April 21, 2019

HOW THE MEDIA REPORTED THE FIRST EASTER: Here’s an interesting thought experiment – how would you have reacted had you been in Jerusalem on the Sunday after the crucifixion of Jesus on Friday?

Odds are, unless you were a Roman political official or soldier in the occupying army, a member of the Jewish Sanhedrin or perhaps a merchant with a table in the Temple, you would likely only know what you heard from neighbors and the rumors in the streets.

Being a journalist and lover of history, I sat down and wrote three “news” stories as I might have done as a local reporter in Jerusalem on the first Easter. You can see the outlines of the debate that has continued for 2,000 years on what really happened, which makes for an unusual and revealing way of seeing a traditional holiday.

Check it out for each day – Friday, Saturday and Sunday. And try not to be freaked out by the hands on Saturday!


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