulsa, where a new administration has turned a once-vibrant academic institution with a $1.1 billion endowment and a national reputation in core liberal arts subjects into a glorified trade school with a social-justice agenda. Our story is worth telling, because we have been hit by a perfect storm of trends currently tearing through the American academy: the confident ignorance of administrators, the infantilization of students, the policing of faculty, the replacement of thinking with ideological jargon, and the corporatization of education.

There’s a lot of that going around. But if you’re going to be a trade school be a real one, without a social justice agenda.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Penn makes conservative students pay security fees to protect Candace Owens from empty threats.

As always, IowaHawk nailed it:

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE, LEGAL EDUCATION EDITION: The Big Fail: Why Bar Pass Rates Have Sunk To Record Lows. It’s mostly due to the decline in credentials of incoming law students, but there’s also the absence of Prof. Kingsfield: “The way we used to teach wasn’t as good for caring for the student, but it made sure you could take a closed-book exam.”

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Go to a Cheap College — or None at All.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE, RULE OF LAW IS FOR THE LITTLE PEOPLE EDITION: Michigan State apparently ignored 2018 federal court ruling on due process until student sued.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: How America’s College-Closure Crisis Leaves Families Devastated.

If only there had been some sort of warning.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Here’s the stunning percentage of Millennials who regret taking a loan for college. 42 percent.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Suspect in Michael Knowles UMKC assault identified, faces multiple charges.


HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Pennsylvania Colleges Given Grim Warning On Enrollments.

If only there had been some sort of warning.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Is there a No Republicans Need Apply sign in Academia? Yes. Next question?

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Berkeley teacher/Antifa leader ordered to pay $20,000 for withholding public records of her activism.

Last year Yvette Felarca was ordered to pay $11,000 to the former president of the University of California-Berkeley College Republicans for filing a bad-faith restraining order against him.

She’s best known for her documented assault of a man at a white nationalist rally in 2016, for which she’s facing a felony charge in Sacramento.

This year, the Berkeley public school teacher and Antifa leader has been ordered to pay even more to a conservative legal organization for withholding public records it sought under state law. . . .

Chhabria, an Obama administration appointee, was just getting started.

He said Felarca and her colleagues Lori Nixon and Larry Stefl made claims “premised on the obviously baseless assumption that the First Amendment condemns the ‘alt-right’ while condoning the ideological missions of their own organizations.” They are active in the radical group By Any Means Necessary.

Congrats to Judicial Watch for making her pay.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE, NOBODY PAYS BUT YOU EDITION: VIDEO: Eighteen states offer in-state tuition for illegals…and legal resident students are NOT happy about that.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: We Will Never Fix Campus Indoctrination Until We Cut College Subsidies.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: College promotes men’s cuddling group to ‘redefine masculinity.’ Because “traditional masculinity” is toxic.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Elite universities sitting on huge endowments tax-free that could be used to help students.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: UCLA event compares communist dictator Che Guevara to Jesus. To be fair, Che wasn’t really a dictator, just a dictator’s henchman.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Student files bias complaint against dorm roommate for watching Ben Shapiro video.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE, CULTURE OF CORRUPTION EDITION: Harvard now embroiled in its own admissions scandal as it launches probe of fencing coach.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: NY college pres.: ‘A campus is not the place for free speech.’

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Many Private Colleges Are In Trouble. “But the real challenge facing many colleges and universities at the moment is that their business model is fundamentally broken. ‘Business model’ isn’t a popular phrase in higher education, either, but all colleges have one. When we use the term, we are referring to the revenue that an institution must take in to support the resources and processes it uses to deliver on its value proposition. Many colleges and universities are increasingly unable to bring in enough revenue to cover their costs.”

If only there had been some kind of warning.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: One Small College Will Close; Another Slashes Programs.

If only there had been some sort of warning.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Elite Colleges Announce Record Low Admission Rates in Wake of College Cheating Scandal.

It is harder than ever to get into a top-tier college. That was the message this week as several of the nation’s most selective universities trumpeted the news that they had record numbers of applicants — and record low admission rates.

But the news was also troubling for many parents and students in the wake of a vast cheating scandal, in which federal investigators charged dozens of parents this month in a scheme to buy their children’s way into college.

In some ways, the cutthroat admission rates — and the image of exclusivity that comes with them — point to why those parents, several of whom appeared in federal court in Boston on Friday, were said to have bribed coaches and athletic directors to game an increasingly restrictive system.

“There’s a vicious cycle that fuels admission angst and spawns desperation,” said Sally Rubenstone, senior contributor to College Confidential, an online admissions forum. “Each year as elite-college acceptance rates get smaller, students apply to longer and longer lists of colleges to maximize their chances of good news.”

Related: To Reduce Inequality, Abolish The Ivy League.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE, COVERUP EDITION: UCLA sued for hiding public records on disruption of Trump official’s speech.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: A Mole Hunt for Diversity ‘Bias’ at Villanova: An atmosphere of fear-imposed silence makes it impossible to achieve a real liberal-arts education.

Last fall we were notified by the Villanova administration that new “diversity and inclusion” questions would be added to the course and teaching evaluations that students fill out each semester. In addition to the standard questions about the intellectual worth of the course and the quality of instruction, students are now being asked heavily politicized questions such as whether the instructor has demonstrated “cultural awareness” or created an “environment free of bias based on individual differences or social identities.”

In short, students are being asked to rate professors according to their perceived agreement with progressive political opinion on bias and identity. Students are also invited to “comment on the instructor’s sensitivity to the diversity of the students in the class.” Professors are rated on their “sensitivity” to a student’s “biological sex, disability, gender identity, national origin, political viewpoint, race/ethnicity, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, etc.” The “etc.” in particular seems like an ominous catchall, as if the sole principle of sound teaching has become “that no student shall be offended.” . . .

The larger implications are even more disturbing. The new evaluations will allow a professor’s professional performance to be recast as a human resources or even a legal problem. Think about it: You can’t fire a professor for being conservative, but you certainly can fire him for creating a “hostile work environment.” At a minimum, all charges of insensitivity, injustice and bigotry will become part of the faculty’s permanent record. How long will it be before professors cease to challenge their students for fear of losing their careers and livelihoods?

Sounds like it may put Villanova at risk to lose funding under President Trump’s new executive order. Someone should tell the Department of Education.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: This Wake Forest student said her offended peers ‘need to grow up.’ She got death threats.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: When it Comes to Diversity Statements, Only Liberals Allowed to Apply.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE, MOB RULE EDITION: Protesters at Beloit College shut down speaker at Young Americans for Freedom event.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Hiwassee College to close after 170 years due to financial reasons.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Cornell Political Union admits it succumbed to heckler’s veto in disinviting black Christian speaker.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Lehigh University is getting sued by a professor who claims the school ignored years of another professor’s sexual harassment in an effort not to appear racist.

The lawsuit claims that the university did not take immediate action when it was made privy to Peterson’s alleged harassment due to Peterson’s race. It says that Lehigh was “highly sensitive” to the appearance of racial bias because of its “racially biased history,” including an investigation of potential racial bias at the school by the Office of Civil Rights.

Due to this sensitivity, the university “deliberately delayed” in taking action against Peterson following its awareness of sexual harassment allegations because “Peterson had every incentive to smear the inquiry as racially motivated” and the university wished to avoid being “accused of racial bias.”


HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE, FREE SPEECH EDITION: Think things are bad at Berkeley? Here’s why I’m suing UIllinois.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: What happens after rich kids bribe their way into college? I teach them: A professor at an elite US school says an influx of unskilled and entitled students is monopolizing faculty time: ‘They will eat you alive.’ “Students who can’t get into elite schools through the front door based on academic merit don’t change once they’re in class. They can’t do the work, and are generally uninterested in gaining the skills they need in order to do well. . . . Every unqualified student admitted to an elite university ends up devouring hugely disproportionate amounts of faculty time and resources that rightfully belong to all the students in class. By monopolizing faculty time to help compensate for their lack of necessary academic skills, unqualified students can also derail faculty research that could benefit everyone, outside the university as well as within it. To save themselves and their careers, many of my colleagues have decided that it is no longer worth it to uphold high expectations in the classroom. ‘Lower your standards,’ they advise new colleagues. ‘The fight isn’t worth it, and the administration won’t back you up if you try.'”

At an ‘elite’ university. . . . “The author requested anonymity to protect against administrative repercussions.”

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Duke University Agrees to Pay U.S. $112.5 Million to Settle False Claims Act Allegations Related to Scientific Research Misconduct.

Plus, if you’re working at a university and have knowledge of fraud, take note: “The allegations were originally brought in a lawsuit filed by Joseph Thomas, a former Duke employee, under the qui tam, or whistleblower, provisions of the False Claims Act, which permit private individuals to sue on behalf of the government and share in any recovery. The Act permits the government to intervene in and take over the whistleblower’s suit, or, as in this case, for the whistleblower to pursue the action on the government’s behalf. Mr. Thomas will receive $33,750,000 from the settlement.” Nearly 34 million. Not bad.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Trump’s fight for campus justice is only beginning. “It’s going to be fun to watch the critics on the left turn themselves in circles about this. These were the people who 50 years ago defended free-speech rights on campus when professors were asked to sign loyalty oaths. That’s against the First Amendment, they said. But when the shoe is on the other foot, when the same people became deans and professors, they turned around to silence conservative voices. Now I’m waiting to hear them tell us that there’s a First Amendment problem with Trump’s executive order, that if you take the time to understand things through the proper social justice prism, the First Amendment really bans free speech.”

You won’t have to wait long.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE, SNITCHES-GET-STITCHES EDITION: University threatens ‘disciplinary action’ against faculty for anonymous comments to media.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Black conservative fellow of University of California’s free speech center says it’s a sham.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: At the University of Florida, it’s par for the course for conservative speech to be censored or silenced.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Subsidized privilege: The real scandal of American universities.

Related: To Reduce Inequality, Abolish The Ivy League.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE, LEGAL EDUCATION EDITION: University Of Akron Excludes Law School (‘Strategic Investment Area’) From Buy-Outs Offered To 47% Of Faculty.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Conservative students told by police to stop tabling.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE, LEGAL EDUCATION EDITION: 3rd Circuit Upholds University Of Pittsburgh’s Right To Cut Tenured Prof’s Salary By 20% Due To Poor Student Evaluations, ‘Stagnant’ Research Agenda.


HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: I know college admissions offices from the inside — schools basically sign off on scandal.

Admissions officers and deans of admissions appeared to be the victims in this case. That is hard to believe. After years of working in an Ivy League admissions office where I handled the recruited athletes’ applications and being a dean of admissions at a small liberal arts college, I know better.

No matter how much influence the indicted individuals had, we are overlooking the fact that none of them signed off on admissions decisions. Every single student who was admitted under false pretenses received their offer from the admissions office signed by the dean or another high-ranking member of the staff.

Let’s be clear: It is the responsibility of the admissions office to verify applicants, their applications and their viability to succeed at the institution.

Let them set an SAT/GPA lower bound, then admit by random lottery from among applicants above that. For fairness and diversity!

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Naomi Schaefer Riley: College admissions need to have some kind of transparency.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: ‘Whiteness continues to be a crucial problem in our English department.’

MICHIGAN IS TAKING “THE HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE” FAR TOO LITERALLY: “Popping balloons reportedly triggered an active shooter warning on University of Michigan’s Ann Arbor campus Saturday.”

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE, CULTURE OF CORRUPTION EDITION: Behind the bribery: US university admissions favor the rich.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Ocasio-Cortez’s ignorance proves admissions fraud is the symptom, not cause, of America’s education crisis. “In 2017, Yale changed its course requirements such that an English major may now graduate without ever having read Shakespeare. A 2007 survey from the Intercollegiate Studies Institute showed that college students graduate with less knowledge of history, politics, and economics than they had before they entered. The admissions scam succeeded for so long because everyone knew once the sub-par students made it into these schools they were unlikely to encounter any real scholarly rigor.”

Notice that no one is bribing their unqualified kids’ way into CalTech.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE, SECESSION EDITION: EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: UC-Berkeley spox doesn’t rule out violence if Trump visits Berkeley.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: There’s a Larger Lie Beyond the College Admissions Bribery Case. “The admissions scandal is an opportunity to separate the lofty mythology of college from the sordid reality. Despite the grand aspirations that students avow on their admission essays, their overriding goal is not enlightenment, but status. . . . Though we casually talk about our ‘institutions of higher learning,’ little learning is going on.”

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: College no longer a value proposition, why not just learn a trade?

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Universities have created a generation of intolerant white liberals. Here’s how.

ALL IS PROCEEDING AS I HAVE FORESEEN: White House Might Put Colleges on the Hook for Student Loans: Executive order under consideration would require schools to take financial stake when students don’t repay.

The White House is weighing a measure that would require colleges and universities to take a financial stake in their students’ ability to repay government loans, an effort that could squeeze loan availability to students and reduce defaults.

For several months, Trump administration officials have been discussing enacting such a mechanism or making a push for one in Congress as part of a broader effort to combat rising college costs.

In the administration’s budget proposal released Monday, officials made brief mention of a “request to create an educational finance system that requires postsecondary institutions that accept taxpayer funds to have skin in the game through a student loan risk-sharing program.”

Such a proposal could be included in a coming executive order addressing higher education, several officials said.

You heard it here first. Though remember this? Senate Democrats push for colleges to have “skin in the game” on student loan defaults. “In a call with reporters, Senators Richard Durbin of Illlinois, Jack Reed of Rhode Island and Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts highlighted a package of new and existing proposals aimed at reducing the burden of student debt. Durbin acknowledged that the senators had had ‘limited success’ in getting Republican support for the measures, but said they will be a centerpiece of the Democratic agenda in the Senate in 2014. One of the more controversial new proposals, to be introduced by Reed, would require colleges with high student loan default rates to pay a penalty to the government that is proportional to the defaulted debt.”

So Trump can honestly say this is an idea with bipartisan support.

Flashback: “Up until now, the loan guarantees have meant that colleges, like the writers of subprime mortgages a few years ago, got their money up front, with any problems in payment falling on someone else. Make defaults expensive to colleges, and they’ll become much more careful about how much they lend and what kinds of programs they offer.”

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE, WTF? EDITION: Actresses Felicity Huffman, Lori Loughlin indicted in case alleging bribery to get kids into colleges.

According to the documents, a total of 50 people were charged, including the actresses, chief executives, college coaches and other prominent people, in the nationwide college admissions cheating scam.

Prosecutors say parents paid an admissions consultant $25 million from 2011 through Feb. 2019 to bribe coaches and administrators to label their children as recruited athletes to boost their chances of getting into schools.

Prosecutors allege that fake athletic profiles were also made to make students look like strong high school athletes when they actually weren’t.

Authorities say the consulting company also bribed administrators of college entrance exams to allow a Florida man to take the tests on behalf of students or replace their answers with his.

What this tells you is how (overly) important a college degree is in our society.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: College RA training guide: ‘Make America Great Again’ example of white supremacy.

Universities became Democrat super-PACs so gradually that — oh, who am I kidding, everyone noticed.

EVERYBODY TALKS ABOUT THE HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE, but Mitch Daniels is doing something about it.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Bias report filed against professor for defending Brett Kavanaugh.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Professor says she plays “chicken” with men while walking to empower women. “The idea of patriarchy chicken is as follows: by refusing to move out of the way to avoid collision with men going in the opposite direction, women are somehow empowering themselves.”

It might be more aptly renamed “presuming on chivalry.” But then, “feminists” do that a lot.