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Despite drastic efforts to literally erase the event’s historical reality, for three decades, Tiananmen’s dark “tiger” has haunted the regime, seeding distrust of regime motives and encouraging quiet resistance to the party dictators.

The Politburo knows it’s distrusted. It spends massive amounts of money attempting to control information (e.g. digitally erasing internet mention of Tiananmen) and police Chinese citizens. Its Social Credit Rating system collects data on a particular person from cellphones, public video cameras, internet activity, travel logs and the opinion of neighbors. Security operatives analyze the individual’s behavior, looking for criminal patterns or — get ready — signs of anti-government behavior.

Hong Kong’s citizens reject Beijing’s “socialist system.” That’s why they’re demonstrating in the streets.

IT’S NOT JUST POLITICS, JOURNALISM BEING SUFFOCATED BY THE PC POLICE: The same repressive forces Glenn spotlights at CNN are at work in the scientific community, too. Just ask the Discovery Institute about the response to its “Scientific Uprising” video series.

KYLE SMITH: This Fourth of July, why have we lost our patriotism?

For the haters, it’s open season on the American ideal.

Colin Kaepernick doesn’t like today’s American flag because it reminds him of police brutality and he doesn’t like Betsy Ross’ O.G. flag because it reminds him of slavery. I’m starting to think maybe Colin Kaepernick is not so fond of the flag, or of the country that made him rich.

Nike supported him by withdrawing the Betsy Ross-flagged sneaker. That’s right, the American flag, in any form, is now apparently a toxic symbol. The governor of California, Gavin Newsom, actually praised Nike.

Meanwhile, the Charlottesville City Council just voted to stop celebrating Thomas Jefferson’s birthday in the city where he died on the 50th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence he wrote. American patriotism has just reached a record low entirely because of Democrats, of whom only 22% say they’re “extremely proud” of their country. To celebrate the Fourth, America’s most prominent newspaper is bidding for the trolling Hall of Fame by running a video, titled “Please stop telling me America is great,” that argues how America is “just OK.”

Remember the distant past of 2016, when leading voices of progressivism were saying, “America never stopped being great” (Hillary Clinton) and “America is already great” (Barack Obama)? All that’s over.

Which is why the left’s motto today, Stacy McCain writes, is “Happy Fourth of July, You Fascists!

The Democrats are now a party of paranoid conspiracy theorists:

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) said in a new interview that she believes the United States is heading in a fascist direction under President Trump.
“Are we headed to fascism? Yes. I don’t think there’s a question,” Ocasio-Cortez told Yahoo News earlier this week after she visited migrant detention facilities managed by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP).
“If you actually take the time to study, and to look at the steps, and to see how government transforms under authoritarian regimes, and look at the political decisions and patterns of this president, the answer is yes.”

They define fascism as “whenever Democrats lose elections,” and therefore when Ocasio-Cortez says we are “headed to fascism,” what she means is that Trump will be re-elected. After all, Democrats believe the Betsy Ross flag is a symbol of “white supremacy,” so we shouldn’t be surprised that they consider patriotism a synonym for “hate.”

In contrast, Cocaine Mitch ensures that at least today, cooler heads prevail:

Related: Of course, the DNC-MSM freaking out on the Fourth isn’t all that new a phenomenon: NewsBusters compiles nearly 30 years of choice quotes: Fourth of July Flashback: The Press Blasts Racist and Awful America.


Authorities also posted an image of an alleged Antifa “milkshake recipe.” The recipe calls for soy milk, Quickrete cement mix, and “other chemical additives to cause long term injury and burns.”

“We hope the biggie officers and proud boys enjoyed the shake back!” the “recipe” said.

Ngo was so-called “milkshaked,” kicked, punched, and robbed during the attack.

“Prior to the event, information was circulating that some participants planned to throw milkshakes on others. As the event progressed, officers learned from some participants that a substance similar to quick drying concrete was being added to some of the ‘milkshakes,’” the press release said.

“A Lieutenant in the field observed some of the material and noted the texture and smell was consistent with concrete,” the post continued. “The Portland Police Bureau sent a tweet out to bring attention to this potential hazard and to encourage victims to contact us. The act of throwing any substance on another person without that person’s consent constitutes the crime of harassment (ORS 166.065).”

The image of the “milkshake recipe” was then anonymous sent via email to the bureau.

Meanwhile, as Twitchy notes, “CNN does their best to discredit Andy Ngo during interview about his attack (watch),” Tweeting that Ngo “says he was assaulted by Antifa during demonstrations in Portland,” and as Tom Elliott tweets, despite Ngo describing “his politics as left-of-center…because he reports critically on Antifa, CNN apparently has to label him ‘conservative’ multiple times (also note they treat with suspicion the idea Antifa was behind the attack despite ample video evidence).”

Perhaps because CNN and Antifa (which, in 2017, Chris Cuomo compared to the American troops at D-Day) are in a similar leftwing enforcement business these days.

Finally, as Glenn noted yesterday: “Lawyer For Journalist Beaten During Portland Riot Posts Brutal Message To Antifa:”

Around 12:30 a.m. on Monday morning, Harmeet K. Dhillon, a lawyer representing journalist Andy Ngo, warned far-left criminal Antifa members that she plans on suing them “into oblivion.”

“Goodnight everyone except Antifa criminals who I plan to sue into oblivion and then sow salt into their yoga studios and avocado toast stands until nothing grows there, not even the glimmer of a violent criminal conspiracy aided by the effete impotence of a cowed city government,” Dhillon wrote.

Make the rubble bounce.

UPDATE: Jim Treacher juxtaposes how CNN treated Jussie Smollett (a personal friend of CNN anchor Don Lemon) and Ngo when their stories first broke:


Throwing milkshakes at right-wing politicians is a tactic of British progressive activists that recently traveled to this side of the Atlantic. Rep. Matt Gaetz (R–Fla.) was hit with one earlier in June. The tactic has its defenders in mainstream left-of-center media as well: Vox‘s Carlos Maza tweeted “milkshake them all” after a British activist hurled a milkshake at Nigel Farage.

Portland police have claimed that some of the milkshakes thrown by the antifa activists on Saturday contained quick-dry cement. That may or may not be true. What is true is that an antifa mob beat up a journalist—one who is harshly critical of them, to be sure, but who posed no physical threat to them and was only there to document their activities—on a public street. This is indefensible, and yet there are tons of progressive-leaning people currently defending it, or at the very least rationalizing and making light of it.

“One gets the impression that Antifa rules Portland with the same impunity that the Ku Klux Klan ruled Birmingham in the 1960s. Do they actually have police in Portland? Do they have functioning government there?”, Rod Dreher asks. As PJTV alum James Poulos tweets, from Portland City Hall’s perspective, it’s working perfectly:


According to Ngo, his attacker stole his camera equipment. But video footage recorded by another journalist, The Oregonian’s Jim Ryan, clearly shows an antifa activist punching Ngo in the face. Others throw milkshakes at him:

Throwing milkshakes at right-wing politicians is a tactic of British progressive activists that recently traveled to this side of the Atlantic. Rep. Matt Gaetz (R–Fla.) was hit with one earlier in June. The tactic has its defenders in mainstream left-of-center media as well: Vox’s Carlos Maza tweeted “milkshake them all” after a British activist hurled a milkshake at Nigel Farage.

Portland police have claimed that some of the milkshakes thrown by the antifa activists on Saturday contained quick-dry cement. That may or may not be true. What is true is that an antifa mob beat up a journalist—one who is harshly critical of them, to be sure, but who posed no physical threat to them and was only there to document their activities—on a public street. This is indefensible, and yet there are tons of progressive-leaning people currently defending it, or at the very least rationalizing and making light of it.

These people are trash, and will come to regret the opening of this door.

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin has set up a fundraiser for Andy Ngo. I donated a hundred bucks.


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ACTS OF WAR: Italy migrant boat: Rescue captain accused of trying to sink police boat.

Carola Rackete was arrested at the Italian port of Lampedusa after a two-week stand-off with police at sea.

Her vessel, Sea-Watch 3, was banned from docking, but it eventually entered the port on Friday night.

On Saturday, Mr Salvini called Ms Rackete a “rich, white, German woman” who had committed “an act of war”.

“She tried to sink a police launch with officers on board at night,” he said. “They say ‘we’re saving lives’, but they risked killing these human beings who were doing their job, it’s clear from the videos.”

Don’t let her off easy.

VIDEO: IL Sen. Taunts Gun Owner: Forget The Fine, Maybe We’ll Just Take Your Firearms.

The concerned gun owner pointed to SB107 and said the purpose of it was “to take away [his] semiautomatic firearms.”

Morrison then interjected that the purpose was not to take them, but to prevent any future sales.

The gun owner responded by pointing out that the ban on future sales included a fine for current owners who did not hand their guns over. He said, “You want me to turn them over to the state police unless I pay a fine for each firearm and register them, then I get to keep them.”

Morrison concurred, saying, “Okay.”

The gun owner then asked, “If I get to keep it–if I pay a fine and register it–then, how dangerous is it in the first place and why do you need to ban it all?”

People in attendance applauded the gun owner’s point and once applause died Morrison said, “Well, you just maybe changed my mind. Maybe we won’t have a fine at all, maybe it’ll just be a confiscation and we won’t have to worry about paying the fine.”


WHO IS THIS ‘WE,’ KEMOSABE? We thought Pete Buttigieg was qualified to be president. Then a shooting showed how mistaken we were.

BLUE ON BLUE: Buttigieg faces protesters over fatal police shooting.

SKYNET SMILES: Crime fighting robot deployed in southern California.

Police in Southern California are turning to technology in order to fight crime by deploying a robot out on to the streets to keep a watchful eye over public area.

The robot, dubbed “HP Robocop,” is described as an “autonomous data machine” and is expected to be officially unveiled by the Huntington Park police department on Tuesday.

Equipped with 36-degree video cameras, Huntington Park police will deploy “HP RoboCop” to monitor and surveil areas such as parks and city buildings. The robot will then be able to relay video footage from its cameras to police headquarters in order to facilitate fast and safe responses from police officers.

“HP RoboCop” will also be able to roll down sidewalks and recite phrases to members of the public, such as “excuse me” and “good day to you.”

Based on the video atop the article, I don’t believe that ED-209 will be losing much sleep over this iteration of Robocop.

LEFT WING FASCISM NEVER DISAPPOINTS: “Mass. teacher accused of planting live ammo at school, then calling police.” If the facts don’t fit your narrative, then invent the facts. Remember, it’s “for the children”:

“Southbridge police said high school biology teacher Alfred Purcell III, 57, of Woodstock, Connecticut, reported to staff that he had just found one live round of 9 mm ammunition in the rear stairwell. The school was placed on lock down. During the lockdown, police and Southbridge High School staff reviewed video footage and saw Purcell removing the live round of ammunition from his pocket, dropping it on the floor and quickly leaving the area, police said.

About 10 minutes later, the video shows Purcell standing over the ammunition and taking a picture of it with a cellphone, police said.”

Like Stalin said: “If you want to make an omelette, you have to break a few eggs.”

Or as one of his current admirers put it: “I think that there’s a lot of people more concerned about being precisely, factually, and semantically correct than about being morally right.”


What enervates and often destroys Western societies, then, are not barbarians on the horizon, plagues, or invasions, but complacency and unreal demands put on society to reach utopian perfection. Such efforts are contrary to human nature and often result in disastrous social and political polices, leading to impoverishment and collapse. The Hellenic polis, Rome, and Byzantium eventually eroded because each in its complacency forgot the very values that had created its successful cultures in the first place.

In other words, if the professed progressive utopian agendas of many current critics of the West had been realized in the past, then AOC’s or Tlaib’s parents would probably never have wished to head westward in the first place. Give Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez her wish to recalibrate America, and no Puerto Rican would ever wish to immigrate to the American mainland again. And if America emulated the social, political, and economic norms south of the border, illegal immigration would end quickly.

After all, why flee from what you find intolerable to what you soon find intolerable?

Read the whole thing.

Related: Radical Chic, the Geritol Years: No big deal, just Ilhan Omar palling around with Angela Davis.

As As David Harsanyi wrote in January, when Davis was being fêted by the Women’s March, “You can tell a lot about people by looking at their heroes.”

FLORIDA BUNNY: “Video of an Easter bunny brawl in Orlando is going viral. It is not known who was inside the big, white bunny suit but he looks hopping mad as he is seen in the video throwing several punches at a guy in downtown Orlando near Tier nightclub Sunday night. An Orlando police officer eventually stepped in to break up the fight.”

PROSECUTORIAL BLACKMAIL: Karol Markowicz: Why Bob Kraft’s ordeal should alarm us all.

Of course, when the police admitted months later that no human trafficking had occurred, it was too late. They had tied Kraft to the despicable crime of sex trafficking and then simply moved on. No corrections were issued on any of these stories.

Having spread this vicious lie about Kraft, the state attorney moved on to other methods of torment. Because Kraft wouldn’t admit his guilt, which could lead to repercussions from the NFL, the state attorney has moved to release the videos law enforcers allegedly took of Kraft at the massage parlor.

Why would prosecutors want to do that? A prominent criminal defense attorney in New York told me: “Arguably, the district attorney’s announcement that it would release some of the Kraft tapes is rooted in gamesmanship. It’s been well publicized that Kraft turned down the initial ­[plea] offer, and this is likely an effort to get him to agree to a disposition.”

Kneel and confess guilt, or we will release embarrassing footage of you. That shouldn’t be how our justice system operates.

This is a breach of prosecutorial ethics. Someone should complain to the Florida bar.

MATTHEW CONTINETTI: The Liberal Media ‘Matrix:’ Covington, Smollett, Mueller, Avenatti and other adventures in unreality.

I used to laugh every time I heard someone like Elon Musk say that we are living in a Matrix-like simulation. These days, not so much.

Don’t call the funny farm just yet. On the major question of the nature of sense experience, I remain with Aristotle and against Bishop Berkeley. Matter is real. But there is also the question of how we perceive “the news”; how established media institutions present and frame information; how we are supposed to respond to the “takes” purportedly expert and knowledgeable voices serve up to us by the second on social media. And here, I’m skeptical.

It’s hard not to be. Think of the headlines we’ve encountered since the beginning of this year. We were told the Covington Catholic boys were smug racist Trump supporters on the basis of a snippet of video. A young man, a private citizen, whose only offense was traveling to Washington, D.C., to march for life, was transformed at light speed into a symbol of hate and systemic oppression. However, just as Nick Sandmann’s reputation as a villain was about to set in stone, additional videos revealed that the students’ encounter with a far-left American Indian activist and the Black Hebrew Israelites was far more complicated than initially reported. The Covington Catholic boys had been smeared. People who cast themselves as agents of professional knowledge, expertise, and moral authority had circulated and amplified a lie in the service of a political agenda. Not for the first nor last time.

We were told Jussie Smollett, a rising gay African-American actor and singer, had been the victim of a hate crime committed by MAGA-hat-wearing Trump supporters in the dead cold of a Chicago night. Journalists and bloggers who asked questions about Smollett’s story were decried as bigots, even as key details went missing and the shifting timeline became more and more curious. Then the city’s African-American police commissioner announced Smollett had been arrested for orchestrating a bizarre hoax. The state’s attorney filed charges—charges subsequently dropped after behind-the-scenes lobbying by Michelle Obama’s former chief of staff.

We were told that Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin were in cahoots to hack the emails of the Democratic National Committee and the Hillary Clinton campaign; that Trump might have been a Russian agent since the late 1980s; that the key to the conspiracy might be a server in Trump Tower relaying information to a Russian bank; that the indictment of Donald Trump Jr. was imminent; that Trump Sr., according to the former director of the Central Intelligence Agency, had committed “treason”; that Michael Cohen had met with Russian intelligence operatives in Prague; that Trump had directed Michael Flynn to speak to the Russians prior to Election Day 2016; that Trump had instructed Michael Cohen to lie to Congress; that Paul Manafort had met with Julian Assange in the Ecuadoran embassy in London during the campaign; that secret indictments in an Alexandria courthouse would be unsealed on the day Robert Mueller filed his report on possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. None of it happened.

We were told that Michael Avenatti, a trial attorney who appeared seemingly out of nowhere to represent Stephanie Clifford, aka “Stormy Daniels,” in her (tossed-out) defamation suit against Donald Trump, was a defender of the rule of law and election integrity who posed, in the words of Stephen Colbert, an “existential threat” to the Trump presidency.

To paraphrase Han Solo, we’ve been told an awful lot.


● Shot: What’s behind Britain’s obsession with video games?

—The London Spectator, March 23rd.

● Chaser: Gender Pronouns Now a Police Matter in the UK.

—Jim Treacher, March 20th.

REMEMBER THIS? Police release more records in Las Vegas massacre.

There were no new revelations among the more than 750 pages of documents, and authorities have not determined a motive for the 2017 carnage that killed 58 people and injured more than 850 others at an outdoor concert.

Police and the FBI have each concluded investigations, saying 64-year-old shooter Stephen Paddock acted alone and was not inspired by any outside group or ideology.

FBI profilers determined Paddock — a high-stakes video poker player and former accountant — might have been seeking infamy and trying to follow in the criminal footsteps of his bank robber father, who made the agency’s most-wanted list in the 1960s.

Police said the 35th batch of material released since May under court order in a public records lawsuit will be the last.

There’s still so little there, there.

LAW ENFORCEMENT IS THERE TO PROTECT ANTIFA, NOT YOU: VIDEO: Portland State officials, police stand by as protester shuts down gun-rights talk with a bell.

The truth is, the authorities condone, and even support, this kind of behavior. It’s like southern sheriffs and the Klan a hundred years ago.


TRUE: Howie Carr: Smirking media bias against GOP couldn’t be clearer.

Have you ever noticed how differently Republicans are treated in the media than Democrats?

Every newsroom in the country used to have what was called the “AP Stylebook” to use in writing news stories.

Now you need two AP stylebooks, one for Democrats, about whom seldom is heard a discouraging word, and a second for the GOP, with a hundred different pejoratives.

Two parties, two vocabularies. One positive, one negative — very bad, evil in fact.

Consider the testimony by Michael Cohen last week in front of various Congressional committees.

For example, since he worked for Donald Trump, Cohen was described about a million times as a “fixer.” Democrats, on the other hand, have lawyers.

To prevent the release of embarrassing information, Democrats’ lawyers negotiate NDA’s — nondisclosure agreements. Republican fixers’ NDAs are “hush money,” or “bribes.”

Hillary Clinton paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to Democrat operatives who then bought or made up false Russian dirt on Trump — that was opposition research. Republicans, on the other hand, “collude!”

Republicans lie, Democrats misspeak.

Democrats plan, Republicans scheme.

Republicans hire lobbyists, Democrats use advocates. Republicans employ operatives or hired guns, Democrats prefer community activists.

If a Democrat changes his or her position on an issue, they have evolved … grown. Republicans “flip-flop.”

Whenever an unfamiliar politician is ensnared in some scandal, you naturally wonder which party he or she is a member of. If the “embattled” pol is a Republican, affiliation is usually noted in the headline, or at the very latest in the first paragraph.

If, however, you reach the third paragraph of the story without his party being identified, you can be absolutely certain you are reading about a Democrat miscreant.

Likewise, accusers are handled differently depending on who exactly they’re accusing. Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court was almost derailed by the not particularly credible “Dr.” Christine Blasey Ford. One of the women who’s accused Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax of Virginia of sexual assault likewise has a Ph.D., but how often does the alt-left media refer to “Dr. Vanessa Tyson.” Fairfax, you see, is a Democrat.

Was Jussie Smollett’s fake hate crime ever referred to as “alleged?” Of course not. But all the real, documented, videotaped attacks on conservatives — invariably they are alleged, or “according to police reports.”

Yep. Plus: “No wonder half of America is beyond smirking at the alt-left media’s agitprop on behalf of the Democrats. The deplorables aren’t smirking anymore, they’re sneering.”


● Shot:

All these years, along with countless kindred souls, I am certain, I had made my way into the galleries of Upper Madison and Lower Soho and the Art Gildo Midway of Fifty-seventh Street, and into the museums, into the Modern, the Whitney, and the Guggenheim, the Bastard Bauhaus, the New Brutalist, and the Fountainhead Baroque, into the lowliest storefront churches and grandest Robber Baronial temples of Modernism. All these years I, like so many others, had stood in front of a thousand, two thousand, God-knows-how-many thousand Pollocks, de Koonings, Newmans, Nolands, Rothkos, Rauschenbergs, Judds, Johnses, Olitskis, Louises, Stills, Franz Klines, Frankenthalers, Kellys, and Frank Stellas, now squinting, now popping the eye sockets open, now drawing back, now moving closer — waiting, waiting, forever waiting for … it… for it to come into focus, namely, the visual reward (for so much effort) which must be there, which everyone (tout le monde) knew to be there— waiting for something to radiate directly from the paintings on these invariably pure white walls, in this room, in this moment, into my own optic chiasma. All these years, in short, I had assumed that in art, if nowhere else, seeing is believing. Well — how very shortsighted! Now, at last, on April 28, 1974, I could see. I had gotten it backward all along. Not “seeing is believing,” you ninny, but “believing is seeing,” for Modern Art has become completely literary: the paintings and other works exist only to illustrate the text.

 —Tom Wolfe, The Painted Word, 1975.

● Chaser:

Do bear these things in mind as you thrill to the video embedded below, in which Ms Tsoli unleashes a fearless, selfless and terribly radical “intervention” at a crossing on Michigan Avenue, Chicago. Said intervention, titled Attempting to Reach Equilibrium in Times of Dystopia, is of course crammed with aesthetic value. A particular highlight occurs around 2:30 when a passing police car stops, resulting in a need to explain that what is happening is actually art.

—David Thompson, “The Dunning-Kruger Diaries, Part Two,” yesterday.

JOHN ALTHOUSE COHEN: Why I’m Still Talking About Covington.

You could give various responses about the larger significance of the debacle, that some people haven’t adequately recanted, etc.

But I want to add something, which is that this feels personal because it could so easily happen to any of us. The encounter was so mundane that you have to wonder what other non-events will be used to try to destroy you or me. It happened to be video-recorded not because it mattered, but because that’s just so easy with 2019 technology.

I didn’t have to worry about that when I was 16, but I can’t help thinking: what would it have been like if this had happened to me when I was 16? Are some people not having that thought because they see him as the Other, and consequently lack empathy for him?

I also think about what will happen if I ever have a kid. Would my 16-year-old always stay on the right side of the face police? Or might he occasionally be awkward at that age? What if he had some kind of a mental or physical disability that caused him to have facial expressions or body movements that people took the wrong way? (I say “he” because so much of the vituperation that’s been directed at the Covington kids has been explicitly based on their gender.)

In the past few days, I’ve been under the weather (getting better now, so don’t worry about me), and sometimes as I’ve stood around in a public place, I’ve stopped to think: hey, I might have had an inappropriate facial expression just now, because of a combination of feeling a little out of it and feeling physically uncomfortable. If someone were video-recording me, could they find one still that made it look like I was “disrespecting” the wrong person?

When I see a post saying the kid’s “smirk” (always that same exact word choice) is proof that there’s something bigoted or wicked about him, I wonder if the person saying that has gone through life always making an appropriate facial expression for every social situation. Presumably not, but let’s say that is the case — would you want to be someone who always makes what others consider just the right expression? That sounds like someone who’s very safe and inoffensive and well-scripted, not someone spontaneous and flawed and quirky.

I grew up in a far-left college town, and I’ve known so many young people who were free spirits, who were nonconformists, who were determined to be themselves no matter what anyone else said, who had a passion for noisy music and experimental art, who listened to the color of their dreams . . . And back then, it didn’t seem incongruous that they were mostly on the left. Today, I see so many people on the left sternly admonishing a 16-year-old for having the wrong smile in the wrong place at the wrong time. That’s a prissy attitude which seems like the antithesis of so many lefties I’ve known.

Well, people sticking it to the Man is all very well, until you’re the Man. And the Left thinks it’s in charge now.

Related: Seen on Facebook:


As Ashe Schow writes, “Starbucks is about as progressive an establishment as one can get (remember their ‘conversation about racism’ and opening up bathrooms to non-paying customers to appear inclusive?), so boycotting them is pretty much a sweet self-own. As a non-coffee drinker, I look forward to the ensuing progressive-on-progressive battle.”

Bring your own bullhorn.

Local Black Lives Matter activist Asa Khalif, left, stands inside a Starbucks, Sunday April 15, 2018, demanding the firing of the manager who called police resulting the arrest of two black men on Thursday. The arrests were captured on video that quickly gained traction on social media. (AP photo and caption.)

HMM: Venezuela Puts Down Mutiny With National Guard Unit.

The armed forces in a statement said that it had captured all those involved in what it described as “treasonous” acts motivated by “obscure interests tied to the far right.”

It said at around 2:50 a.m. (06:50 GMT), a small group of guardsmen took captive a captain in charge of a police station in western Caracas and then moved across the capital in two military trucks to the poor neighborhood of Petare, where they stole a cache of weapons from another outpost.

They met resistance and were caught hours later at a national guard outpost 3 kilometers (2 miles) from the Miraflores presidential palace.

The armed forces said all the weapons had been recovered and the mutinous troops captured.

A few hours earlier, a group of heavily armed national guardsmen published a series of videos on social media saying they won’t recognize President Nicolas Maduro’s government, which has come under increasing domestic and international pressure over a newly launched second term that the opposition-controlled congress and many nations consider illegitimate.

Authoritarian regimes often look impervious to change, right up until they collapse.

OH FER CRYIN’ OUT LOUD: It’s Now Racist To Ask Students To ‘Be Respectful In Class.’

Anita Moss, a senior lecturer of biology at the University of Texas-San Antonio (UTSA) was investigated after she called police on a repeatedly disruptive student, according to the College Fix. Moss, who is white, had been telling Paige Burgess, who is black, all semester to be less disruptive and to take her feet off of chairs.

The problem started when another student, Apurva Rawal, put out a tweet making it seem like Moss had flipped out and called the police just because a student had her feet up in class. He sent a video of the police removing the student.

Even though Moss was cleared of racial discrimination and had positive reviews from students, she was removed from class for the semester. The racial bias investigation was not the only investigation going on. Her demands for proper classroom etiquette were also reviewed, and led to her removal, the Fix reported.

Incentives matter, and these incentives suck.

STEVE SCALISE: No forgiveness for shooter, Trump ‘motivated’ recovery.

Rep. Steve Scalise is a good Catholic who won the prayers of many church leaders as he recovered from a bullet fired by an angry liberal while he and his Republican baseball team practiced in June 2017.

“God was there on that ball field and he performed little miracles to save all of our lives,” said the Louisiana lawmaker, who fought death off several times with deep prayer and determination.

“The shooter was dead set on taking everybody out and would have been successful if not for the miracles of God and the acts of heroism on the ball field,” he added.

But while he is a faithful follower of Jesus, there is one Christian teaching that he is not ready to accept when it comes to the shooter, James Hodgkinson of Belleville, Ill.

“At some point I’ll have to deal with the issue of forgiveness,” he said in an interview, “but for now I’m focused on my recovery.”

Scalise has written in a new book, Back in the Game, about the difficulty of recovering and seeing three others shot.

He said in the interview that knowing that police shot and killed Hodgkinson helped him focus on getting better. “Because he ultimately didn’t make it, it made it easier to close that chapter and to focus on my recovery,” said Scalise, the GOP whip.

And eventually he might consider forgiveness. “It’s something to struggle with. I’m Catholic. I’m probably not there yet. That’s something I’m going to have to work with my priest on,” he said with a laugh.

For now he’s focused on thanking everybody who helped in his comeback, especially President Trump who, with first lady Melania Trump, visited Scalise on the night he was hit with the bullet that would shatter bones and rip through vital organs.

Flashback: Bernie Bro James T. Hodgkinson, Attempted Assassin Of Steve Scalise, Already Being Erased From History.


● Hillary: ‘You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for.’

● Former Attorney General Eric Holder: “Michelle [Obama] always says, ‘When they go low, we go high.’ No. No. When they go low, we kick them.”

Politico: After failing to stop Kavanaugh’s confirmation, Democrats wonder if it’s time to be more ruthless.

Democrat Doxxer Threatened To Reveal Senators’ Children’s Health Information.

DC restaurant: We’ve received death threats after Ted Cruz, wife forced out by protesters.

Rep. Ruben Gallego (D-AZ): We Are Less Than 60 Days From Totally ‘Kicking the S–t Out of the Republicans.’

Networks Silent On Attempted Stabbing of GOP Candidate By Anti-Trump Attacker.

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) Jokes About Threatening Trump Supporters ‘All The Time.’

FLASHBACK: Demonization: Durham NC City Council bans police exchanges with Israel.

In a statement endorsed unanimously, the City Council prohibited international police exchanges “in which Durham police officers receive military-style training.” The statement, after an intense lobbying campaign by anti-Israel activists and over the objection of police groups, mentioned only Israel by name in the opening paragraph of the document.

It did so even though there have been no such exchanges for over a decade, and none are planned, with the Israel National Police. A single one-week trip that the former Durham police chief Jose Lopez once took to Israel involved how to deal with and manage mass casualty situations. By his own statement to the City Council, “none of the training had anything to do with militarization.”

There were a few other truly memorable speakers out of the 50—some who shamed the Council proceedings with their gross bigotry and others who dignified the meeting with measured and thoughtful commentary.

One speaker who identified himself as Jihad Shawwa struggled to get a video to play then went on a tirade about Zionism and the IDF being a “terrorist organization.” You can watch that circus beginning at the 1:07:33 mark.

Later, the crackpoterry resumed when a minister from the Nation of Islam delivered a 2-minute anti-Jewish rant, referring to a “synagogue of Satan” and accusing Jews of having “an inordinate amount of control” in city politics.

More at the link.

NOT STORMY DANIELS: Trump-Hating Former Porn Star Engages In Shootout With Cops.

Jonathan Oddi, 42 can be seen in the footage dragging a large American flag with him and holding a gun. He unfurls the flag on the resort’s concierge desk and angrily shoves a cannister off the end of the desk.

The footage then shows him leaning against that desk and putting on socks before spreading out the flag and attempting to reach the security camera. Oddi unfurls the flag some more and smashes the resort’s front desk computers before police arrive outside.

At first, Oddi puts the gun down and puts his arms in the air, but then picks the gun up and begins shooting at the officers, using the desk as cover. After some back-and-forth shooting, Oddi takes off into the hotel, still firing. He briefly slips on the hotel’s floors as officers pursue. He then runs up a flight of stairs and knocks over some furniture before an officer is able to arrest him.

Video at the link, but Ashe Schow’s description of it is somehow more fun.

WELL, GOOD: Pro-Choice Man, Who Allegedly Kicked Pro-Life Woman, Is In More Trouble Than We Thought.

Hunt is charged in this case with eight counts of assault and seven counts of mischief under $5,000 for this allegation, cops said. This isn’t the only claim he faces.

Police said they responded to a call for an assault back on August 2 at about noon. It was claimed that a man on a bicycle approached a group of anti-abortion protesters. He allegedly tried to grab one of their signs, and then he pushed a woman into a pole, police said. This attacker fled the scene.

Hunt has been charged in this incident: one count of assault.

And if you missed it over the weekend, here’s the video of the more recent attack.

It’s the New Civility — in action.

HMM: 3D-printed gun pioneer Cody Wilson charged with sexual assault.

A warrant was issued for Cody Wilson but he flew to Taiwan before he could be detained, police in Austin said.

A 16-year-old girl alleged she was paid $500 (£380) to have sex with Mr Wilson at an Austin hotel, they said.

Austin Police Commander Troy Officer told a press briefing that a counsellor who had spoken to the girl informed police on 22 August that “that a juvenile female under the age of 17 had reported having sexual contact with a 30-year-old male”.
The legal age of consent in Texas is 17.

Commander Officer said the girl met Mr Wilson through the website and had sex with him in a hotel on 15 August.

Police confirmed the girl’s story through “videotape and interviews”, he said.

More to come.

IT’S COME TO THIS: Little Rock Nike store calls cops on man for waving pro-police flag (video).

JACK DUNPHY: LAPD Video Shows Female Officer Being Shot at Point-Blank Range During Traffic Stop.

“What would happen,” asks The Week columnist Matthew Walther in a Sept. 13 piece, “if American police officers carried whistles instead of guns?”  He muses further: “Would the country descend instantly into a chaos of looting, arson, and mass murder?  Or would we just go on with our lives, commuting to jobs, raising children, watching sports, whatever — the same routine, albeit with a little bit less of the low-key anxiety that comes with seeing cops with weapons?”

I invite you to read Mr. Walther’s entire piece, but be warned you might take it as a parody.

Read the whole thing.

ASKING THE IMPORTANT QUESTIONS: Does Snapchat video show police chief with an open beer in his vehicle?

WHEN SECONDS COUNT, THE POLICE ARE ONLY MINUTES AWAY — COWERING BEHIND THEIR CARS IN A PARKING LOT: New video highlights Scot Peterson’s failure to stop Parkland shooter.

CONSEQUENCES: Man accused of grabbing ‘MAGA’ cap, throwing drink in teen’s face indicted. “A Bexar County grand jury has indicted a 30-year-old San Antonio man who was arrested in July after he was captured on video grabbing a ‘Make America Great Again’ cap from a teenager who was dining at a San Antonio Whataburger. Bexar County court records show Kino Jimenez was indicted Wednesday on a charge of theft of person, which is a state jail felony. He was located in Universal City in July by San Antonio police robbery task force detectives who took him into custody on an arrest warrant.”

WHY ARE BLUE STATES SUCH CESSPITS OF RACISM? Police chief’s son arrested in brutal attack on elderly Sikh man.

The 18-year-old son of a police chief in California’s Bay Area was arrested Wednesday in connection with an attack on a 71-year-old Sikh man who was out taking his daily stroll.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported that Tyrone Keith McAllister, son of Union City Police Chief Darryl McAllister, was booked on one count of attempted robbery, elder abuse and assault with a deadly weapon, the report said. Police said one of the two suspects seen in surveillance video may have waved a gun.

Sahbit Singh Natt told police that he was walking in Manteca, near Stockton in the Central Valley, at about 6 a.m. Monday and was asked by his assailants for money, the report said.

Authorities said Tyrone McAllister and a 16-year-old confronted the man and kicked him to the ground. Police said the video shows the suspect kick him at least three times.

Too bad the old man didn’t have a gun.

AS ALWAYS LIFE IMITATES THE FAR SIDE: Watch This Herd Of Cows Help Police Take Down A Car Thief Suspect [Video].

(Classical reference in headline.)

RADICAL CHIC, THE GERITOL YEARS: BuzzFeed News video looks at how Che Guevara’s “revolutionary legacy” has endured.

Link safe, goes to Twitchy. The groovy psychedelic artwork and video opening featuring dancing 1968-era hippies is particularly rich considering:

“Che hated artists, so how is it possible that artists still today support the image of Che Guevara?”, [asks Cuban jazz musician Paquito D’Rivera.]  Turns out the rebellious icon that emblazons countless T-shirts actually enforced aesthetic and political conformity. D’Rivera explains that Che and other Cuban authorities sought to ban rock and roll and jazz.

“Che was an inspiration for me,” D’Rivera tells “I thought I have to get out of this island as soon as I can, because I am in the wrong place at the wrong time!” D’Rivera did escape Cuba, and so far he’s won nine Grammy awards playing the kind of music Che tried to silence. But D’Rivera says Che’s crimes didn’t end with censorship. “He ordered the execution of many people with no trial.” Che served as Castro’s chief executioner, presiding over the infamous La Cabana prison. D’Rivera says Che’s policy of killing innocents earned him the nickname-the Butcher of La Cabana.

“We’re rightly horrified by fascist murderers like Adolph Hitler,” says’s Nick Gillespie. “Why aren’t we also horrified by communist killers?” Certainly, Che’s body count isn’t anywhere near Hitler’s. But what about someone Che idolized, someone whom he might have liked to wear on his chest?

“Che, Castro, all the communist regimes idolized only one thing that Mao personifies—violence.” Kai Chen grew up in China under the reign of Mao Zedong. Although he won gold medals for China’s national basketball team, Chen’s was far from the celebrity life of an NBA star. Says Chen, “You have no right to talk, and you have no right to think.”

That’s from a 2008 Reason TV clip by Nick Gillespie titled “Killer Chic: Hollywood’s Sick Love Affair with Che Guevara.” And while it’s true that “Che’s body count isn’t anywhere near Hitler’s,” as David Harsanyi writes in an article yesterday at the Federalist titled “Hey BuzzFeed, Che Guevara Was A Bloodthirsty Terrorist:

Scaled for population, the Castro-Guevara police state rivaled any tyranny in history. As Humberto Fontova points out, Cubans “qualify as the longest-suffering political prisoners in modern history, having suffered prison camps, forced labor and torture chambers for a period THREE TIMES as long in Che Guevara’s Gulag as Alexander Solzhenytzin suffered in Stalin’s Gulag.” It’s worth mentioning that it would have been far worse if tens of thousands of Cubans hadn’t fled Che’s glorious revolution.

“Che Guevara would’ve happily ordered the execution of damn near everyone who works at @BuzzfeedNews over their lifestyle choices. But hey, celebrate him, leftist morons,” Derek Hunter of the Daily Caller tweeted on Monday in response.


Protesters in Brooklyn — some chanting “where is ICE?” — besieged a second nail salon Monday that they believe is connected to the shop where customers brawled on video with employees last week — forcing cops to escort the workers out for their own safety.

About 150 predominantly African-American demonstrators marched from New Red Apple Nails at 1426 Nostrand Ave. — scene of the melee caught on tape Friday — to the Beautiful Red Apple Nails at 1224 Nostrand Ave. and trapped four employees inside. . . .

Demonstrators angrily chanted, “shut them down,” “f–k the police” and “no nails, no toes, these racist shops have got to go.” At least one protester screamed, “where is ICE (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement)?” implying that the salon’s Asian employees might be undocumented immigrants.

Cops formed a line to hurry the employees, three women and one man, into a police van.

Shortly after the workers were driven away, several protesters and cops shoved each other but there were no immediate arrests.

Hours earlier, officers had to do the same thing back at 1426 Nostrand Ave. and helped employees get through protesters to safety.

“Where is ICE?” Surely that’s racist or something.

IMPORTANT NEWS ON THE LAW OF SELF-DEFENSE: If a person shoves you, you can shove back. You don’t have the right to kill him. You can only use lethal force to meet reasonably anticipated lethal force. That can be unarmed force, under the right circumstances, but it usually isn’t. And “Stand Your Ground” laws don’t change that.

Note that the same rules apply to police, though that’s more theoretical than real in application.

But for much more detailed analysis, from an actual expert on the subject, see this post by Andrew Branca at Legal Insurrection.

Rather surprisingly, Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri has announced that Drejka would not be arrested over the shooting, on the basis of Florida’s “stand your ground” self-defense law. The facts of this confrontation do not, however, involve any duty-to-retreat issues with respect to Drejka’s use-of-force–he was attacked without apparent warning, and immediately knocked to the ground, and thus placed in a physical position from which physical retreat with safety would have been difficult, if not impossible. . . .

Based on the video footage of this confrontation, I expect a reasonable argument could be made that Drejka’s initial presentation of his handgun was lawful–he’d just been shoved hard to the ground without warning, put in a physical position from which unarmed self-defense would be extremely difficult especially against an attacker nearly half his age who still loomed angrily over him. It’s not hard to see how Drejka could have reasonably formed a reasonable perception of imminent serious bodily injury, which would warrant deadly defensive force.

As often happens when a gun is presented in self-defense, however, here the initial aggressor (McGlockton) decided that he’d goofed in bringing his fists to a gun fight, and he immediately began moving backwards, distancing himself from Drejka. This ought to have been apparent to McGlockton during the two second pause between his pointing the gun and shooting. Had McGlockton maintained his position, and particularly if he had made any movement apparently consistent with continuing to attack Drejka, the fired shot may well have been warranted.

Given that McGlockton was backing up, however, this strikes me as a scenario that plenty of prosecutors would be happy to present to a jury, and argue that the fired shot was not lawful, and which I expect in this instance plenty of police officers would determine at least created probably cause to believe that the shot was not lawful.

Of course, there may well be facts not known to us that could have shaped the Sheriff’s conclusion to not arrest. That, of course, is not the end of this matter, either criminally or civilly. The evidence is being presented to local prosecutors, who will decide whether to take the matter to trial, and the girlfriend of McGlockton, with whom she had three children, has already announced her intention to seek civil compensation for the killing of her children’s father (even throwing out the legal term-of-art “wrongful death”).

If you shove someone to the ground and start kicking them in the head, you may be a candidate to be shot in self defense. If you shove someone to the ground and back away, not so much.

And here’s video of the Sheriff’s statement, with commentary by Branca. Excerpt:

For example, he appears to believe that the legal standard for reasonableness is strictly subjective, which is not the case. One must indeed be in subjective fear, but that fear must be objectively reasonable.

He also talks at some length about his belief that the Sheriff’s office can’t substitute their judgment for that of the shooter—but, of course, they can, and they do, routinely, when they conclude that the facts differ from the claimed judgment of a suspect. And at the same time he explicitly recognizes that now that he’s passed on the case to the prosecutor’s office, so the prosecutor can decide whether to charge, the prosecutor is in the position of substituting their judgment for that of the shooter.

Also, the Sheriff’s implication that the recent change in Florida self-defense immunity law that once a person claims self-defense immunity the law places the burden on the state to disprove immunity by clear and convincing evidence, “this doesn’t happen anywhere else, where one person raises a claim and the other person has to disprove it” (I’m paraphrasing) is nonsense.

In 49 states, when a person raises self-defense as a legal defense the burden of proof shifts to the state to disprove self-defense beyond a reasonable doubt (an even higher standard of proof). The Sheriff may be correct if the discussion is limited to pre-trial immunity hearings, but a burden shift to the state is the norm in self-defense generally.

Frankly, I can see reasonable arguments for either a lawful or an unlawful shoot here. A decision not to arrest is reasonable on these facts, and a decision to arrest would have been reasonable on these facts. But the idea that the Sheriff is obviously and explicitly prohibited by law from making an arrest on these facts is nonsense.

Well, at least it’s not Broward County, where the deputies would have run from an armed man.

UPTOWN NORFOLK: A Virginia police department wins the Internet with ‘Uptown Funk’ lip sync video.

NOW THAT’S REAL SOCIALISM: Nicaragua’s Ortega rules out elections as violence continues.

“We have a minimum of 14 dead, but it could be more,” Nunez said.

“That includes at least one anti-riot officer, one paramilitary member and two police officers.”

The violence came less than a day after President Daniel Ortega rejected calls for early elections.

Heavily armed groups of individuals in black-hooded civilian clothes demolished the opposition barricades in Diriamba and Jinotepe areas alongside police, according to videos filmed by residents, who posted them on social media.

Mechanical equipment dismantled the barricades, opening up access to more than 350 cargo trucks stranded on the highway in Jinotepe for more than a month.

The government has not commented on the violence, but police blamed “terrorists with firearms” for the deaths of two officers.

At least that’s a change from wreckers, hoarders, saboteurs, Trotskyites, kulaks, Yankee Imperialists, counterrevolutionaries, and Jews.

ANNALS OF #THERESISTANCE: Teen Attacked For Wearing MAGA Hat, Assailant Fired.

San Antonio police are investigating what appears to be a politically motivated hate crime after 16-year-old Trump supporter Richard Hunter was reportedly assaulted by an aggressive liberal for wearing a red MAGA hat at a local Whataburger.

In a video which went viral Wednesday, an angry man in black-rimmed glasses can be seen throwing a soda on Hunter and two friends at 2:35 a.m. on the 4th of July. As the man walks away with the teenager’s MAGA hat, he can be heard shouting “this is gonna go great in my fucking fireplace, bitch,” while walking out of the eatery with another man who filmed the encounter. . . .

Within hours of the incident going viral, the attacker was identified through a crowdsourced effort as Kino Ahuitzotl Jimenez, a member of the Green Party of Texas according to their website. The group’s “key values” include; nonviolence, respect for diversity, and social justice.

Shortly thereafter Jimenez was fired from his job at San Antonio bar, Rumble, which confirmed his dismissal in several Facebook statements and a text exchange.

Well, good. I blame the Democrats’ climate of hatred and violence:

The attack comes amid escalating tensions over President Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy of enforcing existing immigration laws, which has resulted in several members of the Trump administration suffering harassment in public and at their homes – most notably Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who was ejected from the Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, VA after the owner’s gay employees became uncomfortable in Sanders’s presence.

In response to the spate of public harassment last month, Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters (CA) called for Democrats to form into mobs and physically confront members of the Trump administration if they see them out in public.

“If you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd and you push back on them, and you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere,” said Waters.

The next weekend, a massive skirmish broke out in Portland between Trump supporting “Proud Boys” and members of Antifa – who showed up to protest a conservative rally attended by the Proud Boys and the right-wing “Patriot Prayer” Group. At one point, a Proudboy known as Rufio (seen at 1:00 in the video below) knocks out an Antifa member cold.

Some Democratic leaders criticized Waters for encouraging violence, but Al Sharpton and Donna Brazile then criticized them.

LEFTIES ARE THUGS: “Silence white supremacy!”/”Get him out” — that was the chant at a meeting of the Madison school board ad hoc committee on police officers in schools. “The protestors were black, white, hispanic, and east Asian. Very few are parents. All but a handful are very young, very loud, and very obnoxious…. What else is new? Madison school board leadership race-shamed Karen Vieth for complaining about the dysfunction in her school. So why shouldn’t school board member Loumos do the same when a citizen and parent speaks in favor of keeping the police?”

Plus: “Blaska maintains a calm demeanor throughout the disturbing intimidation, but you can see that his hands shake (something commented on by the videographer, DuersttheWuerst), and I can only imagine how scary it must be to publicly express opinions in a small room that is packed with people denouncing you. The committee members do nothing to push back the intimidation or to protect Blaska’s right to speak to the group.”

Disgraceful. But hey, more votes for Scott Walker. And for Donald Trump! Because behavior like this is how you get more of both.


Wasserman Schultz cornered House Chief Administrative Officer Phil Kiko and called him a “fucking Islamophobe,” saying “you will not so much as take away their parking spots,” the two House employees said Kiko told them.

The congresswoman also told Kiko she had invited Awan’s whole family to her daughter’s bat mitzvah and said she had “helped him with a land deal,” the sources said. A spokesman for Kiko declined to comment on this story.

A 2009 article in the Pakistani publication Dawn, headlined “Influential expat shields father from long arm of law,” said Awan’s father was facing criminal fraud charges involving a land deal, but Awan used political connections to pressure the police into targeting the alleged victims instead.

Awan’s father purchased “huge chunks of land from different farmers in 2008,” but all the checks bounced, the report said. “The police high-ups are ‘ominously’ indifferent to proceed against Awan,” and it’s “noteworthy” how they were “complying with the desires of” Awan, who the paper described as a “White House employee.”

Read the whole thing.

Flashback: Shocking video shows former DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz threatening the Chief of Capitol Police to ‘expect consequences’ if he didn’t return a laptop taken during a criminal investigation.

REMEMBER, ONLY TRAINED LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS CAN BE TRUSTED TO CARRY FIREARMS: FBI agent accidentally shoots bar patron when gun falls out of holster while dancing. “Video obtained by Denver ABC affiliate KMGH shows the agent attempted a back handspring, while surrounded by dozens of onlookers rooting him on, when the gun fell out of his back waistband. He quickly picked the gun up and tucked it back into his waistband, but the gun went off when he retrieved it. After the incident, the agent was taken to Denver Police Headquarters before being released to his supervisor with the FBI.”

The gun went off as he was picking it up; keep your booger-hooks off the bang switch. And don’t do handsprings while carrying; few holsters are designed for that. Also don’t carry when you’re drinking, as this video strongly suggests was the case. And finally, I’ll bet he won’t get the kind of punishment that a civilian with a carry permit would get for the same sort of misconduct.

UPDATE: Flashback: FBI counterterrorism agent gets drunk, has his gun stolen by exotic dancer.

THIS IS WHERE BANS ON “HATE SPEECH” LEAD: UK Arrests Islam Critic For Reporting On Grooming Gang Trial.

Anti-Islam activist Tommy Robinson was arrested Friday outside of a British court hearing on a gang accused of forcing women into sex, prompting protests Saturday.

Robinson was livestreaming on Facebook outside of a Leeds court when police arrested him for allegedly breaching the peace, according to The Independent. The Independent attempted to downplay Robinson’s claim of reporting on the grooming gang trial by putting “reporting” in quotes.

Video shows Robinson being whisked off by police as he demands to know the reason for his arrest. “This is ridiculous, I haven’t said a word…I’ve done nothing,” he said.

Robinson was sentenced to 13 months in jail for the crime, while the judge prohibited reporting of the verdict within the United Kingdom. No major British outlet reported on the sentence, and Breitbart redacted Robinson’s name from its report on the case.

According to The Independent, a contempt of court offense can be used to silence reporting on criminal procedures. Robinson was arrested while on a suspended sentence for a similar offense. In 2017, he was arrested and convicted of filming accused rapists as they headed into court.

Just by existing, he’s a threat.

DEPT. OF NO ACCOUNTABILITY, NOVEL THEORIES DIVISION: Video of a SUNY Binghamton police officer, who clearly drew the short straw, telling students that they’re somehow responsible if other people take the flyers they’re passing out and throw them on the ground. It’s amazing what kind of rules you can come up with when you think you’ll never have to defend them. You will of course be shocked to discover that the flyers were critical of Binghamton administrators.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE, CRAZY YEARS EDITION: Professor notes men are taller than women on average, SJWs storm out angrily.

The speaker you’ll see here is biology professor Heather Heying, wife of professor Bret Weinstein. Both Heying and Weinstein left Evergreen State College as part of a settlement deal last year. Heying was making a point about physiological differences between men and women. “Are men taller than women on average?” Heying asked rhetorically. She added, “Does anyone take offense at that fact?”

It seems someone in the audience did because Dr. Peter Boghossian (seated on the right) turned toward the back of the room and Professor Heying chuckled.

“So I would say you could be irritated by it,” Heying said. She continued, “You could be irritated by the fact that women have to be the ones that gestate and lactate. You could be irritated by a lot of truths but taking offense is a response that is a rejection of reality.”

But before she had even finished her statement, a group of students got up and walked out of the room. As Heying continued to talk about physiological differences between men and women, there was a loud commotion in the back of the room. One of the protesters apparently damaged the sound system on the way out.

At this point, a camera out in the lobby area shows a small group of protesters, one of whom (the girl with purple hair) is led to a seat by a police officer. There are some cuts in the video but she is clearly agitated and says at one point, “Even the women in there have been brainwashed.” She shouts “F**k the police” as she exits a few moments later.

Another protester in the lobby says, “You should not listen to fascism. It should not be tolerated in civil society. Nazis are not welcome in civil society.” I guess that explains the urge to wreck the sound system.

I predict that it will be harder and harder to argue that higher education adds value, either for individuals or for society.

AMERICA’S COOLEST COLD WAR WEAPON: One late, dark and rainy night in New York –circa 1981 to 1983– on some obscure cable channel on Manhattan’s then obscure (and now long gone) cable system, I perchance heard an interview with Dizzy Gillespie in which the bop jazz great talked about playing a gig in eastern Europe on one of those “State Department” tours. The interview was in black and white video. The tv was a color tv — perhaps this is a clue to the date of the interview. Anyway, Mr. Gillespie told the interviewer the police in this eastern European despotism brought dogs into the venue to confront the crowd while his band was on stage. That struck him as, you know, awkward, and, well, awful. This is my interpretation — the cops and dogs struck him as cold and chilling and cruelly inappropriate. As I remember the interview, prior to his comment about the cops and dogs, Mr. Gillespie remarked on how much eastern European audiences enjoyed American jazz and how that delighted him. Perhaps I incorrectly recollect the specifics, but somewhere out there the video exists. I got to hear Dizzy play live twice and he was electric.

HEROIC SEATTLE POLICE OFFICER FACES DISCIPLINE:  Should the officer have waited for the lunatic with an ice ax stolen from the REI to kill somebody before putting him in a bear hug?  Somebody at the Seattle police department must think so.  It’s amazing anybody is willing to be a police officer these days.


Earlier: British man jailed after giving middle finger to speed camera.

As British ex-pat Charles C.W. Cooke tweets, “Michael Brendan Dougherty pointed out to me that police in the U.K. spend all their time on Twitter threatening people with jail time for frivolous things, and now I can’t stop seeing it.”

And so does their state-run media.


Click to watch video at site.

WHY POLICE CAMERAS ARE AWESOME: Port Authority official tries to bully a cop. Doesn’t go so well. The extra-delicious part:

“Flashing her commissioner’s gold badge and boasting of her influence during a routine traffic stop involving her daughter, Caren Z. Turner demanded to know why police had pulled the car over and why it was being impounded […] Turner, 60, a Democratic lobbyist who served as the ethics chair of the powerful bi-state agency.”

Ethics chair. Let that sink in.

ANALYSIS: TRUE. The Photo of Protesters at Starbucks Is a Sad but Accurate Representation of Our Times.

We can all agree that racism is bad, and shouldn’t be allowed. The social justice warriors claim this too, but their solution isn’t understanding and togetherness. It’s finding a culprit, generating outrage about said culprit, and finding a way to make said culprit a pariah. That culprit can play any part they need it to as well. Corporations, the rich, white people, men, Christians, police, Trump, Pence, guns, NRA, Republicans, or even women if you’re Hillary Clinton.

It doesn’t matter if you fit any or all of these qualifiers. To the social justice mob, we are all sinners. They demand you repent and apologize for your transgressions against their religion’s version of morality, but unlike Christ, the true definer of morality in our western culture, you are not forgiven after your penance. You’re still a pariah, only now you’re a useful one. An example of how the mob is all-powerful and ready to conquer you at any moment.

It doesn’t matter if you did it or not. You still better fall on your knees and swear obedience.

Read the whole thing. Ironically, as Mollie Hemmingway noted in 2015, Starbucks’ then-CEO (now executive chairman) Howard Schultz wanted Zack and the rest of his baristas to be the ones preaching the ol’ time social justice gospel to the heathens:

The whole campaign reminded me so much of this story from 2004, when an American Airlines pilot got on the loudspeaker and asked passengers who were Christian to raise their hands. Then he suggested to the ones who raised their hands that they spend the remainder of the flight trying to convert those who hadn’t. The passengers were so confused by the request that they wondered if the pilot was a terrorist.

Listen, I love few things more than sharing the good news that Jesus has triumphed over sin, death and Satan with others and I hate racism. But there’s a reason why the American Airlines pilot and the Starbucks approaches freak people out! Yes, part of it is that there’s a time and place to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and discuss difficult social problems. But also, these things are highly ineffective when done outside of a personal relationship.

I don’t know if Zack was working for Starbucks in 2015, but he (including whatever is left of his hearing) is definitely paying penance for the sins of his boss.

Local Black Lives Matter activist Asa Khalif, left, stands inside a Starbucks, Sunday April 15, 2018, demanding the firing of the manager who called police resulting the arrest of two black men on Thursday. The arrests were captured on video that quickly gained traction on social media. (AP photo and caption.)


● Shot: Why aren’t more Never Trumpers willing to support the opposing party?

—Jonathan Chait of the Chick-fil-A-hating New Yorker, today.

● Chaser: ‘WTF’? Protesters at Philly Starbucks show how NOT to win hearts and minds.

Twitchy, today.

Local Black Lives Matter activist Asa Khalif, left, stands inside a Starbucks, Sunday April 15, 2018, demanding the firing of the manager who called police resulting the arrest of two black men on Thursday. The arrests were captured on video that quickly gained traction on social media. (AP photo and caption.)

Shades of Occupy Wall Street terrorizing minimum wage bank tellers in 2011 because they hated Citibank for some reason. As Stephen Miller tweets today, in his “Extreme Attenborough voice, ‘Very rarely is the subconscious transformation of a live specimen into Trump voter ever caught on film in the wild, so this is such a rare special treat to behold.’”

Oh, and since we’ve already had the shot and chaser, we might as well have the hangover:

Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson said Monday he will require store managers to undergo training to address “unconscious bias” after the arrest of two black men at a Philadelphia location sparked online outrage and protests.

That seems so odd — it was just three years ago that Johnson’s predecessor assured us that Starbucks’ employees would be missionaries tasked with immanentizing the eschaton by enlightening their customers on all issues race-related.

Twitchy notes that on Twitter, “Photo of Philly Starbucks protester with megaphone kicks off caption contest.”  Share yours in the comments below.

ANNALS OF LEFTWING AUTOPHAGY: #BoycottStarbucks trends on Twitter after video shows arrest of two black men at Philadelphia location.

Amid outrage, Starbucks issued a statement online, writing, “We apologize to the two individuals and our customers and are disappointed this led to an arrest.”

During a Facebook Live statement uploaded Saturday afternoon, Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross described the incident. He said the men were “trespassing,” because they were non-paying customers who wanted to use the bathroom. When Starbucks employees asked the men to leave, they refused and the police were called. He said the officers “did absolutely nothing wrong.”

However, several on social media disagreed and #BoycottStarbucks soon became a trending topic on Twitter Saturday. Many called the arrest racist and discriminatory.

Starbucks’ CEO (now executive chairman) Howard Schultz, a self-proclaimed “life-long Democrat,” floated the idea of having his baristas lecture customers on racial tolerance, trashed Trump, openly endorsed Hillary and afterwards, vowed “to hire thousands of refugees after President Donald Trump’s first executive order that temporarily banned travel from seven mostly-Muslim nations.”

Naturally, in response, #BoycottStarbucks is trending today, as the revolution eats its own – and washes the remains down with really mediocre coffee.


What happened [Tuesday] is a remarkable convergence of the spirits of the age: mass shootings, immigration, the Big Tech thought-police, the long reach of the Iranian Revolution, the refugee racket, animal rights, vegan music videos… It was the latest mismatched meeting between east and west in the age of the Great Migrations: Nasim Aghdam died two days before her 39th birthday, still living (according to news reports) with either her parents or her grandmother. She came to America at the age of seventeen, and spent two decades in what appears to be a sad and confused search to find something to give her life meaning. But in a cruder sense the horror in San Bruno was also a sudden meeting of two worlds hitherto assumed to be hermetically sealed from each other: the cool, dispassionate, dehumanized, algorithmic hum of High Tech — and the raw, primal, murderous rage breaking through from those on the receiving end.

Read the whole thing.

OH TO BE IN ENGLAND: London pensioner, 78, is arrested on suspicion of murder after ‘stabbing armed burglar, 38, to death in a struggle in his kitchen’ when two intruders woke him as he slept next to his wife.

Shades of the vignettes Mark Steyn described in his June 2000 American Spectator column, “In the Absence of Guns:”

No wonder, even as they’re being pounded senseless, many British crime victims are worrying about potential liability. A few months ago, Shirley Best, owner of the Rolander Fashion boutique whose clients include the daughter of the Princess Royal, was ironing some garments when two youths broke in. They pressed the hot iron into her side and stole her watch, leaving her badly burnt. “I was frightened to defend myself,” said Miss Best. “I thought if I did anything I would be arrested.”

And who can blame her? Shortly before the attack, she’d been reading about Tony Martin, a Norfolk farmer whose home had been broken into and who had responded by shooting and killing the teenage burglar. He was charged with murder. In April, he was found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment–for defending himself against a career criminal in an area where the police are far away and reluctant to have their sleep disturbed. In the British Commonwealth, the approach to policing is summed up by the motto of Her Majesty’s most glamorous constabulary: The Mounties always get their man–i.e., leave it to us. But these days in the British police, when they can’t get their man, they’ll get you instead: Frankly, that’s a lot easier, as poor Mr. Martin discovered.

More here:

Between the introduction of pistol permits in 1903 and the banning of handguns after the Dunblane massacre in 1996, Britain has had a century of incremental gun control–“sensible measures that all reasonable people can agree on.” And what’s the result? Even when you factor in America’s nutcake jurisdictions with the crackhead mayors, the overall crime rate in England and Wales is higher than in all 50 states, even though over there they have more policemen per capita than in the U.S., on vastly higher rates of pay installing more video surveillance cameras than anywhere else in the Western world.

Steyn’s column is a pretty good sneak preview where America could be headed if the Parkland kids have their way.

(Found via Dana Loesch.)

HIT & RUN: Sheriff’s vehicle hits protester at Stephon Clark vigil.

A Sacramento County sheriff’s deputy struck a protester with his patrol SUV as she and others gathered in the street to denounce the killing of Stephon Clark, then left the scene, according to video of the incident.

The incident Saturday night threatens to exacerbate an already tense relationship between police and protesters in California’s capital. Observers say the deputy struck the woman at a high rate speed of speed, while authorities say the vehicle was moving slowly and the deputy was responding to a dangerous situation created by some of the demonstrators.

During a vigil, a woman carrying a “Stephon Clark Rest in Power” sign walked in front of a sheriff’s vehicle and motioned the driver to stop, according to a video from the National Lawyers Guild Legal Observers. The deputy then drove away, said Guy Danilowitz, a legal observer who recorded the video.

“The vehicle accelerated and struck her, accelerated very fast and struck her violently and she fell to the ground,” Danilowitz said. “It was a very fast acceleration, not the way you would move with people around.”

The woman suffered only minor injuries, but in the video the SUV did seem to suddenly accelerate while the woman was directly in front of it.

BRAVE NEW MIDDLE KINGDOM: China’s New Frontiers in Dystopian Tech. “Facial-recognition technologies are proliferating, from airports to bathrooms.”

Don’t even think about jaywalking in Jinan, the capital of Shandong province. Last year, traffic-management authorities there started using facial recognition to crack down. When a camera mounted above one of 50 of the city’s busiest intersections detects a jaywalker, it snaps several photos and records a video of the violation. The photos appear on an overhead screen so the offender can see that he or she has been busted, then are cross-checked with the images in a regional police database. Within 20 minutes, snippets of the perp’s ID number and home address are displayed on the crosswalk screen. The offender can choose among three options: a 20-yuan fine (about $3), a half-hour course in traffic rules, or 20 minutes spent assisting police in controlling traffic. Police have also been known to post names and photos of jaywalkers on social media.

The system seems to be working: Since last May, the number of jaywalking violations at one of Jinan’s major intersections has plummeted from 200 a day to 20. Cities in the provinces of Fujian, Jiangsu, and Guangdong are also using facial-recognition software to catch and shame jaywalkers.

Once AI lipreading becomes semi-reliable, Chinese will be afraid to even talk about jaywalking — or anything else.

As usual, Arthur C. Clarke was way ahead of the curve.

GOOD LORD: Police shot at a man 20 times in his own yard, thinking he had a gun. It was an iPhone.

Video released by the Sacramento Police Department depicts a frantic foot pursuit through darkened streets pierced by white slivers of police flashlight.

The officers spot Clark approaching a house and shout: “Show me your hands! Stop! Stop!”

Clark is seen running, and the two officers round the corner of the house and find him under a covered patio.

An infrared camera on an overhead helicopter briefly loses sight of Clark at this moment.

“Show me your hands! Gun!” an officer shouts and ducks behind the wall in a fraction of a second.

The helicopter footage shows one of the officers appearing to grab his partner to pull him to cover.

Clark steps toward the officers. Behind the wall, one of the officers issues another command. “Show me your hands!” And then: “Gun, gun, gun!”

Both officers open fire. Sparks from the bullets light up the helicopter’s infrared camera in sharp white pops.

The sequence, from the first glimpse of Clark on the patio to the first gunshot, unfolds in about six seconds.

The officers are never heard identifying themselves as police before fatally shooting Clark.

What a mess.

HMM: Tempe police chief says early probe shows no fault by Uber.

Pushing a bicycle laden with plastic shopping bags, a woman abruptly walked from a center median into a lane of traffic and was struck by a self-driving Uber operating in autonomous mode.

“The driver said it was like a flash, the person walked out in front of them,” said Sylvia Moir, police chief in Tempe, Ariz., the location for the first pedestrian fatality involving a self-driving car. “His first alert to the collision was the sound of the collision.”

From viewing the videos, “it’s very clear it would have been difficult to avoid this collision in any kind of mode (autonomous or human-driven) based on how she came from the shadows right into the roadway,” Moir said. The police have not released the videos.

They should.


When verification was first introduced in 2009, Twitter used it simply as a tool to confirm the identity of public figures. But years later, the platform shifted its stance, deciding to police the content of verified users to ensure they don’t violate user policy, which prohibits “promoting hate and/or violence against, or directly attacking or threatening other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or disease.”

Twitter removed the verified status of prominent white-supremacists Richard Spencer and Jason Kessler in November of last year, after banning alt-right provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos altogether in 2016.

At the Washington Times, Larry O’Connor adds, “David Duke is not verified…Meanwhile, Farrakhan just goes on tweeting with the coveted blue check mark next to his name. [On Wednesday] the anti-Semitic Nation of Islam leader posted a video saying the FBI and is an ‘enemy of black advancement’ and is controlled by ‘the Jews.’”

Why are Democrat-controlled institutions such cesspits of racism and anti-Semitism?

THE VAPORS: Condoleezza Rice stuns ‘The View’ audience with amazing story about 2nd Amendment rights.

“Let me tell you why I’m a defender of the Second Amendment,” she began.

“I was a little girl growing up in Birmingham, Alabama, in the late fifties, early sixties,” she explained. “There was no way that Bull Connor and the Birmingham Police were going to protect you.”

“And so when White Knight Riders would come through our neighborhood,” she said, “my father and his friends would take their guns and they’d go to the head of the neighborhood, it’s a little cul-de-sac and they would fire in the air, if anybody came through.”

“I don’t think they actually ever hit anybody,” she continued. “But they protected the neighborhood. And I’m sure if Bull Connor had known where those guns were he would have rounded them up.”

“And so, I don’t favor some things like gun registration,” she said to a suddenly silent crowd.

Video at the link.

SURPRISING PRECISELY NOBODY: YouTube Secretly Using SPLC To Police Videos.

SORRY, WE NEED YOUR APPLE TO BE A BANANA: FL Shooting Survivor Colton Haab: CNN Told Me I Needed To “Stick To The Script”; Entire Town Hall Scripted.

Trump’s luck is pretty amazing. The entire media sets up a week-long hatefest aimed at the NRA, culminating in that shameful fake “Town Hall,” and then the very next day it comes out that there was a police officer there who was too cowardly to do anything, and Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel, who was shaming and lecturing gun owners the night before, must have known it while he was up there on stage.

Trump’s superpower is his ability, just by existing, to bring out the deep and pervasive rot in America’s institutions and the people who run them.

LATE-STAGE SOCIALISM: Mad Max violence stalks Venezuela’s lawless roads.

In one video apparently showing a looting and uploaded to social media, people are seen gleefully dragging live chickens from a stranded truck.

The looters use tree trunks and rocks to stop vehicles, and are particularly fond of “miguelitos” – pieces of metal with long spikes – to burst tires and halt vehicles.

A ring-road round the central town of Barquisimeto, with shanty-towns next to it, is notorious among truckers, who nickname it “The Guillotine” due to the regular attacks.

In some cases, crowds simply swarm at trucks when they stop for a break or repairs. Soldiers or policemen seldom help, according to interviews with two dozen drivers.

Yone Escalante, 43, who also takes vegetables from the Andes on a 2,800-km (1,700-mile) round-trip to eastern Venezuela, shudders when he recalls how a vehicle of his was ransacked in the remote plains of Guarico state last year.

“Social media” is as close as this Reuters report gets to the words “socialism” or “socialist.”

Related: Colombia and Brazil clamp down on borders as Venezuela crisis spurs exodus.

Isn’t border control racist?


Crazed Eagles fans seem to have little problem scaling the light poles lubed with hydraulic brake fluid.

Related: Found via Jonathan Last, at the time of this post, the Philadelphia PD scanner audio feed is jumping, with reports of a Christmas tree on fire, a car being flipped, and a street light torn down.

UPDATE: Eagles fans are partying hard in Philadelphia.

More: Fires, mayhem, insane trust falls in Philly after Super Bowl win.

Meanwhile up north: Violent riot starts after Super Bowl. No, not in Philly … In Amherst, MA.

UPDATE: Terrifying Things Heard on the Philadelphia Police Scanner After the Eagles Won the Super Bowl.


Businesses pay between $4,000 and $6,000 to join Project Green Light, a program that allows police to monitor businesses’ video surveillance feeds in real time. The cost covers installation of high-definition cameras and lighting. There also is a monthly fee of up to $150 for cloud-based video storage.

They should just elect Fat Tony as Mayor and be done with it.

SICK: After “swatting” death in Kansas, 25-year old arrested in Los Angeles.

Tyler Barriss, a 25-year old from South Los Angeles, was taken into custody Friday night, according to the local ABC News affiliate. (ABC also notes that “Glendale police arrested a 22-year-old man with the same name for making bomb threats to KABC-TV” back in 2015.) NBC News, speaking to unnamed local “sources” in LA, says that Barriss “had been living at a transitional recovery center.”

Barriss is alleged to have a called in a lengthy threat to Wichita police on Thursday night after a Call of Duty game in which two teammates got into an altercation over a $1.50 wager. Screenshots posted to various Twitter accounts show the dispute escalating. Shortly thereafter, the Wichita police received a call alleging that someone at that address had killed his father, taken his family hostage, poured gasoline around the home, and was ready to light it on fire. Cops descended on the area and cordoned it off. When 28-year old Andrew Fitch opened the front door of his home to see why all the lights were flashing outside, he was shot and killed.


What happened next was broken down on Friday by the Wichita police in a press conference, which you can watch online. According to the officer giving the briefing, a threatening call came in to City Hall at around 6:15pm local time. The caller said he had shot his dad in the head and was holding his mother and brother in the closet. He had a black handgun and wanted to kill himself. The call apparently continued for a full 20 minutes, even as police dispatch was looped in and officers headed to the scene.

Once there, police surrounded the Fitch residence. Andrew Fitch opened the door, saw police cars all over the place, and heard a police officer with a drawn weapon begin to shout at him: “Walk this way!” (You can see the whole ghastly incident, as captured on police cameras at the scene, along with the 911 call that began it, on the Wichita Police Facebook page. The camera footage comes at the end.)

Fitch appears confused and drops his hands, then a police spotlight shines on him, and he appears to raise his hands again. In the middle of a police officer shouting, “Walk this way!” a second time, a single shot rings out, killing Fitch.

The call and the video are on Facebook here.

This is next-level doxxing, gaming America’s militarized police departments to try and settle private disputes with deadly effect. Fitch was not even involved in the dispute, and as one Facebook commenter noted, “No one was in any actual danger before the police arrived.”

THEY NEED WIDER POWERS! Prosecutors Treat Opioid Overdoses as Homicides, Snagging Friends, Relatives.

Police ​are increasingly investigating opioid overdoses as homicides and prosecuting addicts who procure drugs for others. Heroin user Fred Rebmann was recently sentenced to 30 years in federal prison. Video: Jake Nicol/WSJ; Photo Illustration: Heather Seidel/WSJ

Fueled by a flood of heroin laced with fentanyl and other powerful synthetic opioids, the overdose death rate in Hamilton County more than tripled between 2006 and 2016 to 50 per 100,000 people, or four times as many as those killed in traffic accidents. Nationally, some 64,000 Americans died from overdoses last year, up 86% from 2006, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

A newly created heroin task force in Hamilton County has investigated hundreds of deaths in the past two years, resulting in a dozen involuntary manslaughter indictments in state court and 13 federal indictments for distribution of controlled substances resulting in death.

But in courtrooms around the country, prosecutors are also sweeping up low-level dealers who are addicts trying to support their habit, as well as friends and family members of overdose victims who bought or shared drugs with the deceased. Some critics of the prosecution tactic say these users need treatment, not harsh prison sentences.

That doesn’t look very much like justice.

GOOD LORD: Arizona Cop Acquitted for Killing Man Crawling Down Hotel Hallway While Begging for His Life.

The incident occurred in January 2016. Daniel Shaver apparently was showing off a pellet gun, and it was visible through the hotel room window. This promped somebody to call to the hotel front desk, which prompted a call to the police.

So it wasn’t unreasonable for police to approach the hotel room thinking the encounter might be dangerous. They knew there was a gun there, and they didn’t know it was a pellet gun. But that video shows some truly baffling decisions by Brailsford that escalated the situation to make it even scarier, not the least of which was that Brailsford’s bluster and open threats of violence made him appear as terrified as Shaver.

The contents of the body camera footage had been described to the public before, when Brailsford was first charged, but the video itself was withheld until this morning.

Forcing Shaver to crawl toward the police like this increased the likelihood that Shaver would lose balance and make wild movements, and Brailsford’s bizarre orders were probably confusing even to a sober person.

Read the whole thing. And the video, I must warn you, is disturbing.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Video: University of Florida Campus cops defend vandalism, destruction of property. It’s amazing how consistently useless campus police seem to be in protecting the ability of people on the right to speak.

TEACH WOMEN NOT TO RAPE (CONT’D): Snapchat Video Gets California Teacher Arrested For Alleged Sexual Relation With Student.

According to, a high school student at Beaumont High School in California, spotted the Snapchat video in August and approached the student, who had reportedly posted it and asked if it was “Mrs. Ciotta.”

“Yes…Bro, I’m getting in deep…been f—–g (Ciotta) and getting threesomes for the past couple weeks (at her house),” the student reportedly responded, according to the documents obtained by, a local news organization in New Jersey.

Police have been investigating if the teacher had inappropriate sexual contact with more than just one minor Beaumont High School student, according to Ciotta is scheduled to appear in court on Nov. 3.

Beaumont Unified School District officials had been made aware of the video on Sept. 1 and they then contacted the police about the rumors alleging Ciotta appeared half-naked with the alleged victim and other underage students, according to the documents obtained by

Where are the cries about “rape culture” in our high school teaching staffs?


The indicted husband-and-wife team of former IT aides to Democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz sat directly across from each other at the defendants’ table in federal court Friday in Washington, D.C., but refused to look at each other.

Even as they are co-defendants in a U.S. case, Imran Awan’s own wife, Hina Alvi, has become the latest person to accuse him of fraud, filing papers against him in Pakistani court, according to Pakistani news channel ARY.

The couple were in U.S. court to face bank fraud charges related to sending money to Pakistan around the time they learned they were under investigation for abuses related to their work managing IT for members of Congress. Awan was arrested at Dulles Airport in July attempting to board a flight to Pakistan.

Wasserman Schultz, former chair of the Democratic National Committee, and other House Democrats have vigorously defended Awan, claiming the Capitol Police might be drumming up charges out of Islamaphobia.

Alvi was arraigned Friday on four felony counts, and Awan, who has already been arraigned, requested that his GPS monitoring bracelet be taken off — citing the fact that his wife was in America as the reason he was not a flight risk.

Yet the couple entered and left the court separately, have different lawyers, and Awan’s lawyer told the judge that the husband and wife are staying “in a one-bedroom apartment and then also a house.”

Pakistani legal papers published by the news channel show Alvi recently accused Awan of illegally marrying another woman, and of fraud. “My husband Imran Awan son of Muhammad Ashraf Awan, committed fraud along with offence of polygamy,” she charges in the papers.

Hina’s U.S. lawyer, Nikki Lotze, did not dispute the account.

Related: Imran Awan ‘Very Strongly’ Wants To Block Review Of Hard Drive, Was Using Alias.

A Capitol Police report shows that the laptop was found in a phone booth in the Rayburn House Office Building after midnight, after Imran had already been banned from touching the House network, and that the laptop had the username RepDWS.

In an emotional exchange caught on video in May, Wasserman Schultz demanded that the Capitol Police chief return the laptop, saying there would be “consequences” if they did not. She said “if a member loses” equipment, police should not be able to look at it. She hired an outside lawyer to try to block prosecutors from looking at it, invoking the “speech and debate” clause, which covers members’ legislative activity. Two months later, she said it was actually Imran’s laptop and she had never seen it. She did not fire Imran for months after the laptop was found in his backpack, and continued to pay him until his arrest.

Flashback: House IT Aides Fear Suspects In Hill Breach Are Blackmailing Members With Their Own Data.

THIS IS A SOMEWHAT MISLEADING HEADLINE: Explosive possessed by Stephen Paddock may have been used in NYC bombing.

The lede makes a bit more sense:

An explosive compound like the one found in Las Vegas mass shooter Stephen Paddock’s car and home is believed to have been used last year in an alleged terrorist bombing in New York City.

Authorities say they recovered an undisclosed amount of the compound known as Tannerite from Paddock’s home in Mesquite and 50 pounds from his car parked at Mandalay Bay, where he used firearms to mow down concertgoers at the adjacent Route 91 Harvest festival on Sunday.

Police have not said why the 64-year-old Paddock possessed Tannerite, which is unregulated and legally used by marksmen to create targets that emit a small cloud of smoke when they are struck. Authorities also found ammonium nitrate, another ingredient that can be used to build bombs, in his vehicle at the site of the shooting.

Yes, as the Las Vegas Review-Journal article goes on to note, Tannerite was used by an Afghan immigrant in a Chelsea district bombing last year in Manhattan that injured 31. It was also used by this guy a decade ago who created a viral video in the early days of YouTube of his Appple G4 blowing up:

So very unlikely an ISIS connection based on that alone, but that isn’t stopping their Twitter account from quadrupling down on their claims. However, at this point, as Rita Katz of the Insite on Terrorism Website writes, “Regardless of Paddock’s motivations, his attack in Las Vegas was a tragic act of evil. But ISIS has come too far to walk back its claims for the Las Vegas attack. Unless it wants its future claims to be dismissed, it will need to provide what it did for flight KGL9268 and other events: proof.”

And more puzzling early details emerge, via NBC:

The investigators are puzzled by two discoveries: First, a charger was found that does not match any of the cellphones that belonged to the gunman, Stephen Paddock.

And second: Garage records show that during a period when Paddock’s car left the hotel garage, one of his key cards was used to get into his room.

There are several possible explanations for these anomalies, the investigators say, but they want to get to the bottom of it.

They are also examining his finances. IRS records show that Paddock was a successful gambler, earning at least $5 million in 2015. Some of that could be from other investments, but most of it was from gambling, officials say.

On Wednesday, Mark Steyn spoke with Tucker Carlson about how, in an era of endless social media,  weirdly blank Paddock’s Internet profile is. There’s video of the interview at Mark’s Website, to which he adds:

Whether or not he sat at gaming tables regularly, a thought occurred to me during the Sheriff’s press conference that this man’s “weirdly blank” public profile (as I put it) is closer to something like a contract killer than a mentally disturbed guy who suddenly snaps. I’m not saying this particular accountant is literally the eponymous accountant of Ben Affleck’s recent movie, but there is a level of efficiency and organization here that separates Sunday night’s carnage from almost all other single-shooter attacks.

So as the days go by this seems less and less like a lone wacko who suddenly cracks up.

Today, Steyn adds:

It is also interesting to note that Stephen Paddock apparently cased the “Life is Beautiful” concert in Las Vegas, headlined by the rapper Chance. The victims at that event would have been very different from those at the country music festival, and the press coverage would have been, too: Democrats would have stampeded down the “white supremacy” track rather than “gun control”. One senses that the killer, in his cold calculations, was aware, for whatever reason, of all these factors.

True, but as Allahpundit notes, the type of venue may have played a larger factor. “My theory for why he might have passed on an attack on the Life Is Beautiful festival was the sheer sprawl of the event, which spread out over 18 blocks. People might have been able to flee in all directions fairly quickly…It’s not the *event* that was key to his decision to attack, perhaps, but the site from which he staged it.”

THE NEW YORK SUN: Aldean’s Army:

An apt metaphor. Their courage under fire will be talked about for years to come — even if we have so far witnessed on the internet only glimpses captured on cell phones. One is of one fan standing up and giving a rude gesture to the machine-gunner attacking the crowd. Others show individuals huddling protectively over injured friends, even while automatic weapon fire is still raining down on what used to be the concert.

These were Americans like Sonny Melton, a nurse from Tennessee quoted in USA Today. When the shooting started, his widow, Heather, a physician, said, “he grabbed me from behind and started running, when I felt him get shot in the back.” It killed him but not before he saved his Heather. One witness told NBC’s Today show that “you saw a lot of ex-military jumping into gear. I saw guys plugging bullet holes with their fingers.”

The witness saw “police officers standing up as targets, just trying to direct people to tell them where to go.” He added: “The amount of bravery I saw, words can’t describe what it was like.” It’s not as if there weren’t glimpses of bravery in earlier mass shootings. Rarely, though, have such attacks been made with fully automatic weapons (which are illegal in all states) and lasted 72 minutes.

That in itself is an astonishing span of terror — aimed at thousands of concert goers peaceably assembled for the most American of pastimes. No doubt in coming days we will start to learn more about the dark side of the story, the killer’s descent into whatever madness came over him. What a contrast to the thousands of ordinary Americans who, when fired upon, sprang to help one another and inspired their countrymen in a time of terror.

Related: Americans Under Fire:

At this hour local and national authorities are attempting to learn why a 64-year-old man named Stephen Paddock killed at least 58 people and wounded more than 500 in what is being called the deadliest shooting in U.S. history. While his motive for the massacre at a country music festival in Las Vegas on Sunday night remains a mystery, what’s clear is that amid the carnage and in its aftermath, Americans have been rising to the occasion.

This morning residents of Las Vegas assembled in hours-long lines to donate blood. Videos posted on social media and eyewitness accounts make clear that last night many of the concert attendees sought to help others escape the gunfire. . .

A witness described acts of heroism during the shooting and in the immediate aftermath in an interview with NBC: “It was everywhere. Thank God it was a country concert. You saw a lot of ex-military jumping into gear. I saw guys plugging bullet holes with their fingers. I saw police officers, while everyone else was crouching, police officers standing up as targets, just trying to direct people to tell them where to go. The amount of bravery I saw, words can’t describe what it was like.”

A slew of stories are emerging of people transporting people to hospitals using pickup trucks and personal vehicles. Civilians were offering them up with no reservations.

Look for the helpers. They’re always there. And ordinary Americans can be pretty extraordinary.

BRUCE BAWER: Misrepresenting Germany in the New York Times.

Case in point: a 14-minute “Times documentary” entitled “Seeking Asylum in Germany – and Finding Hatred.” Credited to Ainara Tiefenthäler, Shane O’Neill, and Andrew Michael Ellis, and posted front and center on the Times website last Thursday, it’s about Abode, a tall, lanky 22-year-old Libyan refugee who, at the beginning of the film, has been living in the Saxon town of Bautzen (pop. 41,000) for over two years.

From the outset, Abode is presented as an innocent victim of racist hatred. We see him in his room at the Bautzen asylum center, talking softly, his large brown eyes oozing sensitivity. We see a cell-phone video in which a young white woman half his size kicks and hits him, apparently without provocation. We see him rehearsing for a hip-hop stage adaptation of Romeo and Juliet in which he plays Mercutio; the theater director, a middle-aged woman, speaks of him glowingly.

Providing contrast to this peaceable young man, we see a ragtag neo-Nazi group in Bautzen’s town square, waving flags and praising Donald Trump. And we see close-ups of racist online comments (in German) about refugees.

Abode says that when he used to see pictures of Europe on TV, he thought it looked wonderful. But now he hates it. “Libya is the land of good,” he says. Germany, by contrast, is a land of Nazis.

“Nazi” is a word he uses a lot. He says he’s had “problems with Nazis and the police” ever since his arrival in Germany. Eventually we discover that he’s been described in the local media as the head of a gang of refugees who engage in rioting and violence. We see a newspaper front page featuring a picture of him aiming a machine gun.

Read the whole thing.


Because the threat of arrest and small fines obviously isn’t discouraging a growing number who engage in criminal activities as a way of protesting, Banzhaf suggests that all those adversely affected should sue for civil damages under a variety of legal theories, some of which have already been successful.

As he said in the National Law Journal, unless we finally confront the growing problem of very disruptive, expensive, and harmful riots by those who disagree with verdicts, things will only get worse. . . .

There are many reasons why the criminal law has often actually encouraged – rather than discouraged – criminal rioters, says Banzhaf.

Rioters who violate criminal laws know that their chances of actually being arrested are small, as more police forces yield the streets to their blockades, “die ins,” chaining themselves to things, and other similar tactics – with police often afraid to make arrests, or recognizing a new “right” to have them “let off steam,” or simply because of sympathy with their cause.

Even the few rioters who may be arrested usually face only a token fine; a small price to pay, they often think, for getting even more publicity for their cause.

Indeed, if they refuse to pay the fine and are prosecuted in court, they can often turn the trial into a major media event to focus even more public attention on their grievances.

The arrests themselves can also be publicized, with cell-phone stills or videos posted on the Internet to gain sympathy, and to increase their status and street cred.

Potential rioters who may be willing to risk small criminal fines may be deterred by the likelihood of much larger civil judgments, potentially also including punitive damages since the torts are “intentional,” and especially those which might result from class actions.

This is true even for rioters with few assets, since the possibility of a large civil judgment – with potential garnishments and other collection techniques – is something many young people would be concerned about.

Civil damages actions are also much easier to win than criminal prosecutions, notes Banzhaf, since there are fewer elements to establish, and a much lower standard of proof to be met.

Civil actions would also open the door to pre-trial legal discovery, including those aimed at verifying concerns expressed in various media that those with even deeper pockets are involved in the planning, funding, and/or execution of these criminal disruptions.

That last is the real point, I think. And this analysis is also applicable to campus rioters.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: VIDEO: Profs bully TPUSA prez while she recruits on campus.

Professors at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln harassed the president of the school’s Turning Point USA chapter Friday afternoon while she was tabling on campus grounds.

According to chapter President Katie Mullen, at least three professors circled the table while carrying signs and yelling things like “f**k Charlie Kirk” and “TPUSA Nazis.” . . .

Mullen told Campus Reform that a university administrator eventually came out and told her she could not table because she was in a free speech zone. Campus police were called, however, and after assessing the situation they informed Mullen that she had the right to stay and table.

“I was honestly shocked and scared. I was there for a couple hours and had no real issues but a couple debates,” Mullen told Campus Reform. “They came with posters screaming profanities at me and people passing by.”

“I didn’t even engage, but I kept tabling as I wasn’t going to let them silence me,” she continued, but conceded that after a while, “I got overwhelmed and scared and started to cry,” at which point the professors “screamed [that] I was crying for attention.”

“It shocks me that these are professors that are supposed to teach and support students and they were bullying me,” she remarked.

It wasn’t “bullying,” it was “peace through violence” because shut up you Nazi. It may also have been a conspiracy to deprive her of her civil rights, a federal felony.

WITH DNC IN MIND, CITY BANS CARRYING URINE, FECES. Boston Police Commissioner: Bottles Filled With Urine Thrown At Officers During Protest. “Boston Police also confirmed rocks were thrown at officers.”

Related: “‘You stupid ass black bitch! You’re supposed to be on our side!’ — that’s what this protester screamed in the face of a black police officer” in Boston yesterday.

(Classical reference in headline.)

WHY ARE DEMOCRAT MONOPOLY INSTITUTIONS SUCH CESSPITS OF CORRUPTION? 34 Baltimore cases dismissed after video appears to show officer planting drugs.

Baltimore’s last Republican mayor left office before the Beatles released Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

A CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION MASQUERADING AS A POLITICAL PARTY. Report: FBI Seized Smashed Hard Drives From Debbie Wasserman Schultz IT Aide’s Home:

FBI agents seized smashed computer hard drives from the home of Florida Democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s information technology (IT) administrator, according to an individual who was interviewed by Bureau investigators in the case and a high level congressional source.

Pakistani-born Imran Awan, long-time right-hand IT aide to the former Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairwoman, has since desperately tried to get the hard drives back, the individual told The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Investigative Group.

Earlier: Shocking video shows former DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz threatening the Chief of Capitol Police to ‘expect consequences’ if he didn’t return a laptop taken during a criminal investigation:

The laptop was taken by police following a report into data breaches inside congressional offices in Washington. Politico first reported that one staffer under investigation for the theft had worked for multiple Democrats in Washington, but had been fired after the alleged IT breaches. . . . The Capitol Police and other agencies are investigating Imran Awan, who has run technology for Wasserman Schultz since 2005. He was banned from the House network in February on suspicion of data breaches and theft. Wasserman Schultz’s representatives denied the lawmaker was using her position on the committee that sets the police force’s budget to press its chief on the matter of the laptop.

As Glenn noted at time, “Well, that was clearly a lie. The Democrats really don’t seem to want people investigating this hacking case for some reason.”

(Classical reference in headline.)

(Bumped, by Glenn).

NO DUTY TO RESCUE: Ann Althouse on that Florida drowning video: “Did the boys even have the ability to rescue the man? You could die trying to rescue a person. It’s not surprising that the law doesn’t require rescue. Such a law could cause more people to die.”

They do seem like awful people. But being an awful person isn’t — and shouldn’t — be a crime. As for requiring people to call the police when they see something, well, that’s what Justine Diamond did.

VIDEO: Pilot of small plane sticks landing on NY highway, pulls over for police.

“You know that cop was loving [this.] ‘You guys won’t believe what I pulled over today.’”

LEFTIST POLITICAL VIOLENCE: Police release video of ‘person of interest’ in Heller threat.

Las Vegas police have released a video of a person of interest in the investigation into a threatening note that was left on the door of Sen. Dean Heller’s (R-Nev.) district office.

Police described the individual as a white adult male between 50 and 60 years old wearing a black baseball cap, shorts and a collared shirt.

A threatening note telling Heller to vote against the legislation was found taped to the door of his district office on Sunday.

The Nevada Independent reported the note warned Heller that the individual would loser their healthcare if the senator voted for the ObamaCare repeal and replace plan, and Heller would die in return.

I hope they find this person, and give him free government healthcare in prison.

TAMARA KEEL: Warning Sign:

So, about the glaring red flag in the recent Minneapolis police shooting…

No, not the fact that the cop was a Somali-American. Some people are all “zomg he was Somali and named Mohammed! Terr’ism!” Settle your ass down. If it were terrorism, he’d have shot the other cop and then all the responding cops until somebody shot him. It wasn’t terrorism.

No, big red flag is that he was a grown man with a college degree and an apparently reasonably successful career in property management decides, in his thirties, to drop it all to go be the police. There are two kinds of people who do that, and one is a disaster waiting to happen.

After Philando Castile, among other things, it seems clear that the Minnesota police — at the very best — have a serious training and management problem.

UPDATE: Changed to correct suggestion that Philando Castile was shot by Minneapolis Police.

ANOTHER UPDATE: A Police Shooting With A Difference.

In this case there is no heartbreaking video. In this case, moreover, the officer involved is black and the shooting victim is white. Indeed, as of March 2015, Officer Noor is the first Somali officer on the Minneapolis police force. I take it there will be no rush to judgment in this case and that we will be spared the disruptive protests featured in the Castile case. We may have to be grateful for small mercies.

I reached out to a trusted law enforcement source for any insight he might be able to offer. He responds: “My first thought was that it was accidental, but rumor has it [Officer Noor is] denying that it was a negligent discharge.” He adds: “If there aren’t some sort of mitigating circumstances, and I’m struggling to imagine what they could be, this may be the most egregious police shooting in my lifetime if not longer…But not many facts are known at this point and it’s hard to pass judgement before knowing more than what’s being leaked to the media.”

I assume there will be a U.S. DOJ investigation.

DASHCAM VIDEO OF THE PHILANDO CASTILE SHOOTING JUST RELEASED: “Comedy Central’s Trevor Noah says that supporters of the Second Amendment have a double standard. He says that if a legal gun owner had been shot by police, but if that person wasn’t a black man, the gun lobby would be up in arms (so to speak). He says the lack of outcry from the NRA is deafening… What do you think? Should the pro-Second Amendment groups be outraged about Philando Castile’s death?”

WELL, I WASN’T ON THE JURY BUT THIS SEEMS LIKE A BAD VERDICT TO ME: Philando Castile shooting: Officer Yanez acquitted of manslaughter, dismissed from police force. I still don’t see any good reason for shooting Castile, much less for firing his gun into a car containing a woman and her child. For that he was also charged, but acquitted.

“Yanez, who is Latino, ‘did what he had to do’ when he shot Castile, a defense attorney argued during the trial. Yanez testified that he feared for his life after Castile refused to not pull out his gun, despite the officer’s commands. Prosecutors argued that Yanez never saw the gun, and that he overreacted to a non-threat. The trial included squad-car video of the traffic stop between the two, but footage did not show what happened in Castile’s car, leaving it up to the jury to believe Yanez’s testimony.”

“Refused to not pull out his gun” is, I think, incorrect. Castile never pulled a gun; according to his girlfriend he was pulling out his ID as ordered.

Of course, the fact that Yanez is a Latino means this doesn’t fit the standard racial narrative, but I doubt that will matter.


A young reporter went on an obscenity-peppered tirade Sunday night outside a Philadelphia entertainment venue before getting arrested by local police officer.

Employees at the Helium Comedy Club asked Colleen Campbell, a 28-year-old recent graduate of Temple University, if she could be more quiet during actor and comic Craig Robinson’s standup performance, according to Philadelphia Magazine.

Even though management personally declined to comment, the broadcaster reportedly refused to lower her voice during Robinson’s show.

“About last night: this very obnoxious lady, who wasn’t drunk (nor high I think) was disturbing the show with her ‘loud whispering,’” comic Wil Sylvince wrote in a Facebook post. “After 3 warnings and other customers were complaining she was asked to leave.”

But as Campbell is escorted out of the building, she allegedly became extremely unruly to the point where a police officer felt compelled to get involved.

Sylvince notes that when she was initially kicked out of the comedy club, she kicked, punched, and even poked the eyes of three different employees.

“You guys are fucking dickeaters, that’s what you fucking are. You going to record that on tape?” Campbell says directly in the face of a well-mannered officer. “You are fucking cocksuckers, ” she continued emphatically, making sure to enunciate the “S” sounds.

And not surprisingly, the New York Post reports that Philadelphia’s PHL-17 quickly offloaded the young would-be television journalist and airbrushed her from their Website. Or as the New York Post adds, “Fired TV reporter says she’s ‘ruined’ after ugly rant:”

A television reporter who was fired for berating a cop during an expletive-filled tirade outside of a Philadelphia comedy club says she feels “ruined” and wants to apologize to the officer after getting threats.

Colleen Campbell, 28, of Philadelphia, said she only learned that her cringe-worthy rant outside of the Helium on Sunday was caught on camera and posted to Facebook after she was busted on charges of resisting arrest, criminal mischief and disorderly conduct.

“When I came home, I called my producer to talk about why I was absent,” Campbell told Philadelphia Magazine. “I didn’t realize a video was out. I found out about it later because HR called me and said I was being terminated. They said there’s a video. I said, ‘What video?’”

Oh there’s video all right; click on the link above to watch it at the Post. After the video ended, according to Philadelphia magazine, “Police: Colleen Campbell Later Assaulted the World’s Most Patient Cop.”

According to a police statement about the incident, shortly after the calm, cool, and collected cop who responded to the scene led her away in cuffs and the video stopped, Campbell, a recent Temple University graduate, allegedly assaulted him. Police say that she kicked him repeatedly and also kicked the doors and windows of a police car.

If those last allegations are true, Iowahawk really needs to update his 2008 blog post titled, “Bylines of Brutality: As Casualties Mount, Some Question The Emotional Stability of Media Vets.”


Turn to this video captured during the attack, and you’ll see, or rather hear, what I’m talking about. You’ll see police barge into a pub near London Bridge, shouting at customers to get on the ground. At the 37 second mark, you’ll hear a man, in the midst of an attack and likely believing his life was in danger, shout “F–king Muslim c–ts!” The man making the video replies, “Shut up mate, you f–king idiot. It’s not Muslims.” He later took to Twitter to follow up.  “It’s me saying it isn’t the Muslims in that video because it bloody well isn’t. Stop grouping people based on a cult. They aren’t Islamic. It’s f–king lazy and downright racist to label all Islam alongside these scumbags.” So again, keep in mind that as this video is being filmed, people are being stabbed and attacked. The police are running to try and stop them. And in the middle of this attack, this young Brit’s priority is to say “not all Muslims” to those huddled on the floor. A nation of juveniles yelling “that’s racist” on their phones in the midst of a terror attack does not exactly indicate the persistence of the toughened spines that beat the Boche.

Expat British conservative John Derbyshire coined the phrase “Better dead than rude” to describe the PC mindset shortly after 9/11. It’s staggering to see how internalized it’s become among the residents of Airstrip One.

Earlier: In the Face of Terror, Londoners Told to “Run, Hide, Tell.”

(Classical reference in headline.)

KEEPING IT WEIRD: Clashes break out as supporters and opponents of Trump descend on Portland.

Police in riot gear made 14 arrests and used pepper spray and flash-bang grenades to break up the crowds. But the violence was far less than city officials had anticipated after a white supremacist was accused of stabbing to death two men who tried to defend a pair of teenagers from his anti-Muslim insults and racist taunts on a city train. A third man was injured during the confrontation May 26.

Trump supporters held signs aloft saying, “Don’t tread on me,” “God, guns and Trump” and “Make America great again,” as they engaged in heated arguments with black-clad protesters holding signs saying, “Black lives matter,” “You have blood on your hands” and “Portland stands against hate.”

The pro-Trump March for Free Speech drew the ire of many Portlanders after images went viral showing the 35-year-old suspect in the killings attending a similar protest in April led by local video blogger Joey Gibson, who also organized Sunday’s demonstration. As Jeremy Joseph Christian was arraigned Tuesday on charges of murder and attempted murder, he shouted a stream of threats: “Free speech or die, Portland. You got no safe place. This is America. Get out if you don’t like free speech.”

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler tried and failed to get a federal permit for Gibson’s rally revoked, saying its participants “peddle a message of hatred and bigotry.” In a message to residents last week, Wheeler urged “everyone participating to reject violence.”

Freedom of speech is a rejection of violence.

OBAMA’S SPYING: Mark Levin to Congress: Investigate Obama’s ‘Silent Coup’ vs. Trump.

Related: Video: Mark Levin on why Obama may have been spying on Trump.

Plus: WSJ: Samantha Power Unmasked: Why would a diplomat need to know the names of Trump officials?

Barack Obama in 2014 made a large to-do about his reforms of U.S. surveillance programs to “protect the privacy” of Americans. We may soon learn how that squares with his Administration’s unmasking of political opponents.

The House Intelligence Committee Wednesday issued seven subpoenas as part of its Russia probe. But the three most notable demanded that the National Security Agency, the Central Intelligence Agency and Federal Bureau of Investigation turn over records related to the Obama Administration’s “unmasking” of Trump transition members.

We know that U.S. intelligence agencies routinely eavesdropped on foreign officials who were talking about or meeting with Trump aides. Much less routine is for political appointees to override privacy protections to “unmask,” or learn the identity of, U.S. citizens listed in a resulting intelligence report.

The new subpoenas seek details of all unmasking requests in 2016 by three people: former National Security Adviser Susan Rice, former CIA Director John Brennan, and former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power. Democrats claim Ms. Rice needed to unmask names to do her job, though this is questionable given that she wasn’t running counterintelligence investigations. They have a better claim with Mr. Brennan.

But Ms. Power’s job was diplomacy. Unmaskings are supposed to be rare, and if the mere ambassador to the U.N. could demand them, what privacy protection was the Obama White House really offering U.S. citizens? The House subpoenas should provide fascinating details about how often Ms. Power and her mates requested unmaskings, on which Trump officials, and with what justification. The public deserves to know given that unmasked details have been leaked to the press in violation of the law and privacy.

Meantime, we learned from Circa News last week of a declassified document from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, which excoriated the National Security Agency for an “institutional lack of candor.” The court explained that Obama officials had often violated U.S. privacy protections while looking at foreign intelligence but did not disclose these incidents until the waning days of Mr. Obama’s tenure.

This is a very serious question of political abuse of intelligence agencies. I believe that there are multiple felonies — and felons — here. Whether they’ll be prosecuted, or even revealed, is another question entirely.

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Shocking video shows former DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz threatening the Chief of Capitol Police to ‘expect consequences’ if he didn’t return a laptop taken during a criminal investigation. “The laptop was taken by police following a report into data breaches inside congressional offices in Washington. Politico first reported that one staffer under investigation for the theft had worked for multiple Democrats in Washington, but had been fired after the alleged IT breaches. . . . The Capitol Police and other agencies are investigating Imran Awan, who has run technology for Wasserman Schultz since 2005. He was banned from the House network in February on suspicion of data breaches and theft. Wasserman Schultz’s representatives denied the lawmaker was using her position on the committee that sets the police force’s budget to press its chief on the matter of the laptop.”

Well, that was clearly a lie. The Democrats really don’t seem to want people investigating this hacking case for some reason.

Related: House IT Aides Fear Suspects In Hill Breach Are Blackmailing Members With Their Own Data. “Five Capitol Hill technology aides told The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Investigative Group that members of Congress have displayed an inexplicable and intense loyalty towards the suspects who police say victimized them. The baffled aides wonder if the suspects are blackmailing representatives based on the contents of their emails and files, to which they had full access.”

Plus: Criminal probe on Capitol Hill staffers remains eerie. “Imran Awan worked for Wasserman Schultz, who is also the former chair of the Democratic National Committee. She was forced to resign last year after WikiLeaks published e-mails that showed the DNC backing Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary and criticizing her opponent Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-Vt.). In addition to Meeks, three of the five IT staffers worked at different times for New York City Reps. Hakeem Jeffries, Yvette Clarke, and Joseph Crowley, the Queens Democratic Party chairman.”

ALAN DERSCHOWITZ: Russia Probe Sounds Like Stalin’s Secret Police.