January 12, 2021

CERTAIN EVANGELICAL ‘MEN WITHOUT CHESTS’ GET A WORD POUNDING: There’s just no other way to describe Larry Alex Taunton’s fine deconstruction in the American Spectator of social justice evangelicals Tim Keller, John and Barnabas Piper and others. Here’s a small sample:

“This is because evangelicals in the English-speaking world have confused Christ’s command to love others with being civil as if that were an attribute of God. (It isn’t.) As a consequence, a superficial, self-righteous, good-for-nothing pietism that prefers tone to truth and style to substance has displaced authentic Christianity in many of the roughly four hundred thousand churches in America. This doctrinal malpractice has given us a generation of men, Christian and otherwise, who are what Lewis called ‘men without chests.’”

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