October 30, 2007

BLAST FROM THE PAST: Reader Wayne Baisley emails: "In case you were unaware of it, 47 seconds into Brownsville Turnaround On The Tex-Mex Border, the opening track on The KLF's 1990 album Chill Out, the Mexican radio announcer mentions, 'Comandante Glenn Reynolds.'"

Heh. Yeah, the KLF was a big influence on Mobius Dick, actually, though not this album particularly. (In fact, it wasn't really any of their albums as much as some of their attitude; Mobius Dick was influenced more by Juan Atkins, Juno Reactor, BT, etc.). You can hear the sound clip here.

UPDATE: While we're plumbing the distant past, the inspiration for "A.G. Android" came from this Tom Tomorrow cartoon.