October 3, 2016

OBAMACARE PROBLEMS ARE A CAMPAIGN ISSUE: Small businesses are screaming about reporting requirements as well as rising costs. At the end of this month individual voters will start screaming when they see next year’s premiums. The linked article quotes some “fix it” advocates. OK, “fix it” is an option — of sorts. However, the mess that is ObamaCare is a Democrat mess, so fixing it starts with Democrats “fixing” the bitter partisan divisions they created. Republicans offered legislative fixes when ObamaCare was proposed. Democrats and their media allies harshly ridiculed Republican proposals. Moreover, the ridicule became very personal. Over time, media denied that there were any Republican alternatives. So, if you’re in the “fix it” crowd, demand Democrats take responsibility for the following: (1) the flawed legislation; (2) the “Gruber experts” that lied about the flawed legislation — lied to Congress and the media; (3) the completely pig-headed Democrat political maneuvers that jammed the idiocy through Congress; and (4) the program’s flawed implementation (which continues). Democrats should also apologize, profusely, for the vicious propaganda attacks they and their proxies made on critics of ObamaCare. Turns out the critics cared more about quality medical insurance for the American people than Obama and Congressional Democrats.

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