August 21, 2019

BACK AND TO THE LEFT. BACK AND TO THE LEFT. Victor Davis Hanson: Progressive Democratic Candidates Renounce Former Centrist Views.

SOD OFF, SWAMPY: Set your thermostat to 78 degrees or higher in the summer, federal agency recommends.

OVER AT THE VICTORY GIRLS, they’re blogging about my The Education Apocalypse.

BYRON YORK: What We Need To Know From The Horowitz Report.

There will be much to learn in Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s upcoming report on the Trump-Russia investigation, but most of it will likely boil down to just two questions. One, how much did the Obama Justice Department spy on the Trump campaign? And two, was it justified?

Many Democrats would immediately protest the word “spying.” But the public already knows the FBI secured a warrant to wiretap low-level Trump adviser Carter Page a few months after Page left the campaign. The public also knows the FBI used informant Stefan Halper to gather information on other Trump campaign figures. And the public knows the FBI sent an undercover agent who went by the alias “Azra Turk” to London to tease information out of another low-level Trump adviser, George Papadopoulos.

Was that all? Were there more? Horowitz should give definitive answers.

And what did the spying involve? In such intelligence work, wiretaps are recorded; transcripts are made. The same can be true for person-to-person conversations between FBI informants and Trump campaign figures. In May, Trey Gowdy, the former Republican congressman who read deeply into Trump-Russia materials when he was in the House, strongly implied that the FBI had transcripts of informant communications.

“If the bureau is going to send an informant in, the informant is going to be wired,” Gowdy told Fox Business’ Maria Bartiromo. “And if the bureau is monitoring telephone calls, there’s going to be a transcript of that.”

“Where are the transcripts, if any exist,” Gowdy continued, “between the informants and the telephone calls to George Papadopoulos?”

The “if any exist” was Gowdy’s way of casting his statements as a hypothetical, but there was no doubt he was speaking from the knowledge he gained as a congressional investigator. . . .

Here is why Republicans are skeptical. Special counsel Robert Mueller had access to the results of the FBI’s spying, and Mueller could not establish that there was any conspiracy or coordination between Russia and the Trump campaign. After a two-year investigation with full law enforcement powers, Mueller never alleged that any American took part in any such conspiracy or coordination.

So Republicans know the end result of the investigation, but they don’t know how it began. Yes, they know the official story of the start of what the FBI called Crossfire Hurricane — that it began with a foreign intelligence service (Australia) telling U.S. officials that Papadopoulos appeared to have foreknowledge of a Russian plan to release damaging information about Hillary Clinton. But they don’t think it’s the whole story.

That’s where Horowitz comes in.

Stay tuned.

CHANGE: GOP sets another 2020 money record, 1,900% increase in online fundraising. “Of special note, said the party, the Republican National Committee has $46.6 million in the bank and no debt. . . . Officials said that much of the money is being used to build out the party’s organizations in 16-20 states seen as key to President Trump’s reelection.”

Related: Poll: 63% expect Trump reelection, up from 43%.

But see: New polls show that Trump should be afraid. Very afraid.

WE’RE FROM THE GOVERNMENT AND WE’RE HERE TO HELP: $700K for an apartment? The cost to solve the homeless crisis is soaring in Los Angeles. “Projected per-unit cost of apartments for homeless ($700K) is greater than the county’s median sales price for a home ($618K).”

THIS. IS. CNN. New witness claims he saw Don Lemon sexually assault man in Hamptons.

In accusation of assault against CNN host Don Lemon in the Hamptons last summer has been corroborated by a second man.

Lemon was accused by Dustin Hice, who worked as a bartender at the time, of grabbing his own genitals and making sexually explicit comments to him. Hice filed suit against Lemon last week seeking unspecified damages resulting from the encounter.

“He put his hands down his pants, inside his board shorts, grabbed his [genitals],” George Gounelas, Hice’s former boss who claims to have seen the whole encounter, told Fox News on Thursday. “[Lemon] then came out with two fingers and, like, clipped Dustin’s nose up and down with two fingers asking, ‘Do you like p—y or d–k?’”

A confusing question, since Lemon’s one of each.

LATE-STAGE SOCIALISM: ‘Failed state’: Venezuelan displacement and starvation multiply. “Less than a decade after major strides addressed malnourishment, Caracas now faces massive refugee and hunger crises.”

AT AMAZON, Deal of the Day, Vitamix Venturist V1200, Professional-Grade, 64 oz. Container, Black (Renewed).

THE GHOST OF JOHN C. CALHOUN HAUNTS TODAY’S AMERICAN LEFT: The irony of the New York Times’ 1619 Project is that it embraces the critique of the American Founding espoused by the leading defender of Southern slavery, Sen. John C. Calhoun.

As Victor Davis Hanson has written, that’s also true of the left’s see-no-evil view of illegal immigration:

The apparent principle of sanctuary cities is akin to roulette. The odds suggest that most illegal aliens detained by officials are not career felons and thus supposedly need not be turned over to ICE for deportation. On the chance that some of their 10,000 released criminals will go on to commit further crimes in the manner of Juan Lopez-Sanchez, officials then shrug that the public outcry will be episodic and quickly die down, or will at least not pose political problems as great as would come from deporting aliens.

Yet the idea of a sanctuary city is Confederate to the core, reminiscent of antebellum Southern states picking and choosing which federal statutes they would abide by or reject. Even before the Civil War, the Nullification Crisis of 1832-33 pitted South Carolina against a fellow southerner, President Andrew Jackson, as the state declared that federal tariff laws were not applicable within its confines. Jackson understood the threat to the union, and promised to send in federal troops before South Carolina backed down.

Why are coastal Democrats partying like it’s 1859?

A NEW LOW FOR SHELDON WHITEHOUSE (D-RI): “Senator Whitehouse is violating basic legal ethics in threatening the Supreme Court while engaging in the unauthorized practice of law.”

Plus: “Sen. Whitehouse gained national notoriety during the confirmation hearings for Justice Kavanaugh when he used his time to grill the judge over a fart joke in his high school year book.”

HMM: U.K. Government ‘Extremely Concerned’ by Reports of China Detaining Hong Kong Consulate Employee.

PLUS: Crew Describe Climate of Fear at Cathay After Hong Kong Sackings.

Cathay, founded by an American and an Australian during British rule in 1946, was caught in the middle of the crisis 11 days ago, when China demanded it suspend staff involved in the protest movement.

The firm agreed, firing two pilots, but has since been plunged into turmoil after CEO Rupert Hogg was replaced last week.

Another pilot, Jeremy Tam, who is also a pro-democracy lawmaker, said on Tuesday that he and others had quit the airline as the internal political pressure was intolerable.

“That (China’s aviation regulator) has reached into Hong Kong and directly pressured a local airline is undoubtedly ‘white terror’,” he wrote on his Facebook page, using a popular Hong Kong expression used to describe anonymous acts that create a climate of fear.

“There have been resignations from frontline staff to the company’s CEO because of this political trial.”

The airline confirmed Tam was no longer an employee and said it could not comment on internal staff matters. China’s aviation regulator has not responded to Reuters’ requests for comment.

It looks like Beijing is trying to make examples of a few, trying to scare the rest of Hong Kong back into line. But the protests — already more than four months old — are probably too big for that.

Beijing can’t cave to Hong Kong without risking increased dissent on the mainland, but can’t pull off another blacked-out Tiananmen massacre because a few million smartphones would record the carnage.

It’s a helluva fix they’re in, and it couldn’t be happening to a nicer bunch of thugs.

KEITH WHITTINGTON: The Partisan Split On Higher Ed. “A new Pew survey reveals that the partisan split that became visible a couple of years ago in public perceptions of American higher education has continued. In the long term, this cannot be good for American colleges and universities.”

Flashback: ‘Tolerant’ educators exile Trump voters from campus. “One of the more amusing bits of fallout from last week’s election has been the safe-space response of many colleges and universities to the election of the ‘wrong’ candidate. But on closer examination, this response isn’t really amusing. In fact, it’s downright mean. . . . But when you treat an election in which the ‘wrong’ candidate wins as a traumatic event on a par with the 9/11 attacks, calling for counseling and safe spaces, you’re implicitly saying that everyone who supported that ‘wrong’ candidate is, well, unsafe. Despite the talk about diversity and inclusion, this is really sending the signal that people who supported Trump — and Trump is leading the state of Michigan, so there are probably quite a few on campus — aren’t really included in acceptable campus culture. It’s not promoting diversity; it’s enforcing uniformity. It’s not promoting inclusion; it’s practicing exclusion. And though it pretends to be about nurturing, it’s actually about being mean to those who don’t fall in the nurtured class.”

People have noticed.

USA TODAY: Guns are a huge part of American society; taking them away won’t help.

ILHAN OMAR: U.S. Should Reevaluate Aid to Israel After Netanyahu Denied Her and Tlaib Entry.

Pretty sure she’d cut them off regardless.

FROM SUZANNE VENKER, A WARNING: Don’t Be An Overly-Accommodating Male.

AND SPEAKING OF MAKING MY HEAD HURT:  Portland Police: ‘We Wish There Were Some Kind Of Organized, Armed Force That Could Fight Back Against Antifa’.  America’s paper of record!


EH. MY HUSBAND FINALLY GOT THE STEINWAY HE LEARNED TO PLAY ON, AS HIS MOM NO LONGER PLAYS:  I Can’t Imagine Being the Guy Who Invented Any One of Those Steps, Much Less the Whole Thing.

Even I, with my tin ear can tell the difference between it and our old piano.


NO:  Can Facebook Be Saved?

GOOD:  Poll: Kamala Harris is sinking.

IT’S THE CRAZY YEARS. HOW INSANE CAN THEY GO?  The “only the silly stuff makes sense” illustrated edition.


HELP HELP THEY’RE OPPRESSING HER (BUT OBVIOUSLY NOT ENOUGH):  Ilhan Omar: Palestinian Authority’s LGBTQ Ban Distracts From Israel’s Oppressive Regime.

SHE’S A POOR EXCUSE… FOR EVERYTHING:  Warren Can’t Explain Her Own Apology.

August 20, 2019

NOW OUT FROM TODD HENDERSON: The Trust Revolution: How the Digitization of Trust Will Revolutionize Business and Government.

JOHN HINDERAKER: The Washington Post twists in the wind. “I wrote last night about the Washington Post’s drive-by smear of Katherine Kersten, a respected Minnesota journalist who writes for Center of the American Experiment. In an article that broadly covered pushes toward ‘equity’ in various local government units around the country, reporter Rebecca Tan misrepresented Kathy’s work on race quotas in school discipline. . . . In last night’s post, I reproduced the email that the Center’s Communications Director wrote to the Post, pointing out that its description of Kersten’s work was false, and demanding a correction. That drew a response from the Post’s local government and politics editor, Debbi Wilgoren, who made after-the-fact changes to the Post’s story but did not issue a correction. . . . Why won’t the Post stop misrepresenting Kersten’s work, and issue a correction to its false article? Because if it acknowledged what Kathy actually wrote, it would be obvious that its reference to her was a gratuitous smear that had no proper place in the Post’s story at all.”


Look guys, you flat out told us that after failing on the Russian collusion BS, you were going to smear Trump and his supporters as racists in the hopes of swinging the election to a Democrat. But that wasn’t enough, you have to smear the whole country. Meanwhile, a look at the record of the New York Times wouldn’t be very flattering.

KURT SCHLICHTER: Ignorant Liberals Need To Go Visit America. “My recent travels through parts of the country that aren’t populated and controlled almost exclusively by liberal nimrods gave me some hope for the future. America as a whole does not appear eager to become Scat Francisco. The problem is the people who want to transform our entire country into a socialist open sewer know nothing of this country outside their reeking pinko enclaves. It’s a very different country when you get between I-5 and I-95. People are generally nice. They smile and attempt to assist you, even when you display the insanity inherent in your blue homeland. If you go to a restaurant and ask if they have a vegan, gluten-free keto alternative, they try to help you and bring you a glass of water.”

OPEN THREAD: Don’t waste this opportunity.


Shot: Portland Police: ‘We Wish There Were Some Kind Of Organized, Armed Force That Could Fight Back Against Antifa.’

—The Babylon Bee today.

Chaser: Democratic presidential candidates Kirsten Gillibrand and Jay Inslee: Who or what is this Antifa you speak of?

—The Daily Wire, yesterday.

SUPER GAFFE-O-MATIC ’76! Joe Biden Falsely Says RFK, MLK Were “Assassinated in The ‘70’s, Late 70.”

Which makes a nice bookend for Biden’s look back at President Roosevelt on television in 1929 when the stock market crashed:

Related! Joe Biden’s brain surgeon is defending Joe Biden’s brain.

Update: In the clip above, after the talk of RFK and MLK being assassinated “in the late ’70,” as Ryan Saavedra of the Daily Wire tweets in a nice catch, “Biden, then appearing to talk about political activism in the 1960s, claims ‘none of you women would know this.'”

WHY IS THE FAR LEFT SUCH A CESSPIT OF RACIALISM? The New York Times surrenders to the left on race.

Related: What The 1619 Project Leaves Out of Black History in America.

You’re gonna need a much bigger blog.

YOUR DAILY TREACHER: Andrew Cuomo: ‘Don’t You Dare Liken My Family’ to The Godfather.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is in an unenviable position. Once again, a powerful man from a powerful family is being forced to clean up after the clumsy mistakes of his weak, stupid, useless brother. And if that reminds you of an old movie, you’d better keep it to yourself.

Read the whole thing — but don’t be a jamook and violate the omerta, capisce?


AT AMAZON, save on House Supplies.

Plus, deals on Cutlery and Knife Accessories.

A STEP TOWARD SPACE FORCE: New US Space Command Will Launch Next Week, VP Pence Says.

ON THIS DAY IN 1996: The Inter-Ethnic Adoption Act was signed into law.   That statute prohibited federally-funded adoption agencies from requiring that the race of adoptive parents match the child they wish to adopt. This was particularly significant in speeding up the adoption of African American children who otherwise tended to languish in foster care longer than white children. Curiously, it was the National Association of Black Social Workers who most opposed this approach. A few years before the statute was passed the NABSW president testified before Congress that its members viewed “placement of Black children in white homes” as “a blatant form of racial and cultural genocide.”

DON’T EVER CHANGE, LOS ANGELES: Amid Homelessness Crisis, Los Angeles Restricts Living In Vehicles.

Earlier: Joel Kotkin on the regression of America’s big progressive cities.


Boys are doing much worse than girls in school and in life nowadays. Maybe it’s time for women to step up for them.

FASTER, PLEASE: FDA approves new antibiotic for bacterial pneumonia.

IT’S ALWAYS IN THE LAST PLACE YOU LOOK: The Left Discovers Eco-Fascism.

It has always been considered bad form to point out that the German Nazis had a conscious environmental quotient to their ideology, but what’s this? The Washington Post noted yesterday that two of the recent mass shooters—the New Zealand shooter last year and the El Paso shooter two weeks ago—embraced environmental themes, fusing them together in fact with anti-immigration views. The Post is shocked and befuddled at this seeming anomaly (though to be fair, the Post notes as briefly as possible: “Ecofascism has deep roots. There is a strong element of it in the Nazi emphasis on “blood and soil,” and the fatherland. . .) But this is only anomalous to clueless liberals, who suffer cognitive impairment when it comes to imagining the connection between the anti-natalism of the “population bomb” mentality and seeing immigration as a driver of population growth… Gee—where would these kids have learned these ideas about our despairing future?* Oh that’s right—from just about any eco-tract, university course, or leading politician (let’s recall the similarities between the Unabomber manifesto and Al Gore’s Earth in the Balance.)

Heh. Read the whole thing.

IN NEW YORK, SCRAPPY LOCAL NEWSPAPER STRUGGLES FOR SURVIVAL: Dean Baquet Kills the New York Times. It’s hard to imagine America’s former leading newspaper recovering from what its executive editor admitted last week.

(Via Ace of Spades; classical reference in headline.)

SO BRAVE! YOU GO, GIRL! ‘Descendants’ Actress Dove Cameron Defends Her Bra-Less Selfies In The Name Of Feminism.


● Shot: ‘It Was One Problem After Another’: How Woodstock 50 Fell Apart.

Rolling Stone, Sunday.

● Chaser: Not Sorry, Boomers: Woodstock Was A Bad Trip. 

—The Federalist, Thursday.

To be fair, not all open-air concerts are organized with the same rigid attention to detail and crowd safety as Altamont

IN JAPAN, anyone can have a finger on the button.

DISPATCHES FROM THE DOXXING NETWORK: CNN Pundit April Ryan’s Bodyguard Charged with Assault after Removing Reporter Covering Her Speech.

AT AMAZON, save on Pet Food and Supplies.

Plus, deals on Bestselling Watches for Men and Women.

AND THE SCORPION COULD GET MORE RIDES ACROSS THE RIVER IF IT WOULD STOP STINGING FROGS: China can end Hong Kong protests by stopping its heavy handed treatment of the region.

SKYNET SMILES: Russian Humanoid Robot, Skybot-850 to Pilot Soyuz Capsule to ISS This Week.

HARDBALL: Warren offers plan to repeal 1994 crime law authored by Biden.

NEWS YOU CAN USE: How To Tell If Tantric Sex Can Fix Your Relationship.

BERNIE REMORSE: It’s Not Just Harris Who’s Hitting Reverse On Medicare For All.


That one is going to be more difficult to walk back.


Halperin’s effort, How to Beat Trump: America’s Top Political Strategists on What It Will Take, is set to be published by Regan Arts. Founder Judith Regan is renowned for her attempt to publish another redemption story: O.J. Simpson’s If I Did It.

According to Sunday’s Politico Playbook email, the book will feature interviews with Jill Alper, David Axelrod, Bob Bauer, Donna Brazile, James Carville, Tad Devine, Anita Dunn, Karen Dunn, Adrienne Elrod, Jennifer Granholm, Ben LaBolt, Jeff Link, Jim Margolis, Mike McCurry, Mark Mellman, Amanda Renteria, John Sasso, Kathleen Sebelius, Bob Shrum, Ginny Terzano, and David Wilhelm.

Cockburn has so many questions. If these strategists are so wise, did they not see how rubbing shoulders with Halperin could backfire? Is that the same Anita Dunn who’s advising the Biden campaign, the one who spends her day freaking out at what Uncle Joe’s next perceived misstep will be? What would so many Hillary Clinton backers know about how to beat Trump?

But chief among them…when exactly did they decide it was time to move on from #TimesUp?

Read the whole thing.

BECAUSE OF COURSE THEY DID: Reps. Omar and Tlaib Post Cartoon From Finalist of Iranian-Sponsored Holocaust Contest.

SPACE: Virgin Galactic declares Spaceport America ready for SpaceShipTwo.

CHRISTIAN TOTO: Why ‘Hot Air’ Is a Chilling Assault on Free Speech. “The drama, set in the world of conservative talk radio, is the Left’s latest broadside on the First Amendment.”

I was going to use an “I’m so old, I remember when the Left at least gave lip service to free expression” gag, except that really is a long time ago now.

HEADLINE OF THE DAY: Moose crashes pool party, steals taco. Be glad he only took the taco. Moose bites can be pretti nasti.

GREAT, SO NOW WE’RE SUPPOSED TO WORRY ABOUT THIS, TOO? Earth’s inner core is doing something weird.

FLYOVER NATION: YOU CAN’T RUN A COUNTRY YOU’VE NEVER BEEN TO. Kurt Schlichter: Ignorant Liberals Need To Go Visit America.

(Classical reference in headline.)

UBER WHISTLEBLOWER: Autonomous Vehicles Need New Safety Metrics, Aren’t Really Any Safer.

In his study, he alleged that too many automakers and tech firms rely on misleading benchmarks, reframing setbacks, and focus too much on the amount of testing vs technological progress.

“The miles per disengagement metric is a bad metric for measuring progress and is not meaningful in terms of safety. Companies inflate their miles per disengagement to appear further along and use their own absurd definitions of what a disengagement is — effectively erasing thousands of safety-related disengages. Companies that report their disengages honestly appear much further behind. Furthermore, this metric incentivize safety drivers to not disengage in unsafe situations,” he said. “Relying on the wrong metrics or not looking at real data has unfortunately propelled us into the realm of safety theater — meaning creating the illusion of safety instead of actually delivering on safety.”

With Congress likely to move ahead with legislation regarding the safe deployment of self-driving vehicles as early as next month, we’re past due for a critical analysis of the technology. Unfortunately, most of the data given to legislators is coming from tech firms and auto giants with an interest in playing up the positive aspects. A common chorus is that AVs will save anywhere from 3,000 to 37,500 American lives per year. However, it rides on the presumption that they’ll be more effective than human drivers, something that has yet to be proven.

I don’t think autonomous driving falls under the old “[BLANK] of the future — and always will be” gag, but it sure isn’t coming as soon as some had indicated.

IT’S COME TO THIS: Brexit: The London Airlift?

As if Britons hadn’t heard it before, they spent the weekend being told the worst. “Operation Yellowhammer,” a supposedly confidential document prepared by Her Majesty’s civil service, imagines the chaos that would follow a no deal Brexit. It was leaked to the Sunday Times in advance of Prime Minister Johnson’s negotiations this week with President Macron and Chancellor Merkel.

Supposedly, the Civil Serves say, Britain will face a “three-month meltdown” as trucks back up at its ports. It will need to restore border checks between Northern Ireland and the Irish republic. Critical shortages of food, fuel, and medicine are predicted if it leaves the EU without a deal. The Johnson government has denounced the leaks as the latest effort by Remainers to strike fear in the public.

One answer to all this, it occurs to us, could come from America. For it turns out that a no-deal Brexit could coincide almost exactly with the 70th anniversary of the last time an ally like the United Kingdom was cut off from vital supplies sourced from other parts of Europe — only to be rescued by American and British grit. We speak of the Berlin Airlift that triumphed on September 30, 1949.

The nice thing is that Britain’s royalty and their supporters are currently in the process of eliminating the global warming argument about such flights: Elton John, Pink and Ellen DeGeneres defend Harry and Meghan’s destruction of the planet through binge private plane flying.

AMERICANS (SORT OF) PRETEND TO CARE: Elizabeth Warren (Sort Of) Apologizes for Her Native American Lie.

ON THIS DAY IN 1919, RODDIE EDMONDS WAS BORN NEAR KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE:  Almost a century later, in 2015, he was posthumously recognized as “Righteous Among the Nations,” Israel’s highest honor for non-Jews who risked their lives to save Jews during the Holocaust.

He never told his story to his friends or family. His son learned about it only after his father’s death.

Master Sergeant Roddie Edmonds’ unit was surrounded by the Nazis during the Battle of Bulge. While they held out as long as they could, they eventually surrendered on December 19, 1944. On January 27, 1945, Edmonds arrived at Stalag IX-A along with well over a thousand fellow POWs, all of them exhausted, dirty, half-starved, cold, and no doubt frightened. As the highest-ranking non-commissioned officer among them, he was in charge.

For reasons I cannot begin to understand, the camp commandant’s first priority was to separate the Jewish from the non-Jewish POWs. Germany’s defeat was all but certain by then; you’d think he’d have given it a rest. Nevertheless, as soon as Edmonds arrived with his men, the commandant ordered Edmonds to assemble all Jewish soldiers the next day so that they could be dealt with separately.

“We are not doing that. We are all falling out,” Edmonds’ men remember him saying to them. So instead, all of the American POWs assembled that morning. The irate commandant held a pistol to Edmond’s head and ordered him to identify the Jews: “They cannot all be Jews!”

We are all Jews,” Edmonds replied.

Edmonds told him that if he wanted to kill the Jewish POWs, he was going to have to kill them all. He reminded him that there is such a thing as a war crime and that under the Geneva Conventions name, rank, and serial number are all you get, not religion.

Miraculously, the commandant relented.

The Jewish-American prisoners at the other camp—Stalag IX-B—were not as lucky. It’s not clear what the facts were there. By some accounts, Jewish prisoners were asked to identify themselves and the senior officers there urged cooperation. By other accounts, the Nazis picked out the prisoners who looked Jewish (along with prisoners who were identified as troublemakers). Both stories may be true. In any event, those selected were sent to a slave labor camp where the death rate was horrifically high, despite the fact that the war in Europe lasted only another 3 ½ months.

Jews were only about 2 or 3% of the American population at the time, but they were a higher percentage of the prisoners at Stalag IX-A.  Edmonds’ courage is thought to have saved about 200 lives that cold, winter morning. He was then, now, and forever an American hero.

DEEP STATE BLUES: Federal Judge Orders FBI to Search for More Christopher Steele Docs.


ASKING THE QUESTIONS NO ONE ELSE IS ASKING: Can Trump lie his way out of a recession? That actually might not work. “Of course Trump’s fans will back his silly, racist lies — but some might not appreciate him wrecking the economy.”

Forget it, Jake — it’s Salon.

HOW CAN WE MISS YOU IF YOU WON’T GO AWAY? It’s Time for Colin Kaepernick to Move On.

BOTTOM STORY OF THE DAY: Scaramucci says he’s putting together coalition to stop Trump in 2020.

CORRECTION: This is the bottom story of the day: The Obamas’ First Big Anti-Trump Statement of 2020.

THE ENEMY WITHIN: Amid US-China trade war, dozens of colleges still spew Chinese ‘propaganda.’ I’m so old, I remember when colluding with foreign governments was supposed to be bad.

KRUISER’S MORNING BRIEF: Frauds Investigating the Frauds – Gov. Stacey Abrams Edition. “The same crowd that has just spent three years telling us that Boris and Natasha swayed an American election using Facebook is now incredulous that the infinitely more powerful — and blatantly liberal — Google could pull this off.”

That’s different because shut up.

LIGHTNING IN NORTHERN LIGHTNING: An F-35A participating in exercise Northern Lightning takes off from an airbase in Wisconsin.

EVERYTHING SEEMINGLY IS SPINNING OUT OF CONTROL. Harvard Climate Loon: Keto Dieters Are Killing the Planet Because Bacon and Butter or Something.

(Classical reference in headline.)

THE DEATH OF CITIES, ROUND TWO: The Cost of Bad Intentions. Progressive policies threaten a new era of urban dysfunction.

OUCH: When Will the Boeing 737 Max Fly Again? Not This Year.

Having the FAA approve the software fix isn’t the only headache for Boeing and the aircraft’s operators, the European Aviation Safety Agency also needs to approve the fix, as do other regulators, which means the path back into service is still not straightforward. And that is only step one. Do passengers even want to fly this plane again? Ryanair has already repainted and quasi-rebranded it’s Max aircraft to the 737-8200, removing the word Max.

Airlines were so proud to display the most fuel efficient model in their inflight magazines as they took delivery from 2018, however, will their now be a subtle re-entry into service, taking the opposite path where airlines don’t want passengers to actually know the 737 variant they are sat inside is indeed a Max?

Boeing squandered an awful lot of trust, and really, that’s what keeps a manufacturer’s planes in the air.

SALENA ZITO: The perils of trading social interaction for social media.

I often say that what happens on Twitter isn’t a reflection of American life in the real world.

The facts mostly back that up. Last month, a Pew survey showed only 22% of U.S. adults say they use Twitter. Twitter users skew younger, identified more as Democrats, are more educated, and have more money than the other 78% who don’t use it.

Experiences back that up as well. Halfway through a 16-state backroads trip across the country, I’ve had many people — both conservative and liberal — tell me that if they use Twitter, they don’t use the social media platform in the way we assume they do.

They mostly observe. And what they see often makes them not want to jump into the discussion.

They also worry about how Twitter is used as a blunt force weapon to punish those with unpopular views, diminishing a healthy discourse to debate differences. They are not wrong.

The Twitter experience gives people pause about expressing their views on anything, because anything these days, even a cat video, is just one keystroke from becoming a political hot potato.

This is not a small problem. We should be able to have a normal political debate.

You could write a book on this.

THEY ALL KNEW: Jeffrey Epstein’s girls left impression on charter captain, but disgraced millionaire was elusive. “In neighboring St. Thomas, the young girls Epstein brought to his island weren’t a secret. In fact, he flaunted them.”

KAMALA HARRIS: Too Ignorant To Be President.

JOHN ROSENBERG AT MINDING THE CAMPUS:  Intimidation produces silence at Stanford.

THEY WERE 1/1024TH THRILLED: Moderator Shocked by Lack of Native American Enthusiasm for Warren.

IT ALSO INSULTS HIS INTELLIGENCE AND MAKES HIM VERY ANGRY: Godfather Actor Gianni Russo on Cuomo’s Rant About ‘Fredo’: ‘His Father Would Smack Him.’

THEY MUST HAVE FIGURED OUT A BETTER WAY TO STUFF THE BALLOT BOXES: In Venezuela talks, Maduro allies said they would consider fresh elections:.

WHY DOES THINKPROGRESS HATE POOR PEOPLE? ThinkProgress Panics Over Unlicensed Cosmetologists.

VOTE FOR US, YOU DEPLORABLE HATERS! MAY BE A POOR APPROACH: No one votes to be despised. Democrats’ racism message may swing my ballot to Trump.

THE SMART MONEY IS ON THE BEE: Babylon Bee Vows to Fight Back after Snopes Doubles Down on Critique.

POLL: Journalists No More Trustworthy Than Wikipedia. “”78% of voters say that what reporters do with political news is promote their agenda. They think they use incidents as props for their agenda rather than seeking accurately record what happened. Only 14% think that a journalist is actually reporting what happened.”

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