November 25, 2021

BLESSINGS TO ALL ON THANKSGIVING: Thanksgiving is uniquely America’s holiday because, contrary to the 1619 Project ideologues, the Pilgrims came to the New World for religious freedom and the opportunities inherent in a wholly new start. This little band of adventurers displayed incredible courage when they set out on their Atlantic crossing.

Many Instapundit readers are already familiar with the description of their departure from those they left behind in the Netherlands. Even if you have previously read it, however, I believe this heartfelt account is worth re-reading every year on this day, so here it is. Then check out Glenn’s post below on the myths surrounding the Native Americans and the land.

And allow me to add: One of the things I am especially thankful for today is the opportunity to hear from so many Instapundeers on a regular basis. Regardless of whether we agree on any particular issue, this blog has the best readership, by far.

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