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MILE MARKERS ON THE ROAD TO TRUMP: CNN’s Jim Acosta recalls ‘quaint’ Romney gaffes, including one that wasn’t a ‘gaffe’ at all:

For many voters on the Right (myself included), the “binders” moment served as further proof that it does not matter who the GOP submits as its presidential nominee. He can be as kind and decent as Romney, and Democrats and their allies in the press will still savage him as a retrograde monster, grinding him into dust with a relentless torrent of attacks and criticisms. And if Democrats and their supporters cannot find legitimate controversies with which to destroy the GOP nominee, they will simply concoct them from thin air, as they did with “binders full of women” and similar episodes of ginned up outrage. It makes sense, then, that Trump’s inability to feel shame, coupled with his love for fighting with journalists, appealed to the same people who watched in dismay in 2012 as their perfectly honorable candidate was torn to pieces by the White House and the press.

“Romney ran a hard-fought, respectable race,” Acosta recalls in his book, referring to the former governor as a “thoroughly decent human being” with “good manners.”*

Is that so?

Because that most certainly was not the message voters received in 2012, back when Acosta and others were busy obsessing over supposed “gaaaaaaffes” committed by the man who threatened to deny their beloved Barack Obama a second term in office.

Choose the form of your destructor, to coin an Instaphrase.

* Curious how Republicans invariably get rehabilitated by the DNC-MSM as wise elder statesmen to bash the current Republican in office, assuming that the public has forgotten the previous smears.


He is the worst major-party candidate in history.

He’s a gaffe machine. He’s an evil racist who wants to return black people to slavery.

He’s a brutal sexist who wants to return women to the subservience of the 1950s.

He’s a nasty warmonger who doesn’t get the fundamental intricacies of modern foreign policy, with the Manichean worldview to match. He’s an old homophobe with a history of cruelty to workers.

Think we’re talking about Donald Trump?

No, we’re talking about Mitt Romney circa 2012. That’s how the media painted one of the most honorable men ever to run for the White House, the creator of Romneycare, a northeastern Republican with a penchant for compromise and negotiation. Mitt Romney, the left claimed, was no John McCain — that halcyon of moderation and decency.

Now, of course, the media tells us that Donald Trump is a massive departure from the legacy of John McCain and Mitt Romney. He’s beyond the pale! He panders to racists! He’s a vicious sexist and sexual assaulter! He’s uninformed, unstable, ignorant, stupid! Why, compared to Mitt Romney, the man’s a monster!

Much of this may be true in a way it simply wasn’t about Romney. But by 2020, Donald Trump will be the new standard of civility and decency according to the Left.

See also strange new respect the left has granted Nixon, Reagan – and even Dubya.

“REMEMBER WHEN LEFTISTS SAID MITT ROMNEY WAS A RACIST BECAUSE HE USED THE WORD ‘OBAMACARE’ IN A SPEECH? GOOD TIMES,” Avik Roy tweets, linking to a July 2012 Daily Beast article titled “Michael Tomasky* on Mitt Romney the Race Baiter at the NAACP.”

That was also the year that words such as “golf” and “Chicago” were declared racist by a division of Comcast.

To slightly modify a sentence from Glenn last month, both Romney and Tea Party people “were polite, and were betrayed and demonized. Trump supporters are angry, and are betrayed and demonized. What comes next?”

* And if you think Tomasky hates Romney, don’t even get him started on his voters, particularly those from the south.


But Barber drew national attention for his comments about South Carolina’s junior senator, Tim Scott, who is Congress’s lone black Republican and one of only two black senators. Elected to the House in 2010, Scott was tapped by Gov. Nikki Haley to replace Sen. Jim DeMint, who resigned at the start of last year to become president of the Heritage Foundation. As a conservative politician in a conservative state, Scott is expected to prevail easily in this November’s special election to serve out the two years that will remain in the term.

The NAACP is a liberal group, so you wouldn’t expect its leaders to see eye to eye on politics with Tim Scott. But the manner in which Barber expressed his disagreement was remarkably disagreeable. “A ventriloquist can always find a good dummy,” Barber said. “The extreme right wing down here finds a black guy to be senator and claims he’s the first black senator since Reconstruction and then he goes to Washington, D.C., and articulates the agenda of the Tea Party.”

Scott is in fact the South’s first black senator since Reconstruction, but of course what’s invidious here is Barber’s characterization of Scott as a ventriloquist’s “dummy.” And the Washington Times notes that the NAACP stood behind Barber’s comment, saying in a statement: “Dr. King emphasized love and justice rather than extremism. Unless we stand for justice we cannot claim allegiance to or pay homage to Dr. King. In a state such as South Carolina, politicians, whether they be black or white, should not be echoing the position of the far right.”

Fox News reports that Scott, in an appearance on “The Kelly File,” described Barber’s attack as an example of “philosophical bigotry”–a rather gentle characterization of what inescapably is also a racial stereotype.

Really enjoying the hopey, changey, post-racial Obama presidency.


One of the points of racial slander is to signal that only liberal policies are guaranteed to be non-racist (even when such policies were forged with racist intent, like the Davis-Bacon Act). This is why the Congressional Black Caucus insists on calling itself the “conscience of the Congress.”

That’s why policies like school choice are routinely denounced as racist, even though they’re largely aimed at improving the lives of inner-city blacks trapped in bad schools. Teachers unions don’t like school choice, ergo, it’s racist.

Any serious attempt by the GOP to win black votes won’t involve Republicans copycatting liberal policies. It will require going over the heads of black and white liberal slanderers to offer a sincere alternative to failed liberal policies on schools, poverty, crime, etc. The more effective that effort, the more the GOP will be called racist.

When Romney, whose father marched with Martin Luther King Jr., spoke to the NAACP, Michael Tomasky of the Daily Beast dubbed him a “race-mongering pyromaniac,” primarily for using the term “ObamaCare” — a term Barack Obama used himself.

Just imagine the attacks in store for a more effective Republican.


HEH: “I’ve never heard anyone look around an impoverished neighborhood and say, ‘You know, there’s too much free enterprise around here. Too many shops, too many jobs, too many people putting money in the bank’.”

RACISM IN AMERICAN POLITICS: “Cleaver just said Romney should not have criticized Obama in front of black audience.”

REVIEWS: Wolf Blitzer Blasts President Obama for Being NAACP ‘No-Show’: ‘Romney Did the Right Thing. . . . The President Did Not.’ “As Blitzer noticed, it was respectful. he even got a standing ovation — a Republican, at the NAACP convention — besides the applause he received for his commitment to defend traditional marriage. And he was just a little Romney unleashed. If he keeps this up, he might just be our next president.”

ROMNEY TO NAACP: Romney to NAACP: Obama made it worse for you ‘in almost every way.’

UPDATE: Related: Lapdog Media play up NAACP boos for Romney, ignore applause for support of traditional marriage. NAACP members hating Romney because he’s white — fits the narrative. NAACP members opposing gay marriage — doesn’t fit the narrative.

RACISM IN AMERICAN POLITICS: Liberal group calls Romney too white for blacks to like.

In advance of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s speech Wednesday to the NAACP, a liberal group headed by a former New York Times reporter and ex-Media Matters executive have produced a video “satire” that claims blacks don’t like Romney, who they dub so white he makes “Wonder Bread look like pumpernickel.”