December 19, 2017

JOHN SOLOMON SLICED AND DICED LISA BLOOM MONDAY NIGHT: It happened on Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle” and it was brutal. Reporting last week for The Hill, Solomon was first with the news that Bloom – daughter of celebrity ambulance chaser Gloria Allred – sought multiple forms of compensation for women willing to publicly accuse Donald Trump of sexual harassment during last year’s presidential race.

In response, Bloom tried to dismiss Solomon’s reporting as the work of a “far-right journalist.” Bad mistake because Bloom’s ad hominem isn’t remotely grounded in reality. And Solomon pounced when asked about it by Laura Ingraham: “I learned a long time ago — I’ve been an investigative reporter for 30 years — if you can’t attack the facts, you try to do an ad hominem attack on the reporter. The facts are unassailable.”

It was downhill from there, at least for Bloom. LifeZette’s Brendan Kirby has the details.

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