March 25, 2020

COMMUNIST CHINA’S VIRAL PROPAGANDA CAMPAIGN: Like, “China is a face culture, but the CCP’s face culture has Mafia rules.” At one point the column directly confronts the White House press corps, asking the stuffed suits this question: “Is St. Louis encephalitis a slur on the city of St. Louis, the state of Missouri and St. Louis Cardinals baseball fans?” And there are several follow-ups in the same epidemic vein, like this one: “West Nile virus — West Nile is a province in Uganda, Washington Post. With regard to West Nile virus, where’s your outrage on behalf of West Nile’s Alur ethnic group?”

For your own health, I suggest you read the entire column. Full disclosure: I have been to West Nile province. I stayed for a week in an Alur village near the town of Nebbi.

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