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BRETT KIMBERLIN UPDATE: Brett Kimberlin (Speedway Bomber) Loses Attempt to Vacate Long-Past Convictions.

Kimberlin is probably best-known among InstaPundit readers as the guy who tried (and failed) to out-crazy Stacy McCain.

JACK SHAFER: The Conservative Revolt Against Twitter. “Wake me up when this sad little uprising is over.”

“Twitter’s gone crazy banning people on the right, so I’ve deactivated my Twitter account,” he wrote in his Instapundit blog on Sunday night. Calling Twitter “the most socially destructive of the various platforms,” Reynolds accused the “crappy SJW types” – social justice warriors – who run it of breaking promises to users and stifling free speech. “So I decided to suspend them, as they are suspending others,” Reynold wrote.

Seeing as we don’t yet know why Twitter banned Kelly, there is some murk to the dispute. But no matter what the underlying cause, the ban gives conservatives cause to believe that Twitter has singled them out for eviction. Earlier this month, Twitter gave the permanent boot to Laura Loomer, a conservative writer and agent provocateur. Other conservatives or far-right figures Twitter has banned or suspended include Roger Stone, Chuck Johnson, “Sabo,” Milo Yiannopoulos, James Allsup, Richard Spencer, David Duke, “Baked Alaska,” Robert Stacy McCain, Candace Owens, David Clarke, Gavin McInnes and James Woods. In an August piece in the Federalist, Kelly predicted that the banishment of Alex Jones from Facebook presaged the de-conservatization of social media. “They just knew Jones was the weak member of the herd. They could pick him off as a test run. Next they’re coming for you,” Kelly wrote.

Kelly’s slippery slope argument sounds ominous, but how much truth is there to it? My Twitter experience account would say otherwise.

Here’s a question Shafer should have asked early on, and which might have resulted in a much different piece: Why don’t we know why Twitter banned Kelly?

Or as Ben Domenech wrote last night in a multipart tweet:

Jack Shafer’s piece unintentionally illustrates why his suggestion for conservatives on Twitter utterly misses the point.

Shafer suggests conservatives ought to “Drive Twitter insane by playing by their rules, expressing yourself right up to the boundary-line of the company’s standards in a way that will invite inspection and self-criticism of those standards.” That is exactly what Jesse Kelly did! We know that because in the two years since he was verified he received not a single suspension or even a warning. Jesse Kelly engaged in iconoclasm and teased without threatening people or violating any rules. If he had, Twitter would’ve gone after him for it. Instead, his lack of a clear violation clearly caused frustration – so at the end of the day, they just pulled the plug on him, permanently, without justifying it under any rule or citing any activity whatsoever.

That is because of something Shafer either doesn’t understand or doesn’t want to acknowledge: that for Twitter, there are no rules.

My take is that Shafer was in such a hurry to condemn Glenn’s self-removal from Twitter as “sad,” that he missed the real story.

Or if you’d like an even shorter take on Shafer’s latest for Politico: Fake news.


The thing about Tumblr feminists — as with all feminists, really — is their bedrock conviction that men know nothing. All men are bad and wrong and stupid, the feminist believes, and the only things men ever do is (a) enjoy male privilege and (b) oppress women.

Fortunately, the suffering victims of oppression have Tumblr, where they can advertise to the world how pathetic they are, and how racist/heteronormative their mom is, etc., etc.

When I call attention to these pathetic creatures, I’m sometimes accused of an intent to “bully” or “harass” them. Because this is the definition of “harassment” in 2015: Quoting what people publish on their blogs.

All I did was search Tumblr for “heteronormativity,” see?

Strange people you can find, if you know how to find them.

Would I like to help these crazy people? Sure, but feminism by its nature means that nothing I say is valid, all my ideas are wrong, and no advice I might offer would be helpful. The young feminist must only ever listen to what her fellow feminists tell her, because everybody else is evil in this world full of heteronormativity, misogyny and, of course, racism.

They have been catechized, as it were, into this belief system.

Well, people are vulnerable when they have no other.

YOU DON’T TUG ON SUPERMAN’S CAPE, AND YOU DON’T CALL MICHELLE FIELDS A “RETARD” ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Exclusive: Pepperdine removes Russell Burgos’ bio from its website.

I mean, what’s this guy going to do next, try to out-crazy Stacy McCain? We know how that turns out.

SO I GOT A VOICEMAIL FROM STACY MCCAIN SAYING HE WON HIS TRIAL AGAINST (CONVICTED TERRORIST BOMBER) BRETT KIMBERLIN. No surprise there. As I said at the very beginning, nobody with any sense tries to out-crazy Stacy McCain.

I’m sure that Stacy will have a full account on his blog once he’s finished celebrating. Patterico reports that it was a directed verdict.

UPDATE: Game Over! “We did not put on a defense. Judge Johnson ruled that The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin did not present evidence of the torts he was alleging, and he ruled in our favor as a matter of law after TDPK rested his case.”

From the comments: “Somewhere, Andrew Breitbart is smiling.”

THEY’RE OBVIOUSLY AFRAID OF STRONG, INDEPENDENT WOMEN: Left Initiates War on Women By Trying to Silence Dana Loesch. But trying to silence Dana Loesch? That’s like trying to out-crazy Stacy McCain. Not gonna happen.


I TOLD YOU IT WAS DANGEROUS TO TRY TO “OUT-CRAZY” STACY MCCAIN: “Stacy McCain is not a Sicilian, but he has the memory of a Sicilian.”


MESSING WITH THIS GUY was almost as dumb as trying to out-crazy Stacy McCain. Almost.

BRETT KIMBERLIN UPDATE: Stacy McCain’s involuntary roadtrip.

Really? Really? Can this be what it sounds like? Somebody is trying to out-crazy Stacy McCain? That’s not going to end well . . . .

UPDATE: If Kimberlin was trying to stop negative Internet attention, it’s not working.

See, I’ve warned people about this kind of thing. More than once.


Go back to that Frank Rich column I ignored Sunday morning. Everybody in the news business gets e-mails from cranks. Shep Smith reaches a television viewership of a million or so, and gets crank e-mails, whiich he mentions in relation to the Holocaust Museum shooting. This, says Frank Rich, is the smoking gun proving that Republican “Obama haters” have blood on their hands.

Well, no, it doesn’t. Here’s a little clue for the clueless: The Holocaust Museum shooter used to send crazy letters and e-mails to The Washington Times when I worked there. He probably sent the same kind of crap to lots of publications. That’s what crackpots do. It has nothing to do with the Republican Party.

In the current political climate, the liberal media have some kind of Bush = Nixon = Hitler formulation in their minds that justifies them saying anything they want about Republicans. And do you know who I blame for that? Republicans.

The GOP’s media operations are third-rate. Cynthia Yockey is running a one-woman campaign against Letterman. Where are the Republican Party media operatives lending her assistance and support? Nowhere.

Read the whole thing.