December 28, 2018

LAME-DUCK GOPERS LIMP HOME, LAME-DUCK DEMS KNEECAP GOPERS: Required reading at The Last Refuge comparing the out-going GOP House majority in 2018 with the out-going Democrat majority in 2010:

“While 63 Democrat seats were lost in the November 2010 election (and six Democrat Senate seats), those exiting Marxists, despite just having suffered the worst defeat in almost 100 years, audaciously –and unapologetically– voted in the December 2010 lame-duck session, to fully fund President Obama’s next two years in office.

“This was done by Speaker Nancy Pelosi specifically to block the incoming GOP wave from upending the priorities of the Obama administration in 2011.  That was called the ‘Porkulous’ spending bill; and the Democrat-Marxists didn’t give a snit about how it looked.

“Now, did Speaker Paul Ryan or Senate Leader Mitch McConnell do anything as bold to fund and secure the budgetary priorities of President Donald Trump in this lame-duck?”

Lesson (Just one among many): A One-and-a-Half Party system isn’t a Two-Party system. Go here for the rest.


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