April 30, 2002

BILL KRISTOL’S ANTI-CLONING GANG has its own commercial in response to the Harry and Louise pro-cloning ads. Too bad it’s basically full of lies.

Too harsh? Well, it says that the anti-cloning bill won’t ban life-saving research. But it will.

It says “some biotech companies will do anything to make a buck” — a faux-populism worthy of John Edwards and the Trial Lawyers.

It portrays real, human clones as walking around now because of cloning research (they’re not) — and suggests that if they existed they’d be patented, and hence owned, by big pharmaceutical companies, presumably leading to armies of subhuman cloned slaves. That’s not true.

This is Shrum-like in its dishonesty.

UPDATE: Reader Dave Murray writes:

Of course, the deeper hypocrisy of the Kristol ad is its explicit claim that those rascally corporations need to be reined in, or God only knows what they’ll do in their mad pursuit of profit, coming as it does from a right wing that has for years preached free market economics. I guess this means that I should expect to see Kristol at the next anti-globo rally, carrying a disfigured papier-mache puppet and condemning corporate greed, huh?

Well, that’s where they’re headed, based on this commercial. Though Kristol has never been much of a fan of free market economics. He likes big government — he just wants it to be his kind of big government.

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