October 12, 2018


South Korean President Moon Jae-in said Friday North Korea understands the need to give up its existing nuclear weapons to achieve complete denuclearization and says it will do so. The only remaining questions are when and how, he added.

“North Korea promised complete denuclearization. It said it will give up nukes for economic development. (It) promised that it has no reason whatsoever to possess nukes while facing difficulties, such as sanctions, as long as the safety of their regime is guaranteed,” Moon said in an interview with Britain’s BBC news.


Moon said the complete denuclearization that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un promised included giving up existing weapons when asked.

“Complete denuclearization that Chairman Kim Jong-un says starts from not staging additional nuclear tests or nuclear missile tests and goes to dismantling facilities that produce nuclear weapons and develop missiles,” the president said, according to a script of the interview released by his office Cheong Wa Dae.

“And it includes everything else, such as getting rid of existing nuclear weapons and nuclear materials,” he added.

Stay tuned.

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