May 17, 2010

BIG BROTHER GOES GLOBAL?  The Indian government reportedly “plans to do both an audit as well as security checks of all Chinese made telecoms gear installed on the existing networks of all service providers before allowing any fresh imports from that country.”  Meanwhile, privacy advocates in the United States are spending their time and treasure trying to stall new cybersecurity measures in this country.  Talk about misplaced priorities.  As I said in Skating on Stilts,

It’s remarkable when you think about it. Right now, this minute, agents of an authoritarian government are covertly turning on cameras and microphones in homes and offices all across America, spying on the unsuspecting and the innocent. They’re recording our every thought, our every keystroke, as we prepare private documents or visit websites.

And they’re able to do that today thanks to the hard work of privacy advocates.

More context here.  (And apologies to casual readers.  I should have warned you earlier that my posts won’t be exactly libertarian.  I like to think I speak for the Jacksonian wing of Instapunditarianism.)

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