March 3, 2021

ABOUT THOSE INCREASING LGBT NUMBERS FROM GALLUP: Focus on the Family’s data meister, Glenn Stanton, writing in The Federalist, gets behind the numbers and turns up some interesting facts that cast a different light on the matter:

“Gallup’s report backs up this fact, showing that young adults today are more than three times more likely to report ‘being LGBT’ than even Gen Xers are. Gen Xers are certainly not so traditional that they would be reticent to admit any alternative sexual practices to pollsters or their peers.

“It is simply becoming increasingly fashionable to be seen as sexually experimental today, evidenced in the fact that 55 percent of those who told Gallup they were “LGBT” said they were bisexual. Most of those are coupled with opposite-sex partners when they do have a romantic partner.

“Queer advocates and their media partisans regularly tell us that ‘being LGBT’ is a normal, natural thing. But the data is beyond dispute that young people are far more likely to identify as being LGBT than are all other age groups. Also, that identity is often at odds with their actual sexual behavior, as evidenced by the fact that women who openly identify as lesbian tend to have stunningly high unwanted pregnancy and abortion rates.”


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