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DREAM ON: Trump Will Allow ‘Dreamers’ to Stay in U.S., Reversing Campaign Promise.

The Department of Homeland Security announced late Thursday night that it would continue the Obama-era program intended to protect those immigrants from deportation and provide them work permits so they can find legal employment.

A fact sheet posted on the department’s website says immigrants enrolled in the 2012 program, known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, “will continue to be eligible” to renew every two years and notes that “no work permits will be terminated prior to their current expiration dates.”

Immigration rights activists, who have fiercely battled Mr. Trump’s travel ban and increased enforcement of other immigration laws, hailed the decision.


The decision is a reversal from Mr. Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric during the campaign and is likely to disappoint some of the president’s most ardent supporters, who view program started by former President Barack Obama as an illegal grant of amnesty.


EXPIRATION DATE, PASSED: Obama promised transparency. But his administration is one of the most secretive.

28 PAGES OF CLASSIFIED DOCS FROM 9/11 REPORT NEED TO BE RELEASED: “Although no official hint has ever come from either the Bush or Obama White House, it is widely accepted that the redacted information refers extensively to Saudi Arabian involvement in the worst terrorist attack in American history…President Obama promised the 9/11 families not once, but twice, that he would declassify the material. He has failed to keep those promises.”

Dude, that’s so harsh; these are simply promises that reached their expiration date before fruition.



THAT ONE HIT THE EXPIRATION DATE IN NOVEMBER OF 2008: Flashback: Obama Promises No Vacations For Himself As President.


Another crisis that the Obama Administration thought it had successfully relegated to the back burner appears to be furiously bubbling up again. . . .

When Obama came to office, he promised to pull out of Iraq and focus on fighting the Taliban and Al Qaeda in Afghanistan, which he said was the necessary war, the one we needed to win. And yet Afghanistan is currently another example of the dangerous world Obama will leave behind. Unless things change pretty dramatically next year, some thick and urgent dossiers will await the next inhabitant of the Oval Office. The world the President is preparing to leave behind him increasingly doesn’t look like the one he promised on the campaign trail in 2008.

Expiration date, reached.

ANOTHER OBAMA EXPIRATION DATE REACHED: White House Supports Privacy Destroying CISA, Despite Past Promises It Would Not.

SIGN OF THE TIMES: Vet’s mom forced to sell Obama letter to cover VA failures he promised to fix.

The mother of an injured Army veteran of the Iraq war is selling a rare letter from President Obama to cover her son’s medical and personal expenses despite the president’s handwritten promise to do “everything we can over the next four years to support your family.”

Cherry McKimmey told Secrets, “Something good might as well come out of that. It is doing no good lying in my drawer. It means absolutely nothing to me.”

Expiration date, reached.


President Obama on Monday promoted an official to be his top adviser in the fight against the Islamic State, one he fired from his presidential campaign in 2008 for talking to Hamas.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest said Rob Malley, now a senior director at the National Security Council, would be his senior adviser for the counter-Islamic State program. Malley, a Clinton administration alumni, will work closely with Brett McGurk, special presidential envoy for the global coalition to counter the Islamic State, Earnest said.

Malley was fired from then-Sen. Barack Obama’s first presidential campaign in 2008 for meeting with Hamas officials when he was an informal adviser to the campaign. Obama at the time was downplaying the idea he would negotiate with groups opposed to Israel.

Why it’s as if every campaign promise of Barack Obama came with an expiration date or something.

PROMISE MEETS EXPIRATION DATE: 15 Times Obama Said He Would Not Put American Boots on the Ground in Syria:

Earlier: 36 times Obama promised “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan:”

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NOBEL PEACE PRIZE UPDATE: OOPS: Watch Obama Promise That He’d Never Send Troops To Syria.

Jim Geraghty really needs to update his already lengthy 2010 post, The Complete List of Obama Statement Expiration Dates.

EXPIRATION DATE, REACHED: OOPS: Watch Obama Promise That He’d Never Send Troops To Syria.

SYRIA IS OBAMA’S WATERGATE, Michael Goodwin writes:

What did he know and when did he know it? The immortal question about Richard Nixon and Water­gate should be posed to Barack Obama about Syria. What and when did he know about Vladimir Putin’s axis-of-evil coalition?

The significance is not limited to Syria. The question goes to the heart of the Iran nuclear deal, especially the timing of the congressional votes.

Imagine Obama trying to sell the Iran deal now. With Russia, Iran and Iraq working together to muscle the United States aside and defend Bashar al-Assad, the president couldn’t possibly argue that the nuke deal would help stabilize the Middle East. Nor could he argue that Russia could be trusted to help enforce ­restrictions on Iran.

The strong likelihood that Obama would have lost the Iran vote if Congress knew then what the world knows now suggests the possibility the president concealed the Russian plan until the Iran deal was done. That view fits with his single-minded determination to get a deal at any price, including making key concessions and downplaying Iranian threats to Israel and the United States.

After all that, what’s another lie?

Don’t think of Obama’s approach to the Middle East as a lie — think of it merely as a series of promises reaching their expiration dates.


“I just want to be absolutely clear. Alright, So I don’t want any misunderstanding when you all go home and you are talking to your buddies and you say, ah ‘He wants to take your guns away.’ You’ve heard it here, I’m on television so everybody knows it. I believe in the Second Amendment. I believe in people’s lawful right to bear arms. I will not take your shotgun away. I will not take your rifle away. I won’t take your handgun away.”

Barack Obama today:

President Obama delivered an angry statement on the Thursday shooting at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, OR. “Each time we see one of these mass shootings,” he said from the White House briefing room podium, “our thoughts and prayers are not enough.

In a 15-minute statement, Obama stressed that the US is “the only advanced country on Earth that sees these kinds of mass shootings every couple of months.” He praised the gun control efforts in Australia, a nation that conducted a mass confiscation of firearms from its citizenry.

As Ben Shapiro adds, “President Obama was having a bad political day on Thursday:”

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin had humiliated him in Syria, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu had excoriated his Iran deal before the United Nations, and his Secret Service had been caught leaking information about a Republican congressperson.

Then the clouds parted for the deeply cynical president — the same president who routinely ignores shootings in inner cities across the country, or attributes them to generalized American racism. News broke of a mass shooting at a community college in Oregon. And before waiting to find out all the facts, he leapt directly into political controversy, redirecting the national conversation once again toward useless gun control measures.

And the palace guard MSM are all too happy to play along.

ALL OBAMA PROMISES COME WITH EXPIRATION DATES: “Obama’s Biggest Lie: The ACA Will Lower Health Care Spending,” from Ed Morrissey at the Fiscal Times.

ANDREW MALCOLM: Finally, the media revolt against another empty Obama vow. “What makes the current festering feud between the press corps and Jay Carney of news interest is the now-familiar disparity between Obama’s over-blown promises and his chronically underwhelming delivery on those vows. Sentient Americans will remember Obama’s vow that his would be the most transparent presidential administration in history.”

Yeah, not so much. Expiration date hit.

BROKEN PROMISE: White House: Obama hasn’t yet signed up for Obamacare.

President Obama has yet to make good on the administration’s promises that he would sign up for health insurance on the new government exchanges, the White House acknowledged on Monday.

White House press secretary Jay Carney said that Obama has not signed up for Obamacare and that he did have a reason for the delay.

A reporter pressed Carney on whether the White House would make it an open-press event if and when Obama does enroll.

“I’ll get back to you,” Carney replied.

Shortly after Obama signed the new health care law in March 2010, a White House official said the president planned to walk the walk and sign up for the insurance exchanges his law created.

“The president will participate in the exchange,” an administration official told USA Today at the time.

Expiration date, hit.

HOW’S THAT HOPEY-CHANGEY STUFF WORKIN’ OUT FOR YA? (CONT’D): Despite Administration Promises, Few Signs of Change in Drone Wars.

There were more drone strikes in Pakistan last month than any month since January. Three missile strikes were carried out in Yemen in the last week alone. And after Secretary of State John Kerry told Pakistanis on Thursday that the United States was winding down the drone wars there, officials back in Washington quickly contradicted him.

Smart diplomacy! Plus:

More than two months after President Obama signaled a sharp shift in America’s targeted-killing operations, there is little public evidence of change in a strategy that has come to define the administration’s approach to combating terrorism.

Boy, that statement hit its expiration date within minutes.


WALTER RUSSELL MEAD: British Hospital Carnage a Window into US Future.

The scandal surrounds a recent hospital report’s findings that Stafford Hospital in Staffordshire ignored even the most basic standards of treatment to disastrous, and disgusting, effect. . . .

As the piece goes on to explain, the hospital’s actions sprung from its single-minded pursuit of cost control. It drastically reduced its operating budget in hopes of qualifying for foundation-trust status, a legal category that would grant it more freedom from central government control. It’s a textbook case of how structural incentives in government-dominated health care systems can lead to terrible outcomes.

Blue model partisans claim that the American health care system is one of the worst in the world in terms of bang for the buck. Many single-payer systems are indeed cheaper than ours, but this is only half the story, and this new report suggests that the other half of the story—quality of care—isn’t always as rosy as official metrics show.

Expect problems like this to crop up in the U.S. as Obamacare moves us further down the road of wonk-based health care, with well-intentioned, top-down reforms that sow chaos across a complex system.

Related: Obamacare Fail: CBO Predicts Drops in Health Coverage.

When Obama took to the stump for health care reform, one promise came through loud and clear: “If you like your insurance, you can keep it.” That promise is officially about to be broken, according to the Congressional Budget Office. Millions of employees will soon be dropped from health insurance coverage as new provisions of the law go into effect. . . . The CBO also projected that 5 million fewer people will gain health insurance coverage over the next decade than originally expected.

Expiration date, reached.

JAMES TARANTO: Get ready for higher taxes and no spending reform. Remember when Obama promised us “net spending cuts” that would halve the deficit by the end of his term? I guess that statement hit its expiration date.

THEY’RE NOT FLIP-FLOPS, THEY’RE MERELY PROMISES THAT HAVE MET THEIR EXPIRATION DATE: “Obama Says To Look At ‘Videotape’ For His Flip-Flops” — perhaps surprisingly, Buzzfeed does just that.

Gary Hart could not be reached for comment.

(For Jim Geraghty’s complete (?) list of Obama statement expiration dates, click here.)

PROMISE MEETS EXPIRATION DATE — if only temporarily. Remember this classic moment from 2008? Sure you do:

[youtube 4aTf5gjvNvo]

The Obama administration is betting that Ohio and Virginia voters have forgotten: Environmental Group Demands Obama Pull Pro-Coal Obama Ad Spot.

By the way, if environmentalists really want to show their anger, they can cast their votes to Green Candidate Jill Stein.

As with the anti-war left, whom they just declared tin-foil hat wearers, the Obama Campaign can trash their base because they’re cynically assuming there’s nowhere else for them to go — here’s your chance to prove them wrong.

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DEBATE PREP: “Obama Retreats To Spartan ‘Debate Gym’ To Prepare for Bout, Like Rocky In Rocky III and Rocky IV. Just Kidding, He’s Practicing at a Las Vegas Luxury Golf Course.”

Wait, I thought going to Las Vegas was a bad thing for Americans to do. Oh well, promises, expiration dates, etc.

EXPIRATION DATE: Reminder: Team Obama said in ’09 stimulus would have unemployment below 6% by 2012.

The report, entitled “The Job Impact of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan,” was released on Jan. 9, 2009. It was put out by the office of the president-elect was written by economists Christina Romer and Jared Bernstein. Romer would become chairwoman of the Council of Economic Advisers for President Obama. Bernstein was Vice President Biden’s chief economic advisor.

Page four of the report features a chart projecting the unemployment levels with and without the stimulus. With the stimulus, the Romer and Bernstein predicted that unemployment would never rise past 8 percent, and would peak just under that in the third quarter of 2009 before steadily declining to around 5.6 percent by today. Without the stimulus, they predicted that unemployment would peak around 9 percent in the third quarter of 2010 before declining to around 6 percent today.

The then-Democrat majority Congress passed the $819 billion stimulus bill later that month. The projection turned out to be one of the few things connected to it that was shovel-ready. The unemployment rate reached 10.1 percent in late 2009. It has declined since then but has remained above 8 percent for 41 months straight, a record.

Let’s have that graphic one more time:

Of course, there’s this caveat: “One note: the report assumed that the unemployment rate in the first quarter of 2009 would be 7.5 percent. It was in fact 8.2 percent. Economist Lawrence Lindsey later adjusted their forecast to reflect this and found that it projected unemployment to be about 6.3 percent by this time.”

Well, okay then. Obama defenders sometimes say that, well, Obama didn’t realize how bad the recession was going to be. But that hardly helps. It merely indicates the general problem with central economic planning — the planners never really know what’s going on. The fact is, he spent nearly a trillion dollars on a “stimulus” that was largely wasted (or stolen) and that didn’t deliver anything like the results he promised when selling it. Obama’s stimulus didn’t help, and Obama’s policies in general took a bad situation and made it worse.

REMEMBER WHEN HE PROMISED TO RAISE A BILLION DOLLARS? Obama Supporters Barraged With Pleas for Cash. “Each plea for money from President Obama and his allies has become more urgent and desperate than the last.” Another promise that hit its expiration date, I guess.

Related: Obama now issuing instructional videos on how to send him money. “Key quote from a guy who broke his promise four years ago to accept public financing so that he could assemble the most lucrative campaign in American history: ‘We don’t get some of the massive checks that the other side does.’ That tearing sound you hear is the sound of your heart breaking.”

WELL, THAT’S ANOTHER ONE PAST ITS EXPIRATION DATE: Obama Promised In 2008 He Would Not Run Negative Ads.

MOVING TARGET: The Obama administration has shifted its legal arguments as it prepares to defend the president’s healthcare law before the Supreme Court. “The shift moves the focus of Justice’s argument from the Commerce Clause of the Constitution to the Necessary and Proper Clause, which says Congress can make laws that are necessary for carrying out its other powers. The briefs give a long history of failed efforts to expand healthcare coverage and say the new law’s purpose was to reform the overall system.”

The technical term here is “mere post-hoc rationalization.”

Related: CBO report says healthcare law could cause as many as 20M to lose coverage. “Republicans immediately pounced after the new numbers came out because they appear to violate Obama’s pledge that people who like their health plans will be able to keep them. Last year, CBO’s best estimate was that only 1 million people would lose employer-sponsored coverage.” All of Obama’s promises have an expiration date.

SO WHAT’S THE EXPIRATION DATE? President Obama promises to buy a Chevy Volt, after his second term. Well, as one of the One Percent, he can afford it.


The American Catholic Church, from left to right, is now being handed a lesson in the hierarchy of raw political authority. One hopes they and their supporters will recognize that they have not been singled out. The federal government’s forcings routinely touch other groups in this country—schools, doctors, farmers, businesses. The church’s fight is not the whole or the end of it.

Since he appeared, no other word has been invoked more often to describe Barack Obama’s purposes than “transformative.” Last year, Mr. Obama began to be criticized by some of his supporters for being insufficiently transformative while holding the powers of the presidency—this despite passing the biggest social entitlement since 1965, an $800 billion stimulus bill, raising federal spending to 24% of GDP and passing the Dodd-Frank restructuring of the U.S. financial industry. Naturally an interviewer this week asked Mr. Obama why he hadn’t been more “transformative.” The president replied that he deserved a second term, because “we’re not done.” In term two, it will be Uncle Sam, Transformer.

Transformed into a place where what Washington wants matters more than what you believe.

Related: Eleanor Clift: Did Obama Pick The Contraception Fight To Fire Up His Base?

UPDATE: The Anchoress: You Bet It’s War.

Next: A requirement that mosques sell bacon.

MORE: Hispanics jumping Obama ship over contraception flap.

MORE STILL: A steaming pile of sexism from Hillary Rosen: “This public debate on whether or not the Obama administration’s sensible policy on covering birth control has turned into a boys against the girls fight. And the boys are out of touch and out of line.”

Shut up, boys. This issue is owned by women.

Related: Senate Democratic Women Are Boycotting Morning Joe. Join the club, ladies. Although for most of us, it’s not so much boycotting as forgetting it exists.

FINALLY: Another Rube Self-Identifies:

Cardinal-designate Timothy Dolan says President Barack Obama hasn’t kept his promise, when it comes to the new White House policy on contraception.

Sources told CBS 2′s Marcia Kramer that Archbishop Dolan feels betrayed after his meeting with the president on the issue late last year.

“All statements from Barack Obama come with an expiration date. All of them.”

EVERY PROMISE HAS AN EXPIRATION DATE — but even “Save the Whales?” Obama Under Fire for Backing Deal to Lift Global Ban on Commercial Whaling. “Environmentalists, already peeved with the administration’s handling of the Gulf oil spill, are accusing President Obama of breaking his campaign pledge to end the slaughter of whales. The Obama administration is leading an effort within the International Whaling Commission to lift a 24-year international ban on commercial whaling for Japan, Norway and Iceland, the remaining three countries in the 88-member commission that still hunt whales.”

MATT WELCH: The president’s habit of telling untruths.

The president, who promised in both word and style to usher in a “new era” of Washington “responsibility,” routinely says things that aren’t true and supports initiatives that break campaign promises. When called on it, he mostly keeps digging. And when obliged to explain why American voters are turning so sharply away from his party and his policies, Obama pins the blame not on his own deviations from verity but on his failure to “explain” things “more clearly to the American people.”

It’s funny — all he had to do to be a success was to live up to the kind of Presidency he promised. But he didn’t, and it appears that he couldn’t. Read the whole thing.

UPDATE: Reader Kevin Greene writes:

The best example of this is health insurance mandates. The President defeated Hillary Clinton for the nomination of his party by telling Americans that it was wrong to require people to purchase insurance. Now, as President, he is trying to force people to purchase health insurance. And threatening IRS audits and fines. And he claims to not understand the opposition to this proposal.

People didn’t get the “expiration date” business . . . .

NEW YORK POST: The Revenge Of Joe The Plumber.

Remember Joe the Plumber?

He was the blue-collar dude who confronted Barack Obama late in the 2008 campaign with this challenge: “Your new tax plan’s going to tax me more, isn’t it?”

Nonsense, replied the candidate: “From 250 [thousand dollars a year] down, your taxes are going to stay the same.”

Indeed, he insisted, 95 percent of “working people” would see their taxes go down in his administration.

Well, think again.

A year into his presidency, Obama now says he’s “agnostic” on what was the principal plank in his economic platform: No tax hikes for individuals making $200,000 a year or less — or for households with a combined annual income under $250,000.

Every promise comes with an expiration date. Every single one.

DAVE WINER: “I assumed that because we elected Obama to end the war in Iraq that it went without saying that the war in Afghanistan would be ended as well. Apparently not so.”

Nothing goes without saying. And every promise has an expiration date. Every single one.

UPDATE: “Dave Winer should have been paying closer attention.”

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader Louis Abelman didn’t quite get this, which was perhaps a bit too pithy unless you’ve been paying close attention. Here’s what I sent him by way of clarification:

Well, you hate to spell this stuff out as it spoils it. But here goes:

(1) Nothing goes without saying — Obama’s “atmostpherics” were designed to fool people like Dave, but if you paid attention, which Dave didn’t you saw that the atmospherics pointed one way and the statements the other. (2) Every promise has an expiration date — remember, he promised to get us out of Iraq posthaste? And yet . . .

Okay, maybe it was too pithy, I’ll grant you that, though it seemed clear to me.

And if mocking Dave Winer is wrong, I don’t want to be right!

And Lou commented, “Dang! I never get this Limbaugh parody style. Seriously, I feel like a humorless liberal scold every time. Which is the point? Cheers.” Well, it’s not the point. But it sometimes comes of responding to what you expect people to be saying as opposed to what they’re actually saying. And, to be fair, sometimes I’m a bit too pithy. But that’s supposed to be part of the charm.


Hope, change, and every action or promise has an expiration date!