September 11, 2002

NO 9/11 MEMORIAL PAGE HERE: I've thought about what to do to observe the anniversary of last year's atrocities, and I've concluded that the main thing I can do is to keep on blogging. I could have put up a fancy photo page or quoted the Bible or Winston Churchill or, following a suggestion actually aimed at the TV networks, rerun all my coverage from this time last year.

But, what I did last year was blog about what was happening, as it was happening -- something that won me (rare) praise from Jim Henley, which because of its rarity (and believe me, it's rare) is not to be taken lightly. And besides, it's what I know how to do. Fancy memorial pages aren't what I'm good at. (Go here for one of those.) So while I'm going to post a couple of retrospective items, I plan to spend today thinking about today, and tomorrow -- not last year.