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THE HILL: Hispanic Dems ‘disappointed’ with party’s Latino outreach.

Congressional Hispanic Democrats are questioning the party’s approach to campaigning in Latino communities, as Republicans led by Donald Trump exceed expectations with the demographic.

The poor results reveal a rift between the Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC) and Democratic Party leadership over how to approach Latino voters.

Although Trump has alienated many Latino voters with his strong rhetoric on immigration and comments about Hispanics, his performance in polls has been roughly on par with 2012 Republican nominee Mitt Romney. A recent Bloomberg Politics average of polls found Hillary Clinton leads Trump by 38 points among Hispanics. Obama beat Romney by 44.

(Emphasis added. Because wow.) So for all the talk about Trump being racist and killing the GOP with Hispanics, he’s actaully doing 6 points better than Romney.

WHY ARE DEMOCRAT MONOPOLY INSTITUTIONS SUCH CESSPITS OF RACISM? First Latina cast member of NBC’s Saturday Night Live caught deleting thousands of tweets, including several racist and offensive posts.


Shot: “Colin Kaepernick Had No Choice but to Kneel.”

Time magazine, which put Kaepernick on its cover this week after he refused to stand for the National Anthem, has a BLM-obsessed Twitter feed. and wore socks depicting pigs wearing police hats during training camp.

Chaser: “The Seattle Mariners suspended Steve Clevenger without pay for the remainder of the season, moving swiftly Friday to discipline their backup catcher after his set of tweets imploring that protestors in Charlotte should be ‘locked behind bars like animals.’”

USA Today, yesterday.

(Classical reference in headline.)


The quote in question came during an exchange she had with guest and MRC Latino Guide to Conservative Hispanic Speakers member Alfonso Aguilar about the term “hard worker” being racist back when Harris-Parry still had an MSNBC show on October 24, 2015.

Alfonso Aguilar, Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles: “If there’s somebody who is a hard worker when he goes to Washington, it’s Paul Ryan….”
Host Melissa Harris-Perry: “I want us to be super careful when we use the language ‘hard worker,’ because I actually keep an image of folks working in cotton fields on my office wall, because it is a reminder about what hard work looks like. So, I feel you that he’s a hard worker, I do, but in the context of relative privilege.”
— Exchange on MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry, October 24, 2015.

More “fun” from the NBC-owned network at the link.

WHY ARE DEMOCRAT-MONOPOLY INSTITUTIONS SUCH CESSPITS OF RACISM?  David Simon, Creator of HBO’s The Wire, under fire for using the N-word to mock Sean Hannity’s upcoming town hall on race with Donald Trump.

HBO’s parent company is one of Hillary Clinton’s biggest donors.

Perhaps Simon, a far left former journalist before striking gold with Time-Warner-CNN-HBO, is auditioning to be the next publisher of the Village Voice.

JOHN PODHORETZ: The liberal establishment’s Clinton obsession is blowing up in its face:

Trump wasn’t defeated in his quest for the nomination, but it wasn’t because the party or the conservative movement lay down and rolled over for him. Indeed, all the lines of attack being raised today by Hillary Clinton against him, from Trump’s footsie-playing with racists to his foundation’s high jinks to Trump University, were introduced into the national discussion and aired out on the Right for months.

Democrats and liberals, by contrast, did not adjudicate the matters now dogging Hillary’s candidacy during the primary season. Instead, they left all opposition to the ministrations of a 74-year-old socialist who wasn’t even a Democrat until 2014.

And his surprising strength in running against her — Sanders ultimately secured 44 percent of the Democratic primary vote — should have made clear that whatever the mainstream Democratic view, ordinary Democrats did see her as shifty, untrustworthy and someone they did not wish to vote for.

Well, here we are. And here you are, Democrats and liberals. There will be a lot of blame to go around if Trump wins. But a significant share will go to you, because you live in a bubble so impervious to reality, you didn’t realize that nominating a widely disliked person with legal and ethical problems might come to bite you in the ass in the end.

Naturally of course, Podhoretz’s warnings will go unheeded inside the DNC-MSM. Which brings us to this bit of eye-rolling hagiography: It might be time for our media to take a breather from non-stop praise of Hillary Clinton,” Mollie Hemingway similarly warns at the Federalist.  “The Washington Post just called her a style icon. Really.”

Atop Mollie’s post? Hillary’s recent Pittsburgh Steelers horizontal striped bumblebee throwback jersey look – which makes for a nice contrast with her silver United Federation of Planets galactic ambassador togs, I guess.


Click to enlarge, deplorable primitive earthling!

IT’S ALWAYS NICE TO SEE COLLEGE STUDENTS STANDING UP AGAINST PC BULLYING. At Clemson, Coach Dabo Swinney invoked Martin Luther King, Jr. in duscussing Colin Kaepernick and the National Anthem.

This led Clemson Prof. Chenjerai Kumanyika to invoke Black Privilege and write: Take MLK’s name out your mouth: An open letter to Clemson football coach Dabo Swinney. “Coach Swinney, based on your statements, I think that maybe you would not have liked Dr. King if you had known him. Dr. King worked closely with Jackie Robinson, whose presence and success on the field was a protest.”

Then Clemson Student Mitchell Gunter responded: We Won’t Take Your Class: An Open Letter to Chenjerai Kumanyika.

I cringed when you, a non-Muslim, wore a traditional, Islamic head scarf to the Donald Trump rally last year. Talk about cultural appropriation. Given your status as a professor at Clemson, the selective video editing to make it appear as if you were being removed for “your religion” is staggering and troubling.

To your credit though, your “test of our rights to practice the democratic process”, was well-intentioned as you nobly blocked the view of those sitting behind you, a statement of solidarity for groups that sometimes feel marginalized by campaign rhetoric.

You acknowledged that you don’t think that ALL Trump supporters are bigoted, and you merely wanted to start a conversation about equality for all. For a moment there, although you attempted to use me as political fodder to further your narrative of a “racist, backwoods Clemson,” I felt tempted to take one of your classes.

But then I read your “Rate My Professor profile.”

Dr. Kumanyika, I really wish I hadn’t done that.

In your Rate My Professor profile, you have an overall quality score of 1.8 out of 5. One student opines that you’re the “Worst professor I have ever had.” Grading is described as “unnecessarily tough and completely arbitrary” and your classroom habits include “cutting students off before they can finish a sentence, which scares most students into silence.” As a communications professor, I was very surprised to see one student say “Also never answers emails.” I thought that came with the territory.

The two comments that stuck with me were “Terrible. Worst class ever. Very condescending.” and “inside the classroom it’s as if he finds joy in making you feel stupid.” Perhaps you should take some of this feedback to heart.

Your open letter to Dabo indicated that much of this student criticism is true. At the Sikes Sit-In, you talked to me about compassion, yet the level of condescension in your writing is unbearable.

Ouch. To be fair, the last time I looked most of my Ratemyprofessors comments were from people who obviously hadn’t taken any of my classes, but were just goofing via the Internet. I doubt that Prof. Kumanyika is in the same situation, though I suppose I could be wrong. But read the whole thing, which goes well beyond student comments.

Plus, as noted in the comments here, Jackie Robinson was a Republican who voted for Nixon.

THE HILL: How ‘Birtherism’ became Hillary’s Waterloo.

Hillary Clinton had a rough week. From collapsing into a vehicle to her collapsing poll numbers, the Democratic darling is steering her campaign into an iceberg. Put simply, she’s losing.

On Friday, Hillary hit rock bottom. In order to turn the tide in the final weeks of the campaign she resurrected an issue that had long disappeared from the 2016 campaign — birtherism. It was a move that will prove to be her Waterloo.

“For five years [Republican nominee Donald Trump] has led the birther movement to delegitimize our first black president,” Hillary said. “His campaign was founded on this outrageous lie.”

The “birther movement” of which Hillary speaks dealt with the issue of whether President Barack Obama was born in the United States. Because the President failed to release his birth certificate when asked, some began to question what the President was hiding. After Trump brought the issue to the forefront, Obama finally release a birth certificate showing he was born in the United States.

To Hillary, though, Trump’s attachment to the birther movement was much more nefarious. In fact, it was racist.

“He is feeding into the worst impulses, the bigotry and bias that lurks in our country,” the Democratic presidential nominee proclaim. “Barack Obama was born in America, plain and simple, and Donald Trump owes him and the American people an apology.”

Hillary’s motivations were clear. She flunked her first pseudo debate with Trump on NBC’s Commander in Chief forum earlier this month, placed herself in hot water when she declared half of Trump’s supporters were in a basket of deplorables, and further sowed seeds of mistrust when she lied about her health. She had to change the narrative.

“Hold out baits to entice the enemy,” wrote Sun Tzu, “feign disorder, and crush him.” Hillary, by baiting Trump with the birther controversy, was hoping the outspoken candidate would respond in a manner than that was undisciplined and unpresidential. She was hoping Trump would be Trump. It was a gamble she lost.

“President Barack Obama was born in the United States, period,” Trump said in response. “Now, we all want to get back to making America strong and great again.”

Trump’s response — short and simple — showed a candidate who was not only more disciplined but a candidate who understood he was in the lead. It showed a candidate that was willing to shrug of a desperate attack in order to stay on a script that has brought Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, and Colorado back in play.

Moreover, Trump turned the issue back on Hillary. In laughing off the attack, Trump reminded America that the so called seeds of birtherism were planted by Team Clinton during her rough and tumble primary with Obama in 2008. He also reminded the American people that he was the one who settled the issue, thus removing the cloud hanging over Obama’s head.

“Hillary Clinton and her campaign of 2008 started the birther controversy,” Trump said. “I finished it.”


Screen Shot 2016-09-19 at 7.18.58 PM

SIDNEY BLUMENTHAL, HILLARY’S BIRTHER CONSPIRACIST PROPAGANDIST: Ole Sid’s doing the deny deny deny shuffle, but McClatchy has the email trail. Get this: “McClatchy has not been able to reach Blumenthal for comment. He worked for both President Bill Clinton and more recently for the Clintons’ charitable foundation.” You mean the Clinton State-Foundation? The end of this essay narrows the Grail Quest for the Ur-Birther to two suspects.

DISPATCHES FROM THE EDUCATION APOCALYPSE: “In the safe spaces on campus, no Jews allowed,” notes the Washington Post, astonishingly enough:

The recent surge of progressive activism on college campuses across the country has led to many debates on the merits of concepts such as “microaggressions” and “safe spaces” in educational settings that should respect free speech and dialogue. Student uprisings against racial injustice and discrimination at Yale, the University of Missouri and dozens of other universities have shown the power of students who have banded together against institutionalized racism in academia and the student body.

But little has been said about how the idea of “intersectionality” — the idea that all struggles are connected and must be combated by allies — has created a dubious bond between the progressive movement and pro-Palestinian activists who often engage in the same racist and discriminatory discourse they claim to fight. As a result of this alliance, progressive Jewish students are often subjected to a double standard not applied to their peers — an Israel litmus test to prove their loyalties to social justice.

Why are Democrat monopoly institutions such cesspits of anti-Semitism? For a primer on the leftwing conspiracy theory that is “intersectionality,” Christina Hoff Sommers has you covered:

FIRST JIMMY CARTER AND HIS KILLER RABBIT, NOW THIS: “Mrs. Clinton takes on a cartoon frog,” and James Taranto is there to observe every painful moment of the encounter — for the frog:

Poor Pepe! He’s just a make-believe frog, and he stands falsely accused of being ‘racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic—you name it.’ Which means that, according to the definition we set forth yesterday, he qualifies as a Deplorable. That meme [Trump adviser Roger Stone and scion Donald Trump Jr.] tweeted might have been silly, but damned if it doesn’t pass the fact check.

Heh. Read the whole thing.

NEWS YOU CAN USE: Menthol Cigarettes Are Racist.

VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: Obama’s Legacy: The Rise Of Donald Trump.

Without policy achievements to hang his hat on, Obama’s rhetoric will be how he’s remembered – and the results have been ugly. On his recent Asian tour, President Obama characterized his fellow Americans (the most productive workers in the world) as “lazy.” In fact, he went on to deride Americans for a list of supposed transgressions ranging from the Vietnam War to environmental desecration to the 19th century treatment of Native Americans. “If you’re in the United States,” the president said, “sometimes you can feel lazy and think we’re so big we don’t have to really know anything about other people.”

The attack on supposedly insular Americans was somewhat bizarre, given that Obama himself knows no foreign languages. He often seems confused about even basic world geography. (His birthplace of Hawaii is not “Asia,” Austrians do not speak “Austrian,” and the Falkland Islands are not the Maldives).

Obama’s sense of history is equally weak. Contrary to his past remarks, the Islamic world did not spark either the Western Renaissance or the Enlightenment. Cordoba was not, as he once suggested, an Islamic center of “tolerance” during the Spanish Inquisition; in fact, its Muslim population had been expelled during the early Reconquista over two centuries earlier.

In another eerie ditto of his infamous 2008 attack on the supposedly intolerant Pennsylvania “clingers,” Obama returned to his theme that ignorant Americans “typically” become xenophobic and racist: “Typically, when people feel stressed, they turn on others who don’t look like them.” (“Typically” is not a good Obama word to use in the context of racial relations, since he once dubbed his own grandmother a “typical white person.”) Too often Obama has gratuitously aroused racial animosities with inflammatory rhetoric such as “punish our enemies,” or injected himself into the middle of hot-button controversies like the Trayvon Martin case, the Henry Louis Gates melodrama, and the “hands up, don’t shoot” Ferguson mayhem.

Most recently, Obama seemed to praise backup 49ers quarterback and multimillionaire Colin Kaepernick for his refusal to stand during the National Anthem, empathizing with Kaepernick’s claims of endemic American racism. What is going on in Obama’s home stretch? Apparently Obama is veering even further to the left, in hopes of establishing a rhetorical progressive legacy in lieu of any lasting legislative or foreign-policy achievement.

Obama opened the way for Trump. He’s like Rick Moranis in Ghostbusters, or something. And even Ghostbusters was ruined on his watch. . . .

BRAVO! Black Conservative Woman Stands Up to Racist Liberal Insults (Video).

HILLARY’S DEPLORABLES: New Poll Finds That Hillary Supporters Are Pretty Racist Too.

IT’S WORSE THAN YOU KNOW: The Sordid History of Liberals Calling Republicans Racists.

DENVER POST: Hillary Clinton’s “basket of deplorables” remark goes way too far.

Before elite donors at a glitzy fundraiser on Friday, Hillary Clinton managed to insult millions of Americans by arguing that half of Donald Trump’s supporters are deplorable individuals animated by racist, sexist, homophobic and other warped ways of thinking. Though she’s backed away from applying that characterization so broadly, she deserves the backlash she’s getting over the remarks. . . .

We condemned Mitt Romney in 2012 for making his 47 percent comments to well-heeled donors. Romney said that nearly half the nation was comprised of freeloaders who “pay no income tax” and who are in the tank for Democrats because of the party’s identification with government assistance.

And we remember that in 2008, the last time Clinton ran for president, she happily joined criticism of then-candidate Barack Obama for telling donors that struggling Americans “cling to guns or religion or antipathy towards people who aren’t like them.”

Related: Not Deplorable, Not Horrible, Not Irredeemable:

When Hillary Clinton denounced half of Donald Trump’s supporters as a “basket of deplorables” last Friday, it seemed less an unscripted gaffe and more part of a targeted messaging strategy. Earlier last week, in an interview with an Israeli television network, she also trotted out the “basket of deplorables” line. Perhaps this “deplorables” attack will help rally the Left’s base. Maybe this was intended as a strategy to distract from Secretary Clinton’s myriad scandals and try to make the election a referendum on Donald Trump. However, the partisan optics of her attack might be less revealing than its deeper assumptions. Whether or not this proves an effective partisan gambit, the “deplorables” attack reveals some of the assumptions that have rendered public debates more fractious. . . .

Making politics simply the conflict between right-thinking people and “deplorables” (or sheep misled by such “deplorables”) undermines the foundation of serious political discussion, which demands a good-faith effort at communication and a recognition that those who differ from us might have legitimate alternative viewpoints. Without that mode of discussion, politics degenerates into simply screaming slogans at the opposing side. It’s a commonplace to lament political “gridlock,” but the impulse to deplorablize one’s opponents very much gets in the way of finding prudential compromise. The politics of demonization decreases civil trust and threatens to increase the fractures of an already divided body politic.

It makes perfect sense, though, if you divide voters into those who can be useful and those who might stand in your way.

UPDATE: Ramesh Ponnuru: Clinton’s ‘Basket of Deplorables’ wasn’t just impolitic, it was wrong.

DANA MILBANK: Yes, half of Trump supporters are racist.

Maybe they’re the almost-half of the Washington Post’s readership that’s disappeared since 2004.

PAUL RAHE: Trump Seizes A Golden Opportunity. “Hillary Clinton crossed a line Friday night when she borrowed a line from Barack Obama’s playbook and demonized those who disagree with her, denouncing one-quarter of her fellow Americans as sexists, racists, homophobes, and Islamophobes and castigating them as a ‘basket of deplorables.’ It is one thing to attack a political candidate or even a political party. When one thinks that they have gone astray, they are fair game. It is another to go after their voters; and today, when Donald Trump responded to this vile attempt to set American against American and to sow the seeds of civil strife, he hit a home run.”

SPENGLER: Deplorably, Trump Is Going To Win.

You can’t win an American presidential election without the deplorables’ vote. Deplorables are America’s biggest minority. They might even be the American majority. They may or not be racist, homophobic and so forth, but they know they’re deplorable. Deplorable, and proud. They’re the median family whose real income has fallen deplorably by 5% in the past ten years, the 35% of adult males who deplorably have dropped out of the labor force, the 40% of student debtors who deplorably aren’t making payments on their loans, the aging state and local government workers whose pension funds are $4 trillion short. They lead deplorable lives and expect that their kids’ lives will be even more deplorable than theirs.

Americans are by and large forgiving people. They’ll forgive Bill for cavorting with Monica “I did not have sex with that woman” Lewinsky in the Oval Office and imposing himself on any number of unwilling females. They might even forgive Hillary for losing tens of thousands of compromising emails on an illegal private server and then repeatedly lying about it in a way that insults the deplorable intelligence of the average voter. But the one thing you can’t do is spit on them and tell them it’s raining. They’ll never forgive you for that. They’re hurting, and they rankle at candidates who rub their faces in it.

Mitt Romney’s campaign was unsalvageable after the famous 2012 “47% remark,” by which he simply meant that the 47% of American workers whose income falls below the threshold for federal taxes would be indifferent to his tax cut proposals. The trouble is that these workers pay a great deal of taxes–to Social Security, Medicare, and in most cases to local governments through sales taxes and assessments. After a covert video of his remarks at a private fundraiser made the rounds, Romney spent the rest of the campaign with the equivalent of an advertising blimp over his head emblazoned with the words: “I represent the economic elite.” Clinton has done the same thing with the cultural elite.

First the deplorables, then the “pneumonia” thing. If I were Trump, I’d be worried that the Dems will pull Hillary out and put in somebody fresher (well, that would be anybody) and harder to beat (well, that would be anybody).


Screen Shot 2016-09-11 at 10.33.17 AM

UPDATE: CBS News reports the pool of reporters who travel with Clinton “are being penned in at 9/11 memorial, not informed of her current whereabouts.”

ANOTHER UPDATE: Hillary Clinton reportedly has ‘medical episode’ at 9/11 ceremony.

The 68-year-old Democratic nominee appeared to faint shortly before 10 a.m. as family members of the 2,977 victims were reading through their names, and minutes before a moment of silence at 9:58 a.m. commemorating the collapse of the South Tower, sources told The Post.

A witness said the former Secretary of State’s knees buckled and she lost a shoe as her security team rushed her to a nearby van.

Clinton left the event so abruptly that she even left behind the pool of reporters assigned to follow her.

But remember, the people who have been raising questions about her health are racist, sexist conspiracy theorists.

MORE: Now they’re saying she was “overheated.” At 9 am in September in New York, with a temperature in the 70s?

Meanwhile, CNN is looking kind of sickly, too.

Flashback: HuffPost Fires Contributor, Deletes Articles Questioning Hillary’s Health.

STILL MORE: Video of Hillary being carried, falling.

MORE STILL: This enlarged view via stumble-and-fall experts at The Old Row shows Hillary trying to step forward and starting to fall twice before sturdy men (Secret Service agents, I presume) take her by both arms, but she still collapses (almost taking them down, too) and is held up by them as she gets into the van. This is more than a “stumble.”

But yeah, if you’re raising concerns about her health, it’s because you’re a racist, misogynistic conspiracy theorist.


A familiar scene is playing out in Zimbabwe. Robert Mugabe’s followers, roving bands of unemployed young men who thirst for land, are once again invading and occupying farms. But they are merely pawns in the old man’s game. Land is the board upon which Zimbabwe’s politics are played and Grand Master Mugabe always manages to maneuver his pieces into the right places.
To anyone who follows Zimbabwe, it should come as no surprise that Mugabe, the country’s nonagenarian dictator, is still using the land issue to reward loyalists and punish dissenters.

When mostly white-owned farms were seized by similar bands of young men just over a decade ago, for the most part they weren’t distributed to poor black farmers. Instead, choice farms were handed out as patronage to members of the ruling ZANU-PF, Mugabe’s party, and many of these farms underperformed or were left fallow, for their new owners—well-connected politicians, lawyers, and military types—had little experience with farming. With Zimbabwe’s commercial farming industry in shambles, exports of tobacco and cut flowers plummeted. Harvests of staples like wheat collapsed as well, ushering in a major malnutrition crisis in a country that had once been the breadbasket of southern Africa.

But a recent NYT piece has a curious gloss on the land reform disaster in Zimbabwe. . . .

The oddly muted account of Mugabe’s terrible policy would be the most striking part of this passage, were it not for the irony of Mutambara’s quote. The former ambassador complains about how well-connected government officials were given “huge farms.” But Mutambara was one of those well-connected officials who got a farm. Does he really expect us to believe that the way land reform went was actually “contrary to what [they] had expected”? Did anyone actually expect most of the land to be evenly distributed to poor black farmers instead of well-connected officials like him? Or, alternatively, perhaps he is suggesting that his 530-acre farm isn’t all that big compared to the larger farms given to higher-ranking government officials. Either way, it is difficult to sympathize with his plight. Once Zimbabwe’s government dispensed with property rights, and a dictator was empowered to hand out land willy-nilly to his cronies, it opened the door to a cycle of predation that vitiates whites and blacks alike.

Mugabe has long gotten a pass because of the racism of “anti-colonial” Westerners, who are unwilling to hold a black leader to the standards they set for whites. Meanwhile, over a decade ago, Nick Kristof reported that black Zimbabweans were nostalgic for the days of white rule:

The hungry children and the families dying of AIDS here are gut-wrenching, but somehow what I find even more depressing is this: Many, many ordinary black Zimbabweans wish that they could get back the white racist government that oppressed them in the 1970’s.

“If we had the chance to go back to white rule, we’d do it,” said Solomon Dube, a peasant whose child was crying with hunger when I arrived in his village. “Life was easier then, and at least you could get food and a job.”

Mr. Dube acknowledged that the white regime of Ian Smith was awful. But now he worries that his 3-year-old son will die of starvation, and he would rather put up with any indignity than witness that.

An elderly peasant in another village, Makupila Muzamba, said that hunger today is worse than ever before in his seven decades or so, and said: “I want the white man’s government to come back. Even if whites were oppressing us, we could get jobs and things were cheap compared to today.”

His wife, Mugombo Mudenda, remembered that as a younger woman she used to eat meat, drink tea, use sugar and buy soap. But now she cannot even afford corn gruel. “I miss the days of white rule,” she said.

That’s just sad.


“That message, I’ll give you America great again — If you’re a white southerner, you know exactly what it means,” Clinton said.

The former president indicated that Trump’s campaign slogan signaled that he would make white people more culturally [dominant] over other races in the country.

“What it means is I’ll give you the economy you had 50 years ago* and I’ll move you back up the social totem pole and other people down,” Clinton said.

Huh – so all those leftists saying that Bill and Hillary were crypto-racists in 2008 we’re right! Not least of which considering that, as John Hinderaker of Power Line notes, “In 2008, Bill Clinton himself promised that Hillary would…wait for it…make America great again! You can’t make this stuff up:”

* Clinton’s smears of racism aside, what exactly does he have against the American economy overseen by Lyndon Johnson, his fellow southern Democrat? As with much of the decade’s growth, it was fueled by his immediate predecessor’s tax cuts, and really wasn’t too shabby, all things considered. Perhaps the aging former president simply forgot which decade he was campaigning in.


Shot: Climate change is a racist crisis: that’s why Black Lives Matter closed an airport.

—The London Guardian*, Tuesday.

Chaser: Black Lives Matter Airport Protestors Were All White.

—James Delingpole, Breitbart London, yesterday.

* Funny how lefty Websites never volunteer to reduce global warming by turning off their air conditioned offices and server farms. Unexpectedly.

(Classical reference in headline.)

OF COURSE THEY WERE: Black Lives Matter Airport Protestors Were All White.


“Unlike my opponent, my foreign policy will emphasize diplomacy, not destruction,” the Republican presidential nominee told veterans and supporters at an event in Philadelphia.

“Her destructive policies have displaced millions of people. Then she has invited these people in the U.S. with no plan to screen them,” Trump said. “Sometimes, it seems there wasn’t a country in the Middle East that Hillary Clinton didn’t want to invade, intervene in or topple.

“She’s trigger-happy and very unstable,” he added, claiming his own foreign policy would be “tempered by realism.”

In late August, a Trump video similarly pushed back against his own charges by noting that “Hillary Clinton needs to address the racist undertones of her 2008 campaign.”And then there are all of the attacks recently on her health.

Note the style of jujitsu going on here? In the past, these have all been far left DNC-MSM attacks on Republican presidential candidates, such as the attacks on Reagan, Papa Bush and Dole over their age and aloofness, and GWB and McCain’s desire for nation building in the Middle East. If Trump keeps at it, he has a chance of inflicting some major damage on Hillary between now and November. Or at the very least, driving the media crazy having to defend attacks in that in prior election years, they helped to enable.


TO BE FAIR, THAT’S A GIVEN: Post Detroit, the Press Will Redouble Their Attack on Trump as Racist, Roger Simon writes.


On Thursday, the Washington Free Beacon’s David Rutz spotlighted HLN’s censorship of a hero’s pro-Trump T-shirt during a rebroadcast of an interview on his rescue of a baby from a hot car. Rutz (who won the MRC’s Media Blogger of the Year Award on Wednesday) outlined that former police officer Steve Eckle “donned a blue T-shirt saying, ‘2016 Trump for President.’ However, in a rerun of the interview…his shirt was blurred out.” HLN’s sister network, CNN, had no such qualms nearly a month earlier, as it ran Fareed Zakaria’s “bulls**t artist” label of Trump uncensored.

Click over to see the before and after video of Eckle’s T-shirt; it’s akin to CNN in 2008 creating “the Wright-Free Zone” for Obama one week after declaring Wright’s virulently racist speech to the NAACP “a home-run.” And Ari Fleischer’s juxtaposition is much more recent. As he tweets, “Kaepernick sits during Anthem. Gets coverage. Man wears pro-Trump shirt on TV. Coverage blurred. Disgusting.”

Matthew Balan of NewsBusters adds, “Several hours after Rutz’s post, the Washington Examiner’s T. Becket Adams Tweeted an update about the controversy: ‘HLN spokeswoman in a statement to me just now: ‘We blurred the logo and shouldn’t have; it was done in error.’”

Well, that’s one way to describe what happened.



Everyone knows that race has long played a decisive role in Southern electoral politics. From the end of Reconstruction until the beginning of the civil rights era, the story goes, the national Democratic Party made room for segregationist members — and as a result dominated the South. But in the 50s and 60s, Democrats embraced the civil rights movement, costing them the white Southern vote. Meanwhile, the Republican Party successfully wooed disaffected white racists with a “Southern strategy” that championed “states’ rights.”

It’s an easy story to believe, but this year two political scientists called it into question. In their book “The End of Southern Exceptionalism,” Richard Johnston of the University of Pennsylvania and Byron Shafer of the University of Wisconsin argue that the shift in the South from Democratic to Republican was overwhelmingly a question not of race but of economic growth. In the postwar era, they note, the South transformed itself from a backward region to an engine of the national economy, giving rise to a sizable new wealthy suburban class. This class, not surprisingly, began to vote for the party that best represented its economic interests: the G.O.P. Working-class whites, however — and here’s the surprise — even those in areas with large black populations, stayed loyal to the Democrats. (This was true until the 90s, when the nation as a whole turned rightward in Congressional voting.)

The two scholars support their claim with an extensive survey of election returns and voter surveys.

Just a reminder.

WINSTON SMITH, CALL YOUR OFFICE: CNN, The Hill attempt to shield Hillary Clinton from her former KKK ‘mentor.’

Just think of them as Democrat operatives with bylines, and it all makes sense. CNN in particular can always be counted on dispatching a Democrat’s awkward allegiance with an openly racist longtime mentor into the memory hole during an election year.



Remember, people on the right have “hate.” For people on the left, it’s “passion.” Plus:

It’s not our intention to suggest that there are never grounds for grievance against the police or that the police are always right. Neither is it our intention to suggest that Mrs. Clinton is herself a racist (even if, during the 2008 campaign, there were suggestions that the Clintons were using racist tactics in the Carolinas). It is our intention to suggest that Mrs. Clinton is no more high-minded than Mr. Trump. She still, insofar as we’re aware, hasn’t broken with President Obama’s outrageous claim that the Iranian regime could be rational about its economy even if it was anti-Semitic.

The Democratic Party alt-left agitators protesting against Mr. Trump’s rallies in this campaign have illuminated nothing so much as the fact that the alt-right has no quarter on violence, bigotry, and thuggery. Ironically, Mrs. Clinton was the first to make the ad hominem attack the central feature of her strategy against her general election opponent. She has refused to engage the GOP nominee on the issues — and, indeed, has swung in behind him on certain big issues, like the Trans-Pacific Partnership. On immigration, one issue where she is playing the race card against him, she vows to pursue Mr. Obama’s strategy.

That consists of acting without Congress, which is one of the things that has so inflamed the issue in the past eight years. Another is the strategy of trying to boost employment with easy money rather than economic growth. It’s a combination that may have delivered what is ostensibly a low unemployment number but has also given us the lowest labor participation rate in decades. This has enabled Mr. Trump to make the argument that, despite the efforts to tar him as a racist, he has the better strategy for striving minorities. We look forward to at least the possibility of the presidential debates getting into all this.

There’s a possibility.


In 1992, Bill Clinton announced that “It’s the economy, stupid.” That was pretty much the sole theme of his campaign. He ludicrously claimed that the country was then experiencing “the worst economy since the Great Depression,” a lie that the press, to its everlasting shame, not just allowed but often endorsed. So what was the level of GDP growth that Clinton relentlessly denigrated?

According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, the quarterly growth numbers for 1992, in chained 2009 dollars, were 4.8%, 4.5%, 3.9% and 4.1%. That’s right–the growth that Bill Clinton derided as the “worst economy since the Great Depression” was around four times what we are now seeing under Barack Obama. And Hillary Clinton promises to continue Obama’s anti-growth policies.

* * * * * * * *

“I would have thought that the economy would be at the center of the presidential campaign. Instead we’re hearing about which candidate is more racist. It’s crazy. It’s sad.”

Read the whole thing.

ACE OF SPADES: TRUMP ISN’T THE REAL POPULIST — IT’S THE ELITES RUNNING OUR INSTITUTIONS, Relentlessly Undermining Our Institutions (Which They Hold to be Corrupt and Racist), Who are the Real Populists. And the Dangerous Ones.

Read the whole thing.

Related: Why The Elites Are Really Populists At Heart.

Flashback from Glenn in USA Today: When rulers despise the ruled: It’s like The Hunger Games: the Capital City, and its hangers-on, flourish, while the provinces starve.

JUST NBC THE CASUAL RACISM: Did NBC News slip some racism into this love letter to Obama date movie? NBC’s “review” (gee, did you think Obama’s favorite network was going to trash cinematic hagioraphy about him?) contains this curious passage:

The film is not a revealing exposé or a glimpse into the president’s dark side. Despite some digs at Barack’s ego and allusions to a past proclivity for dating white women exclusively, Tanne’s years of research presented hims [sic] with a largely flattering, admirable portrait of these now iconic figures.

As David Rutz of the Washington Free Beacon asks in a pair of tweets, “According to MSNBC, Obama’s ‘dark side’ in his youth included that he dated white women. Seriously though, isn’t this kind of a racist, backwards thing to write?”

Well, it’s certainly on par with CNN acquainting blacks with felons last week:

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 1.15.27 PM

Related exit question: What About the Alt-Left?

MY LATEST NY OBSERVER ESSAY: The Clinton State-Foundation’s Global Bribery and Crony Access Scam. No wonder she started calling Trump a racist. Hillary had to get the media to change the subject. (Bumped from yesterday).

I THINK THIS IS RIGHT: Democrats Have Cried Wolf On Racism So Often That This Won’t Help Them Much.

Hillary led off her speech calling Trump a racist and a race-baiter with the same sort of hackneyed misinterpretation Americans have come to expect from Democrats. Joe Biden once said that eminently non-racist, classy Mitt Romney wanted to put people back in chains; it doesn’t go very far when Hillary calls Trump racist for telling black people that they live in poverty and without proper education and home ownership – particularly when Democrats tell black Americans the same thing routinely. Hearing Hillary talk up the “vibrancy of black-owned businesses…or the strength of the black church” is ridiculous, since we know that if Trump said the exact same thing, she’d label him – wait for it – an out-of-touch racist. Trump pointed this out before the speech, and he’s right, at least in that respect.


Hillary doesn’t get to say this. She and her husband destroyed Bob Dole as a human being. She routinely savaged George W. Bush. Her party ripped apart John McCain. And this year, Hillary declared Republicans her enemies. The only good Republicans are the ones in her memory.

Yep. Every four years the GOP nominee is literally Hitler, only to be resurrected as one of the “good Republicans” later in contrast to the new guy who’s literally Hitler.

IF TRUMP IS SUCH A HORRIBLE RACIST, WHY DID HILLARY ATTEND HIS WEDDING? OH, RIGHT, SHE WAS PAID TO. Clinton links Trump to racists, declares him unfit for office. Standing up to racism boldly — unless someone offers you money!

SO I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO NOTICED: The Hill: CNN headline makes blacks and felons synonymous.

The headline above is not for an editorial/opinion piece, but rather what is supposed to be a standard, non-partisan, just-the-facts-ma’am news story.

But, in attempting to slam Trump for being racist and/or hypocritical for having the audacity of taking a position on ex-felons not being allowed to vote, after openly courting the black vote, the authors — Ashley Killough and Karl de Vries — inadvertently make themselves look that way instead. Because almost any lucid person seeing such a headline would come to the same conclusion:

That “blacks” are somehow synonymous with “felons.”

Is Trump’s perspective on ex-felons voting completely out of step with the American people, and therefore needs to be called out? Not at all.

The most recent poll on the subject of ex-felons having the right to vote has 54 percent support via a YouGov survey in April. That’s obviously not an overwhelming majority, but a sliver more than half.

In a related story, the Supreme Court agrees with Trump.

The racists at CNN have changed their headline.


Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 1.15.27 PM


Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 9.00.43 AM

HOPE: Diverse Millennials Are No Voting Monolith.

Millennials’ disdain for traditional party affiliation means that half describe themselves as independents, according to a 2014 Pew Research report – a near-record level of political disaffiliation. They tend to be liberal on social questions such as gay marriage, abortion and marijuana legalization. Yet they skew slightly conservative on fiscal policy and are more in line with other generations on gun control and foreign affairs.

Trip Nistico, a recent Colorado law school graduate, is a gun rights advocate who visits shooting ranges – but also supports in same-sex marriage. He backed President Barack Obama in 2008 and Mitt Romney in 2012. The 26-year-old is voting for Trump this year.

Still, Trump remains unpopular among millennials and nearly two-thirds of Americans between the ages of 18 and 30 believe the Republican nominee is racist, according to GenForward’s poll. Views of Hillary Clinton also were unfavorable, though not to the same extent.

Democrats have been winning big with Millennials on “culture war” issues, but there’s no reason the GOP couldn’t be winning on a message of economic hope and liberty.

IT’S ALWAYS NICE TO MAKE TWITCHY. I’m amazed that CNN still hasn’t changed its racist headline equating blacks with felons, though.

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 1.15.27 PM

THE HILL: A tale of two Louisiana disasters and media bias. “A very simple question, if George W. Bush was president right now and playing golf with celebrities in one of the richest zip codes in the country, would the headlines again be everywhere that portray him as insensitive, out-of-touch, even a racist president be the same now as they were 2005? Of course they would. Instead, President Obama continues his vacation that includes fundraising events for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and the relative silence is deafening.”

Related: Obama irks La. flood victims with memo warning them not to discriminate.

AMY ALKON: Finally, It Becomes Clear: The Point Isn’t Whether Somebody’s Actually Racist.

Welcome to outrage culture.

I think a big part of this — but not the entire explanation — is people who feel a need to be “content” producers on social media and really don’t have much that’s original or interesting bouncing around in their heads.

Beyond that, I think it’s a way to say, “Hey, I’m one of you.”

The sad thing is, this is supposedly about improving our culture. What it’s actually doing is putting a chill on free speech — which is not something that results in making the world a better place; just a less free one and an uglier one.

Free speech tends to be a right that supports other rights.

Yeah, but most of the people screaming about racism don’t much care about supporting other rights. They scream about racism as a way of undermining a free society, not of protecting it.

WELL, WE KNOW THE ANSWER TO THAT ONE: What would media say about naked Hillary statues?

In a country once rocked for two weeks by the inadvertent appearance of Janet Jackson’s nipple at the Super Bowl, media condemnation of the objectively vulgar statue suddenly proved non-existent. The mood in the national press was rather jubilant and lauding.

The tone of the media wouldn’t concern if bias in its coverage of the presidential election and cultural affairs in America was not already so out of control.

Picture, if you will, a naked statue representation of Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama, erected (erm…) by cover of night in Times Square and on the boardwalks of Los Angeles, the sculptor’s artistic license given free reign. Imagine the sagging breasts, the flabby tum tum, the far-less-than-pert buttocks, and for the coup de grace, creative depictions of the male genitalia. Would the sculptor go very short, or very long?

It is impossible to quantify the rage that our media would unleash on the nation and heap upon sexist and racist, so-called artists. See, there is at this point, no irony in, no shame from, and no end to, the parade of contradictions that mainstream media will foist on its viewers and readers.

When it comes to Trump, the same rules simply do not apply. He cannot speak for himself; the media will speak for him. He cannot be entitled to dignity; the media will strip it from him however they can. And it’s not because he’s Trump. It’s not because he angered the fans of Univision. It’s because he’s Republican. If it were Jeb Bush, the statue in Times Square would have been of Jeb Bush; the media criticism all the same.

Anyone who’s honest will admit that the media has long favored liberals, but the bias has been worse than ever in this election season. Bashing a political figure’s looks, private lives, and even personally attacking their family members is totally fair game — as long as that political figure is a conservative.

Just look at the coverage on Melania Trump’s white dress at the RNC. Elizabeth Wellington, a fashion writer at the Philadelphia Inquirer, suggested that Trump’s dress symbolized racism. “To many, that outfit could be another reminder that in the GOP, white is always right,” she wrote.

Vanessa Friedman of The New York Times wrote, “Ms. Trump’s choice of a white dress…sent all sorts of interesting subliminal signals.” Just a week later, Wellington gushed over Hillary Clinton’s all-white DNC outfit. “White is a hue that’s both soft and strong.

But it was appropriate: Her acceptance speech was a coming out of sorts. Clinton’s white pantsuit is telling us she has arrived. This is surreal. A dream come true….”

What would the reaction be if a mainstream journalist made even the slightest negative comment about Clinton’s or Michelle Obama’s attire at the DNC? What if they were called “too old looking,” “too fat,” “too weak”? We all know the answer to this question.

Think of them as Democratic operatives with bylines and you won’t go far wrong.

GREAT HEROINES WHOSE NAMES SHALL NEVER BE FORGOTT– WAIT, WHAT? HELL, ALL YOU WHITE WOMEN LOOK ALIKE ANYWAY: Dem candidates use photo of U.K. suffragettes to commemorate 19th Amendment. “Note to politicians: If you’re going to try and honor an American movement, it’s best to use photos of Americans.”

That sounds suspiciously nativist. And probably racist.

MEGAN FOX: Mother Loses Her Mind When a ‘Racist’ White Teacher Touches Her Daughter’s Hair.

Today’s depressing addition to what’s wrong with America is an article written by a black mother who sent her daughter to school in a headband without tying her hair up because she ran out of time. (Story of my life, lady. I get it. It happens.) What is shocking and sad about her diatribe is what happened when her little girl asked her white teacher to put her hair up for her because she was hot. The teacher complied and tied it up the best she could. But when the mother saw her daughter had been touched by a white person, all hell broke loose.

These are Heinlein’s Crazy Years — we just live in them.

HEY, WHY IS OBAMA SO RACIST? “As Twitchy readers know, one newspaper has begged President Obama to stop golfing and start focusing on Baton Rouge. But, hey, he’s got vacationing to do and stuff!”

Related: Where’s Obama? Hillary? Trump? This would be a perfect opportunity for Trump to end run Hillary and our semi-retired president on this issue, but as Rod Dreher writes, “Let’s check out Donald Trump’s statements in the same period of time. He’s said nothing to the media. On Twitter, where he is famously logorrheic, he has sent out 35 tweets since Friday. Number of tweets that mention the Louisiana disaster: zero. Number of tweets that gripe about media bias: ten.”

Sad! And more than a little pathetic, considering the opportunity both for his campaign, and prospect of bringing increased media attention to the disaster, just by campaigning in Louisiana or pounding Obama and Hillary for dropping the ball in his speeches.

THE REVOLUTION ALWAYS EATS ITS OWN: SJWs Target Ellen DeGeneres Over ‘Racist’ Usain Bolt Tweet.

DISPATCHES FROM OCEANIA: Ellen DeGeneres Chastised; Forced to Deny She’s Racist After Usain Bolt Meme Controversy.

In Orwellian America, anybody can be declared a thought criminal. But why is DeGeneres even accepting the ridiculous premise of the fellow leftists who are attacking her?

MILWAUKEE COUNTY SHERIFF DAVID CLARKE: Milwaukee riots caused by single moms and ‘questionable lifestyle choices.’

“What causes riots are failed liberal urban policies in these ghettos,” Clarke told Fox Business. “Milwaukee has inescapable poverty. We’re like the sixth poorest city in America. They have failing public schools… You have massive black unemployment… You have dysfunctional families, you have father-absent homes, you have questionable lifestyle choices.”

“Those are the ingredients for for a riot,” he insisted. “And then a police shooting comes along and just acts as an igniter to an already volatile situation.”

Clarke pointed to “tribal behavior” as the cause of chaos in the wake of the officer-involved shooting.

“I feel for these individuals,” he explained. “They might be unemployed but they’re good law-abiding people and they need help. But they’re not getting it from this Democrat [SIC] liberal class of politicians who have reigned over this thing for decades.”

“Like I said, the economic state in Milwaukee today wasn’t like this when I was growing up as a kid here,” the sheriff opined. “This happened over time under their watch, pushing the growth of the welfare state.”

There sure are a lot of racist commenters at The Raw Story. One produced this PhotoShop:

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 3.39.01 PM

Why are lefty media such cesspits of racism?

Related: Milwaukee Hasn’t Had A Republican Mayor Since 1908.

HUH. I REMEMBER WHEN IT WAS RACIST WHEN TRUMP SUGGESTED THIS: Islamic State does have sleeper cells disguised as refugees.

American Republicans, like Donald Trump and Jeb Bush, who warned against the Islamic State taking advantage of the refugee crisis, have been proven correct.

A senior German security official told the BBC Thursday that Islamic State “sleeper cells” have infiltrated the country, and that an attack would be “very likely.”

“We have to accept that we have hit squads and sleeper cells in Germany,” said Manfred Hauser, the deputy head of Bavaria’s intelligence. “We have substantial reports that among the refugees are hit squads.”

Some of those reports came from refugees, Hauser said, adding: “We have irrefutable evidence that there is an ISIS command structure that makes an attack in Germany very likely.”

Last October, then-primary candidate Trump told Fox News’ Bret Baier that if the U.S. accepted Syrian refugees without a thorough vetting process, “It could be the all-time great Trojan Horse.” He said at the time that he was worried Islamic State operatives could be disguised among the refugees. In June 2016, Trump again warned that “a lot of those people are ISIS” when referring to Syrian refugees coming to the U.S.

Former GOP primary candidate Jeb Bush also expressed trepidation at the ability of the U.S. to properly vet refugees, suggesting America should prioritize “people like orphans and people who are clearly not going to be terrorists. Or Christians.”

During testimony before U.S. senators, CIA Director John Brennan also warned the Islamic State would us “refugee streams, traditional smuggling routes and legitimate travel” to infiltrate the surrounding region. Brennan does not consider himself a Republican or a Democrat.

It calls into question those who cried “bigotry” at anyone who suggested the U.S. be cautious toward accepting refugees.

People who cry “bigotry” these days are usually political hacks.


There is so much repression these days coming in the form of playing on people’s fear of even the possibility of being considered racist/sexist/homophobic.

Just yesterday, retired Gen. Michael Hayden was on CNN telling us: “You’re not just responsible for what you say. You are responsible for what people hear.” That’s scary stuff, but you’re not supposed to hear it as scary because Trump is racist/ sexist/ homophobic/ xenophobic/ murderous/ insane and he needs to be stopped.

Or so I hear it.

And I expect General Hayden to take responsibility for what I hear.

He should. Purge him immediately!


In one interview after another, Miller maintained that Trump was referring to “voting power,” though it was clear that Trump had been talking about what “Second Amendment people” could do after losing the vote.

For anyone who cares about the future of American politics, the comment represents a dwindling commitment to politics itself, to the notion that, through rhetoric and competition, we might find a common way as a people. Instead, the Republican candidate made a casual nod to the final force of arms. At this stage, so little that Trump says shocks us, but, now and then, it is worth stepping back and regarding the full damage of it all: the wounds to our fading global image of openness and generosity; the stomping on our admiration for intelligence, eloquence, or honesty; and now the blithe contempt for safe and civil government.

“Why Gun Owners Should Reject Trump’s Call to ‘Second Amendment People,’” the New Yorker, August 9th.

In 2008, in defense of a presidential candidate who began his political career in the living room of a man who bombed the Pentagon and spent years soaking in the racist sermons of his spiritual “mentor,” (not to mention being supported by the New Black Panthers), the New Yorker decided to satirize the legitimate fears of those on the right who pointed out his flaws:


As Glenn has written, “When the ‘have you no decency?’ crowd demonstrates an utter lack of decency every single day, its complaints lose their sting.”

WHY ARE DEMOCRAT-RUN CITIES SUCH CESSPITS OF VIOLENCE AND RACISM? Baltimore cops ‘are racist, violent and lawless’: Report claims city’s police discriminate against blacks and aren’t held accountable when they use excessive force.

Reminder: Baltimore last elected a Republican mayor over 50 years ago. As Kevin Williamson noted last year, “Riot-Plagued Baltimore’s Catastrophe Is Entirely Of The Democratic Party’s Own Making.”

ROGER KIMBALL: The College Formerly Known As Yale: Any renaming push on the Ivy campus should start at the top—with Elihu Yale, slave trader extraordinaire.

The English novelist Kingsley Amis once observed that much that was wrong with the 20th century could be summed up in the word “workshop.” On American campuses today, I suspect that the operative word is “committee.”

On Aug. 1, Yale University president Peter Salovey announced that he is creating a Committee to Establish Principles on Renaming. There has been a craze for renaming things on college campuses the last couple of years—a common passion in unsettled times.

In the French Revolution, leaders restarted the calendar at zero and renamed the months of the year. The Soviets renamed cities, erased the names of political enemies from the historical record, and banned scientific theories that conflicted with Marxist doctrine.

At Princeton, Stanford, Georgetown, Harvard and elsewhere, students have demanded that buildings, programs and legacies be renamed to accommodate modern sensitivities. Amherst College has dropped Lord Jeffrey Amherst as its mascot because the colonial administrator was unkind to Indians. Students at the University of Missouri have petitioned to remove a statue of the “racist rapist” Thomas Jefferson. This is part of a larger effort, on and off campuses, to stamp out dissenting attitudes and rewrite history to comport with contemporary prejudices.

But isn’t the whole raison d’être of universities to break the myopia of the present and pursue the truth? Isn’t that one important reason they enjoy such lavish public support and tax breaks?

Well, that’s just the sales pitch for the rubes, Roger. Plus:

I have unhappy news for Mr. Salovey. In the great racism sweepstakes, John Calhoun was an amateur. Far more egregious was Elihu Yale, the philanthropist whose benefactions helped found the university. As an administrator in India, he was deeply involved in the slave trade. He always made sure that ships leaving his jurisdiction for Europe carried at least 10 slaves. I propose that the committee on renaming table the issue of Calhoun College and concentrate on the far more flagrant name “Yale.”

Perhaps “Gramsci University” would be more fitting, these days.


CHANGE: Europeans Fear Wave of Refugees Will Mean More Terrorism, Fewer Jobs.

Racist proles and their petty fears.


ESQ: Your characters have become touchstones in the culture, whether it’s Reagan invoking “Make my day” or now Trump … I swear he’s even practiced your scowl.

CE: Maybe. But he’s onto something, because secretly everybody’s getting tired of political correctness, kissing up. That’s the kiss-ass generation we’re in right now. We’re really in a pussy generation. Everybody’s walking on eggshells. We see people accusing people of being racist and all kinds of stuff. When I grew up, those things weren’t called racist. And then when I did Gran Torino, even my associate said, “This is a really good script, but it’s politically incorrect.” And I said, “Good. Let me read it tonight.” The next morning, I came in and I threw it on his desk and I said, “We’re starting this immediately.”

ESQ: What is the “pussy generation”?

CE: All these people that say, “Oh, you can’t do that, and you can’t do this, and you can’t say that.” I guess it’s just the times.

ESQ: What do you think Trump is onto?

CE: What Trump is onto is he’s just saying what’s on his mind. And sometimes it’s not so good. And sometimes it’s … I mean, I can understand where he’s coming from, but I don’t always agree with it.

ESQ: So you’re not endorsing him?

CE: I haven’t endorsed anybody. I haven’t talked to Trump. I haven’t talked to anybody. You know, he’s a racist now because he’s talked about this judge. And yeah, it’s a dumb thing to say. I mean, to predicate your opinion on the fact that the guy was born to Mexican parents or something. He’s said a lot of dumb things. So have all of them. Both sides. But everybody—the press and everybody’s going, “Oh, well, that’s racist,” and they’re making a big hoodoo out of it. Just fucking get over it. It’s a sad time in history.

“Just fucking get over it.” Plus, Obama and the Empty Chair bit:

CE: It was silly at the time, but I was standing backstage and I’m hearing everybody say the same thing: “Oh, this guy’s a great guy.” Great, he’s a great guy. I’ve got to say something more. And so I’m listening to an old Neil Diamond thing and he’s going, “And no one heard at all / Not even the chair.” And I’m thinking, That’s Obama. He doesn’t go to work. He doesn’t go down to Congress and make a deal. What the hell’s he doing sitting in the White House? If I were in that job, I’d get down there and make a deal. Sure, Congress are lazy bastards, but so what? You’re the top guy. You’re the president of the company. It’s your responsibility to make sure everybody does well. It’s the same with every company in this country, whether it’s a two-man company or a two-hundred-man company… . And that’s the pussy generation—nobody wants to work.

Yeah, that bit captured President Golfpants perfectly.

UPDATE: Post fixed — sorry!

DISPATCHES FROM THE EDUCATION APOCALYPSE. Not the Onion: Yale prepares to reconsider buildings with racist, offensive names.

Comrade Ogilvy just emailed to remind me that George Orwell never intended 1984 to be a how-to guide for his fellow leftists.

WHY ARE DEMOCRAT-RUN INDUSTRIES SUCH CESSPITS OF RACISM? ‘It’s a racist myth that only a white man can save the world’: Constance Wu hits out at ‘whitewashed’ Great Wall film in which Matt Damon plays soldier in ancient China.

Why does an industry chockablock full of institutional racism deserve its own tax cuts anyhow?

TALKING POINTS MEMO: How These Former Obama Voters Came To See Trump As Their Champion. Short version: They voted for Obama but now they’re racist.

WELL, A CERTAIN FLAVOR OF THEM, ANYWAY: Democratic Youth Council shows why we dislike millennials.

If you were wondering why so many people dislike millennials today, look no further than the Orwellian-sounding “Youth Council” of the Democratic Party.

When Sarah Audelo, Millennial Vote Director for Hillary for America, took the podium, she began her remarks with a bunch of rules, a tactic that has become typical of snowflakes on college campuses protesting everyone’s free speech except their own.

“I open this space, perhaps, with a couple of ground rules,” she said. The first two rules were about working beyond the election and recognizing that everyone came for “good reasons.” But the third rule was, well, typical millennial.

“One of the ground rules that I do in a lot of my trainings, maybe you all have heard this before. I love it, but it is ‘don’t yuck my yum,'” she said “For some of us, there are some things that are very yummy and it hurts when people ‘yuck’ on us. So for example, if one issue is my core issue and it’s not yours, that’s cool, it’s my core issue, don’t yuck my yum, that’s cool.”

The phrase “yuck my yum” basically means not to tell someone that what they like is bad simply because you don’t like it. It can sometimes refer to food (quite literally, don’t tell me my food is gross), but also to sexuality.

Audelo went on to talk about the “space” she wanted to create for millennials in the room, something that didn’t need to be said and came off as insolent and not very inclusive. It reminded me of campus protesters who barred allies from helping with their cause simply because they were not black or of the LGBT community.

The anti-racists are always the most racist, the anti-sexists the most sexist, etc.

BLACK LIVES MATTER PROTESTORS IN PHILADELPHIA’S STREETS: They claim they’re sending a message to the Democrats. They oppose Bill Clinton’s 1994 crime bill. One spokesman said Hillary’s “husband created a bill that generationally continues to harm black and brown families.” OK– a Clinton did it. But then the spokesman — no doubt saving his job– called Donald Trump a “racist bigot.” The man’s free to express his opinions, and express them forcefully. The Constitution’s First Amendment guarantees citizens the right to free political speech (though Hillary wants to restrict it). But after the Dallas massacre, the Black Lives Matter organization and those who speak in its name no longer receive free pass privileges from media. The outfit’s members went too far when they scorned the phrase Blue Lives Matter as racist. The Dallas tragedy showed why their angry scorn was a mistake.



Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 6.53.06 PM

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 6.52.15 PM

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 6.52.27 PM

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 6.52.40 PM

FLASHBACK: As Ye Sow, So Shall Ye Reap:

Brooks is, of course, horrified at Trump and his supporters, whom he finds childish, thuggish and contemptuous of the things that David Brooks likes about today’s America. It’s clear that he’d like a social/political revolution that was more refined, better-mannered, more focused on the Constitution and, well, more bourgeois as opposed to in-your-face and working class.

The thing is, we had that movement. It was the Tea Party movement. Unlike Brooks, I actually ventured out to “intermingle” with Tea Partiers at various events that I covered for, contributing commentary to the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Examiner. As I reported from one event in Nashville, “Pundits claim the tea partiers are angry — and they are — but the most striking thing about the atmosphere in Nashville was how cheerful everyone seemed to be. I spoke with dozens of people, and the responses were surprisingly similar. Hardly any had ever been involved in politics before. Having gotten started, they were finding it to be not just worthwhile, but actually fun. Laughter rang out frequently, and when new-media mogul Andrew Breitbart held forth on a TV interview, a crowd gathered and broke into spontaneous applause. A year ago (2009), many told me, they were depressed about the future of America. Watching television pundits talk about President Obama’s transformative plans for big government, they felt alone, isolated and helpless. That changed when protests, organized by bloggers, met Mr. Obama a year ago in Denver, Colo., Mesa, Ariz., and Seattle, Wash. Then came CNBC talker Rick Santelli’s famous on-air rant on Feb. 19, 2009, which gave the tea-party movement its name. Tea partiers are still angry at federal deficits, at Washington’s habit of rewarding failure with handouts and punishing success with taxes and regulation, and the general incompetence that has marked the first year of the Obama presidency. But they’re no longer depressed.”

One of the most famous things about the Tea Partiers was that — as befits a relentlessly bourgeois protest movement — they left things cleaner than they found them. Rich Lowry reported from Washington, DC: “Just as stunning as the tableaux of the massive throngs lining the reflecting pool were the images of the spotless grounds afterward. If someone had told attendees they were expected to mow the grass before they left, surely some of them would have hitched flatbed trailers to their vehicles for the trip to Washington and gladly brought mowers along with them. This was the revolt of the bourgeois, of the responsible, of the orderly, of people profoundly at peace with the traditional mores of American society. . . .

Yet the tea party movement was smeared as racist, denounced as fascist, harassed with impunity by the IRS and generally treated with contempt by the political establishment — and by pundits like Brooks, who declared “I’m not a fan of this movement.” After handing the GOP big legislative victories in 2010 and 2014, it was largely betrayed by the Republicans in Congress, who broke their promises to shrink government and block Obama’s initiatives.

So now we have Trump instead, who tells people to punch counterprotesters instead of picking up their trash.

When politeness and orderliness are met with contempt and betrayal, do not be surprised if the response is something less polite, and less orderly. Brooks closes his Trump column with Psalm 73, but a more appropriate verse is Hosea 8:7 “For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind.” Trump’s ascendance is a symptom of a colossal failure among America’s political leaders, of which Brooks’ mean-spirited insularity is only a tiny part. God help us all.


People who are unhappy with the things Trump is saying need to understand that he’s only getting so much traction because he’s filling a void. If the responsible people would talk about these issues, and take action, Trump wouldn’t take up so much space.

And there’s a lesson for our ruling class there: Calling Trump a fascist is a bit much (fascism, as Tom Wolfe once reported, is forever descending upon the United States, but somehow it always lands on Europe), but movements like fascism and communism get their start because the mechanisms of liberal democracy seem weak and ineffectual and dishonest. If you don’t want Trump — or, perhaps, some post-Trump figure who really is a fascist — to dominate things, you need to stop being weak and ineffectual and dishonest. . . .

Likewise, it’s a bit hard to take people seriously about Trump’s threat to civil liberties when President Obama was just endorsing an unconstitutional gun ban, when his attorney general was threatening to prosecute people for anti-Muslim speech (a threat later walked back, thankfully) and when universities and political leaders around the country are making clear their belief that free speech is obsolete.

Hearing that Yale professor Erika Christakis won’t be teaching at Yale because of the abuse she received over a respectful but non-PC email, former DNC chair Howard Dean tweeted: “Free speech is good. Respecting others is better.” To his credit, CNN’s Jake Tapper responded: “Of course only one of them is enshrined in the Constitution.”

But Twitter humorist IowaHawk had the last word: ”With the exception of POTUS, the Atty General, both leading presidential candidates, the media, and universities, Americans love free speech.”

If you wish to hold fascism, or even just Trumpism, at bay, then we need elites who are trustworthy, who can be counted on to protect the country, and who respect the Constitution even when it gets in the way of doing something they want to do. By failing to live up to these standards, they have chosen their “Destructor.” Let’s hope that they haven’t chosen ours, as well.

Okay, I have to admit, so far it’s not looking great.

FLASHBACK: Michelle Obama launches attack on Clinton.

Michelle Obama, who could become America’s first black First Lady, has launched a scathing attack on her husband’s opponent Hillary Clinton, stating she represents “the same old thing over and over again”.

Whereas Barack Obama preaches a message of hope and transcending differences that is more kumbaya than combative, his wife, like him a lawyer and a Harvard graduate, did not hesitate to take his main opponent on in an appearance at a Las Vegas.

On her 44th birthday, and less than 48 hours before today’s crucial Nevada caucuses, Mrs Obama spoke passionately about racial slurs against her husband and the symbolism of having a black family in the White House.

In a fiery comparison between his 2004 Senate campaign and this year’s presidential race, she said: “You know what they were saying about him then? They said he was too young. They said he was too inexperienced. They said he should wait his turn.

Well, he was too young and inexperienced. But Hillary the racist had to be stopped.


My grandma (Mamaw) recognized this instinctively. She said that most people were probably prejudiced, but they had to be secretive about it. “We”–meaning hillbillies–“are the only group of people you don’t have to be ashamed to look down upon.” During my final year at Yale Law, I took a small class with a professor I really admired (and still do). I was the only veteran in the class, and when this came up somehow in conversation, a young woman looked at me and said, “I can’t believe you were in the Marines. You just seem so nice. I thought that people in the military had to act a certain way.” It was incredibly insulting, and it was my first real introduction to the idea that this institution that was so important among my neighbors was looked down upon in such a personal way. To this lady, to be in the military meant that you had to be some sort of barbarian. I bit my tongue, but it’s one of those comments I’ll never forget.

The “why” is really difficult, but I have a few thoughts. The first is that humans appear to have some need to look down on someone; there’s just a basic tribalistic impulse in all of us. And if you’re an elite white professional, working class whites are an easy target: you don’t have to feel guilty for being a racist or a xenophobe. By looking down on the hillbilly, you can get that high of self-righteousness and superiority without violating any of the moral norms of your own tribe. So your own prejudice is never revealed for what it is.

A lot of it is pure disconnect–many elites just don’t know a member of the white working class. A professor once told me that Yale Law shouldn’t accept students who attended state universities for their undergraduate studies. (A bit of background: Yale Law takes well over half of its student body from very elite private schools.) “We don’t do remedial education here,” he said. Keep in mind that this guy was very progressive and cared a lot about income inequality and opportunity. But he just didn’t realize that for a kid like me, Ohio State was my only chance–the one opportunity I had to do well in a good school. If you removed that path from my life, there was nothing else to give me a shot at Yale. When I explained that to him, he was actually really receptive. He may have even changed his mind.

What does it mean for our politics? To me, this condescension is a big part of Trump’s appeal.

Trump is a symptom of the political class’s toxicity. Naturally, they’d rather we think he’s the toxin.

L.A. TIMES: Why the weasel word ‘problematic’ should be banned.

Urban Dictionary, that indispensable compendium of vernacular terms and usages, defines “problematic” as “a corporate-academic weasel word used mainly by people who sense that something may be oppressive, but don’t want to do any actual thinking about what the problem is or why it exists.” . . .

What’s more, as I’ve observed it, “problematic” tends to get used in inverse proportion to the seriousness of the offense.

We don’t hear “problematic” applied to police shootings of unarmed black men or to legislation preventing transgender people from using certain bathrooms. (The operative description of those issues would be, respectively, “actual problem” and “stupid.”) We certainly don’t hear it when the topic is international finance or the NFL because most people who use “problematic” can’t be bothered to follow such things. In the last few months the word has been applied, with some fanfare, to Calvin Trillin, who published a poem about Chinese food in the New Yorker that was deemed racist, and to Taylor Swift’s new boyfriend, whom fans are unhappy about because … I have no idea.

People who obsess over such things should be brutally mocked. It should be painful to be that stupid.

MORE ON BATON ROUGE: Local authorities say the murderer “deliberately ‘targeted and assassinated’” police officers. According to the Dallas Morning News, on July 9, two days after the slaughter in Dallas, the Baton Rouge murderer (Gavin Long) entered a Dallas barber shop. Long began ranting about “knowledge and power” and said he had been affiliated with the Black Panthers.” Let’s see. It was about a month ago, wasn’t it, that you were a despicable racist if you said Blue Lives Matter?


WAPO: I rejected my parents’ WASP values. Now I see we need them more than ever.

Visiting home between assignments, I found myself noticing and appreciating things I had always taken for granted — the tamed greenery and smooth streets, the absence of fear and abundance of choice, the code of good manners and civilized discussion. I also began to learn things about my parents I had never known and to realize that I had judged them unfairly. I had confused their social discomfort with condescension and their conservatism with callousness.

Related: How David Brooks Created Donald Trump:

Brooks is, of course, horrified at Trump and his supporters, whom he finds childish, thuggish and contemptuous of the things that David Brooks likes about today’s America. It’s clear that he’d like a social/political revolution that was more refined, better-mannered, more focused on the Constitution and, well, more bourgeois as opposed to in-your-face and working class.

The thing is, we had that movement. It was the Tea Party movement. Unlike Brooks, I actually ventured out to “intermingle” with Tea Partiers at various events that I covered for, contributing commentary to the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Examiner. As I reported from one event in Nashville, “Pundits claim the tea partiers are angry — and they are — but the most striking thing about the atmosphere in Nashville was how cheerful everyone seemed to be. . . .

Yet the tea party movement was smeared as racist, denounced as fascist, harassed with impunity by the IRS and generally treated with contempt by the political establishment — and by pundits like Brooks, who declared “I’m not a fan of this movement.” After handing the GOP big legislative victories in 2010 and 2014, it was largely betrayed by the Republicans in Congress, who broke their promises to shrink government and block Obama’s initiatives.

So now we have Trump instead, who tells people to punch counterprotesters instead of picking up their trash.

When politeness and orderliness are met with contempt and betrayal, do not be surprised if the response is something less polite, and less orderly. Brooks closes his Trump column with Psalm 73, but a more appropriate verse is Hosea 8:7 “For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind.” Trump’s ascendance is a symptom of a colossal failure among America’s political leaders, of which Brooks’ mean-spirited insularity is only a tiny part. God help us all.

We have the worst political class in American history, and our nation is being fundamentally transformed as a result. If, at this point, they find the transformation uncomfortable, please forgive my lack of sympathy.


Meh. Rosenthal invented the supermarket scanner myth to attack the patrician George H.W. Bush as out of touch in 1992. He shouldn’t be surprised when a more vulgar candidate succeeds him.

Flashback: The Tyranny and Lethargy of the Times Editorial Page — Reporters in ‘semi-open revolt’ against Andrew Rosenthal.

WE’D BE HEARING HYSTERICAL CRIES OF HORROR AND ANGUISH ABOUT ALEPPO’S HUMANITARIAN NIGHTMARE IF A REPUBLICAN WERE IN THE WHITE HOUSE: Medical aid group says 300,000 people face starvation in Aleppo, Syria. Remember Responsibility To Protect (R2P), hyped once upon a time by Obama Administration UN Ambassador Samantha Power? She used R2P as a media-academic weapon, portraying President George W. Bush as a benighted racist cowboy dummy for failing to intervene in Sudan’s Darfur war. Bush failed to lead and look at the disaster!!!!

At the link you’ll find a Samantha quote that the mainstream media appear to have forgotten:

In what perhaps could be seen as a preview of coming Obama administration policy was revealed during Samantha Power’s U.S. Senate confirmation hearing of July 17 (2013) when she stated, “We see the failure of the UN Security Council to respond to the slaughter in Syria – a disgrace that history will judge harshly.”

300,000 about to starve in Aleppo, Samantha, perhaps 400,000 already dead in the Syrian mess. Last month 51 US diplomats filed a dissent cable — perhaps they’ve seen enough history to feel the disgrace?

Forces loyal to the Assad dictatorship, supported by Russian strike aircraft, are attacking Aleppo. Recall in August 2013 the Assad regime attacked civilian neighborhoods with nerve gas, despite Obama’s “red line” warning. A motley collection of rebel groups is defending Aleppo. Some of the rebels have links to Islamist extremist organizations. However, VOA reports: “…Western-backed nationalist insurgents loosely grouped under the banner of the Free Syrian Army say they control the rebel-held part of the city.” Note that the VOA report quotes Samantha power as telling the UN Security Council that the attack by pro-Assad forces could have “potentially devastating consequences”…”Russia, as a co-sponsor of the cessation of hostilities, should use its influence on the regime to help stop these attacks,” Power said.”

In 2004, when you were bashing Bush about Darfur, you sure talked a big game, Samantha. US leadership! Bush must lead! It’s there, in print. Pretty harsh, huh?

THE HUFFINGTON POST: Every Time You Say “All Lives Matter” You Are Being an Accidental Racist.

As opposed to the deliberate racists that the Huffington Post prefers.

HEH: Dear Kurt, What Should I Do? I Think My Cat Is Racist.

DISPATCHES FROM THE EDUCATION APOCALYPSE: Yale Cafeteria Worker Resigns After Breaking “Racist,” One-of-a-Kind Stained Glass:

A Yale cafeteria worker has resigned after smashing a historic stained glass window in Yale’s notorious Calhoun College residence hall, which is named after the 19th century white supremacist John C. Calhoun. The stained glass depicted two slaves picking cotton.

The worker, Corey Menafee, is black. He told the New Haven Independent that the dining hall window was “racist” and “very degrading” and that last month, while working an event for the college, he decided to use a broomstick to smash the window.

“I took a broomstick, and it was kind of high, and I climbed up and reached up and broke it,” he told the Independent. “It’s 2016, I shouldn’t have to come to work and see things like that.

“I just said, ‘That thing’s coming down today. I’m tired of it,’” he added. “I put myself in a position to do it, and did it.”

City police arrested Menafee, who now faces a felony charge.

As Iowahawk tweets in response, Welcome to “Yale University, where cafeteria workers ‘resign.’” Given that “he is renowned for his iconoclastic defenestration,” “He will be forwarding his Curriculum Vitae to the Harvard cafeteria department forthwith.”




FBI Director James Comey stood before the nation and issued a list of Hillary Clinton’s astounding wrongdoings Tuesday as regards America’s national security — and then said he was not recommending prosecution because, in essence, what Mrs. Clinton did was “extremely careless” but not criminal.

As he spoke, I recalled F. Scott Fitzgerald’s peerless description in “The Great Gatsby” of a feckless wealthy couple: “They were careless people, Tom and Daisy—they smashed up things and creatures and then retreated back into . . . their vast carelessness or whatever it was that kept them together, and let other people clean up the mess they had made.”

Fitzgerald’s Tom and Daisy are pikers compared to Bill and Hillary. If one wishes to accept Comey’s contention that Mrs. Clinton is a careless but not criminal person, and one then considers her carelessness as a continuum with her husband’s careless conduct during his time in the Oval Office, then the Clintons have earned the dubious distinction of being the most outrageously careless couple this nation has ever known.

—John Podhoretz, “FBI just told us we’d be in bad hands with Hillary,” the New York Post, July 5th.


WASHINGTON — IT says a lot about our relationship with Hillary Clinton that she seems well on her way to becoming Madam President because she’s not getting indicted.

If she were still at the State Department, she could be getting fired for being, as the F.B.I. director told Congress, “extremely careless” with top-secret information. Instead, she’s on a glide path to a big promotion.

And that’s the corkscrew way things go with the Clintons, who are staying true to their reputation as the Tom and Daisy Buchanan of American politics. Their vast carelessness drags down everyone around them, but they persevere, and even thrive.

—Maureen Dowd, “The Clinton Contamination,” the New York Times, July 9th.

Back in 2009, Time magazine asked “Is Maureen Dowd Guilty of Plagiarism?”

In her weekend column, Dowd sought to highlight the irony of the Republicans’ holding House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s feet to the fire for not opposing Republican policies on torture aggressively enough. Interesting as this line of thinking might have been, it subsequently drowned in the backwash of controversy over her almost verbatim use of a 43-word paragraph that had already appeared in a column written by Josh Marshall on the political website Talking Points Memo.

The similarity was first noticed by TPM on Sunday, and by the evening a mortified Dowd had apologized, saying she had not read Marshall’s column but that evidently someone she knew had.

This time around, it’s repeat of a concept, not a direct lift. But in that same column, Dowd committed a crime far worse in the eyes of many leftist true believers than (likely unintentionally) stealing a metaphor for Hillary.

“You know what’s racist? The NYT’s Maureen Dowd just found out the hard way,” the Liberty Unyielding blog notes. Dowd’s crime?

I hope you’re sitting down while you’re reading this.

Later in the same column linked to above, she dared called Obama “Barry.” As in:

The president and his aides attempted to keep a rein on Clinton’s State Department — refusing to let her bring in her hit man, Sidney Blumenthal.

But in the end, Hillary’s goo got on Obama anyhow. On Tuesday, after Comey managed to make both Democrats and Republicans angry by indicting Clinton politically but not legally, Barry and Hillary flew to Charlotte, N.C., for their first joint campaign appearance.

The result? After delicate leftists cracked open vials of smelling salts and picked themselves up off their fainting couches, the hashtag “#PresidentObamaNotBarry” trended on Twitter and there were calls for Dowd’s ouster from the Times. Though as one person with a bit more common sense tweeted in respose, “So after Dubya, Slick Willie, Tricky Dick, etc., you’re telling me Barry’s off the table? Go find better outrages.”

Like midwestern pizza parlors, rocket scientists in hipster shirts and airline pilots who compliment their flight crew.

JONAH DOES POLITICAL JIU-JITSU: The conservative principle behind Black Lives Matter, as explored by Jonah Goldberg in the L.A. Times:

Liberals have seemingly boundless faith in the power and nobility of government, but many draw a line around cops, creating one of the strangest ironies of modern liberalism: Many of those most eager to support new laws and new regulations suddenly lose faith when it comes to the government employees charged with enforcing them. It’s particularly amazing given that law enforcement personnel typically receive far more training than your typical bureaucrat or legislator.

Just as conservatives need to recognize the ills of police abuse, liberals need to acknowledge that the first obligation of the state is to defend the safety and property of its citizens, and that nothing undermines the legitimacy of the law more than vilifying those sworn to uphold it.

As lots of people have pointed out, the modern left has devolved down two opposing statements: All cops are potential racists and can’t be trusted. But only the police should have guns.

So which is it?

HEATHER MAC DONALD: The Myths Of Black Lives Matter:

Apparently the Black Lives Matter movement has convinced Democrats and progressives that there is an epidemic of racist white police officers killing young black men. Such rhetoric is going to heat up as Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Sanders court minority voters before the Feb. 27 South Carolina primary.

But what if the Black Lives Matter movement is based on fiction? Not just the fictional account of the 2014 police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., but the utter misrepresentation of police shootings generally.

To judge from Black Lives Matter protesters and their media and political allies, you would think that killer cops pose the biggest threat to young black men today. But this perception, like almost everything else that many people think they know about fatal police shootings, is wrong.

The Washington Post has been gathering data on fatal police shootings over the past year and a half to correct acknowledged deficiencies in federal tallies. The emerging data should open many eyes.

For starters, fatal police shootings make up a much larger proportion of white and Hispanic homicide deaths than black homicide deaths. According to the Post database, in 2015 officers killed 662 whites and Hispanics, and 258 blacks. (The overwhelming majority of all those police-shooting victims were attacking the officer, often with a gun.) Using the 2014 homicide numbers as an approximation of 2015’s, those 662 white and Hispanic victims of police shootings would make up 12% of all white and Hispanic homicide deaths. That is three times the proportion of black deaths that result from police shootings.

The lower proportion of black deaths due to police shootings can be attributed to the lamentable black-on-black homicide rate. There were 6,095 black homicide deaths in 2014—the most recent year for which such data are available—compared with 5,397 homicide deaths for whites and Hispanics combined. Almost all of those black homicide victims had black killers.

Police officers—of all races—are also disproportionately endangered by black assailants. Over the past decade, according to FBI data, 40% of cop killers have been black. Officers are killed by blacks at a rate 2.5 times higher than the rate at which blacks are killed by police.

Some may find evidence of police bias in the fact that blacks make up 26% of the police-shooting victims, compared with their 13% representation in the national population. But as residents of poor black neighborhoods know too well, violent crimes are disproportionately committed by blacks. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, blacks were charged with 62% of all robberies, 57% of murders and 45% of assaults in the 75 largest U.S. counties in 2009, though they made up roughly 15% of the population there.

Such a concentration of criminal violence in minority communities means that officers will be disproportionately confronting armed and often resisting suspects in those communities, raising officers’ own risk of using lethal force.

She has a book out, The War on Cops: How the New Attack on Law and Order Makes Everyone Less Safe. But remember, facts don’t matter, because this is all about energizing black turnout in November. Nothing less, and nothing more.

JOHN LOTT: Obama’s false racism claims are putting cops’ lives in danger.

So he’s acting stupidly, to coin a phrase.

DALLAS OBSERVER: One Dallas Cop’s Experience and Thoughts on Thursday Night.

To compound issues a continuation of the demonstration sprung up in front of a convenience store and the crowd there quickly grew from 30-50 to 150-200 angry demonstrators shouting things at assembled officers who stood in a skirmish line between the store and demonstrators. We worked to funnel additional resources there as well as divert some DART busses to provide transportation away for those who needed it.

Some got on and some stayed to hurl insults at officers. One officer later told me “I tried to tell them that we were there to protect them and the guy said, ‘Protect us hell! You guys are the targets tonight!’” and started laughing.

Black Lives Matter is acting like a racist hate group. You can only imagine how the press would treat Tea Partiers or Trump supporters who acted this way.

Related: The Violent Tone of Black Lives Matter Has Alienated Even Liberals Like Me.


Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 8.32.59 AM

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 8.32.47 AM

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 8.38.45 AM

Latest: Snipers kill 5 cops at Dallas protest. “Three people, including a woman, were in custody before the fourth suspect’s death, Dallas Police Chief David Brown said Friday morning.”

Plus: President Obama on the Fatal Shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile.

Also: Obama: ‘When people say Black Lives Matter, that doesn’t mean blue lives don’t matter.’ I dunno, I’m pretty sure it was racist to say that yesterday. And why is Obama talking about police officers’ “collective bargaining rights” at a time like this?

Related: Donald Trump’s statement.


Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 8.46.58 AM

Not everyone favors civil society.

UPDATE: Dallas Shooting Suspect Targeted White Officers, Was Killed When Officials Detonated Bomb.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Counterargument:

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 9.20.04 AM

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 9.21.12 AM


Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 9.34.10 AM

THE RACIST HISTORY OF GUN CONTROL, IN THE ATLANTIC: The Second Amendment’s Second-Class Citizens. Unlike Philandro Castile, Alton Sterling was a felon, and thus not allowed to have a gun — which the article glosses over somewhat — though it’s true that the police probably couldn’t have known that.

“SOCIAL JUSTICE” IN A NUTSHELL: Yelling ‘I hate white people’ and punching one isn’t a hate crime, Canadian judge rules. Most of the WaPo story isn’t about the actual assault, but about how racist Canada has always been.

STUPID RACIST COMPUTERS: The available evidence suggests that face matching systems don’t work equally well for different races.

AMERICAN JOURNALISTS COVERING THE TRUMP PHENOMENON COULD LEARN A LOT FROM this piece on Pauline Hanson by Margo Kingston. “Her supporters were by and large nice people with little money who were largely uninterested in politics. They were suffering badly from the effects of competition policy, which had seen basic services and jobs stripped out of their towns. They loved Hanson’s grit and plain speaking. Most of all, they loved that she listened. . . . When I tried to converse with supporters about politics I misinterpreted everything they said, and likewise. I thought they were racists and they thought I was a racist. Communication was impossible without getting to know each other first. . . . Western democracies are splitting up into warring tribes. I think Hanson’s return to our parliament is a chance to bring ours together a little bit. If we try.”

TRUMP SON-IN-LAW JARED KUSHNER WRITES ABOUT THE DONALD TRUMP HE KNOWS: I freelance for The New York Observer, which Jared Kushner owns. I don’t know him and he doesn’t know me. But this is quite an essay.

Blunt lead:

My father-in-law is not an anti-Semite. It’s that simple, really. Donald Trump is not anti-Semitic and he’s not a racist. Despite the best efforts of his political opponents and a large swath of the media to hold Donald Trump accountable for the utterances of even the most fringe of his supporters—a standard to which no other candidate is ever held—the worst that his detractors can fairly say about him is that he has been careless in retweeting imagery that can be interpreted as offensive.

Kushner is responding to an essay written by an Observer staffer.

Read them both…We link. You decide.


Amanpour asks one of her guests, either Daniel Hannan or the UK foreign minister, can’t remember which, what is wrong with the Leave people. Don’t they like their strong economy? It has not occurred to the stateless, rootless, global-citizen Amanpour that people might prefer their own customs and sovereignty to getting rich. Having no loyalty to any particular place, Amanpouristas find the love of one’s people, land, and traditions simply bizarre. So they denounce it as racist. I don’t believe this is cynical. I think they honestly believe it. And here is why it’s tribalism: they see anyone outside the tribe as barbarian. The fact that they see themselves as sophisticated and advanced instead of mere partisans of a different tribe, with their own prejudices and limitations, is what makes them so hard to take. Technocratic liberalism is their religion, and its god is a jealous god.

Read the whole thing.

21ST CENTURY POLITICKING: Donald Trump’s Reddit Fan Club Faces Crackdown, Infighting.

The subreddit, managed by a handful of mostly anonymous fans, is a breakout success. But it’s also plagued by constant infighting among its leaders, infiltration by white supremacists and clashes with the site’s administrators over complaints that its users game the system to make their content more visible.

Reddit’s content is promoted on a competitive basis: The more users “upvote” an individual post, the higher it appears on r/all, a homepage that encompasses the whole site, with certain exceptions. The popularity of r/the_donald meant ordinary users who visited Reddit in recent months faced a regular bombardment of Trump posts, including some that critics found grotesque, racist or just plain obnoxious.

These complaints reached a crescendo in June when Reddit’s founder and CEO Steve Huffman announced that he was changing the algorithm for r/all to ensure more “diverse” posts and prevent users from colluding to force their content to the front page.

The Trump subreddit is the most obvious example, but even blog comments have seen infestations by trolls, bots, and sockpuppets on behalf of various candidates. The signal-to-noise ratio of this election cycle is often indecipherably low.

AS A WISE COMMUNITY ORGANIZER ADVISED HIS CONSTITUENTS, GET IN YOUR OPPONENTS’ FACES AND PUNCH BACK TWICE AS HARD: “Vote Properly, You Virulent Racist!” As Dale Franks writes, “The Elites are about to learn that the rubes and hayseeds in flyover country don’t like them.”


—Headline, Salon, January 31st, 2016.

—Headline, NewsBusters, yesterday.

As Milo Yiannopoulos writes, there’s only one solution to the Clinton’s long sordid history of racism: vote for the first real black president this November.

A RARE MOMENT OF SANITY IN THE MIDST OF THE EDUCATION APOCALYPSE: UNC removes guidelines calling golf, compliments microaggressions.

Don’t worry though, golf will always be racist at MSNBC.

DALE FRANKS: Vote Properly, You Virulent Racist! “Most people, most of the time, are perfectly happy to let elites run the country. After all, it seems to make the elites happy to run run things, and, as long as they’re reasonably competent at it, and do it reasonably unobtrusively, no one much seems to care. But when elite competence is compromised by faulty ideology and cronyism, people become unhappy. And when the elite response to complaints is dismissal or insult, political problems begin to bloom. People begin to think about politics. They begin to do things. It is no coincidence, as our Soviet friends used to say, that the last decade has seen the rise of the TEA Party, the Occupy Movement, and the Trump phenomenon. People of all political stripes are becoming unhappy. I think we’re about to watch the elites start paying a price for that inattention and contempt.”

If so, it’ll be the first time they’ve paid a price for anything in quite a while. Which is also the point, I suppose.

Related: Liz Peek: Pushed Around and Left Out. The Frightening US Parallels to Brexit.

DISPATCHES FROM THE EDUCATION APOCALYPSE: NJ third grader mentions brownies being served at class party, called racist by another student, police dispatched:

On June 16, police were called to an unlikely scene: an end-of-the-year class party at the William P. Tatem Elementary School in Collingswood.

A third grader had made a comment about the brownies being served to the class. After another student exclaimed that the remark was “racist,” the school called the Collingswood Police Department, according to the mother of the boy who made the comment.

The police officer spoke to the student, who is 9, said the boy’s mother, Stacy dos Santos, and local authorities.

Dos Santos said that the school overreacted and that her son made a comment about snacks, not skin color.

“He said they were talking about brownies. . . . Who exactly did he offend?” dos Santos said.

No one of course, but like the Junior Spies in Orwell’s 1984, it’s always good for “Progressives” to use hapless kids to keep the rest of the proles on their toes. As Jonah Goldberg wrote in 2008’s Liberal Fascism, “Because liberals have what Thomas Sowell calls an ‘unconstrained vision,’ they assume everyone sees things through the same categorical prism:”

So once again, as with the left’s invention of social Darwinism, liberals assume their ideological opposites take the “bad” view to their good. If liberals assume blacks—or women, or gays—are inherently good, conservatives must think these same groups are inherently bad.

This is not to say that there are no racist conservatives. But at the philosophical level, liberalism is battling a straw man. This is why liberals must constantly assert that conservatives use code words—because there’s nothing obviously racist about conservatism per se. Indeed, the constant manipulation of the language to keep conservatives—and conservatives—and other non-liberals—on the defensive is a necessary tactic for liberal politics. The Washington, D.C., bureaucrat who was fired for using the word “niggardly” correctly in a sentence is a case in point. The ground must be constantly shifted to maintain a climate of grievance. Fascists famously ruled by terror. Political correctness isn’t literally terroristic, but it does govern through fear. No serious person can deny that the grievance politics of the American left keeps decent people in a constant state of fright—they are afraid to say the wrong word, utter the wrong thought, offend the wrong constituency.

Which is why everything must be racist, right down to the food on your kids’ plates.

Related: Needless to say, racism is also a particularly useful cudgel for “Progressives” at election time.


Brexit? That one I got absolutely right, and for a very simple reason: I was raised by the quivering, arrogant, and hopelessly delusional tribe of the Israeli left.

If you think my assessment uncharitable, mosey over to the promised land and have a chat with anyone who still votes Meretz, though you may have to hurry as there are fewer and fewer of them with each electoral cycle. Catch one on a good day, though, and you will probably hear the following account of all that plagues the state of the Jews: Israelis, goes the leftist ur-narrative, used to be reasonable and genial people. They used to believe in peace, which is why they signed the Oslo accords and welcomed back Yasser Arafat and strove toward a permanent two-state solution of peace and reconciliation. Then, like a devil out of Bulgakov, Netanyahu, a Middle East Mephistopheles, appeared on the scene, and, with his dark tricks, poisoned hearts and minds, turning Israelis from a gaggle of glowing Labor-voters to a rabble of benighted boobs, always reaching for their pitchforks and always thirsty for blood. If only reason would prevail, cries the Israeli left, peace will soon return. And if it does not, disaster is almost certain.

Omitted from this story, of course, are a few inconvenient facts, including most mentions of unrequited Israeli concessions and almost all talk of escalating Palestinian incitement and violence. But bring none of this up with the left, please: Only fools and racists still talk about things like terrorism or religion or national pride.

Translate these attitudes into the Queen’s English, and you’ll hear an all-too-familiar story. Labour, for long the occupants of 10 Downing, downplayed legitimate concerns shared by growing swaths of the population as being somehow inappropriate, as if only bigots watched the news and concluded that lax immigration policies deserved, at the very least, close scrutiny. Some members of the party have come to see this strategy as misguided: Jack Straw, Labour’s former Home Secretary, for example, recently admitted that setting no restrictions on migration in 2004 was “a spectacular mistake” as well as a “well-intentioned policy we messed up.”

Though to be fair, creating a permanent underclass does wonders for building the roster of leftwing voters, on both sides of the Atlantic.

DONALD TRUMP: Elizabeth Warren Is A “Racist.”

Donald Trump lashed out at Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) on Monday, calling her a “racist” and a “total fraud.”

Speaking in an interview with NBC News correspondent Hallie Jackson, Trump retaliated against Warren, who described him as a bigot just hours earlier at a campaign stop with presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in Ohio. . . .

“We call her Pocahontas for a reason,” Trump, the presumptive GOP presidential nominee, told NBC. “She said she’s 5 percent Native American. She was unable to prove it. She used the fact that she was Native American to advance her career. Elizabeth Warren is a total fraud. I know it. Other people who work with her know it. Elizabeth Warren is a total fraud.

“She made up her heritage, which I think is racist,” Trump continued. “I think she’s a racist, actually, because what she did was very racist.”

Trump has repeatedly hammered Warren over a controversy that flared up during her 2012 Senate run over her claims that she has Native American ancestry. During her tenure as a professor at Harvard University, the school touted those claims as evidence of its diverse faculty.

Trump on Monday went on to call Warren “one of the least productive senators in the United States Senate,” and said he hopes Clinton picks her for vice president so that he can “speak very openly about her.”

Will we have a 23andMe debate?

MEGAN MCARDLE: ‘Citizens of the World’? Nice Thought, But … “The inability of those elites to grapple with the rich world’s populist moment was in full display on social media last night. Journalists and academics seemed to feel that they had not made it sufficiently clear that people who oppose open borders are a bunch of racist rubes who couldn’t count to 20 with their shoes on, and hence will believe any daft thing they’re told. Given how badly this strategy had just failed, this seemed a strange time to be doubling down.”

SHUT UP, RACIST, VOX EXPLAINED: Brexit isn’t about economics. It’s about xenophobia.

Isn’t it always?

ANALYSIS: TRUE. “Blaming guns for the Islamist murder of 49 people in the Orlando gay club, is like saying that Zyklon B gas was the cause of the Holocausts and not the Nazis:”


In Toronto, Premier Kathleen Wynne, Canada’s first openly gay premier, also refused to address the Islamist nature of the attack, saying, “one cannot fight homophobia with Islamphobia”, at a vigil for the Orlando victims.

This is nonsense. Orlando was an act of Islamic terror and of Islamofascism, a doctrine of hatred towards the West and what it stands for, including LGBTQ rights.

It holds secular liberal democracy in contempt, hates non-Muslims, degrades women and is racist towards non-Arabs, especially black Africans.

It is a supremacist death cult that has the end times as its ultimate goal.

Chia Barsen, a 32-year old Canadian Marxist, was 10 when his family fled Islamic Iran, political refugees escaping the murderous rule of its barbaric ayatollahs.

Commenting on the liberal left’s reaction to the Oralando massacre, Barsen wrote on his blog:

“Blaming guns for the Islamist murder of 49 people in the Orlando gay club, is like saying that Zyklon B gas was the cause of the Holocausts and not the Nazis. Gun control is a clear and present issue in the U.S. and there are countless episodes of shootings in the U.S. to justify the removal of all guns (not just automatic weapons), from the streets.

“However, piggybacking on the gun control debate and not making any mention of the threat of Political Islam and Islamism, is the furthering of a political agenda and not simple ignorance or apathy.” Exactly.

Toronto Sun columnist Tarek Fatah in a column titled “West bowing to radical Islam,” who looks back on Mark Steyn’s America Alone and his run-in with Canada’s anti-free speech authorities and concludes, “Today, I recognize, Steyn was right and I was wrong.”


From the editors: Like the rest of the country and the world, Billboard editors were horrified by the mass killing at Orlando’s Pulse nightclub on June 12, and by the murder of singer Christina Grimmie the night before. Both tragedies occurred where musicians and music fans gathered. And so faced with another gun-related tragedy, the staff organized this special “Open Letter to Congress” cover of Billboard.

With the help of leading gun-violence prevention group Everytown for Gun Safety, editors reached out to those we cover in the music industry, and asked for their support and their signatures to help seek a sane and safe end to gun violence. Within minutes, Joan Jett was the first to sign on. Lady Gaga shortly followed. Within hours, and then in a matter of just a few days, nearly 200 top artists and executives—pop stars (including Grimmie’s friend Selena Gomez), rappers, rock gods, legends, Broadway heroes, even two Beatles and Yoko Ono—lent their voices to the chorus of Americans looking to our political leaders for change. Billboard, artists and music-industry executives join so many members of the House and Senate this week proudly advocating for common-sense gun safety.

—Entertainment industry house organ Billboard, a once-staid publication devoted to tracking record and videotape sales, which has now dropped the mask and gone full SJW.

Funny though, the week after 9/11, I don’t recall music industry mavens lining up at the Boeing plant in Seattle to protest against the massively lethal attack caused by their giant assault planes. But then, a different form of magical thinking was employed by many on the left back then to wish away the causes of that Islamic terrorist attack onto a more acceptable enemy.

IT’S COME TO THIS: Gawker: “House Democrats are going to the mat for a shitty, racist, useless bill.” That’s right, even Gawker sees through this.

But remember, it’s not about gun control. It’s about distracting people from the fact that Obama’s FBI let a Muslim registered Democrat kill 49 gay people — and then, after that, also managed to lose track of his accomplice-wife.