March 25, 2020

COMMUNIST CHINA’S VIRAL PROPAGANDA CAMPAIGN: My latest Creators Syndicate column. Wuhan virus is racist? Gol durn! Why the hell doesn’t the White House press corps treat Old Lyme, Connecticut, with the same smarmy snowflake sensitivity?

DIG this press jerks:

Old Lyme is where Lyme disease was first diagnosed as a unique condition. German measles — hey, CNN, does that slur Germans? West Nile virus — West Nile is a province in Uganda, Washington Post. With regard to West Nile virus, where’s your outrage on behalf of West Nile’s Alur ethnic group? The Ebola virus was identified in 1976 in Yambuku, a village near the Ebola River. (To be fair, it was also identified in what is now South Sudan.) Rocky Mountain spotted fever is a bacterial disease. If you think the name slurs Colorado, seek psychotherapy, not a vaccination.

A little more:

Attention White House press corps: China’s communist dictators think they are propaganda Zen masters. They believe their ability to wage relentless narrative warfare, globally confuse useful media idiots and coerce Chinese citizens gives them a global media edge.

My column also reviews the Stalinist term “useful idiot.”

Definition: “…a Stalinist communist term for dupes in the West whose Bible was Kremlin propaganda…”

Read the whole column. (bumped)

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