July 4, 2019

ABRAMS TANK PHOTOS FOR THE FOURTH OF JULY: Yes, these fine vehicles are suddenly controversial among certain political fashionistas and obnoxious leftist media operatives. The first photo is appropriate to the holiday. A U.S. Army M1A2 Abrams celebrates with some 120 mm fireworks at Ft. Irwin, California. Yes, it’s dug in. I’ll find a few photos with the entire tank. Ah: a 4th Infantry Division M1A2 photographed in the wild. This tank has encountered a wild camel, “somewhere” in CENTCOM’s area of responsibility. Here’s a 1st Infantry Division Abrams tank company (with a couple of other vehicles) moving along a tank trail in Hohenfels, Germany. (I did this at Hohenfels a time or two…or three.) Photo snapped in June 2018. To think those pitiful DC protesters went goosey over a handful of armored vehicles. Tsk. And from Tsk to TUSK. This Abrams tank photo is an educational composite: an M1A2 encircled by its TUSK equipment — Tank Urban Survival Kit. The TUSK is for encountering far more ferocious and competent enemies than idiot leftist demonstrators and CNN reporters on the sidewalks of DC. The real wild: a photo of a 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment tank commander (TC) in his M1A1 Abrams (earlier version) as it patrols Tal Afar, Iraq in 2006. Nice shot in many respects. Note the sergeant’s eyes. I’ll guess he’s glancing back to check on the position of a overwatch tank or infantry fighting vehicle to his rear. There are many possibilities. The photo shows how the fabulous .50 caliber machine gun (Ma Deuce) mounts on an Abrams. One last beau geste. May 2018: A USMC M1A1 Abrams drives into a Finnish sunset.

RELATED: Paul Mirengoff of Power Line destroys “a lefty critic for the Washington Post” who objected to…well, it appears this virtue signaler objects to the U.S. military as well as its vehicles. Here’s a Power Line dagger: “A military display doesn’t politicize the Mall unless you dislike the U.S. military. It’s the left that has politicized the event by using it as yet another means of bashing Trump.” Read the entire post.

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