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January 1, 2018

KIM JONG UN IS FAT, BUT HIS COUNTRY IS STARVING: Kim Jong Un Just Flipped The Script On Talks With South Korea, And The Big Question Is Why. Well, little Rocket Man is pretty mercurial. But if I had to guess why, I’d point you to this November post from Don Surber on how North Korea is too hungry to fight a war.. Generally, before launching a war countries build up big stockpiles of ammo, food, and fuel. North Korea probably has plenty of ammo sitting around, but I’m not sure they can spare enough food or fuel to build up a stockpile. Germany was scraping the bottom of the barrel to build up stocks for the Ardennes Offensive (the Bulge) and it was — despite years of war and bombing — much richer and better-fed than North Korea is today. (And the stocks it scraped up weren’t enough to win). Maybe Kim realized that. He’s crazy, but that doesn’t mean he’s utterly stupid.