July 7, 2020

MEANWHILE, BACK ON THE SUB-CONTINENT: StrategyPage’s latest India-Pakistan update really focuses on Communist China’s duplicity, border violations and general trouble-making. The post is long but detailed and informative.

I’ll highlight one section (about a third of the way through the article), since major media appear to have little interest in the Pangong Lake dispute.

In June China revived the border war over Pangong Lake, which is largely in Tibet and patrolled by a small Chinese naval force. This is the longest lake in Asia and part of the 134-kilometer long lake extends 45 kilometers into the Indian Ladakh region. China is using its usual “sneak, grab and stay” tactics to slowly move the border into territory long occupied by India. The portion of the lake shore in dispute has no native population. The only people who visit the area are soldiers from India or China.

Given this newly declared foreign threat China has, since 2019, sent new Type928D Patrol Boats to guard the lake. This fast (70 kilometers an hour) boat is armed with an RWS (Remote Weapons System) using a 12.7mm machine-gun plus two or more smaller (7.62mm) machine-guns that can be outed elsewhere on the boat and operated by one of the ten sailors on board. There is also seating below deck for up to twenty troops. India has smaller boats patrolling it portion of the 4,200-meter high lake, except for the few months when the entire lake is frozen over.

The article also discusses the Galwan River Valley dispute. This essay from 2015 analyzes Communist China’s “cabbage” imperialism in the South China Sea. It’s a slower version of “sneak, grab and stay,” but seeks the same imperialist territory-gobbling results.

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